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Ebony Flirt Revie 2024 — Legit Ebony Dating Site or Scam?

Ebony Flirt Revie  2024  — Legit Ebony Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-23
Profiles 850 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The interface is highly understandable
  • It's effortless to sign up
  • Interesting user interface
  • Helpful customer support
  • Fake users lump the website
  • It’s quite expensive to be a paying member

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How many dates can a busy person collect? There’s a debate around people using dating websites because they would like to save time for their daily life. Here in Ebony Flirt, the dating purpose is clear: this website offers all that can be useful for your regular schedule to make it match with a mating purpose.

In this review, we will try to give you an honest perspective on Ebony Flirt. This popular dating website has so many features that it may be helpful to display them at once.

At the end of it, you will get a closer look at its main features. Read on if you would like to know more about Ebony Flirt, and understand if it’s the right fit for you!

Being on a dating website is like betting. You should understand as much as possible before betting, as the time and money you will consume need to be worth it.

This is the reason why a lot of people rely on the grapevine. But there is one better way, which is: read a useful review. Will Ebony Flirt be a good bet, for you?

It’s actually quite a good meeting app, but there are tons of fake users. Does it work in the end?

If you agree in considering your dating app subscription like a bet, it’s time to learn more about how Ebony Flirt works. Let’s dive in!

Ebony Flirt Review – Legir Or Scam?

How Does Ebony Flirt Work

We are talking about a regular dating app. You sign-in by giving some information about you. Then, you can see a lot of users’ profiles, to wink towards them and to chat with them. You need to be at least 18 years old.

You have your own profile, which you can edit. You are encouraged to upload a profile picture as soon as you can, and as many images as possible. Also, you can add a description. There’s no swipe option, so you can choose to chat with some users today and to keep some others for tomorrow. You won’t lose them forever.

Let’s get into the audience.

Audience Analysis

The audience is quite big, especially within the US. There are both straight people and homosexual people, but more straight ones—more men than women. There is the option “bisexual,” So, technically, you are welcomed here as well if you like both sexes.

There are some fake users, as we told you before, especially among women. Men usually tend to be more willing to pay for dating or mating, and this trend is clearly shown in the females’ profiles.

Bear in mind that people on dating apps typically put a red rose next to their profile picture, to tell the audience they are willing to be paid for their sexual performance, of just for their company.

We have noticed this feature in a lot of dating/hookup websites. Not to mention prostitution, you can also find fake profiles created by the site, which are there only for adult entertainment’s sake.

The rose-thing may be true, but we have found in several chats that people who were not carrying the rose still asked for money. So, it’s up to you to understand who you are talking to.

Key Features

Here in Ebony Flirt, you can do almost everything you usually do on dating websites. You can chat and match, and find exciting people online who may live in the same city. There’s not an actual swipe section, but you can still like or dislike profiles.

You can also send a “wink” to someone, to show your interest less seriously and funnily. Then, you can just research profiles, selecting a location, or some other feature. You can chat, of course, and the chat had cute fonts and is highly readable.

Then you can update your profile and pictures as many times as you want, and you can see who liked your profile. This feature is enabled by buying a membership, so you are not allowed to do it while you are a free user.

You can also send pictures out without limits. As the website’s purpose is to hookup, you are allowed to share your phone number, email, and so on. Just be careful of not giving it away.

There is a nudity-filter, but a lot of people learned how to disable it.

Key Features

Ebony Flirt User-Friendliness

We can say nothing bad about Ebony Flirt’s user-friendliness. You can’t possibly lose yourself in these icons and ads. Maybe only the ads are a little pushy, but you can avoid that issue quickly. How? By paying for a membership, of course.

Also, the sign-up process is user friendly, just like any dating website should be. Some marketing studies show that people are more likely to sign-in into an app than a web browser’s homepage. But here in Ebony Flirt, the sign-up is as easy as a mobile app, and you won’t lose your time with that. We will talk more about that in the upcoming “sign-up” paragraph.

Ebony Flirt Usability And Design

First of all, to enhance usability, we strongly suggest you check the change immediately the notifications Ebony Flirt is sending to you. You can do that form the settings section, in your profile icon, under the main toolbar.

The design is not very modern. Indeed it’s quite old fashioned. But the users are many, and they are from different States, so we guess that you’ll find a big audience from wherever you are.

The Mobile Application

No mobile app, unfortunately. Ebony Flirt is only for the web browser version. It’s a shame the developers haven’t thought about this, but you can, of course, use the mobile browser version and be happy with it.

The website is light enough to be used on the go and still very understandable and user friendly. We can’t know if they are going to develop an app in the future. For now, go for the web browser version, and mind your battery.

Customer Support

It’s not that easy to find Customer Support at first. We needed to contact it at the very beginning of our Ebony Flirt’s journey, as we weren’t receiving our email confirmation.

We went to the main Ebony Flirt’s page, we scrolled down the whole page, and we went to the lower menu. Here lies the “contact us” tab.

You will just need to fill in the form with all the required information. Keep it short and clear so that they can immediately understand the issue you are experiencing.

Likely, they will answer you within 48 hours or less. We got our answer in 24 hours, more or less. You can also use Customer Support to report bad behavior on the website, ask for a refund, or cancel your profile for good.

Customer Support

Sign-Up Process And User Profile

The sign-up process is not a piece of cake. Actually, we could not perform properly because we weren’t getting an email notification in the first place, so to be honest: if you are using an unusual email address, proxies are stopping you at some point in the sign-up.

This is quite annoying, but there’s an easy way to sort it out: you can write to the Customer Support (see the Customer Support’s paragraph) and ask them directly.

Or, you can change the email address, and use a common mailbox service. They haven’t told us why they apply such a filter over users, but we suspect they receive a lot of scammers’ sign-ups, trying to fight this trend.

How to Sign-Up

Just go to the main Ebony Flirt’s page, and you will see a form in front of you, in the middle of the screen.

See the form appearing on the screen? You need to fill it in with your personal information. Don’t worry; the website is stating they are not selling your personal information to third parties. If you read the Terms and Conditions, you can find this point. We found some online reviews which are stating the contrary, but we don’t understand why.

Maybe this rule has changed over the years. Now it’s like that, so why not taking advantage of this privacy world?

Profile Quality and Verification

The email verification grants a high level of users, but there are some fakers here and there. We can say this is a decent place, but there are many explicit photos, too. Let’s say the website declares they are using a fake profile to enhance the user experience online.

Imagine this like a playground: you are provided with baby sitters who will make you horny without asking you out on a date. Is this what you are looking for? So, Ebony Flirt is the right place for you.

There are some scammers, probably, but we can’t tell from the users’ review, from our usual overall look, and from the conversations we had had with people about this issue.

There is an email verification that works well, though. We bounced away the first time we tried, as apparently, our email address was not serious or common enough. No big deal, maybe bug deal.

Maybe the email verification and the fact that you can’t chat without paying for membership are two things that allow only good users to stay on Ebony Flirt long enough not to be banned or spotted as scammers.

Profile Quality and Verification

The first thing you will see on the main page, on the top left of the screen, is the browser button. All your deepest fantasies, all your kinks, and interests are safe here, within the multiple filters you can apply.

There are a lot. You can play with them at first, but to disclose them, you will need to pay for a membership. Our recommendation is to tip the “with photo” box first, as there are many users without a profile picture.

Once you have looked for the profiles, take your time to clear your magnifying glass, and enjoy the view. The fake profiles are especially great, but there are also some fantastic true people here in Ebony Flirt. Scroll them up and down a little. You can like who you like, chat with anyone, and flirt, most of all.

Chatting And Matching At Ebony Flirt

There’s no telling how much time you will need to find a good match, but we can tell you that: as soon as we signed up, three people looked genuinely interested in our grey, male, and empty profile.

Fakers? Likely. Or, scammers. Focus on this: it’s straightforward to chat with people, but chat is usually a double-edged sword. You can receive tons of chat notifications all the time, only because you uploaded an atomic-bomb personal picture. It can be both a good and bad thing if you would like not to lose too much time and find real value matches. You can either say “no” to people or block them.

So, you can type using a chat or the mailbox. There’s no significant difference between them. The email, like a regular mail, ideally allows you to take your time. The expectancies from you are lower, somehow, but when you answer, you go deeper. Either way, it’s up to you to find a comfort zone in chat.

Ebony Flirt Subscription Options

There are only two membership options, which are paid and free. The paid membership is a little expensive, but it’s possible for you to pick the paid membership and to pay for it for three days.

Like every trial, it’s supposed to give you a taste of what expects you. Be sure you are not renewing the membership for more than the days you want it.

Ebony Flirt Subscription Options


With a free membership, you can basically do nothing. You can take a look at the website, at some profiles, but you can’t chat with them. Many ads will stop your online life, and you will be a little annoyed by them.

If you really like ebony-style and like the little you can see with a free membership, feel free to give up with the free account and to go for membership.

With a paid account, you can see who saw our profile, for instance. Then, you can like as many profiles as you want, send winks, chat and send out mail messages. Let’s see together how much this will cost you.

Ebony Flirt Pricing

4,24$ is the price of a 3-day trial on the website. Then a month will cost you 27,99$, 3 months 81,39$, 6 months 137,06$. A little expensive, if you ask us, and considering the high rate of fake profiles, this can be considered even too high. We mean, paying for entertainment is good, but there are many more free options around.

Cancelling Subscription

It’s easy to cancel your subscription: go to the settings icon in the top toolbar and select the icon. You will be able to see your actual membership and be able to downgrade and upgrade it.

Do you like Ebony Flirt enough? The cheapest option is always the longest period.

Ebony Flirt Pricing

Safety & Security On Ebony Flirt

As said before, the mail verification is selective, and it’s meant to allow only real users, or at least to avoid massive scam attempts.

Still, bear in mind that you are online. Even if your payments are encrypted, don’t feel to secure in paying while you are connected to public wi-fi, for example.

Most of all, don’t give away your personal ID number, address, and so on. This is just common sense, and maybe you are well aware of all that, but it’s best to say twice than to skip it entirely.

Alternatives And Competitors Of Ebony Flirts

There are many free and still good alternatives to Ebony Flirt online if you are fond of the ebony-type wonders. Like Black Cupid, BDFF, or the general iDates, Badoo, Tinder… You can also go for Ebony Date or Black dating.



Now you have read all the features and their prices, you are still not ready to judge. Yes, we lied! We need to be straightforward about this: on a dating website, everyone has his own opinion, feeling, and experience.

You can pick the choice of your life after only having read a review. Of course, this helps. Otherwise, we would not have written all this information. But still, we recommend you to go and see it with your own eyes. A lot of beautiful ebony people are waiting for you. Have an excellent Ebony Flirt first time!

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Pablo has done various life coaching sources and personal development. He has even worked as a relationship technician and loves empowering other people. Having encountered several hardships in life, he understands what others go through and is willing to help them. His primary focus is on building self-esteem and changing people’s perspectives on their challenges.
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