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Kik Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Kik Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 30-33
Profiles 2 234 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Notifications about live typing
  • Incredibly popular with more than 300 million users
  • Ability to send multimedia messages
  • Video chat facility that is on par with Skype and FaceTime
  • Presence of inappropriate content
  • Not suitable for older users
  • Many individuals on the platform are children

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Kik is a platform that can help friends and families keep in touch with each other, while it can also be a platform for strangers to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world.

Here’s How Kik Works

Kik is a platform that does not require stringent norms to be part of the community. All the users need not offer information like phone numbers, which appears to be a common requirement for online messaging apps. Therefore, users will be relaxed, knowing that their information may not be used by third parties. Thus, users can get to experience a platform that does not sacrifice safety for communication.

Information About the Audience

Kik is a viral platform amongst youngsters. There are over 300 million users on the network, and the popularity of the platform has only soared during this period. The emphasis of anonymity and privacy has led to the growth of users, who are primarily from the United States. The majority of users are Hispanic, but there are also a reasonable number of African-Americans on the network. Other races and ethnicities are relatively less on Kik.

Among a large number of users in the United States, almost 50% are teenagers. There is significantly less representation of users over 30.

Key Must-Mention Features

Key Must-Mention Features

There are some crucial features on Kik that can make a lot of difference in the world of meeting strangers online. The top options are:

Kik Codes

All users get a code that is almost similar to a QR code. This code can be accessed from the settings menu, and it will be useful for inviting new users or find existing users on the platform. To add a person, users need to hit the search icon and find the Find People option. Now, you can scan the code. Before a user can use the code for the second time, they need to allow access to the camera.

Once a user scans the code, they open the chatbox from where they can send a text. You can come across Kik codes in a café or on social media.

Group Chats

A user can start a group chat and add users as per their preference. One group chat will be able to include a maximum of 49 members, and the group can either be public or private. If a group is set as private, other users cannot discover the group by searching on the platform. The only way to join the group will be to scan code for the corresponding Kik group.

If a group is set as public, it can be searched and identified with hashtags. You can also have the direct option of chatting with members of the group, but the settings can also be changed to prevent direct messaging.

Video Chats

If a user is seeking an alternate to FaceTime or Skype, they can use this platform that also facilitates real-time video calling to one or several members. The video call can be a one-to-one chat, but a user can also bring in six other friends to increase the party. A toggle switch is present on the interface, and it can be used to exit the chat with ease.

Bot Shop

There are different bots on the platform. The chatbots are designed to increase social interaction, and users have the option of being able to text, quiz, get the latest tips, advice, or news. It happens to deal in several segments like fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and more. If a user does not have any friends on the Kik app, the chatbot can be a great alternative to making use of the platform, and the shop contains a range of accessories that are designed to make the bot more appealing.

Young Chat Challenges

Since the user base of Kik is predominately made up of youngsters, there are features designed to enhance their security in the form of awareness. Due to Kik being a platform that encourages anonymity, it can be easy for users to have an unsafe experience. Since most of the users are kids, there is a vast section that intends to address both sections about the dangers that lay on the platform.

Easy of Use

Easy of Use

Kik can be a very easy platform, and users have taken to it in quick double time. Even older users should not have any trouble as long as they are familiar with the basics. Kik is a messenger app that is very similar to Whatsapp in terms of the concept, but the addition of many features to the vanilla messaging experience makes all the difference.

Kik can be easy and fun to use, even if you do not have any friends on the platform. This is due to the associated set of features that make it a destination for news, quiz, media, and more.

Kik Interface & Design

The interface provided by Kik keeps things as simple as possible, and this is a major advantage for this instant messaging platform. At the same time, the design manages to clearly hide the features that can make the user experience to another scale. The messaging interface can be straightforward, but a few swipes can reveal additional features like the ability to add pictures, videos, YouTube links, and more.

The simple design also becomes handy when it comes to loading times.

Kik Mobile App

Kik Mobile App

The functioning of this platform takes place on the app. It is crucial to get the latest version of the app from the respective stores. You can download the app for free. If a user does not want to search the Play Store or App Store, they can always use the official site that has the appropriate links. They will redirect users to the correct file with ease. The user interface of the app is also very similar to the desktop version. Users will be benefited from accessing the mobile site, which can provide many of the features seen on the desktop.

Customer Support Options

There is a reasonable set of options for those who want to get in touch with the customer support team to address any problems or queries. The help center has a lot of information about the things that can go wrong. It also has a lot of information about the general usage tips, which can come in handy for a new user. Even if this assistance is not sufficient, users can email the team asking for assistance, and the response time is pretty low.

Signing-Up & Creating Profiles

To open an account, users must download the Android or iOS apps from the stores. Both processes can be really easy if the user has a little understanding of operations.

How to Open an Account

How to Open an Account

Before users can open an account, there are apps to download on the phone. After installing the app, users will be notified about the opportunity to create an account. Then you need to enter your basic data. For example, users must enter a username, password, and preferred email address. It is optional to enter a phone number, and the same goes for the profile picture as well.

How’s Profile Quality? What About Verification?

The profile quality on the platform will appeal to teens, as a vast majority of the user base is under 25 years of age. Around 50% of the users are teens. In terms of what the profile offers, there is very little information about a user, and it is difficult to judge the quality of profiles based on the information provided. The less amount of information is due to the verification procedures not being stringent.

There are some key options for those who want to find a date or a friend on this platform. It involves a couple of features like groups or address matching. For example, the basic option to find people is to share your own profile by going into the settings, where an option known as Share your profile is available.

A user can also decide to be part of a public group that fits their interest. This process can be very easy, considering the availability of several hundred groups on the platform. Even if you do not happen to find a group that meets your needs, it is possible to start a public group, which can be anything like video games, politics, sports, and so on. The only requirement at this stage is to have a meaningful name for the group so that it is easier to find.

How About the Texting & Matching?

How About the Texting & Matching

It is important to remember that Kik is not for dating, and there is not a lot of effectiveness when it comes to using this platform to meet strangers or like-minded individuals. Even then, there are features on the platform like Matcher and Match & Chat. They may appear to have similar functionalities, but they are very different in the services that they provide. These are third-party services that can help link users with like-minded users on the platform.

It is possible to use these services so that your profile can be put up in a destination where it is easy to search based on image, location, age, and so on. This can help in finding a potential match and contacting with the help of the Kik Me button, which will open up a message. After sending the message, the wait begins. If the user is prepared to have a conversation, the chat feature can be used just like on any other platform.

Membership Options

Any dating platform has to provide value for money to justify its use. Almost every option in the industry offers free and paid subscription plans. There may even be cases where it is possible to pick up a free trial.


Many of the features in Kik are free. It is easy to download the app from the appropriate destination without having to worry about associated costs. This is quite a big deviation from the norms that are practiced in the online dating segment. In fact, the only cost associated with the platform will be the data fees that need to be given to the Internet service provider.

Paid Options

There is a paid option on Kik, but it is possible to integrate third-party services, which may end up charging the same. It is important to be careful when bringing third-party services to the fore.

Kik Pricing Structure

Users of this platform need not worry about costs, and it is unlikely that the developers will be introducing the same in the future. The reason for this pricing structure may be Kik being positioned as an instant messaging platform rather than an outright dating app.

Kik Subscription Cancellation Options

Since there are no paid subscription plans on the platform, a user need not worry about having to cancel the subscriptions. Still, a comprehensive set of options are available to a member, who can even delete their account if they are not happy due to any reason.

Is Safety & Security Taken Seriously?

The safety and security of a dating app are two important pillars that can justify the success of a platform. Since Kik is anonymous in nature, if users share their phone numbers, it can be quite dangerous for those who have a fully completed profile. Hence, the platform comes with plenty of suggestions that can make a lot of difference to parents of kids who use the platform or even adults.

Several features are available for safety measures like blocking a user, managing a text message, or more. You can switch a profile from a public setting to a private option. This can increase security quite drastically.

Kik Competitors and Alternatives

Kik Competitors and Alternatives

Kik is one of the popular options for a messaging app, but some alternatives can match or even go better than this platform. Some of the best options that need to be considered are:


WhatsApp easily outpaces the competitors in terms of user base, as more than 2 billion users make use of the platform for various aspects. After starting out as a platform for instant messaging, WhatsApp has quickly branched into other sectors like video calling and more. There are customization options that allow a user to perform a reasonable amount of changes like wallpaper, appearance, and more.


Viber is another instant messaging platform that has quickly become a hub for video calling and other functionalities apart from instant messages. There is enough security to provide peace of mind to users, as the platform verifies different aspects like phone number, and so on. This has a drastic effect on the spam count. Viber excels in functionality, as users can chat, share media, and make video calls. However, it is not great for finding random people for dating purposes.



Line is a cool messaging app that has enjoyed more than 500 million downloads on the Play Store alone. The app is great for users who want more than just voice calls, video calls, and instant chats. It is capable of adding some color to the chats with emojis and stickers. Some unique personalization options can elevate the chatting experience. But even Line is not so great when it comes to helping a user find a date. This app is only good for conversations with people who are already on the contacts, unlike Kik, which has some amount of customization available.

Kik Review Conclusion

Kik may appear to be on the similar lines of WhatsApp, but there is more to this platform than what meets the eye. It offers users a solid experience of chatting with friends or random strangers. There are a ton of features that can spice up the chats—like memes, photos, and graphics. Even though it is not possible to see a lot of quality of the profiles, the anonymous nature of the app makes it a great companion in the world of dating, too. It is difficult to go wrong with Kik, so try it by yourself!

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