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Cybermen Review 2024 — Real Gay Dating App or Scam?

Cybermen Review 2024  — Real Gay Dating App or Scam?
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Active Audience 82%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 36-38
Profiles 567 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to register and create a profile: the processes are smooth and straightforward. You can also sync with Facebook to create an account faster.
  • Free features: most of the basic features in this dating app are free for all members.
  • Variety of members: this online platform has a variety of members, including the straight members and a part of the LGBTQ community.
  • Anonymous: the use of this application is always anonymous since most profiles do not have their real pictures.
  • Scam Profiles: due to its anonymous use, most of these profiles on this platform are not genuine.
  • Higher premium rates: to use advanced features of this app, you have to buy subscriptions, which are a bit more expensive as compared to other sites.
  • Not active members: this dating app has very few active members. Finding a match may take longer than expected.

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Welcome to our CyberMen review. In this review, we will talk about the features of this app, its usage, and other information that users must consider while using this app. Join this review to find out more.

CyberMen is an online relationship application designed to connect the gay community with other like-minded individuals for chatting, dating, and sexual experience.

Over 50,000 gay members log into the app every day to chat, date, and make long-term relationships with other users. This dating application is free of charge; members do not pay to use the services of this app unless they want to join the VIP section.

This dating app is available on Android devices, iPhones, and iPads. It is free to download and install from the Appstore and the Google Play store. It can also be downloaded from the Amazon online shopping site for free.

CyberMen is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. It contains the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and other relevant information, but it does not offer dating services. CyberMen is owned by 123Multimedia and has members all around the world.

How Does Cybermen Function?

How Does Cybermen Function

This primary function of this online dating app is to connect gay men for serious dating, friendship, and also connects those who need sexual partners.

It allows its users to date and chat for free while remaining anonymous on this app. It does not require personal information to register. Members can chat anonymously and have meetings with their nearby dates through this CyberMen App.

CyberMen ensures its members to enjoy free dating experience, full anonymity, and discreet type of relationships.

Let’s Talk About Members Structure

Let’s Talk About Members Structure

With over 50,000 members that log in daily, the users of this dating app are classified as follows:

  • Geographical: Users of the app come from all over the world. The application does not restrict any location from using it. However, some countries do not allow this type of sexual orientation. Thus it may be unavailable to some countries.
  • Sexual Orientation: this online dating app is designed to be used by the gay community. The only available type of members on this site are gays and bisexual community.
  • Gender: This is a male based app. Members who use this application are males.
  • Age: CyberMen is rated 17+. This means it accepts individuals who are 17 years and above. However, being an adult site, most members range from 18 to 65 years of age. Most of the users are the youth, who range between 20 to 35 years of age.
  • Ethnicity: Cybermen do not specify the kind of ethnic groups that should use their site. This means it can be used by all races in the world, including the Black American, Chinese, Indians, among other ethnicities. The languages available here include English, Arabic, French, Hindi, Italian and Spanish.

Unique CyberMen Features

Unique CyberMen Features

Being a relationship app, CyberMen does not have tones of features. There are only a few features that members can use to enjoy the services of this online app. These features include:

  • Anonymous Call Feature: this feature allows members to call their matches anonymously. Through this call, their numbers don’t get revealed to other users. This feature is only available to members with premium accounts.
  • Location: This feature allows men to find their matches according to their locations. Members can turn the location on to see who is nearby or far away from them. This can be possible through the GPRS feature.
  • VIP Entrance: this is a premium membership. With VIP, gay men enjoy the following services:
  • Anonymous feature: you can anonymously call other gays on this app.
  • Priority messages: VIP members can send high priority texts to their matches. These texts are highlighted to be seen first by the recipients.
  • Message delivery reports: VIP members can see whether their message has been delivered, read, or replied.
  • Ad-Free Use: users with VIP can use this site for free without advertisements.

Is The App User Friendly?

CyberMen is a gay chat service that is easy to use, very fast, and free. However, most reviews by users who downloaded this app, say it is easy to download and install, but not to use.

Being an anonymous chat application, most users have claimed it has scam profiles. The site has a blocking feature where members can block annoying and scam profiles.

Generally, this app is undeveloped unless they are promising to upgrade it. It has low ratings of 3.4 in Google and 2.7 in the Apple store, out of five.

We can say it is an average user-friendly dating application.

Cybermen App Use & Design: Key Points

The app design is undeveloped and not promising if you compare it to other online dating applications. There are very few features available on this app, making it a bit difficult to use.

However, the design and the colors are good, but the app needs to be fully developed to minimize crashing and failing to log in as per user reviews.

Does Cybermen Have A Mobile App?

Does Cybermen Have A Mobile App?

CyberMen is an online dating mobile application found on Android and Apple platforms.

CyberMen on Android can be downloaded from the Google Play store, while the app on the iOS platform can be downloaded from the Appstore.

CyberMen do not charge downloading and installation cost. It is free on all platforms.

Let’s Talk About Customer Care

CyberMen dating application has customer care, which is committed to solving member issues while using this dating platform. Customer care service can be reached throughout the day.

This customer care offers free support services to its users and can be contacted free of charge via the email address.

To contact customer support, users are required to send an email to [email protected].

Feedback is always given immediately or within 24 hours.

Registration Process & Creating Of Profile

Registration Process & Creating Of Profile

New members are required to register and create their profiles to have an account on this site.

There are two types of registration processes on this platform.

  • Registering through Facebook: this is the easiest form where members are required to link profiles to their Facebook accounts.
  • Email registration: this is the manual registration process that requires the use of an email.

Here’s How To Register Through Email

Users are required to register an account to use this online dating app. The details mentioned below are required to register through email:

  • Date of Birth: Members are required to specify their date of birth in this section.
  • Email Address: you are required to specify an email address in this section. This email address will later be used to verify the account.
  • Nickname: this is a pseudo name that members can use to remain anonymous on this platform.
  • Password: users have to create a strong and easy to remember password to secure their accounts.

Before finishing the registration process, new profiles are required to accept the Terms of Use and also to understand the Privacy Policy.

What About The Profile Details? Does It Have Verification?

What About The Profile Details? Does It Have Verification?

CyberMen does not require much information on users’ profiles. Only a few additions are required in this section, and there is no verification.

Profiles on this online dating site require the following details:

  • Photos: In this section, users are required to upload their photos. However, there is no verification to determine if these photos are genuine.
  • Age: this refers to the age of the user. The users of this dating platform should be over 18 years.
  • Country: members are required to specify their country in this section.

Cybermen Search Options

CyberMen has several features that can be used to search for other profiles on this dating app. These features include:

  • Location: You can use location as a search option to find members within your location.
  • Age: You can seek matches according to their age on this dating platform.
  • Region: you can search for users by their regions where they come from.
  • Name: You can use a profile name to search for users on this dating platform.
  • Photos: you can search for users with or without pictures on this online platform.

All these filters are available to basic and premium members.

Cybermen Matching & Chatting Process

Cybermen Matching & Chatting Process

The matching and chatting processes on this site are easy for all users.

Matching a user requires favoriting their profile, and then sending them a message. Once the other member accepts your message, it becomes a match.

There are two ways of communication:

  • Chatting: users can share messages on this platform free of charge. They can chat via text or through a video chat.
  • Anonymous Calling: you can call other members of this dating platform using an anonymous call feature. This feature does not show your phone number. The feature is only available to members with premium accounts.

Types Of Membership

There are two types of memberships on the CyberMen dating platform. They include:

  • Free Basic Membership.
  • Paid Premium Membership. Payments are always made through subscribing to different packages availed by the website.

These memberships have been explained below, together with their features.

Basic Accounts

Basic Accounts

These are free accounts available to all users of this dating platform. Free accounts do not require subscriptions but offer limited features to its users. Services offered by Basic accounts include:

  • Free account registration and creating of profile: users can register and create their profiles free of charge.
  • Free Gay Chats: Users on free accounts can join and use free gay chats.
  • Anonymity: Basic account holders can chat and communicate with other members of this platform without revealing their personality.
  • Easy chats and connection: Users that have free accounts can chat and be connected with other members free of charge.
  • Search Filters: Free account holders can search for other users using this online dating application.

Premium Accounts

These are paid memberships of this online dating app. Premium members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Anonymous Calling: through this membership, members can call anonymously, meaning their personality is never revealed to the recipient.
  • Prioritized messages: Premium users get their messages highlighted on the recipient’s inboxes. This allows them to be read and be replied faster than others.
  • Ad-Free Chats: Premium members enjoy ad-free browsing and chatting experience. Adverts never inconvenience them.
  • Delivery reports: premium account holders can see whether their messages were delivered, seen, or deleted.

CyberMen Prices

CyberMen Prices

Users are required to make payments to have an account on this site. These payments can be made through Google or Apple, depending on the platform.

To be upgraded, members are required to pay for any of the following packages:

  • Premium VIP package, which costs $7.99, gives users the VIP access.
  • Direct Call package, which costs $2.99, allows users to call other members directly.
  • Top Message Package, which costs $2.99, allows users to highlight messages in their inboxes.
  • No ad package, which costs $1.99. This package allows users to navigate through the platform freely without experiencing pop-up ads.

These packages are auto-renewed every month, with the same costs as per the package one subscribed for.

How To Terminate Your Cybermen Subscription

Subscriptions on this online dating platform are always auto-renewed a few days before the expiry date.

To cancel these subscriptions, users are required to switch off the auto-renewal feature on their account settings.

Users on Apple can switch off this auto-renewal feature by switching it off on the Appstore.

CyberMen Safety & Security Information

Most of these security features depend on the app provider. The operating system mostly determines security features. It might be the Google play store or the Appstore.

However, to provide security for members and their data, CyberMen has developed its Privacy Policy. This policy enlists how this data is collected, stored, used, and also how it is shared with other third parties, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Users are also advised to block and report abusive accounts on their profiles by using the Contact us feature.

Cybermen Competitors

There are several alternatives which members can use apart from this application to get their preferred matches. These competitors include:

  • Adam4Adam

Adam4Adam is one of the leading gay dating apps in the world. It is free to use for all its members. This dating platform allows its users to date, chat, become friends, and have long-term relationships, connections, or just meet to have sex. It is one of the longest-serving gay platforms.

  • Jack’D

This is also one of the leading gay dating platforms available as a mobile app. Jack’D allows its users to have unlimited fun. It is available in over 2000 cities across 180 countries in the world. This dating site has over 5 million members, and it is still growing. It is used mostly by males who are looking for chat mates, friends, love, or casual sex.

  • Grindr

This is an online gay chat platform. It allows its users to hook up and chat for free. Its members include gays, bi, trans, and queer people. With its huge user base and good reviews, Grindr becomes a major competitor to this CyberMen app.

Final Conclusions

In this review, we have highlighted almost everything that users need to know before joining this platform.

The good thing about CyberMen is that most of its basic features are free. Members will not go deep into their pockets to subscribe to them to use the basic features. However, the features and user base quality are too low. It may take time for one to get a match on this app.

It is only recommended for those seeking matches in their location or for those who prefer dating platforms with less traffic. From the alternatives above, one can look into them and make the best choice according to tastes and preferences. Test for yourself!

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