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HookUp Review 2024 — Real Dating App or Scam?

HookUp Review 2024  — Real Dating App or Scam?
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Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 68%
Popular Age 30-35
Profiles 82 000
Reply Rate 77%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 5.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Dedicated entirely to people who want to hook up
  • Easy to meet adventurous people
  • Allows nude photographs
  • Secure system for guarding user data
  • Free sign-up
  • Not for people seeking a meaningful relationship
  • Has very sexually explicit content which could be disturbing to some women
  • Video cam chats are not always smooth

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HookUp is an award-winning, adult dating website where users come together just for casual sex. It is one of the most popular hook-up sites in the USA right now, with offices located in Lagos. The website has created quite a stir because it caters to people who have no inhibitions about casual sex and one-night stands and helps them find the kind of partner who would satisfy their needs.

It should be emphasized that HookUp is just meant for casual sex, and those who are looking for something long term and meaningful might be disappointed. Someone you meet through HookUp might end up becoming something more to you, and things could get serious later, but by and large, users here prefer no strings attached sex.

HookUp provides a splendid platform for those who want to break free from the monotony of their sex lives and explore the multitude of options when it comes to finding sexual partners. Most of the users want to try out something new, which they often cannot in their regular sex lives or just because they are single. Satiating physical desire is a primal need, and HookUp makes sure you have no difficulty in finding the right person.

Over the years, Hook-up has received various awards and accolades in the industry, the most notable of them being XBIZ Awards, YNOT Awards, and GFY Awards, amongst others.

An app has also been recently released in December 2019, which has had over 1000 downloads. The app needs Android version 4.1 and up and is about 5.3 MB in size. The app features are still being regularly updated as it is comparatively newer than the website.

How Does HookUp Work?

How Does HookUp Work?

HookUp works primarily like any other adult dating website, where users have to register themselves and state what kind of partner they are looking for. Unlike other conventional dating apps, HookUp allows its users to upload nude photos of themselves so that the seekers get to know the kind of partners available for them. Since the app is meant mostly for casual sex, it is better to make an informed choice than risk being disappointed later. The app has an age rating of 18+.

After registering on the website, users need to upload their pictures and a short intro about themselves. An active member can browse through thousands of profiles- be it men, women, singles or couples, or whether one is looking for same-sex partners. HookUp promises to cater to every kind of sexual fantasy.

What Is the Audience Reaction To HookUp?

The audience reaction to HookUp has been very good so far, and most of the members have stated in their testimonials that they have canceled their subscriptions from all other casual dating and hookup websites after they have found HookUp. HookUp enjoys a significant following amongst followers of the hook-up culture, and friends in their peer groups heavily recommend the site.

What works for HookUp is that it provides an outlet for people to let out their sexual frustrations and let go of all inhibitions. People from various ethnicities and backgrounds have created their profiles on the HookUp website, so you are sure to find whatever you want. Studies have shown that dissatisfied sex life and pent-up sexual energy can have a devastating effect on the quality of life one is leading, and HookUp prevents that from happening.

The best thing about HookUp is that users are encouraged to be themselves and actively seek all that which they cannot look for in the outside world for fear of societal judgment. Some couples understand how a regular and boring sex life can eliminate the spark in real life, which is why even couples sign up for a threesome experience, and no one judges them for that. It enjoys a rating of 4.4 on Google Play Store.

Essential Features of HookUp

HookUp has some great features, and one of them is that it is entirely free for sign-up. For an app that allows so much liberty to its users, keeping it free is highly commendable and one of the primary reasons for its popularity.

The HookUp app and website allows both text and media chat. That is, the website will enable members to exchange photos and videos, and also enables the sharing of sexually explicit content.

HookUp allows users to save other user profiles in their ‘Favorite’ list. There have been far too many instances where a profile that one has particularly liked has later got lost in the sea of profiles, and one has been unable to locate it. Adding the profile to the ‘Favorite’ list allows you to save profiles you happen to like the most.

HookUp also allows users to communicate via online and offline modes. This helps users to browse through profiles silently and only become visible when they feel comfortable and confident about engaging with another user. Women especially find this feature helpful as they can keep unwanted attention at bay if they are not willing to talk at a particular time.

HookUp also allows offline chatting, that is, even if you do not want to reveal you are online to the other profiles at large, you can still carry on a conversation with a profile of your choice and someone you happen to like. This helps in carrying on an uninterrupted conversation as other users do not always message you to engage in a conversation with them.

HookUp has a dedicated video cam chat section where users can video chat with other members through the website itself. They can be as adventurous and bold as they want to be in front of the camera, and yet there is no need to share any other personal contact information to enable the chat section. The website uses the device camera itself, and all communications are strictly conducted through the website.

The matching quality of HookUp is outstanding, and users get profile matches and suggestions which they had stated while signing up. This dramatically increases the chances of finding the perfect partner for a night of casual fun and exciting thrills. Users, however, cannot post any comment or reviews about any other member anywhere on the profile or on any third party website.

Is HookUp As User-Friendly As It Claims?

Is HookUp As User-Friendly As It Claims?

HookUp has been designed in a very user-friendly manner, and part of its popularity lies in the website’s ability to draw people into its world instantly. Users can navigate through the various pages easily and browse through hundreds of profiles with smooth scrolling.

HookUp Key Points Regarding Website Usability & Design

The first thing that draws the attention of users as they visit the Home Page of the website is a sultry lady showing off her beautiful body against a dark and somewhat mysterious background! This instantly sets the mood for the kind of experience a user can expect to enjoy and definitely piques their interest.

Once the user has logged in successfully, the page redirects to an account set up a page where the user can provide their picture and upload any other information they want to enhance their chances of finding a partner.

Apart from the member profiles, the website also has a section dedicated to Online Cupids, which is the fantasy and entertainment section of the site. The online cupids encourage members to participate more in the community and make their time on the website more enticing.

How Good Is The HookUp Mobile App?

The HookUp mobile app is a relatively new one compared to the website, and it is still being updated gradually. Each new update finds some new features added to the app, and it has also made its presence felt amongst the practitioners of the hook-up culture. The advantage of using the app is that users can stay connected while on the move through their smartphone, just in case they are not using a device that supports the website.

What About Customer Support?

HookUp has a very robust customer support system, and they try to ensure that all member issues are resolved as quickly as possible. The website tries to give its prospective users a clear idea regarding what they are getting into by asking them to go through the Terms and Conditions before signing up. These terms can be found at hookup.com/pop.php?page=terms , and many queries of the users are answered here.

Besides, HookUp also has a separate section dedicated to FAQs, where several common questions and concerns are answered beforehand. This section answers questions about logging in and signing up, communicating with other members, uploading photos, and account information. If the user still has some additional questions, then they can contact the admin directly.

All of this can be done through hookup.com/support/. HookUp tries to get in touch with the user and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The page also has an Answer Center section which answers basic questions regarding photo gallery, video chats, member search, and SMS messaging, amongst others.

The Sign-Up Process & User Profile

The Sign-Up Process & User Profile

The sign-up process on HookUp is rather simple, and it can be done directly from the Home Page of the website. The website also assists their new users every step of the way to set up their profile interestingly and attractively to maximize their chances of getting a partner.

Here’s How to Sign Up

The landing page is where the users can sign up, and they need to provide specific details like Name, Age, Mobile Number, Email ID, Date of Birth, Partner Preferences, and Country with Zip Code. This refines the matching criteria, and the website can come up with better suggestions based on the location. Users can also access the Terms and Conditions from here before agreeing to sign up.

Profile Quality of HookUp. What Is The Verification Process?

Once the member has filled in the details, a link is sent to the email id for verification. Only after the email id is verified is the account set up complete. An OTP can also be sent to the mobile number provided by the user. The verification process is strictly followed so as not to allow any user to set up a fake profile, and regular members can also report such issues. HookUp also has an Anti- Spam agenda which the members can check out at hookup.com/pop.php?page=antispam.

HookUp Search Options

HookUp Search Options

HookUp is one of the few adult dating websites which allows a user to search for a specific profile. This is because someone might want to know if a person they happen to like is also using the dating platform or simply to search a profile that they had seen some time back and would want to reconnect with the member again later.

With users searching for specific profiles from time to time, there are better chances of finding a hookup partner who likes and wants to connect with, and at times it gives rise to something more meaningful at a later stage.

The Chatting & Matching Process On HookUp

The chatting process at HookUp is what makes it so interesting, and users look forward to communicating with other like-minded adults who want to get meet for casual sex. The chatting process is a great way to get to know each other and find out about what the other person is comfortable with or not comfortable with.

Since HookUp has a very good matching ratio, chances of finding a partner who is interested in the same things in matters of sex are very high. Users can also have their pick by applying filters and go through the photos and videos provided to get an idea about the kind of person one would be hooking up with.

HookUp Membership Options

HookUp Membership Options

While HookUp is free to register, there are other premium membership options as well.


The Free version of the app allows the user to send messages to only ten users. This can be limiting as once the ten users are exhausted, one has to wait to be contacted to engage in a conversation.

By switching to the Pro account, users can send unlimited messages to any profile they like. One can also engage in unlimited Live Chats. The plan varies from monthly to quarterly, and payments can be made via credit cards.

It costs $3 for three days, $25 for one month, or $70 for three months. You can pay by credit card.

Cancelling Your HookUp Subscription

Users can cancel their paid subscriptions and go back to their free account any time they want. However, that reduces the thrill to an extent as some features become inaccessible. Users can also change from one subscription plan to another. However, if the user chooses to cancel their HookUp account altogether, then they need to go to Account Settings and Deactivate their accounts. However, those who have used HookUp have hardly felt the need to do so.

Website Safety & Security

Hook-up has an extensive website safety and security in place to guard the privacy of its users and protect their data. They use Firebase Authentication, Firebase Storage, and Firebase Database for their app, creating a triple layer security system that stalls hackers and prevents data leakage of any kind.

HookUp Competitors and Alternatives

HookUp Competitors and Alternatives
  • Fervur: It is one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play Store and is ideal for both dating and hook-up. Singles or couples, young or mature, anyone can find their dream match here, and the prices are very nominal.
  • Hud: Hud is being touted as the number 1 dating app at present and is enjoying unprecedented popularity. The app caters to people who want to engage in casual sex and makes things perkier by addressing the members’ profiles as Bedrooms.
  • Pure: Pure is another major dating and hook-up app which has managed to catch the fancy of the users with its graphic cartoons explaining their services. They have a very secure privacy policy with end-to-end encryption and automatically delete chats from the database so that they cannot be used again later.

What Is The Verdict On HookUp?

What Is The Verdict On HookUp?

HookUp allows its members to explore their erotic side and helps them to connect with partners who have similar inclinations. The site has managed to build a very exclusive status and is not at all seedy or commonplace, as some adult dating apps and websites are. Those who come here to seek life’s ultimate pleasure are guaranteed satisfaction, and they have become loyal customers of HookUp over the years.

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