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Hitch Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Hitch Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 52%
Quality Matches 48%
Popular Age 26-29
Profiles 150 000
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • An innovative concept of checking-in and dating
  • Ability to view common interests rather than focus only on looks
  • Better for creating meaningful relationships and connections
  • Difficult to come across active conversations
  • Less information in the profiles
  • The user interface needs improvement

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The Hitch is an online dating app that came out in 2015. It tries to add a new level of invention to the segment by combining location and shared interests to create meaningful connections.

How does Hitch Work?

How does Hitch Work?

The Hitch platform is an excellent option for users who want to make the most of a phone’s location capabilities. This app tries to create a connection between two individuals based on the interests and recent locations. There is no option of searching for users, as it is all about connecting with nearby individuals. The interaction with other users can also be on familiar topics.

Audience Analysis

Hitch has had a steady growth when it comes to online dating scenario. Since its launch in 2015, it has been consistently picking up members in different parts of the world. Surprisingly, the United States has not been one of Hitch’s success grounds so far, but upcoming updates to the platform can change this story. There is no significant concentration of users on the Hitch platform from one specific country, but the United Kingdom and other European countries are slightly above other nations and regions.

Any parameters like race or ethnicity do not curtail the audience demographics. It results in a user base that is very standard and stable. The users of the Hitch platforms span different countries in terms of existence.

Key Features

There are not many standout features on Hitch, as it is all about keeping a player in the loop for getting success when trying to date other users. The group conversations are the single most useful Hitch element, as users get to understand the differences and similarities with other users before adding them to a list of potential dates.

Hitch also makes it possible to search for users in nearby locations. Unlike in other apps where it is not possible to establish a meaningful relationship or contact with someone in a nearby spot, Hitch makes it easy to find users using the mobile location settings.

Hitch User-friendliness

Hitch User-friendliness

The Hitch is a very user-friendly platform with minimal intrusion in terms of text or features. The various elements of the app are hidden beneath neatly so that they do not include the user experience. At the same time, the features and other elements of the app, you can find easily. It makes for a great combination.

Website Design & Usability

The Hitch does not hold much of a dating opportunity, as it is more of a place to know more about the app. It contains information about various features of the platform. In terms of design, Hitch lags behind some of the modern competitors. It has been around for a while, and age is starting to show.

Hitch Mobile Application

Hitch Mobile Application

The mobile app is the only way to access the Hitch platform. It can be downloaded directly from the Play Store or App Store, depending on the phone type with a user. Since the users are connected with Facebook, it is possible to have a decent amount of trust in users’ quality. A user has to allow location check-in by going into the settings. It will allow users to check-in from their mobile and look for members in the vicinity. A maximum of 500 m buffer zone is available when trying to check into the different nearby places. After the location has been updated, the singles in the location will be delivered as a match.

Apart from being able to have the existing locations, users can also bring in new locations as a result of Google Maps being integrated into the platform. If a user decides to stay away from the dating scene for a while, they can turn off discovery feature that will present the user as an option to other singles. The most significant difference between Hitch’s mobile app and the competitors is the extensive use of location services to provide a list of potential matches, which can be met almost the same day if they also show interest.

Customer Support

Hitch’s customer support can be accessed through a feedback section, which is available on the site. Someone who wants to leave a comment or feedback has to fill a form that would request details like name and email. The importance of security is also apparent at this stage, as a captcha is also offered.

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

The Hitch dating platform’s process is straightforward, as most of the information is pulled up from a social media account like Facebook. It includes information about the name, location, age, education, and work. The Hitch platform also utilizes the network of contacts to help improve the likelihood of a good match. The phone contact address is imported into the app for this purpose, but this is an optional feature. If users are not very comfortable handing over details about their contacts, they can choose to skip this feature. After signing up, however, users will be greeted to a great deal of data regarding profiles of other users. Most users tend to have very little info, which is likely to be the trend going forward. It reduces the credibility of a profile, and an update can fix this issue.

How to Sign-Up

For those interested in joining the Hitch, it is great news to know that the process is straightforward and streamlined. It is possible to finish the complete process in around 10 minutes if a user is very efficient. After entering into the sign-in page, users have to input their gender. Gender identification is being made on the platform before being asked to input the email address and password. A username also has to be picked at this juncture. The username has to be in such a way that it is short, expressive, and exciting. It can have a significant advantage in the success ratio. Finally, users get to input basic information about themselves, like location and age. After finishing the process, users are free to log in and start dating immediately.

Profile Quality and Verification

Hitch Profile Quality and Verification

The Hitch platform operates in multiple countries, and the presence of users with different backgrounds makes sure that the profiles offered are of high quality. Yet, it is challenging to come across profiles that are completed 100%. The site’s structure means that users may not know about the profile modifications that can be made to make them more attractive in the eyes of the viewer. As a result, the platform tends to have a limited set of data on each profile. Due to this reason, the credibility of the platforms offers.

There is no major search feature on the platform, as the match is done through the location services.

Matching & Chatting

The importance of presenting a comprehensive messaging platform cannot be underestimated in the world of online dating. Hitch does away with the option of matchmaking. Instead, it is possible to connect with other users using group conversations. Once a user understands the interests of the other user, they will be able to have a better conversation once it goes into a private mode. The app suggests group conversations after knowing the tastes and interests of an individual.

Connecting with another person and starting the chat is one of the exciting elements of an online dating platform. Hitch manages to hit a sweet spot in this regard, as users can send text messages to other individuals with a lot of detail thrown in. You can use the chat feature to send flirty messages. Since the other person’s online availability is communicated to a user, they can always decide to get in touch when the other user comes online. The messaging section is relatively simple, with easy buttons and navigational properties.

Subscription Options

Subscription Options

Hitch manages to come with a free and paid option that makes a lot of difference in the users’ success rate. It may not be obvious to see a paid option, but diving deep into the platform reveals that some crucial features are only reserved for the members who end up buying credits or tokens.

Free Version

Once a user registers on the Hitch platform, they will be able to do various tasks like going through profiles, looking at conversation topics, or commenting at conversations that are being started by other members. Hitch’s group conversation feature makes it easy to use the platform without paying a lot of money, but one needs to have a paid membership to exploit the platform to its fullest.

The biggest advantage of opting for a paid membership is the ability to contact other members through the chatting system. Since the Hitch platform’s basis is to contact other users, people cannot use it without a paid membership. One can make a payment using a mobile phone, but there is not much information about the same.


The paid membership option on Hitch comes in two major ways. A user can go with a time-based option, or they can opt for a monthly subscription. The former is available in the form of credits of different denominations. A user can start with 100 coins, which will cost $12.99. One can also pick up 300 coins for a total cost of $ 30.99. Finally, the most expensive option on the list would be 1000 coins that will cost $ 89.9.

The membership can also be picked up for a specific period. For users who want to go this way, the base plan will cost $ 43.65 for one month. It increases to around $ 90 for a six-month plan while a one year plan comes to a whopping $ 160. In terms of the price range, Hitch is up there with some of the best options.

Cancelling Subscription

Hitch does not provide a great deal of information about how to cancel a premium membership once it has been purchased. The best option that a user has is to get in touch using the customer support email. It can help cancel the subscription, but users are unlikely to get any refunds. It can be an issue for someone who has opted for long-term plans.

Safety & Security

Hitch Safety & Security

The popularity enjoyed by Hitch has been on the rise, but it is still not a platform that is of the highest order. As a result, there is a potential to encounter fake profiles on the platform. All users have to tread with caution when dealing with a person who requests personal data to be shared. Hitch takes sufficient precautions against such members by providing the option of reporting or blocking users. The site has reasonable protection against people trying to exploit any technical weaknesses, as encryption and other techniques are followed. If users are facing any issues, they can get in touch with the support team.

Hitch Alternatives and Competitors

Hitch has been around for a few years, and it has been slowly making its way up the popularity ladder. Still, it would take more improvements from the platform to get up there with the best in the business. There are a couple of extremely good names in the world of online dating using location-based services. The best alternatives are:


Tinder is a platform that has recorded exponential growth in different parts of the world. It works on the same policy of matching users in a nearby region, but this could extend to several hundred kilometers – depending on a user preference. A user will match with other users only based on appearance, as there is very little data to go about in the profile pages. Tinder might be extremely popular, but this is not seen as an app that would lead to a long-term and meaningful relationship. Instead, it continues to be seen as a platform where short-term relationships and hookups have a greater chance of success. Such an attitude has a detrimental effect on the users who want long-term relationships through this platform.


Bumble is once again, an innovative platform where users will experience an almost equal ratio of men to women. It is not a common feat in the online dating segment. An innovative aspect of Bumble is that only females can initiate contact on this platform. It has its advantages and disadvantages, as it is possible to lose some contacts while women have greater security on the platform. Bumble is extremely popular when used within cities, but it is not effective outside the major cities. Bumble has added several innovative features in recent years, which has helped gain a user base in places outside major cities.

Plenty of Fish

This platform can be considered one of the first websites for online dating, as it was founded in 2003. The platform is immensely popular in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the USA. It is particularly preferred by users who have just lost a relationship. The platform’s popularity has soared through the roof in recent years, and it now enjoys more than 3 million logins every day. The large numbers on the platform are extremely beneficial for someone in the dating market for a long-term relationship.


Hitch Conclusion

The Hitch is a platform that wants to focus more on profile information. Instead, it manages to bring users to read based on their location and interest in a specific topic. It means that the possibility of a meaningful connection is much higher. There may be a deviation in terms of the execution and success rate, but Hitch has improved every year. The possibility of establishing a deep connection is much higher, and the use of this platform is also a lot more fun than competitors.

The areas where Hitch can be improved would be in the profile information segment, but it is already possible to come up with great conversations thanks to Hitch’s innovative concept. If a user happens to be keen about matchmaking with some fancy algorithms, they may be disappointed. Hitch’s experience is about allowing people to find a match on their own by checking into a place. It can be quite successful with more users coming into the fold.

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