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MeetMe Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

MeetMe Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 75%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 24-29
Profiles 2 500 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free to join
  • Plenty of games that can be used to find other users
  • Official mobile application to find dates at any time
  • The ability to contact other members using chat even with a free subscription
  • The search feature is limited
  • Profiles do not convey a lot of information
  • Plenty of ads for a free member

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MeetMe is a social networking app and site that can be an excellent destination for making friends, just flirting, or even finding love. The site accepts users who are over 13, and it has several tools that are designed to find them potential dates across the world. It is similar to a blind date game where users get to meet several other random strangers in the hope of finding their objective.

How Does MeetMe Function?

MeetMe Review –Find Out Whether It Is Legit or Not!

This app and site work on the principle of finding new relationships for users. It differs from the likes of Facebook by providing an option to connect with random strangers. Once a user logs into the account, they would be put into a marketplace where several other strangers are looking for similar objectives. Depending on several factors like age, interests, and location, the app will suggest users who are capable of becoming a potential match.

The user can purchase several features in the form of credits. These features can be used to increase attention, and it can also be used to filter users on a much more comprehensive basis. One can also earn these credits by making specific objectives.

  • Audience Demographics& More
  • There are more than 10 million users on MeetMe, with around 2 million being active. The site has been around for years, and it has become established in different parts of the world. Even then, most of the user base comes from the United States. This results in a mixture of race and ethnicity. The white population is significantly higher, and it is possible to filter out users based on ethnicity. Religion is also one of the parameters available in the search functionality with Jews, Hindus, and Muslims being a minority on this app, which continues to be dominated by Christians.

  • Key Aspects
  • There are some key features of this site, and that makes it very special. Even though the desktop interface is very old and clunky, these features can maximize the benefits of using the app even further. The top ones are:

  • Secret Admirer
  • This is a fun game that can be played by users while meeting a random stranger. The app will provide a notification if there is a secret admirer of your profile, but there is no information about the other person. Instead, there are pictures from different profiles that are given on the screen, and the user has to make the correct guess. There are five guesses for each person, and if none of them turns out to be correct, the option to contact the secret admirer goes out of the window.

  • Questions
  • It is possible to start a conversation with a stranger without having a great idea about it. Many online dating users struggled to come up with conversation starters or icebreakers. However, ‘Questions’ is a feature that comes to the rescue in this regard. It is possible to ask a question anonymously to a user, and the identity of the other person will be revealed only if the other person comes up with the correct answers.

  • QuickPick
  • This is a feature that is almost similar to the Tinder app and its swipe system. The user is typically shown several random profiles with their pictures. These are stacked up against each other so that the user has to go one at a time. Depending on the attractiveness of a profile, users can show interest or skip the profile and move on to the next profile.

  • MeetMe Live
  • This is a streaming platform where users can network and chat with their spectators, who can, in turn, show their love by coming up with gifts or like buttons. These are usually sent as diamonds, which can be converted later into credits that can be used on the app or real cash.

How User Friendly Is MeetMe?

MeetMe Review –Find Out Whether It Is Legit or Not!

The ergonomics of the app has been improved a lot in recent years with regular updates, but the same cannot be said about the desktop site that has remained unchanged for several years. As a result, the ergonomics factor differs between mobile and desktop users. The former will be able to appreciate the ease of navigation and the ability to find profiles with ease. Meanwhile, the desktop user will be bumbling around in a spot of bother since the profile quality is also not the best around. If it was the app, users could quickly move on to the next profile, and this dramatically increases their chances of success.

The Design Aspect

The design of the desktop site is quite dated and average. It is very similar to the design of the old Facebook site. When many of its competitors into more modern looks, MeetMe has been stuck with its own design. This might be due to the focus on the app rather than on the desktop site. The app is several light years ahead of the desktop site with its ease of use, clean looks, and modern interface. The user-friendliness of the site, though, still remains, and users can still manage to get around.

MeetMe Mobile App

The app was introduced much later into the MeetMe life-cycle, but it has quickly become one of the preferred options to access the platform. The app has a much better aesthetics compared to the desktop, and it is also better when it comes to functionality. Many features are available only on the app as the brand has started focusing more on this platform than on the desktop.

Support System

There is no primary support system available at MeetMe. It is possible to reach the brand through email, and the response (in our case) was also quite swift and on-point.

MeetMe Registration Process and Profile Interface

The process of registration with MeetMe is straightforward, as it can be completed on the desktop side using a Facebook profile or email address. If the user only has mobile app access, there is no way to use the email option, and they can register only using a Facebook account. It takes only a few minutes to start an account, as a basic level of information is requested to begin with. The site requires information like name, gender, and email address. It is up to the user to decide if they want to add pictures straight away.

How to Register

The registration process can be very swift, and this can also be a positive and a negative for the site. Any user need not spend more than a couple of minutes to finish opening an account. They are directly taken to the user interface after registration. It is disappointing that users cannot get to fill other elements about their profile, as it would have been better if such an option was provided before being directed to the dashboard. All it takes is a basic level of information about an individual to open an account.

Quality of Profile and Verification Procedures

The quality of the profile is not so great at MeetMe, as there is not a lot of information provided by the profiles. Even for new users who sign up, the site asks for the necessary information like name, gender, and relationship status. Even though there are plenty of columns that can be used to convey more information, plenty of profiles are quite basic. This aspect can be improved in comparison with the competitors in the segment.

MeetMe does not have any great guidelines when it comes to creating profiles, and this can result in a sizeable number of fake profiles. Furthermore, the site also does not form any identity verification or background check on the new members. The profile pictures are visible to every person, and there is no way to lock down to a small group, although it can be made friend-only visible.

The MeetMe Search Functionality: What To Know

MeetMe Review –Find Out Whether It Is Legit or Not!

The search functionality can either be basic or advanced, depending on the preference of the user. The user is immediately granted access to the millions of profiles on the site after registration. These can be located using the search function, while the user can also decide to watch video streams or just chat. Some additional profile attributes like name, location, relationship status, physical attributes, and more can also be entered at this stage.

Finding Matches and Messaging

The Android and iOS apps are the preferred ways to use this service, as the website offers only a fraction of the options. Hence, a user will be maximizing their chances of finding an excellent match when using the app. It is possible to search to find members, and this can be done by the live video streaming service or local feeds. Both would be displayed to the user as a grid. It is also possible to choose matches based on the options generated by MeetMe.

The Locals Feed a feature that allows users to filter other members based on several attributes. After doing the filtering, users will be able to click on a user that they prefer to start the chat, aside from being able to view their photos and profile. A basic search will be able to filter profiles based on gender, location, age, orientation, and online status. However, advanced search functionality is also provided, and it can sort out individuals based on relationship status, relationship preference, distance from the user, and so on.

The live streaming service is capable of spreading content from one-to-many, as it is essentially a broadcast. Crucially, there is an option for other users to interact with the streams by sending out messages. The live feed will be able to provide the option of sorting between new, nearby, trending, and favorite preferences.

An automated matchmaking service exists at MeetMe, and it can be found within the Match section. Several profiles will be presented in this feature, and it is up to the user to take it forward or not. The match function can be used to refine results based on parameters like location, age, gender, and relationship status.

Options to Subscribe at MeetMe

MeetMe Review –Find Out Whether It Is Legit or Not!

MeetMe happens to be a free site for every user, but it is possible to get access to all features provided by the website when users will go with the paid option.

Free Version

The free version of MeetMe should be more than adequate for many users, as it provides access to profile creation, searching platform, chat and messaging services, and the live stream service. Even though there are benefits to choosing a paid subscription, the free option can be an excellent trial service.

Features for Paid Users

The paid users will be able to pick up credits that act like a virtual currency to help pick up additional features. The primary intention of these additional features is to help increase the popularity of profile, and this will, in turn, bring more attention. The key features offered are:

Spotlight of the Match and Live Feed

The purchase of MeetMe credits provides access to the Live Feed and Match spotlight. It is up to the user to pick up as many credits as required. Crucially, MeetMe has kept the credit size very flexible, and it is even possible for users with different budgets to end up still owning credits, which will help highlight their profile.

Lunch Money

Apart from picking up credits so that additional features can be bought, users can also consider going for Lunch Money, which is a virtual currency of the platform. This can be used to purchase themes and layout that would suit the profile. Users can’t pick up lunch money without demonstrating a lot of dedication and guarantee to the MeetMe site. The commitment can be shown by various factions like daily login, playing multiple games, posting pictures in the profile, sending messages to other members, and so on.

If users are not happy with the lunch money being offered, they can always use a credit or debit card to pick up this virtual currency. There is also an option to use a money order or PayPal for the same. Even though it is possible to pick up these credits without any cost, many users would opt for the easy route of buying the currency.


The MeetMe+ would be one of the popular subscription platforms, and it can be picked up in different time frames. The one-month plan would cost .99, while a six-month plan would cost .99. Alternatively, users can also go with credits, which can be purchased just 250 credits for file=php/clean_code.php.99 and going up to .99 for 3700 credits.

Canceling Your MeetMe Subscription

The process of canceling a subscription involved sending an email that is used to access the account. The email should be sent to the support team with the stated intentions.

MeetMe Security and Safety

MeetMe Review –Find Out Whether It Is Legit or Not!

The site does not excel in terms of safety, as there are no systems to verify or check the identity of users. The anonymity provides users with a free reign. It is possible to report fake profiles, but there is very little evidence that an action is being taken. On the security front, the payment options are encrypted so that information does not leak out.

Great Alternatives for MeetMe

MeetMe Review –Find Out Whether It Is Legit or Not!

Even though MeetMe is an excellent choice for long-term relationship seeking individuals, there are still several options that can be a great alternative. They are listed below.

  • Tinder
  • Tinder is one of the most popular short-term dating apps available in the market. It works on a simple swipe system that can be used to denote attraction to a profile or not. Due to these mechanics, Tinder is very popular for short-term dating and hook-ups alone, and it is infrequent to witness a long-term relationship crop up from the same.

  • OkCupid
  • OkCupid is a dating platform that can provide something for everyone, as it is ideal for casual hook-ups, short-term dating, and even long-term relationships. The desktop site and app are both excellent options to access the platform. Many of the features on the website are free, but alternatives will provide better results in terms of visibility. This platform has a messaging interface that is regarded as one of the best. Its popularity around the world makes it an ideal option to date people who are not nearby. The search filters, comprehensive profile, and a question section to understand the personality are all the highlights of this platform.

Final Reflections

MeetMe Review –Find Out Whether It Is Legit or Not!

MeetMe is more of a social media platform instead of a dating service, as it focuses heavily on social interactions and group discussions. Even though the service lacks anonymity and security that are essential for a short-term dating platform, this can be an excellent option for people interested in finding serious relationships.

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