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Match Ocean Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Match Ocean Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-36
Profiles 324 000
Reply Rate 98%
Ease of Use 7.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • User-friendly
  • The users don't look like actors or actresses; they seem real
  • The chats are not pushy. Only who you liked is going to say hello to you in chat
  • Free registration
  • You can't use it without a US IP
  • There is no live cam on the website. It's indeed an elementary hookup website.

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There’s no need to go out in this Internet age. If you are feeling alone and chaste, maybe it’s time to find yourself a good hookup dating website. And Match Ocean might be just the perfect fit for you.

Would you like to discover the deepest secrets of this dating website? Read our review and balance pros and cons, so that you can use this powerful tool well-informed!

Be prepared to Match Ocean friendly blue interface and its ease of use. It’s a common, kind of 90es-style hookup website. It uploads quickly into your smartphone or tablet as well, as it’s quite light.

As said in the pros, the average user is a real user. We have looked for some users’ pictures on Google, and we weren’t able to find them. This means there is a kind of firewall to get into the website, as it seems there are mostly real users.

Compared to other hookup websites, then, Match Ocean does not bother you that much with ads, pop-ups, and fake users trying to make you click on their horny yes scam links. It offers a peaceful and safe experience, even for a free user.

How Does Match Ocean Work

How Does Match Ocean Work

The Match Ocean features are quite standard. It automatically detects your location so that the website knows where you are. This will allow Match Ocean algorithm to suggest to you the people in your neighborhood, first!

But what do Match Ocean users actually think about its features? Let’s get into it.

Audience Analysis

All right, everyone has his own likes. Someone is looking for a long-lasting relationship, and someone is just seeking a chat with a person who takes it real, or who speaks freely about sex life.

So, we understand that the audience analysis is critical for you to know if this is the right place to start your chat/hookup experience.

Let’s say this website is more for men than for women. The percentage of women with a profile photo is higher than the percentage of men with a profile photo. If you are here, we assume you want to see something.

If you are a woman, there are a lot of standard grey profile pictures, and it’s up to you to start a conversation or not. We understand that a frank, genuine profile with true personal information may help you with the first approach and make you feel more comfortable.

That’s why, as the vast majority of hookup websites, Match Ocean is mostly for straight men.

Features That Need To Be Mentioned

Features That Need To Be Mentioned

You will be able to see profiles, look for them, select them and put “like” under specific pictures. As soon as another person “likes” your profile of profile pictures, a “match” happens. When you have a match, the chat room opens, and you can start chatting with people.

There a section on the left sidebar: “private photo access.” Here you can upload the most private pictures of yourself without the risk of bothering other users in chat. A useful thing to know before accessing every hookup website is that a person who is chatting with you is not necessarily ready to go straight to the next step. Like maybe you are!

So, sending a personal picture immediately might not be seen as a friendly hand for a long-lasting friendship with benefits. Rather, harassing. Here’s why the “private photo access” section.

Here are the essential features. There are no live cams on the website, nor premium packages to unveil more features.

Match Ocean User-Friendliness

Match Ocean has not very many features, but it’s very usable. Its colors are light blue for the background and a darker blue for the boxes. There’s a little white and yellow here and there, but mostly for the writings.

On the top of the page, there’s a menu taskbar, with “menu,” “settings,” and “sign out” tabs. Then you will find two sidebars. On the left, there is the real menu with all the different features, and on the right, your profile preview—so that you can make changes quickly.

Match Ocean Usability And Design

Match Ocean Usability And Design

This very understandable design will help you to better navigate through Match Ocean. The overall user-friendliness is high. Let’s make it short: here you are the functions you will find on the left bar: browse matches, messages, hot or not, profile visitors, mutual likes, who like you, whom you like, private photo access, blocked, recently visited.

It’s straightforward, even for a first-time user.

Match Ocean Mobile Application?

You won’t find Match Ocean mobile app on the Apple Store. We can’t understand the reason, as it was there before, but now it’s gone. You won’t find it on the Play Store, either.

We suspect that the lightness of the website made the mobile app development an unnecessary burden. You can easily use Match Ocean from your tablet or smartphone browser, without experiencing a connection loss or a slowdown.

Customer Support

Customer Support

We searched the website from top to down, looking for customer support. The news is: there is no customer support. If you feel insecure now, please consider that you will not be paying for anything on this website, as it’s free.

So, forget about issues with payments, bills, invoices, and so on. The worst-case scenario is that you click on a link someone is sending you via chat, and you find yourself in an online scam.

If you suspect a user to be related to a scam, just block this user, and you won’t be bothered anymore. The website algorithm automatically detects violent and offensive content, so it will remove it without you can even name it.

The Sign-Up Process and Profile Creation

The sign-up process is far more comfortable than others of the same kind. You look for the website online, and you go straight to the main page. Then you just have to tell some information, like your username, your email and your location.

This last step is not meant to harm your identity. It is meant to know that you are a real person, with a user email, and not a robot. After giving this personal data, you can access the website without paying any extra nor providing your card details.

You will be asked if you are male or female, and what sexual preference you have. As far as you agree to the Terms and Conditions and you don’t harass other users, you are free to surf the website from the registration process.

Your personal profile’s box lies on the right part of the homepage. Here is where you can add your personal profile picture, some details about you, your hobbies, and whatever you may think about.

Keep it short and try not to be too serious: unknown people are sometimes frightened by excessive seriousness. Well, it’s your profile, so… Go on and fill it!

How to Sign-Up

How to Sign-Up

As said, you just digit “Match Ocean” on a common research tool. Then go straight to the website and follow the easy steps required for a user profile. After signing up with your email and password, there’s no need for a mailbox verification.

You will be directed to the main blue/light blue page, and you will be asked some questions before being able to go on. Like: would you like to meet women/men next to you? Will you be able to keep this website secret? And so on.

This last one is meant as introductory arousal, of course. The questions are matched with beautiful pictures of males and females taken from professional shoots. So don’t expect to meet them for real on the website!

How’s Verification? What About Profile Quality?

Here we are with the profile quality issues. We found a rather annoying feature in this: if you have an IP address that is not from the US, you will be automatically redirected on another webpage. This is not a real issue normally, but if you are a US person living abroad, it may be.

Now you may ask: what is an immigrant doing with a local hookup website? What is he/she expecting from it? This is a valid question, but please consider that a lot of people are just looking for hot chat or sexting, or maybe are on a long trip.

Or, last option: you may be using a VPN service, and Match Ocean can’t figure out that you are from the US, living in the US. Even if you have used your real location during the registration process? Yes.

So be aware of this: if you use this website, you will need to have a US-based IP.

Match Ocean Search

On the left sidebar, you can find a “browse matches” button. Go for it and get started with the search! You can select among some filters. By making a comparison with other hookup websites, the research filters aren’t a lot.

They are not shaped in the common flags and ticks filters. You will see an interface that almost looks like a profile, where you can fill the different sections.

The first filter is “I’m here to.” You can choose between “make friends,” “for chat,” “for dating.” Tick the one you choose and go on. The second one is “with who.” You can select boys or girls and the age frame. Then you can choose the city and State.

You can take a look at the “extended search” if you find these filters, although useful, a little too basic for what you are seeking.

Chatting and Matching At Match Ocean

What a pleasant chat you can have if you know what you want, and you find the person who looks exactly for the same thing! There is no recipe for this very special match of desires, ambitions, taste, and sexy speech.

It’s a nuance you can’t find easily. Still, a well-made website with a lot of users may help you in this task. As Match Ocean is so easy to use and, most of all, free, our suggestion is to go for the greatest number of chats you can have.

If you would like to know how to chat: first, go to the match search section on the left sidebar. Here you can look for your favorite users by selecting their features from the research filters, as we showed you in the paragraph above.

Prior, we suggest you shape your profile so that it will look more filled and less scary to other users. Just balance the information you would like to share with the public: don’t trust the sexiest person in the world, if she’s eager to know more about your bank account. That’s common sense, but it’s better to state it, sometimes!

Match Ocean Subscription

Match Ocean is entirely free. There are no memberships nor fees to pay. You will not find hidden costs anywhere, as you are not required your credit card details in any place.

This scenario is perfect if you would just like to take a quick glimpse of the website. After all, what makes a dating website unique is its amount and quality of users. As users on Match Ocean keep changing, you can take advantage of the free membership to get in and take a look.


The free account, the only one possible, allows you to do everything on the website. You can look for your perfect match, and you can like other chicks’ pictures. Or other guys’ ones, of course.

You can chat, and you can post and see other users’ personal pictures. If you live in a country different than the US, you will be automatically redirected to other websites, as we said before.

This review does not apply to the websites you will be redirected to, as it depends on the country you are joining Match Ocean from. In case you are applying from a country that is not the US, make sure that you are remaining on a free website.

In any other case, pick another review to check the website you are going into, before subscribing to it.


There is no premium subscription on this website.

Canceling Your Subscription

By going to the upper taskbar, you will need to select “settings.” Then go for the un-subscribe button. As you agreed on in the Terms and Conditions, during the time you were on the website, the personal data you provided was only shared with other users.

Match Ocean is not responsible then for any information you shared with other users, or for any behavior of yours on the website.

If you are unsubscribing because you don’t want to receive notifications, or if you’re tired of the website, or worse, if you are bothered by someone: be aware that the site allows you’re safe surfing.

For example, if a user is keeping on sending you messages, because she’s really fond of you and you are not, just keep in mind that you can simply block this user.

You can also stop notifications and promotional emails. A reminder for you: the website is entirely free, so why unsubscribing? You can stay there and wait for a better time to get back to it.

Match Ocean Safety And Security

We noticed a small flaw in Match Ocean. If you look for prospective matches and you click on the “Hot or not” tab on the left bar, you will notice that the website is addressing you with some suggestions of other users’ profiles. Well, we tried logging in with an empty profile, and still, the site was showing us so.

This is not a serious safety and security flaw, though. Remember that as long as they don’t have your credit card details, they can’t harm you in any way.

Match Ocean Competitors And Alternatives

Match Ocean Competitors And Alternatives

As a standard hookup website, Match Ocean has the same features other hookup websites have. All the same features, but the live cameras and sex games. As a matter of fact, it is a website for straight men, so these are the main competitors and alternatives. We can name some of them, like iLove, Tinder, Grindr for homosexual people, Badoo, and many others.


If you are a newbie of web chats and you are looking forward to starting your first sexting experience, be aware that Match Ocean might be the right occasion to try this world for free.

With its very light interface and high user-friendliness, Match Ocean is one of the simplest alternatives within the vast, wild dating websites world.

We hope you find this review helpful for choosing wisely before your subscription. Now that you know almost everything about Match Ocean, just go and get it! Happy matching!

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