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Chats Friends Review 2024 – Is It Legit Or Scam?

Chats Friends Review 2024 – Is It Legit Or Scam?
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Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-26
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Chats Friends has only a few features, so it’s effortless to understand how everything works.
  • The video chat is compatible with every mobile device.
  • Reliable customer support.
  • There’s an annoying bug: the tabs sometimes appear in the Spanish language.
  • Sometimes the app freezes.

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Meeting people from India, Canada, the USA, and England has never been easier. Tons of friendly chats are popping up on the Internet, as more and more people nowadays are looking for new friendship, and is trusting the online world more than the real one.

Think about how many communication channels the Web can offer us. Now, apply them in real life. How hard was 50 years ago to visit a new city? Without a Maps app ready to be used on the go from your mobile phone, telling you in real-time where you can eat, sleep, go.

This is just one of the infinite pros of having a developed online life. The dating apps growth is only the statistic indicator of this trend.

In this review, we will give you an overall opinion over Chats Friends. If you have heard about this popular chat app, you might have wondered how this can help your dating life online. We are here for you. We will guide your free spirit through Chats Friends’+ features and audience. Are you ready to lose yourself into this? Read on!

We tried to figure out this last point. We tried changing IP, changing browser, but nothing to do: after the sign-up, you will be re-directed to a half-English and half-Spanish page.

Maybe it’s written in some website’s section now gone forever, or perhaps this website was meant to be for Spanish-speaking people dating within the US. It does not make sense, though, as the enormous majority of chat rooms are in English, and there is even one chat for every US State!

It’s definitely a US-based website, according to its audience. Eventually, we concluded: the Spanish tabs are a bug. Maybe they also have a South-American version of the same site, or there used to be. And something got mixed up.

Still, the website, in general, looks fine. There’s no need for a subscription, so you can just get in and take a look. If you are not satisfied by design, by the few features offered – they are actually a few – you can get out. That is a huge pro of this chatting website.

How Does Chats Friends Work

How Does Chats Friends Work

While Chats Friends’ purpose is to make people meet and make new friends, the medium used is just one: the chat. If you believe in chat rooms and in the exceptional online community they can create, then Chats Friends is the right one for you.

One good thing about this chat is that you don’t need to pay nor to subscribe to anything. You don’t even need to give them your email address. So, you are literally not engaged to them.

Even though you should engage in your online behavior and in your speeches, as this is a community, it’s better to be a beloved member of it.

Audience Analysis

It is harder than ever to understand the community ratio of females and males, here. What’s for sure: there are some trolls, but there are also kind and friendly people.

We’re talking about those people who believe in chats and believe that online communities can be just as satisfying as real ones. Our recommendation is to behave and to follow the community rules. The average user here cares a lot about rules, and if a person is harassing or offensive, he/she will be banned almost immediately. So they are stating.

Chats Friends Key Features

The main features here in Chats Friends are chat and video chat. That’s it. This website is supposed to make strangers meet and maybe become friends, and it tries to succeed using the well-known feature of chat rooms.

They were very popular during the 90es, where the forum era was at his best. Now they are a few, but still working in the online dating world. After a swift sign-up process that will not require your email address, you will be directed to a page where you can pick your favorite chat room.

There are four main chat rooms: the USA, Canada, India, and Adult chat rooms. So, it’s up to you to pick which one is right for your first Chats Friends experience.

Chats Friends User-Friendliness

Chats Friends User-Friendliness

Opening the main page might be wrong if you are about to write this paragraph. Let’s say we needed to get through it, to become more tolerant about Chats Friends.

As you may have guessed: the website is far better than the main page. A quite traditional design, or better, no design at all! Only neat writings, in black and white, little to no images. It would be true if it had black. Thank you, developers, for keeping it light-colored.

One good thing comes later, then: the interface is straightforward to understand, and you will find everything you need almost instantly. Then, one very well-designed feature is the video chat. You can use it from almost anywhere because it works with a mobile browser.

Chats Friends Usability And Design

So, as said, the usability is relatively high. You understand at first glance where every feature is. There are not that many features, after all: only chat, chat room, and video chat, that’s basically it.

Only one issue has occurred to us: no matter which country we signed up, some Spanish tabs were appearing here and there. They diminish usability, even though all are still understandable, thanks to the icons. We will talk more about the Spanish tabs in the “sign-up” paragraph below.

So maybe a consequence of the few features is the high usability, but let’s not indulge in philosophical questions. We are here to judge the final product, which is pretty good, talking about usability.

Design is another issue. It is really old-fashioned and minimalistic. The design here belongs to the forum and chat online world. Remember all those forums in the late 90s? Well, Chats Friends looks like an accurate reproduction of that world.

Isn’t is a chat website, after all? No profiles displayed, no matched, and other nonsense. If you want to stay here, you need to be aware that this place is a chat. So, you are here to chat, nothing more than that.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

One good adjustment made in the last months is the video chat. You can use the video chat feature from almost every mobile phone, using a common mobile browser. It needs to be updated, of course, but still, it’s better to download a new app, isn’t it?

Even if you wanted to, the developers haven’t thought about a proper mobile app yet. Using a mobile browser won’t be trickier than a computer browser. Finally, the developers have thought about this: chatting is a good option not only at home, from your pc, or sipping coffee in a coffee bar.

Chatting is always the best on the go, during breaks, walks, long waiting time frames. So, here’s the video chat on the mobile browser: a little heavy for your phone, but still fast and working.

Chats Friends’ Customer Support

This is a thing we found friendly and cozy: the main page refers to the Customer Support as a fist person: “I will answer you within 24 hours”.

This is something new within websites, as usually there is an office, a call center, at least a team of people who manages customers’ requests.

How can a single person manage all of them? Well, we can answer like this: consider that there are admins on the website. Then, no registration is needed. Plus, you don’t need to pay for the service. So the Customer Support’s function is highly reduced, and basically, you will need it only when you would like to report suspicious activity.

Chats Friends Sign-Up Process And User Profile

There’s no actual sign-up. You will just need to open chatsfriends.net, then to select “join chat.” You will automatically be re-directed to a chat page. Here, regardless of which country you connect from, you will only see icons in Spanish.

Forget them for a minute and see the chat rooms’ names surrounding them: there are “USA chat,” “Canada chat,” “India chat,” and so on. So, here’s what you were promised! English speaking people.

Then, we could not get the Spanish issue, and we wrote to the one-to-one Customer Service about. In English, of course. We will update this review as soon as we get an answer.

How To Sign Up

How To Sign Up

As said, the sign-up process requires two single steps: you write a nickname, your gender, and a safe password. Nothing more. About the tabs, let us translate them for you in the meantime. Below the black toolbar “home,” “rooms,” “USA,” Canada, and India, you’ll find another orange bar.

Here we go: there are photos, browse, profile, rooms, emoji, help, settings. Luckily, we are used to common icons, and it’s quite understandable what the tabs mean, even without knowing Spanish. Still, it keeps the overall usability lower than what you can expect by a chatting website.

Profile Quality And Verification

There’s no email verification, either. There’s no profile, so no description for you. You will have to describe yourself by your actions, like in real life. Anonymity is one of the main concerns here.

So, you will be granted with full-stack anonymity. You can browse users using their nicknames. Given that, you won’t know what’s the real name underneath the avatar image.

Whatever your opinion may be, this is how it works here in Chats Friends. If you would like to stay here for a little more, you will ah veto deal with it.

Chats Friends Search Functionality

The search browser in Chats Friends works only by nickname. Go to the “buscar” magnifying glass at the main toolbar, and you will find exactly what you were looking for. No, not a Spanish magnifying glass. We are talking about the search bar.

If you are tired of translating, you can go directly to the USA or Canada chat by selecting the option above. There’s no other filter for you than the location. Actually, there’s no real location verification. It’s just what a user implicitly declares when he/she uses one chat room or another.

Chatting And Matching At Chats Friends

Chatting And Matching At Chats Friends

As this is not an actual dating website, there is no actual mating or matching process. There’s no “like” button, either. So, if you would like to make friends on your own, just go and type their username, quoting something they said in the common chat. That’s the best way, and that’s also how it works on forums.

It’s generally forbidden to exchange personal contacts here on Chats Friends, so if you really feel you can switch to phone calls with a user, you will need to be careful: you are literally exposing yourself to a ban if you exchange contacts.

This sentence is, of course, valid for now. Maybe they will change the rule in the future, but for now, we see this website as an online open community, where the chats are public. There’s also the “adult” chat room and the “flirt” chat room, but we could not have access to them yet. You need to be invited to join chats.

It’s a little tricky to understand how it works, but the website is also designed for newbies who do not know how to proceed. Don’t be shy, and if something’s not clear to you, ask other users online. Or to Customer Support.

Chats Friends Subscription Options

This website is about chatting in forums and chat rooms. There’s no other way of using it. Maybe they have not thought about making money from the site, except for banners, yet.

Lucky us, as now we can use it entirely for free, without the need to buy a paid membership of any kind.


With a free membership, the only one possible, you can chat in chatrooms, and be invited to new chatrooms. You can write to Customer Service and ask for their help. You can also look for users by using their nickname.

There’s also the video option, and you won’t need to pay for that either. Remember: you are in an online community. Don’t break the rules; otherwise, being a free user won’t stop you from being banned.

There’s no paid membership. See the ads within the page? They are paying for your free stay on the website.

Chats Friends Pricing

There’s no paid membership, so there is no price list for now. We hope it will remain like that in the future.

Cancelling Chats Friends Subscription

There’s no way you can cancel your Chats Friends subscription. You can’t buy for a membership, so there could be no claim for your credit card’s hidden fees. You can’t cancel your profile either, but you can create a new one with a similar nickname, and then tell your friends you changed it.

Chats Friends Safety And Security

Chats Friends Safety And Security

Your identity is safe here, as you are not providing anyone your real identity! If you have some doubts about opening your webcam to other unknown people, try to have a neutral background behind you

—like a white wall, or a thick curtain, so that there’s no telling of what place you are into. As you can’t make any payments here, there’s not much more to say about encrypted payments and protocols.

Chats Friends Competitors And Alternatives

There are Anti Chat and Chat Zozo for a more sex-oriented chat environment. There are a lot of forums dedicated to a theme of a fantasy world, so you just have to choose among them which one gives space to your same interests.


If you don’t have an opinion on Chats Friends yet, it’s time for you to try it out yourself. As we have said many times throughout this review, you won’t need to pay for this website. You can send free messages and take the chance to be engaged in an online community, which autonomously follows some rules.

Of course, you can’t behave like you are in a common hookup website. You need to be sure that on the other side, a person wants the same things you do. In this sense, Chats Friends does not give the user many clues. You don’t have a profile, and you can’t state who you are.

Complete anonymity is a thing you should take as it is: you can’t change it. If you like being in the dark, and still cooperating with the general Good, then Chats Friends could be useful for you, and we strongly recommend you to try it with your own eyes. We wish this review could help you choosing wisely!

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