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Grizzly Review 2024 — Real Gay Dating Site or Scam?

Grizzly Review 2024  — Real Gay Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 30%
Popular Age 26-35
Profiles 25 800
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The app is available on key smartphone and tablet platforms
  • Search filters are very effective
  • The registration process is straightforward
  • Even premium options are less expensive
  • Free membership has minimal options
  • Available only on the app platform

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Grizzly is a platform for gay and bisexual men to find relationships or just a casual hookup. The platform is available only on mobile devices, and it continues to gather several thousand downloads every month. Grizzly has grown into a popular dating app for the gay community across the world.

How does Grizzly Work?

How does Grizzly Work?

Grizzly is a social network platform that is meant for gay individuals to look for short or long-term relationships. The app makes it easy to find people in nearby locations and establish contact with them on different fronts. The app has numerous features that are designed to initiate contact or break the ice once contact has been established.

Audience Analysis

The most popular age on this platform happens to be 25 to 35. There are more than a million profiles on Grizzly to provide users with plenty of options. The site operates in different countries around the world, but the United States happens to be the primary source of traffic. There is a higher concentration of Caucasians, Hispanics, and whites. The platform accepts all races and ethnicities, while it is configurable in multiple languages.

Key Features

Grizzly Features

The Grizzly app is filled with features that are designed to help the user find romantic interests – for the short-term or long-term – in different parts of the world. Yet, there is one crucial feature that makes a lot of difference. It would be the option of being able to view profiles in secret. This feature helps to keep looking at a specific profile if the person is of great interest. Yet, the other person will not be notified about the secret visits, which can be done as many times as the user pleases. The service can be crucial when trying to watch a former fling or a potential crush.

Grizzly User-friendliness

Grizzly User-friendliness

The website comes across as being quite minimalistic with all the hard work and heavy lifting being done by the app. Still, the latter is also quite user-friendly, and it is easy for older people to navigate around without much difficulty. Most of the fonts are in substantial size so that even older users with difficulty seeing the small letters can use the app without any problem.

Grizzly Design & Usability

The Grizzly website does not have much information apart from the option to download the apps, the available platforms, and some FAQs. The latter would be the key reason to visit the site apart from receiving the download link. The FAQ section will contain information about various sections of the app should there be any trouble. The privacy policy will also help a user get to grips with the platform. An option is available to send feedback and suggestions to the developers.

Grizzly Mobile Application

Grizzly Mobile Application

The interface of the app is very straightforward and easy to understand. It is doubtful that a user will have problems getting used to this interface. The app is divided into several key sections like favorite profiles, notifications, messages, user profiles, and search tools. It is easy to navigate between these different sections and make the most of the large user base.

Customers Support

There is a support system at Grizzly, which is available through email. The site lists two email options depending on the nature of the complaint. If a user is having an issue with the app as a whole, they can choose to contact the privacy section. If the problem largely stems from the app, there is a dedicated email for the same.

Sign-Up Process & User Profile

registration will take only a couple of minutes, even as the user is getting acquainted with the app. The key goal is to enter information that makes it easy for the app to match with other users. Since there are many users on the platform, it is important to have a user profile that stands out. The customization of the profile starts with choosing the username, which has to be unique and stylish. This can make a strong impression in the mind of a potential match. The users concerned about account integrity will be looking closely at the user profile to determine a person’s authenticity. The presence of realistic pictures and private data will be able to provide reassuring belief about a person. This can increase the success rate when it comes to receiving messages and dates.

How to Sign-Up

Grizzly Sign-Up

The signup process on Grizzly can be one of the easiest in the gay dating segment, as it can be done within a few minutes. Even if a user is interested in the prospect of developing acquaintances and initiating contact with a user with a romantic interest, they can do so in just a few steps on the Grizzly app. The gender, along with the partner’s preferred gender, has to be entered to begin with. Then, users will be inputting the email address and then proceed to create the password. A username also has to be chosen at this point. It should be kept in mind that the username has to be sensual, create, and also funny. This will increase the chances of success when trying to attract other users. Finally, private information like location and age has to be brought into the picture.

Profile Quality and Verification

The quality of profiles provided by Grizzly is right up there with some of the best in the business. This is due to several rigorous methods that are designed to eliminate fake bots and scammers. It is not sufficient for Grizzly to possess a verification method at the time of signup. Instead, Grizzly even has verification systems for the photos that are uploaded by the user. This verification system could also be employed because Grizzly primarily relies on visual cues to match users. A photo has to meet several standards, or it can be approved. Since the app does not support explicit content, it manages to act as a great platform to use even when the user is in a public place. Further, the lack of explicit content invariably increases security and safety for the user.

Grizzly Search

It is essential to choose the correct set of filters to obtain an intriguing adventure and successful match. The free member will be able to make use of all the basic filters like location and age. However, a premium member will get a greater choice, as they can choose different factors like the preferred physique. The choice of the membership will be dependent on the user, but there is no doubt that a premium member will be able to narrow down his options accurately.

Matching and Chatting

After having used the search function, members can browse through the different profiles that are listed on the platform. This is one of the different ways of being presented with a dating option. If a user takes the fancy, communication can be started through a private chat. The chatting functionality on the app allows a user to send pictures, videos, or icebreakers. It is even possible to discuss hobbies, games, interests, erotic fantasies, or personal experiences. The ability to include multimedia into the chatting function makes it extremely versatile and quite powerful.

There is no restriction on the number of people that users can message. If an unpleasant experience has been created by one of the members through the messaging platform, they can be reported directly without any issues.

Subscription Options

Grizzly Options

There are two critical memberships on the platform – free and premium. There are substantial differences between the two options, and they have to be discussed in detail. The presence of a free and paid membership is not surprising, as both can be used to great effect in getting to know the app and its interface.

Free Version

Unlike many dating sites that have come about in recent times, Grizzly is quite miserly when it comes to providing a free user with enough options. There is a decent set of features open to the free member, but one cannot create any sort of an impact without picking up the premium membership. For example, the search option will provide filters like age and location, but this will present a broad list of users, and it may take a long time to find a potential match due to the substantial number of users on the platform.

The paid member on the Grizzly platform is in a powerful position when it comes to taking advantage of the large user base, as the search functionality is very detailed. A free member-only gets to choose between location and age, but the filters are more detailed for a premium user. It is possible to choose between options like weight and height, while someone can also go deep into the nitty-gritty by even choosing users based on hair color. It is easy to change the location so frequently will be able to profit wherever they go. A premium member can choose to hide the distance from other members or age if they do not want to share the same.

The ads can also be quite annoying for the free user, but it is taken out of the window by purchasing the premium subscription.


There is just a single tariff for the premium membership on the Grizzly app, and prices begin from $5.49/month. The user can also opt for a three-month plan that will bring the monthly costs down to $6.63 so that a user will be paying a one-time fee of $ 19.99. The 12-month plan makes the subscription even cheaper by bringing the monthly cost to $ 4.99. The user will be spending $59.9 when trying to go with the yearly option. One can make this purchase after going through the free trial.

Cancelling Grizzly Subscription

All subscriptions picked up on the Grizzly app will be set into an auto-renew mode so users may not worry about renewing their membership. Hence, a user who does not want to continue with the subscription has to step into the accounts section and remove the auto-renewal feature. It is essential to know that the cancellation of the auto-renewal must be done at least 24 hours before the next leg of the subscription begins. If not, users will have to wait another billing period before they can use the feature.

Meanwhile, it is not possible to cancel a current subscription and get a refund. Even if a user decides to delete the app and the account, there will not be any refund.

Safety & Security

Grizzly Safety & Security

A lot of measures are taken by Grizzly to ensure the safety of users. This is done through simple techniques like reporting other users for any scam, fake or other problems. Furthermore, it is easy to block other users who are being troublesome. The technical protection is provided by encryption, which makes sure that the platform’s private data will not be exposed. A lot of stringent measures are taken during activities like processing and storage of data. The privacy policy of Grizzly also makes sure that third-party sites do not get access to this data. Despite all these factors, the user can still expect a fair amount of protection from different features. If not, they can seek assistance from the team.

Grizzly Competitors and Alternatives

Several social platforms cater to the LGBT community, but only a handful of options – like the Grizzly app – tend to make a lot of good impressions. Even then, it is possible to get some alternatives for Grizzly that are worth the time and effort. The best options would be:


This is technically not a platform that is meant only for the LGBT community. Instead, it is applicable for all users, and it is one of the popular dating apps available today. Over the years, the platform has accumulated several million users who have been able to transform the fortunes in a big way. Apart from being able to date bisexual and gay men, this app also acts as a way to develop friendships with people of other sexual orientations.


This is a dating app meant exclusively for men. It is a social networking app that has been packed with a lot of features. It is applicable for bears, regular guys, jocks, and more. A huge advantage of this app would be the ability to meet individuals from all over the world, as members get to use unlimited world browsing. Therefore, it becomes easier to meet individuals who are in the locality of those who are even outside the country. Apart from this flexibility, users also can stay updated with information about the latest places and events.



This app features interactive and fun features, which are put together in a platform that looks extremely good. A huge advantage of Surge will be the lack of ads in any form. This eliminates any distractions from the task of finding a date. Surge can also be a platform where long-term relationships can also be established apart from being a platform that can assist users in finding hookups and casual sex. It is safe to employ this app for casual sex or hookups due to several safety measures. Even on the phone, one can make sure that others do not get access to the app by using fingerprint security.

Final Conclusion

Grizzly could easily rank as one of the top dating sites for the LGBT community. It is widely installed and with more than 1 million users across the globe. The user base’s demographics are vast, and it is easy to seek options for flirting, long-term relationships, or just one night stands. The app-only approach of the platform can cause hindrances in some situations, while the biggest advantage would be to profit from the go-anywhere capabilities. While there are not too many additional features on the platform, the developers have taken extra care to provide a simple but stable platform for gay individuals to get a date.

All these aspects have elevated Grizzly to the position of being an excellent platform for experiencing the world of dating with real men. Despite being available only on the app platform, the surge in the user base is clearly justified.

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Josie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, and she is a certified relationship coach. The young lady offers clients a warm and caring environment. She has dedicated her life to other people’s well-being since she understands what they go through. Throughout her career, she has acquired enough skills to build healthy relationships.
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