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Bristlr Review 2024 – Is This Dating Website Genuine or Fraud?

Bristlr Review 2024 – Is This Dating Website Genuine or Fraud?
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Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 83%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 1 450 000
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 7.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • An excellent medium to see well cut pictures of beards. It inspires guys to grow a healthy mane.
  • Bristlr has a sweet interface that contains a couple of unique features that keep users of the site adequately occupied and seldom bored.
  • Bristlr has a working mobile phone application.
  • The mobile application is not as cool or as developed as the website platform.
  • If you're not a huge fan of beards, this online dating platform or application might annoy you as there are so many beard centered widgets and toggles here.

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Also known as the beard Tinder, Bristlr is quite legitimate as a couple of unique features such as a Wikipedia page that supports its authenticity. Bristlr is an online dating platform centered on the celebration of beards and also linking people up through their mutual love of beards and things related to beards.

Bristlr promotes dating in the same way as it encourages beard grooming. Possessing an excellent interface coupled with its plethora of security options and easy-to-operate nature. Bristlr is undoubtedly a breath of fresh air from the stagnation that is currently going on the online dating community. Even the most basic underdeveloped platforms are charging a ton of money for members to converse and have a few minor options merely.

Bristlr is a hub where people can have fun without a shoestring budget and take a plunge in the deep end without drowning. It is only a bonus but certainly not a footnote that this beard dating platform also has a fantastic customer support team and has super cool security measures. This ensures their users are not on the receiving end of hostile hacks from fraudulent individuals posing as potential love interests.

Bristlr Review - Is This Dating Website Genuine or Fraud?

How Does Bristlr Really Work?

A curious dating enthusiast might be scrolling on his Google engine of maybe enjoying the banter of Instagram or Twitter when he randomly clicks on the link to take them to the Bristlr homepage. On getting there, the user inputs all the required stuff and ensures that he is adequately verified. Following this, the new user is taken to his dashboard, which contains a bunch of unique widgets and links. The new user is also fed with a stream of steady beautiful, or handsome matches that fit with what he said interested him or her in the initial signing up process. Following this, the new users can chat up fellow Bristlr members and thus get acquainted.

The Analysis of Bristlr Audience

Bristlr’s geography terrain is worldwide as it works to ensure that members all over the world are provided with steady options and varieties of members to tickle their fancy. This site does not segregate or blacklist nations from enjoying the Bristlr perks no matter how and where. It is available in African countries such as Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, and the majority of the rest. It is usable in European countries like England, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the others too. At the same time, it has a strong following in Asia as well as North America and South America.


It is open to both men and women, although it seems quite macho and centered on women finding the men they so truly desire. This site is, however, man beard loving, sorry ladies, but Bristlr loves some good chin hair. The site steadily floods user’s timelines with pictures of well-groomed facial hair that catches the fancy of both the male and female populace.

Sexual Orientation

Bristlr is open to all sexual orientations and preferences as even from the homepage is States that man, woman, and anyone in between that is interested in man, woman, or others are very much welcome on this platform. It pretty much lets you get anyone that you are interested in talking about.

It has gained great plaudits from select members of the LGBTQ community as a result of its bold step to tolerate and celebrate various sexual orientations. There are still a lot of countries that outlaw acts that don’t conform to the ‘general laws of nature,’ so this is a fantastic place for LGBTQ.

Sexual Orientation


The minimum standard as regards age is eighteen, as seen on the homepage, which strictly stipulates that members must clock the minimum adult age to be on this site. This is loadable as it has become commonplace over the years to see youngsters fabricate ages and get exposed to content well above their tender years.


The ethnicity of Bristlr is quite broad and versatile. Bristlr spreads out its wide and beard inclined arms to all ethnic groups as it is quite common to see different raves such as Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Hispanics, and Asian users alike. Do you love beards? Bristlr got you. This online dating application also helps sort viewer searches by the ethnic filter to aid diversity and promote an all-inclusive beard loving second nature.

Notable Features of Bristlr

Bristlr has a beard rating platform whereby you don’t have to do anything fancy. All you got to be in online, and the Bristlr team will send you an array of beards to rate over five stars.

Also, possessing a unique chat platform that is quite big on users liking each other’s display pictures before chatting can even begin with, Bristlr has a cool customer support team that is reachable and easy contact at dire times. It also a chilled and nice user interface that brings out all its features with quite the minimum amount of fuss.

Notable Features of Bristlr

How User-Friendly Is Bristlr?

Yes, it is quite user-friendly, coupled with the fact that the customer support team is usually awesome. Bristlr has easy to get widgets as all you need to do is click on the right hand of your profile, and there you are. You can now easily scour the website and find what you are looking for. It takes great pride in being one of the biggest free online dating platforms, as well as giving members value for being a part of the Bristlr family.

Bristlr’s Website: Ease of Use and Design

The website is quite usable and easy to understand. It is designed in such a way that you can get all you need to get with relative ease and at a glance. You do not have to read too much into things, as so many features are brought directly to your timeline. The design is basic and easy to grasp; also, it does not claim to offer more than it can offer to users.

Is There a Working Mobile App for Bristlr?

Yes, there is a working mobile phone companion application for Bristlr. This mobile application is sadly unimpressive as lots of people have cried out loud and on social media that the phone app is quite inferior compared to the online interface and service provider. This mobile phone companion application is available on the iOS app store and the Google Play Store for iPhone answers for iPhone and Android users, respectively.

How Good Is Bristlr Customer Support?

The Bristlr customer support team is admirable. They are cordial, nice, diligent, understanding, and on top of the problem. They promote beard lovers and help users of the website get what they want. Kindly note that despite the chilled demeanor of the customer support team, there is a strict no refund policy in operation at Bristlr.

How Good Is Bristlr Customer Support?

How to Become a Member of Bristlr and Have a User Profile?

To begin the registration process here, you simply click on the Google generated link, following which you will be directed to the Bristlr homepage. In doing so, you will fill in a couple of things that will make up your core profile. This includes age, password, so you have a beard, who you are interested in, your email address(where you will be sent a verification message), and any other thing the Bristlr team deems necessary to know. The user profile is quite straightforward as the better your user profile is, the better your chance of meeting somebody that is as interested in you as they are interested in your beards and hairline.

How to Open an Account on Bristlr?

You sign up. Fill in all the necessary and required details following which you will be taken to your user page and kindly note there is no payment whatsoever as the app is free to all users.

What Is the Profile Quality and Verification Process Like on Bristlr?

Profile quality is sophisticated and dope. How frequently or quickly you’ll get laid is dependent mainly on the first impression that your profile gives a casual viewer or curious onlooker. So, take your time to beef that up. As regards the verification process, it is very straightforward as an email will be sent to the put-down email address that you filled in the initial set of questions that you answered on joining the website. Following this, you will click the link and get redirected to your homepage, and now you are officially a live user of Bristlr!

What Is the Profile Quality and Verification Process Like on Bristlr?

How to Search on Bristlr

Searching for a catch is the simplest action on Bristlr as you just go to the search toggle that is denoted with the microscope looking widget. On doing that, you can then be directed to the search place whereby you will see q set of filters. It is now up to you to fine-tune your filters, and results shall be sent to you as regards members that are nearby or roughly a few kilometers from where you stay. Kindly note that politeness is a virtue, and your user profile is your key and difference between you casually snubbed or taken seriously.

How to Get Matched and Interact on Bristlr?

Yes, there is a matching and chatting medium on Bristlr. People are matched on this website quite frequently as each user’s timeline is flooded daily with fellow members that fit their specifications and leave within a few kilometers from fellow users. However, to chat with such a user, you must like the user’s profile and vice versa. This buttresses the point of your user profile is the gateway of you getting laid.

How to Subscribe on Bristlr?

You do not have too many options on the platform as this is strictly free online dating vicinity that allows users reminiscence about beards, admire beards, and the best beard scores the hottest chicks. All options on Bristlr are open to all users alleviating discrimination or class segregation, which is present in most of its competitors.

How to Subscribe on Bristlr?

Free Subscription Option on Bristlr

Membership of Bristlr is free, and it is quite unheard of that members are forced or required to upgrade to premium status to enjoy the benefits of this all-inclusive website. A breath of fresh air when you think about notable competitors like Biker Planet and the likes, this beard loving online dating platform is undoubtedly user-friendly and considerably understanding.

Members of Bristlr can also choose to pay a token, which goes to the site development and, in some cases, charity. Payment of such does not give such members things like advanced search options or added visibility on the website or the app or even a better chance of scoring a date. Bristlr has the mantra of everybody being equal and everybody having a level playing field.

Pricing Variations on Bristlr

As earlier stated, Bristlr is an entirely free and awesomely affordable online dating platform. However, some users would love to have the edge over the rest. Even though free users have all the options available to them, there are a few tiny perks that come with being a paid subscriber. The payment packages available are:

  • Free users – $0.00
  • Upgraded account users – $4.80

How to Cancel Your Paid Subscription on Bristlr

To cancel a subscription is pretty none existent as how can you cancel something you did not have to do in the first place? However, you can terminate your membership or delete your account. This can be done by sending an email to the customer support team, and this can be done through the contact us section under your profile. You would be asked to provide details such as your username, working email address, and reason for leaving the platform. Kindly note that due care and thought must be put into this as this is an irreversible decision and usually the last possible resort.

How to Cancel Your Paid Subscription on Bristlr

How Safe and Secure Is Bristlr?

Bristlr is quite safe, proper, and secure. It has passed numerous national, regional, and international safety tests and checks. It has a Wikipedia page, social media handles and coupled with the fantastic customer support team that is present. Bristlr also has a diligent verification method that enables real human beings to get verified within seconds by sending confirmation emails to their email addresses to prevent robots. Kindly ensure that you do not give out your password and login credentials to anyone (user or non-user); also, members are discouraged from sharing private and sensitive information such as bank details and other stuff on this platform.

What Are the Competitors of Bristlr in the Online Dating Industry?

Just like in any competitive sport, Bristlr does not operate a monopoly, and it has strong competition for its loyal customers. Such competitors include but are not limited to:


Known as the Michael Jordan of dating apps, this website has dating supreme application that dances around competitors worldwide, possessing the largest following, best filters, most popular culture references as well as being the most reliable out there. Tinder backs up years of experience on top of the leader board with frequent upgrades to a very successful working modality as well as striving to provide customers or users with the best safety that subscription fees can buy.

Biker Planet

The closest thing that comes to Bristlr on the online dating platform hall of fame, Biker Planet, specializes in giving the rough and rough bikers of the world a place to be vulnerable as well as find love without getting judged for their tattoos and bushy beards. This online dating platform is strictly paid for, operates solely in the North American countries of the United States of America and Canada too. This website encourages committed long term relationships that will likely result in marriage. Not one for casual flings, meaningless hookups, or late-night booty calls.

Biker Planet

Final Thoughts

Bristlr is a loving beard application and is also a fantastic free dating platform whereby lovers can be cultivated. It is blessed with a plethora of cool features and is a sight for sore eyes. However, the application has a few improvements to make, coupled with the most frequently asked questions, but you should give it a try.

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