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Pure Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Pure Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 54%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 22-26
Profiles 50 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Very anonymous due to little information on profiles
  • The platform continuously offers potential matches
  • Site is excellent when it comes to hookups and casual sex
  • Setup time is very short
  • Free trial access requires credit card data
  • Inability to showcase a profile apart from a selfie
  • Less number of users who are active on the platform
  • Less number of women

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Pure is a mobile-only platform that serves the only purpose of providing casual sex and hook-up opportunities. For this reason, it stays very anonymous, and it can get away with a limited set of features. The anonymity is a big draw of this platform.

How does Pure Work?

How does Pure Work?

A user who signs up on Pure will be treated to a list of potential matches in the vicinity. If two parties are interested, they can use the chat feature on the platform that will be automatically destroyed after one hour. This short-term nature of the chatting platform makes it ideal for hook-ups or casual sex in a very anonymous nature.

Audience Analysis

There is very little information available about the audience and members who use the Pure app. However, the majority of the users are men, with around 60% of the contribution. The app has a high number of visitors from the United States and the United Kingdom. There is also significant traffic coming in from France, Spain, and Russia. The predominant age group on the app is from 18 to 30. The race and ethnicity figures are quite diverse to provide enough options for any user.

Key Features

Key Features

There are not too many features on Pure, as it is more focused on keeping everything in a short timeframe.


This is one of the innovative features in the online dating space when safety and security are of paramount concern. It is not the chat alone that gets deleted, as even the profile undergoes the same routine. As a result, users have very little time left to fix a meet up after a match has been established. If they fail to do so, it is not even possible to get in touch with the user again. This inability to reinitiate a contact can be one of the disappointing aspects.

Pure’s User-Friendliness

The user-friendliness of Pure is extremely good for a site that will only keep a profile for 60 minutes. A user has the option of changing languages to their preference, and there are four options. The option of picking up a subscription and other information are available in the settings menu.

Pure Website Usability & Design

Since this is a mobile platform, there is not much of a presence on desktops. For someone who wants to access the app without any downloads, Web access is relatively decent. A user will be able to login to the account just like on an app, and they will have access to the different profiles in the region. There are not many options apart from finding users and chatting with them. There is support for different languages, as users can choose between the likes of English, French, Spanish, and Russian. A settings menu allows users to change their preferences of people that they would like to find.

The option of adding an advertisement is also available so that every girl in the feed will be able to view the same. This can be something fun and exciting to capture the attention of other users.

Pure Mobile Application

Pure Mobile Application

The strength of the Pure platform lies in the concept and design. The mobile app has been designed to appear in a very stylish way. It does not have a ton of colors that would distract users. Instead, the black and white theme works exceptionally well, as the app looks pristine and clean. The lack of unnecessary animations or motions means that the app also consumes less amount of resources while trying to help find a potential match.

The interface has been designed in such a way that it is very intuitive, as there are not options that can distract users. This is particularly important considering the short-lived nature of every profile. If there were a ton of options, users might end up spending more time fiddling with the choices rather than finding matches.

Customer Support

Customer Support

There is not a lot of options available for customer support, as users have to rely on what they see on the site. The different terms and conditions, privacy policy, and cookie policy are listed out on the site. It is essential to understand all of these sections before proceeding to use the app. There is not a way to contact customer support and seek any assistance.

However, the FAQ section manages to cover most of the elements about the app and the account management sections. The FAQ section has been done innovatively with decent graphics and pictorial representations. They help spice up the platform as a whole, as it would have been dull if the operators had just decided to use regular text.

Sign-up Process & User Profile

Sign-up Process & User Profile

It can be a different experience when it comes to signing up on Pure as the procedure is unlike many dating apps. The critical point is anonymity, and the platform manages to achieve this by making it as simple as possible. It is important to note that the anonymity of a player is maintained by creating temporary profiles, which would be deleted after one hour. Therefore, the process of creating an account with Pure is never-ending, as one has to be created after every one hour.

A verification process is done so that fake profiles do not make it to the platform. Depending on the registration option – email or phone number, a user will be given the verification process on email or phone. Since the app relies heavily on visuals to match with other users, the key data that is being requested would be the sexual preference, gender, and pictures.

How to Sign-up

How to Sign-up

The process of creating an account with Pure involves downloading the app from the respective stores, which could be the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the operating system. The app does not have any price associated with these stores, and it would take around two minutes to open the account. After downloading the app, it has to be allowed the various permissions so that it can process data. A user can choose to register through email or phone number. They would be entering details like phone number, email address, and gender.

After giving these details, users must allow location access to the app so that it will be able to create matches with individuals who are nearby.

Profile Verification and Quality

Profile Verification and Quality

The most interesting feature about Pure is the automatic deletion of profiles. Rather than go through expensive technology to protect the anonymity of the user, Pure drops all profiles after 60 minutes. Each profile has a time limit that culminates in the destruction with no personal data being stored. The profiles also have very little information during the time that they are active, as only a selfie is available.

The verification process is strictly followed even with this anonymous and self-destructing nature of the profiles. This increases the quality of the content even further. However, one disadvantage of the frequent deletion of profiles is that users have to create a new profile every time they want to use the platform. A minimalistic approach is taken to the profiles, which can widely be used to make connections within a concise period. The lack of information on profiles, though, can be disadvantageous in some circumstances.

There is no search aspect on the platform, as an inbuilt algorithm brings up users as potential matches based on their location. Since this is an app for very short-term purposes, there is little need to go for users who are in a distant location. The lack of a search option can be quite disappointing while looking at the app initially, but this perception changes once the working of the platform becomes clear.

Pure’s Matching & Chatting

The only way of expressing a person’s character on Pure is through a profile picture, which also happens to be a selfie. There is no information on each profile, and matching up with other users on the platform is purely down using location. The time limit of one hour also means that users do not have a lot of time to get in touch with a faraway user. The Pure app is more for finding short-term hookups as a result.

The user will be generated potential matches from the nearby area, and if they happen to like a profile, they can indicate to the app. If the other person also shows mutual interest, a chat window is created. This, like in the profile section, all chats will be deleted within one hour. The user has to connect with their mutual interest within this period. This location and time limit has the potential to restrict activities on the platform.

Even though the concept is extremely good, this can have its limitations in places where Pure users are not in great numbers. If there is low activity in a particular region, a user may be disappointed with the frequent sign-up and deletion of the profiles. If a user is located in an area where many Pure users are present, this can be significantly beneficial. The chat window is simple and straightforward without any distractions.

Subscription Options

Subscription Options

A subscription option is available on Pure, and users are free to decide if they want to pick up the offer or continue to remain as a free member. Both come with a decent amount of strength and weaknesses.

Free Membership

Free membership is available on the platform for three days, but this restriction only applies to men. A woman is eligible to use the app without any costs. The three-day trial concludes, and a user has to come up with a payment to continue using the platform.

The paid membership provides access to any geo-requests within the area. Instant messaging is supported only after making a payment. After the trial period is over, users will be subjected to monthly payments. There are not too many other features in the paid package, as effectively the app offers all of its features for cost if the user is a male.


The pricing structure of the Pure app is based on the length of the plan opted by the user. The minimum plan would be a one-week timeframe, and it comes at $14.99. A one-month plan will cost the user $ 29.99, while a three-month option will set users back by $ 58.98. The most expensive option on the list would be a yearly package, which comes in at $ 75.60. Even though the cost of the package rises with the increasing time, the yearly package effectively works out to just $6.30.

Cancelling Subscription

The subscription will be charged on an auto-renewal basis, and users need to cancel the auto-renewal feature if they do not want to continue with the subscription. It is possible to cancel a subscription by going into the Play Store or App Store rather than the app itself. However, a cancellation will not result in a refund, as users have no option but to utilize the remainder of the subscription plan. One can also delete the app, but it will not result in the subscription being canceled.

Safety & Security

The element of safety is high on Pure due to the profiles being deleted after 60 minutes. Even if a user opts for the paid membership, this will not change. As a result, users can post pictures or other information without the worry of being stolen as long as they do not reveal personal information during the texting process. As a result, the Pure app does not use a huge amount of features that are designed to increase security. This makes the app quite lightweight and very efficient at what it does.

Pure Competitors and Alternatives

The concept behind Pure may be revolutionary, and it is still possible to come across competition and alternatives for the platform. Some of the best options are:



This is a platform where single people are given an easy and straightforward process to meet each other. It comes with a highlight of one profile on any given moment for that it is easy to match at the pace preferred by the user. All of the databases are provided with complete access so that users can express the opinion without any judgemental issues.


This is one of the top dating sites, and it accommodates a huge number of users. The big database of users is filled with members who are quite reliable. To match with a potential user, there must be certain traits that have to match the preferences of the other person. It is possible to filter users based on many physical attributes like hair color, eye color, and more.


For anyone looking for short-term dating and other sexual encounters, XMatch can be a great find considering that this is an uncensored site for short-term relationships. Due to the uncensored nature, users are free to express their feelings in whatever way possible. As a result of the free expression from the users, it is easy to come across members who are compatible with sexual desires. This can have a huge impact on the success of a meetup. It is, however, important to be careful about the information being shared on the platform by users.


The Pure app is certainly one option that is worth checking out, as it comes with a unique concept that has been embedded in a very minimalistic design. It has the potential to attract a lot of youngsters who are seeking instant or casual sex. You can remain anonymous without much fuss—thanks to the innovative time-limit based auto-deletion of profiles. This is truly a game-changer in this regard. There is not much to do on the app apart from hoping for potential matches in the area.

If there is a dearth of options, Pure can be quite irritating with its need to create profiles frequently. Furthermore, this app is primarily meant for casual fun or one-night stands, and it is not a place where users can expect long-term relationships.

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