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JSwipe Review 2024 — Real Jewish Dating Site or Scam?

JSwipe Review 2024  — Real Jewish Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-27
Profiles 45 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration process is swift and easy. It is done via Facebook and has one tap login experience.
  • Free registration and profile creation. The registration process and creating of profile on this app is free to all members.
  • Basic features are free: most basic features, including browsing and viewing of pictures, are free to all members.
  • Conversation features are free. Members can message each other for free on this platform. This feature is available to those who have matched and can also add photos to their messages.
  • Free super swipe: Members on free accounts can enjoy one free super swipe daily.
  • Limited pictures: Members can upload a maximum of four photos on this online platform.
  • Premium services are expensive. The rates for the premium packages are a bit high as compared to other popular apps.
  • Members on free accounts cannot send messages to accounts they have not matched. This requires them to upgrade to premium to enjoy the service.
  • Fewer profile details: the profiles on this platform are not detailed.
  • Matches have expiry dates. Matches expire within 18 days if not messaged.

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Welcome to our JSwipe review for 2020. In this review, we’ll inform you about the features of this app, pros, cons, usage, prices, and any other relevant information vital to an aspiring user. Keep reading this review to get key details.

JSwipe is an online dating application. It is one of the largest and most popular Jewish dating applications, used as a mobile app. Also known as the Jewish Tinder, its functions and usage are almost the same as the Tinder app.

The JSwipe owns it, and it’s designed to be used by the Jewish community. It enables its members to find true love, romance, and healthy friendship. Most individuals who use this app are looking for long-term relationships.

This dating app has a wide coverage, and may not be a good option for those living and seeking matches in small towns or cities. This dating app is only available on the mobile app and can be downloaded by members on Android and Apple platforms.

How JSwipe Works?

How JSwipe Works?

JSwipe works by connecting its members with their potential matches through the profile swiping process. It is a platform where members can match with their potential matches, whether in their location or in other regions.

JSwipe functions as follows:

  • Allows members to contact each other via messaging.
  • Enables members to use the Explore and the most Eligible features.
  • Enables profiles to match and date via this platform.

Let’s Discuss The Membership Structure

This app has millions of members who are classified into the categories mentioned below.

  • Age: This is an adult dating app. To be a member, you must be 18 years and above. The majority of members on this app range between 25 to 35 years of age, and are looking for partners to settle with.
  • Geographical: Most of the members who use this app are the Jews, who live in large cities, including New York, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, and so on.
  • Ethnicity: This is a Jewish designed app. Most members on this platform are Jews.
  • Sexual Orientation: it has no defined sexual orientation types, meaning it can be used by straight people and the other LGBTQ communities.
  • Gender: both genders use this app — the male and the female genders.

Essential Jswipe Features

Five unique features make this dating platform exciting to use. These key features include the following:

  • Super Note: This is a premium based feature, which allows members to send messages to others without matching.
  • Photo Optimization: This feature allows its members to optimize their photos to see which of the four will give them the most matches. Available to premium account members.
  • Passport: This feature enables users to change their location. It works like a VPN, and it’s mainly used to create more matches from different locations.
  • Messages: This is a chatting feature — the only form of communication available on this app. Enables members to chat and share photos.
  • Swipe: Enables Members to get matches by swiping left to mean no and also right to mean yes to other profiles.

Is It User-Friendly?

Is It User-Friendly?

When reading the reviews and using this dating app, we can confidently say it is user-friendly.

This dating application has few exciting features, which include the swiping feature, messaging, and photo uploads.

The registration process is synced to Facebook via a one-tap sign-up process, making aspiring members take the shortest time possible in creating their accounts.

JSwipe App Design and Use: Critical Points

The following points define the app design and its use.

  • This app design is very simple and easy to use for any member. It does not require expertise.
  • Profile information is limited.
  • Features are easy to use. Require less or no experience.
  • Free account registration and viewing of profiles.

Does JSwipe Have A Mobile App?

Does JSwipe Have A Mobile App?

JSwipe is an online application. This dating platform can be used only via the mobile app. JSwipe application can be downloaded from the Google Play store or the Appstore for Android and iPhone users, respectively. Downloading and installation are free of charge.

This mobile app has a Tinder-like interface, with exciting features and a one-tap experience in which members can sign up via Facebook. The app has only the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. All its functions are based on the mobile app.

Customer Support Details

There is a fully committed customer support system, which deals with users’ issues and problems while using this dating app.

The customer care can be reached via the Contact us tab on the app, or through the app by clicking on the help feature. Users can also use this email: [email protected]. Contacting customer support is always free, and feedback is guaranteed within 24 hours.

The Sign-Up Process & User Profile

The Sign-Up Process & User Profile

To become a member of this dating app, you are required to create an account and upload your pictures.

The good thing about JSwipe is that it collects most of the user information from their Facebook accounts. User information available on this app is minimal, that’s why you have to chat with your matches to know more about them.

This dating app has no verification process. Once it links your account to Facebook, that’s it.

How To Register Fast

The registration process on this dating application is straightforward and fast. It is done through Facebook login. Users are required to first download the app on the Appstore or Google store, depending on their devices.

To log in, ensure that you are logged into your Facebook account. Users are required to tap on Login with Facebook, follow the prompts, and create their accounts. It is an easy process. To log in and use this app, you must be over 18.

What’s In The Profile Details?

What’s In The Profile Details?

Profiles on this dating app are less detailed. Very little information is required.

Creating a profile on this app is simple and takes a few minutes since most of the information is taken from Facebook.

On this section, users are required to update the below information:

  • Jewish Preferences: this feature has the Kosher and Non-Kosher option that allows users to state whether they are:
  • Jews looking for non-Jews,
  • Non-Jews, looking for Jews.
  • Jews, looking for their fellow Jews.
  • Denomination: This feature allows users to choose their Jewish religious background.
  • Photos: Members are required to upload a maximum of four pictures on this app.

There are no verification processes on this dating platform. Once you link your account to a valid Facebook account, all information is synced. JSwipe trusts Facebook accounts as a verification mode.

JSwipe Search Options

JSwipe has few undefined search filter options to be used by its members.

On this dating platform, users can decide to match with the profiles on their location or the ones from other regions. This is done by adjusting the match distance in settings. This feature is available to only Premium account members. Other than the location-based feature, users can also use the Explore and Most Eligible features to get their matches.

Explore features enable members to match with nearby profiles on their feed. This can be done by swiping right, left, or by use of a super swipe. Members on premium accounts can leave swipe notes to these accounts.

Most Eligible feature enables users to get the most popular matches. This feature is mostly used by paid account members since they use the Super swipe and the Swipe note advanced features.

JSwipe Matching & Chatting Processes

JSwipe Matching & Chatting Processes

JSwipe, just like its name Jewish Swipe, works like Tinder in swiping to create matches.

You can match with a user by swiping right to mean yes, and left to reject a member. It becomes a compatible match when a profile you liked, likes you back and vice versa. Once you create a mutual like, the profile will be added to your match list.

Matches are the members you have mutually liked, and they expire in 18 days if not sent a message. To get more matches, users are required to enlarge their location preferences.

Users can chat with their matches via the messaging feature, which is always free to any member. However, premium account members can text users whom they have not matched. To chat with your match, you are required to send them a message to strike up a conversation. This feature also allows users to send photos other than just text messages.

Users on premium accounts can send a swipe note. This is a message sent before matching to any potential profile on the dating app.

JSwipe Types Of Memberships

JSwipe Types Of Memberships

There are two types of memberships on this dating app: the free membership and the Premium type of membership.

Free membership allows users to use this dating application for free, but with limited features. Premium Membership is a paid type of membership that will enable users to use all the features available on this app, including the advanced features.

Basic Accounts

Basic accounts are free accounts that are available to members upon registration.

Users with free accounts enjoy the benefits mentioned below.

  • Free account registration and creating a profile: users with basic accounts can register and create their profiles for free while using this dating platform.
  • Add Photos: users that have basic accounts can add as many photos as possible to their profiles.
  • Chats: Free account users can chat with members once they match with them on this dating application.
  • Free super swipe: Users with free accounts can send a free super swipe once per day using their accounts.

To enjoy more benefits of this app, users are required to update their accounts to premium.

Premium Membership

This is the paid type of membership available on this app that allows users to enjoy the advanced features mentioned below.

  • Passport: The premium accounts allow users to change their location settings and get preferred matches from all over the world.
  • Liked me: The paid account users are privileged to know the users who have liked them.
  • Explore Likes. Users with premium accounts can like unlimited number of profiles, which are not within their preferences.
  • Users with paid accounts can view full profiles of the most popular users of this dating application.
  • Members with premium accounts have their profiles highlighted on this app. This guarantees them more matches and more encounters.
  • Optimized photos. Users with paid account have the chance to use their best photos to guarantee most matches on this app.
  • Premium account members can message other users even without matching them. They are guaranteed one free message per day.
  • Free super swipes. Premium account members can let other users know that they have swiped them right.

JSwipe Pricing

JSwipe Pricing

To upgrade a basic account to a premium one, users are required to subscribe to different packages available on this dating app.

To upgrade the account, you can navigate to the menu and click Upgrade now, click on the first tab and choose your preferred plan to upgrade.

These packages are as follows:

  • One month subscription at $24.99, payable monthly.
  • Three-month package at $44.99 for three months.
  • Six-month package at $59.99 for six months.

These packages are auto-renewed, 24 hours before the expiry date.

Payments are made through credit cards or direct debit.

Terminating Your JSwipe Subscription

To cancel these subscriptions, one needs to turn off the auto-renewal feature.

This can be done in the Apple Appstore or Google Play store, for iPhone and Android users, respectively.

Deleting an app does not prevent the auto-renewal. Users are required to cancel their subscription before uninstalling the app. Subscriptions already paid cannot be claimed or refunded.

JSwipe Safety & Security

JSwipe Safety & Security

This online dating app has maximum security features that protect users and their data.

There is also a Privacy Policy in place, which guides how users’ data is treated in this app. The Privacy Policy gives detailed information on:

  • Who the owners of the app are
  • The type of data collected and means of collection.
  • How this data is used.
  • Disclosures of this data.
  • Privacy rights.
  • Any other useful information required.

There are also strict verification methods for accounts to ensure every member abide by the Terms of Use.

JSwipe Competitors and Alternatives

JSwipe is an online dating app facing major competition from other rising dating apps and sites. These competitors can also act as alternatives to users who don’t find this app to be useful to them. These alternatives include:

  • Elite Singles

Elite Singles is an online dating application, which is designed to be used by professionals. Members available on this app are mature, aged over 30 years. Their main aim is to look for compatible partners for long-term relationships and marriage. This app is used mostly by university graduates.

  • Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is also an online dating app, mostly used by married or attached members of the society. It is an app where members do not get judged by their relationship status. This app is suitable for frequent travelers who are looking for nearby sexual partners, and it offers free premium services to females.

  • Tinder

Tinder is one of Facebook products and also the most popular swiping-type dating app.

Unlike JSwipe, Tinder has more members, and it’s connected to other applications, which include Spotify, Snap Chat, and Instagram. The only disadvantage of Tinder is that it contains very little information about its members.

The Review Conclusion

JSwipe, being a Jewish swiping app, has created its own niche into the dating world. However, due to its target market, its membership is low, and much is needed to make it grow.

On the above preview, we have discussed this dating app a lot. It’s now up to the user to gauge whether to use it or not. The features are excellent, and the pricing? Well, there is nothing for free.

If you belong to the Jewish platform and you need a Jewish match, JSwipe is here for you. Works just like Tinder. It is popularly known as the Jewish Tinder app. But if you prefer other communities, this app will disappoint you. Seek other alternatives.

The features are good and the design is also marvelous. Just make a try and be the judge.

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