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Kasidie Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Kasidie Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 66%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 20-24
Profiles 1 840 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Kasidie offers its users long lists of the events for swingers both local and global.
  • Travel and Rendezvous features help to have some fun when away from home.
  • The huge number of active users.
  • In-depth profiles.
  • Open and kind community.
  • Hardly every function is available only in the paid version.
  • There is no app version for Kasidy.
  • Despite the vast user database, there are still few people to chat with.

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Short Recap

Kasidie has existed for many years and position itself to be a trustworthy dating site where users can find a partner for a couple of nights that would be full of passionate and good sex. What a coincidence that in the modern world, more and more people gave up searching for relationships, and seem to prefer short flings to walk down the aisle. However, they remain picky, and even a one-night-stand relationship has to be good.

But is the Kasidie website as good as they speak about themselves? Do the users appear to be people who can bring you pleasure and an outstanding experience of NSA relationship? We tried to do our best and offer you our in-depth investigation on Kasidie dating site. We would like to believe that after reading this review, you will have a complete picture of Kasidie and will be ready to make a decision about the relevance of this site to you.

Kasidie in Few Sentences

Kasidie in Few Sentences

We have already mentioned that Kasidie says that they are the community of the open-minded people who crave for NSA relationships. But we neglected to note that this site is engineered to meet all the swingers’ requirements. It is worth adding that on the website, swinging is presented in different ways. You can be either member who is actively seeking a partner or just a watcher who is observing everything that is going on, and one day is ready to jump into the world of pleasure.

Once you decide to go with it, a vast user base, swinger parties, and other lustful events will open their doors to you.

Members of the Site

Kasidie has gained popularity since the launch in 2006, and now it counts around 25 million users all around the globe. Those are both couples and singles. Naturally, the majority of active users are based in the USA. Also, plenty of members are from Europe and other countries. It was good to find out that the site offers individual plans or discounts for users from particular countries or regions to encourage joining the platform.

But no matter what countries people are from, there are still more women than men. According to the latest data, the proportion is 56% to 44%.

What we also liked about the Kasidie, and believe it is their great asset, is that all sexual orientations are free to express their desires here and can find a partner whether they are straight, gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

The users of the site are mostly in their thirties. Those are people who found out about Kasidie when only wired internet was available, and they are still loyal to the website.

Main Functionalities

Many other dating sites for swingers were created since the invention of the idea itself. But we did our little research and discovered that the majority of the features other swinger communities have now, Kasidie had had long before them.

  • Rendezvous feature. You can use this function to let other people on the site know you are down to the meeting and have a short fling. Using the Sexometer, you can indicate on a scale of 1 to 5 how much do you want to meet up.
  • Travel feature works almost In the same way. But if Rendezvous is created for national meetings, then Travel is supposed to connect swingers when they are away from home and looking for the new experience.
  • Lists of erotic and swinger events nearby and globally. That allows you to become a sex tourist for a little while, as you can choose the event and go for it. Some people travel for concerts, others – for swinger events.
  • Online shop of sex toys and other sex-related stuff, including lingerie. We cannot overlook the fact that the variety of toys and other things is impressive. Every now and then, Kasidie offers its users some discounts or special prices for shopping in its store.
  • Blogs and forums. Kasidie is not only about sex and hookup, but also about the community of like-minded people. They are willing to communicate with each other, share some advice about health, and even cooking recipes.

Kasidie Usability

Kasidie Usability

Even though Kasidie was developed a long time ago, the functionality is still understandable and pretty easy to use. The essential tabs are available in the section above, and everything is within touch.

Layout of the Swinger Community

Now it is time to look the truth in the eyes: Kasidie was created back in 2006, and in 2024 its design looks outdated. At the same time, the site makes people nostalgic. But we cannot deny the fact that the website was made wisely. Because even now, after 14 years of existence, it is still working, and no extra manuals needed so that people can use it for the correct purposes.

Kasidie App

Unfortunately, Kasidie still does not have an application that you would be able to download for more convenient usage. Nevertheless, you can always take Kasidie with you and use their mobile version of the website.

We must admit that the mobile version is not the fanciest, yet it is pretty straightforward. Obviously, it does not have all the features that are available in the desktop version. Though the usage of it would not cause any trouble or additional questions, because everything is pretty dull. What we did not really like are the buttons that are small to click. Whether it happened because our fingers are too big, or the buttons are too small, we missed the necessary button several times.

Customer Care Team

Customer Care Team

The Kasidie website has a FAQ section with the answer to the most common questions. For in-depth, step-by-step instruction, we recommend visiting their Help & Site user manual page, where there are detailed articles that cover most of the actions you do on the site.

If you have a specific request regarding the privacy of your account, billing details, payments, and so one, you can contact the support team via a particular form on the website. We tested ourselves as well as many people say, their customer service always gives a prompt and in-depth reply.

Profile Information

Once you sign up with Kasidie, there are around 30 questions you need to give answers to in order to make your account complete. We were surprised by the questionnaire because, for a swinger dating site, it is quite detailed. What we did not really like is that you cannot answer questions in a free form, but need to choose on the scale from 1 to 5. The items themselves are mostly about your sexual preferences if you consider yourself sexy. They were designed in a way to tell Kasidie members about your desires more than you can do it by yourself.


Sign up process is pretty clear, and it is not necessary to be tech-savvy to register in Kasidie. It seems to us that the most complicated part is to make up a username that has not been taken yet because, as you understand, this site saw a lot. Also, make a password, give your age, location, and add the photo. Note that if you register as a couple, then you need to upload a picture of both of you. The photo must be a real one, of your face, not your most intimate parts.

There is another thing you have to remember: the city you indicate must be valid. Otherwise, you will not be able to create an account.

Account Details and Their Reliability

Account Details and Their Reliability

The quality of user profiles on Kasidie is awe-inspiring. Most of the member profiles have lots of information and details, as well as some private and hot photos. The platform allows you to give out as much information as you would like to, and we recommend you to do that to attract more users. You can also see explicit details about other members and learn anything about them.

You should pay attention to those profiles that have fewer details, and it may mean that the user is not that motivated to find someone. As the access to communication and user information is available only to premium users, the probability of facing a fake account is minimal. Some members are certified by the website, meaning that they are 100% legitimate, which you can also do to increase your chance to be seen by other users.

Kasidie Search Filters

When it comes to looking for new people, you need to go to the Search section on the Kasidie website, which is very developed. There you can easily find a member with a particular username or specify which people you are looking for, their age, location, and preferences. Enhanced search allows you to be as detailed as possible when looking for a match. This way, you can find a person (or a couple) that shares your interests in a single detail. It concerns not only sexual preferences but also general interests and hobbies. We have really enjoyed Kasidie’s search as it gives you a giant selection.

Please remember that you can see who has viewed your profile, and other members can see if you viewed them. You can switch this function off in your Profile Settings if you do not want to be noticed.


When you find a user that interests you, you can send them a flirt as a sign that you like them. Moreover, you can send an email to a user; this way, it is also possible to attach a picture to the message. If you want to instant message someone, you can initiate a chat. For this, you will have to send a request to a member; if they approve, you can exchange chats and video or audio messages with each other. Only users with a paid subscription have access to conversations, but you can also limit it to your friends or nobody if you do not want to receive texts from other members.

You can also benefit from Rendezvous, Travel, or a party to meet someone in person. In fact, Kasidie has more features that are related to a real meeting, rather than an online conversation. You can explore various methods of meeting new people on the webpage and pick whatever suits you.

Kasidie Subscription Plans

There are different subscription options on the Kasidie website. If you want to explore what this dating site can offer you, you should sign up for free. However, if you really enjoy your experience and want to get more, as well as communicate and meet other people, then you should definitely upgrade your account. We will briefly present what you get with a free and paid subscription.

Free Features

With a free Kasidie account, you can register on a website and create your profile. You will also be able to search for other members. You won’t be able to initiate a conversation but just reply to emails someone sent you. So if you find someone you really like, there is no way for you to email them or start a chat for free.

With Elite subscription, you gain access to multiple features that enhance your experience. You can send friend requests, send emails, and start chatting with other users. You will also have access to the improved search and be able to see all the profiles and their photos. A paid membership allows posting Rendezvous, Travels, attend or host parties, and communicate in forums. You can also access the online store, where you will find lots of exciting stuff. Therefore, if you are seriously intended to get some fun on Kasidie, you will want to upgrade your account.

Kasidie Costs and Payment

If you decide to try out a paid Kasidie account, you can choose for how long you want to subscribe. The shortest membership is one month, where you will have to pay 19.95 USD. If you decide to try more, you can select either three, six, or a year membership. With a three months subscription, you will pay 15 USD per month, six months subscription will cost you around 13 USD per month, whereas a year subscription fee is even less.

Cancel Membership

You can cancel your Kasidie subscription or remove your account in your Profile Settings.

Legitimacy of the Service

Kasidie Overview - Is the Site Worth Your Time?

When it comes to such a niche dating site, data security is one of the top issues you should think about. Kasidie website ensures a safe experience, which is confirmed by thousands of users. They make sure that your profile is anonymous, and another user can see only that information that you have added to your profile. Real names are usually not used in member profiles, together with address or any other sensitive information. You can blur your photos or some parts of them if you do not want someone to recognize you. It is also possible to block any user profile if you find it suspicious or just do not want them to view your profile. You can also hide your profile from a website search so that other members won’t see you. It is always better to take some precautionary steps, so do not forget to check the Privacy Policy on their webpage.

Kasidie Options

There are a couple of other swinger dating sites that could be an alternative to Kasidie. SDC or Swingers Date Club is one of them, which is also a popular website among swingers, but their subscription fee is the highest among rivals. AdultFriendFinder site offers a variety of arrangements among users and is also quite expensive. Swing Lifestyle specifies swinger relationships and has a cheaper subscription, but the amount of users is not that big. Therefore, considering pricing together with the number of users and functionality, we can conclude that Kasidie is one of the best deals that you can get.

Bottom Line

We hope that the information we have presented in this review helped you to find out more about the Kasidie website. If you are interested not only in swing dating but also in a hookup or new experience, Kasidie site can offer you various options. Numerous features of this dating service can help you not only communicate, but meet new people and enjoy new experiences. Therefore, if you are looking for something fun, you should definitely pay attention to Kasidie.

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Josie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, and she is a certified relationship coach. The young lady offers clients a warm and caring environment. She has dedicated her life to other people’s well-being since she understands what they go through. Throughout her career, she has acquired enough skills to build healthy relationships.
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