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MatchBox Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

MatchBox Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 56%
Quality Matches 71%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 130 800
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 9.9
Popularity 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Finds all local users with ease
  • Flirt all you want with eager singles
  • Straightforward navigation and easy to use
  • The option of offline search
  • Thousands of users to choose from
  • Complaints regarding difficulty while signing up
  • Problems while uploading pictures
  • Frequently slows down the phone

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MatchBox is a new-age meeting and flirting mobile app, which youngsters are increasingly attracted to. The mobile app provides a beautiful opportunity to meet local singles in one’s city.

It is a ‘cool’ mobile app, which is mostly finding popularity amongst youngsters who want to enjoy harmless flirting. The mobile dating app lets users upload their pictures, and communications occur with the help of a simple chat system.

If one finds a profile particularly likable, then all he or she has to do is click on it and initiate a conversation with the message option provided on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

All the communication is confidential, and no other user can read the conversations. MatchBox does not attempt to match profiles like a dating app, and yet conversations that start here can lead to dating and so much more.

The app is uncomplicated, and as soon as a profile is created, one is good to go. One can upload as many pictures as they want on the app, and they can also write about themselves to express what kind of companionship they are looking for and who they are as a person.

There is no age limit for signing up on MatchBox, and so mature individuals looking for some fun are welcome aboard. The app is headquartered at Ambedkar Road in Mumbai.

How does MatchBox Work?

How does MatchBox Work?

MatchBox has a straightforward mechanism, which allows users to start using it without any fuss. Most of the time, people want to have some fun because they are bored with their current predicament and want to enjoy life without being worried about rules.

There is nothing wrong with some harmless flirting, and users can have their pick from thousands of profiles with just a few taps on the screen. If the conversation gets fascinating and you want to meet a single in the city and go for a drink, this is the perfect place to find yourself a partner.

Once you have sent a chat invitation and the other person has accepted it, you can get the ball rolling. It is one of the best ways to feel good about yourself without committing to anything serious or long-term. The app is very lightweight and takes only 7.2 MB space on phones. It has had over 5000 downloads as of yet and has 18+ content rating. The app requires Android 4.2 and up for installation.

Audience Analysis

MatchBox Audience Analysis

This website is available in many Arabian countries and countries of Europe and America as well. For this reason, you can sign up here regardless of nationality, ethnicity, and religious orientation. However, Matchbox is not available in some countries.

The users of this site have a different age. Here, you can find members from 18 to 75 years old. But, you will never meet children or minors on this platform. If you want to register on this site, you should be at least 18 years old.

Key Features

One of the best features of MatchBox is that it allows users to stay offline while browsing profiles. It is handy for those who are new to online dating and flirting and want to take slow steps, instead of being overwhelmed by constant messages as soon as they come online.

Or maybe, a user is simply not in the mood for talking and would rather browse through profiles silently. A simple feature like this can make communication a lot easier, giving the user the independence to reveal when they are online. In the same way, one can also see who is online and offline and respond accordingly.

Users can also receive and send limitless messages for free. Most of the time, apps tend to restrict conversations, and users cannot go ahead with it unless they pay the charges or take the conversation outside the app, for which they have to provide their details.

Many users, especially women, are not comfortable providing their email or phone number to strangers to chat all they want through the mobile dating app before things get comfortable.

The dating app provides access to thousands of profiles, and you can chat with these people any time you want, no matter where they are located across the globe. Another feature that many users find endearing is that the mobile dating app allows the user to write a well-rounded introduction of themselves in the ‘About’ section.

Most apps expect users to sum themselves up in a few lines, limiting them through characters typed in the box. That barely scratches the surface of what we often want to express about ourselves. MatchBox allows you to write about yourself at length, and this is what attracts other like-minded users to take things forward.

  • How High Is The Matching Quality Of MatchBox?

MatchBox does not try to match users like a dating app, but it does suggest profiles based on user preferences, which a user states while signing up.

  • My Reviews

MatchBox provides a ‘Share’ option through which a user can share the news about MatchBox and use the app. They can also share their experience of using the app. However, no other users’ reviews can be posted to any third party website or even on the app itself.

  • Match Preferences

The ‘Match Preferences’ have a series of questions, which the user has to answer. Profiles are suggested mostly based on the city and location. The profile and bio section can be edited later, should the user think about altering their preferences in any way.

MatchBox User-Friendliness

MatchBox User-Friendliness

MatchBox is very user-friendly, and the simplicity of its design greatly works in its favor. The app has an uncluttered look and feel, and there are emoticons that one can use while typing. One can easily like a profile or cancel and move on to the next, anonymously. The ability to stay offline and browse anonymously greatly works in its favor.

Website Design & Usability

MatchBox Website Design & Usability

Since the MatchBox app is very light, and there aren’t too many features slowing it down, browsing through the various profiles is quick and easy. One can simply swipe through the profiles, and the buttons are interestingly designed, making the page look neat and smart. There are many pages to search through.

Once a profile has been swiped, the words ‘Liked’ or ‘Nope’ appear on the screen in green or red to indicate the user’s choice. The app has a white background, which could be a little harsh on the eyes when using it at night with all the lights out. The logo of the app is a heart inside a flame. It carries the meaning of a longing heart and has been quite interestingly designed.

MatchBox Mobile Application

MatchBox Mobile Application

MatchBox has only been designed as an app, and there is no website as such. However, users prefer a mobile dating app because it can be easily downloaded on a smartphone and used on the go, without limiting the user’s movement to a desktop.

It also facilitates meeting new people when a user changes the location within a city or moves to a new city. The mobile app is lighter, and if one so wishes, the account can also be upgraded.

Customer Support

MatchBox Customer Support

The makers of the MatchBox app are very careful about maintaining the privacy of their customers. In case any queries are posted, or any user makes a complaint, developers try to attend to it as soon as possible.

Users can reach them through their website, which is [email protected]. Users can get to know more about the developers and get in touch with them from this site.

On the other hand, users also have the liberty to go through the developers’ Privacy Policy even before they download the app from the Google Play Store. They can get the details by clicking on the link from the app download page itself. Users can make an informed decision about what they are signing up for.

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

MatchBox Sign-Up Process and User Profile

Using MatchBox is very simple. All one has to do is download and install the app and sign up with the details like the name, location, and phone number. A profile picture also has to be provided as that attracts more visitors.

How to Sign-Up

To sign up on MatchBox, users must have a valid email and phone number, and a link is sent to the email after clicking on which the sign-up process is complete. An OTP can also be sent to the mobile number provided.

Profile Quality and Verification

MatchBox verifies the profiles through the phone number provided with the OTP because they want to protect their users from fake profiles. The verification process makes the app entirely safe for use, especially for women.

MatchBox does not allow the user to search for any particular profile. Users can state their preferences in the ‘Match Preference’ section, and they are free to accept or reject the choices that the app suggests. But, looking for any particular profile is prohibited so that any user cannot engage in stalking behavior. However, users can go through the profiles they have previously liked or added in their list and chat with them at leisure.

Matching & Chatting

MatchBox Matching & Chatting

The chatting process is very simple and makes flirting equally charming. Users can start chatting once they connect with another user who has accepted the chat invitation. Once another user has accepted the invitation to chat, he or she is added to the chat list.

Users can also be removed from the chat list if one no longer wishes to communicate chatting with a particular user. Chat messages can be typed in the chatbox, which is delivered instantly. It is a regular chatbox that can be seen in any app compatible with an Android mobile device.

Subscription Options

No paid membership is required to use the MatchBox app. Anyone is free to download and use the free version of the MatchBox app. However, there are options for upgrading the account, which gives users access to a few more features of the app.

The in-app purchases start from about $8 and go up to $30. However, even if one does not upgrade, the user can use the basic features of the MatchBox app for free.

Free Version

Signing up for MatchBox and using the app is free. Almost all the features can be enjoyed on the MatchBox app free of cost.

There is no need to make in-app purchases as soon as one signs up on MatchBox. Most users prefer to use the app for a few weeks, get used to the various features it has to offer, and then choose to upgrade their MatchBox account.


The pricing of the upgraded version of the app starts from about USD 8 and goes up to USD 30. It depends on the various additional features the user wants to acquire.

Cancelling Subscription

If a user does not want to continue with their MatchBox profile, they can delete their account. For that, they need to visit the Settings page and go to the ‘Deactivate Account’ section.

Users may also choose to answer why they are deactivating their accounts. Developers take it as feedback to ensure that they can provide even better user experience so that more users cannot cancel their accounts in the future. Moreover, users can always choose to return and create a fresh account of MatchBox.


MatchBox is a very safe app to use, and users have arrangements in place to ensure that no personal data is revealed. Users on MatchBox cannot find out anything about the user from the app platform unless they choose to share the information themselves.

Since this is a platform for casual flirting, the app developers are careful to introduce safety features to not take undue advantage of the app and engage in stalking or similar activities. If there are any complaints, a profile can be reported. Then the profile is banned and blocked from the app.

MatchBox Alternatives and Competitors

  • Tinder: Tinder is a popular dating app for flirting and hook-ups among today’s youngsters. It is one of the leading apps in this genre, and users have to swipe left or right if they happen to like a profile. The app has gained popularity in a very short period, and the reason is this unique concept of swiping left and right in search of hooking partners.
  • Aisle: This is also an online dating app that youngsters use to get potential partners or simply have a good time chatting and flirting. The app sends suggestions to users who can like a profile, and if the other user likes back, then the profiles are matched with the girl getting the chance to initiate a conversation. The chat can be carried on within the app. The app is of the new age and is quickly gaining popularity.
  • OkCupid: Another dating app for online dating and hook-ups, OkCupid, is increasingly preferred by youngsters looking for romance. The app matches profiles based on the likes and dislikes of various members and their views on life. The profiles are matched when two users like each other.


MatchBox is a good dating mobile app for those who want to keep things simple. It allows a user to engage with others without attaching any serious connotations. The ease of use makes it handy, and although the app is one among many other dating and online hookup apps flooding the mobile app market these days, it still has a novelty that users have appreciated. The app is free to use and facilitates chatting easily. All of these points work in favor of the MatchBox mobile app and contribute to its growing popularity.

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