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My Ladyboy Date Review 2024 — Real Trans Dating Site or Scam?

My Ladyboy Date Review 2024  — Real Trans Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 120 000
Reply Rate 81%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The profile verification is severe: no fake users are allowed
  • The pictures need to be screened as well, before being posted
  • The website is completely free for transgender women
  • Easy-to-use experience
  • You have to pay to chat. This is meant to assure a high user quality online

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What is the definition of a good dating website? It’s not a debate about how many users are there online, but this is still an important feature. So, is it okay when verification of profile is severe and only true users allowed? Sure, this is a given, but there’s something more.

Here’s what we can ask ourselves about the huge success of My Ladyboy Date website. In this review, we will try to introduce you to this fantastic app’s world. A working and friendly environment, and some clear-cut decisions regarding profiles, made the supply and demand meet.

An almost immense world will be disclosed in front of your eyes. In My Ladyboy Date, every detail is meant to enhance your experience of meeting and possibly dating. For ladyboys, this is a nice opportunity to meet people in a safe and non-judgmental environment, while for men, it’s a way to get in touch with a transvestite and transgender people.

It’s possible to indicate in the profile whether you are a transgender person who has been operated or not, so there’s plenty of choices for you not to feel discriminated against.

There are no annoying ads, but still, the interface is so plain and working that it’ll be easy to understand where to fill a form with your credit card details. On the main page, lots of histories of working relationships which began on My Ladyboy Date. So let’s learn more about how the website works.

My Ladyboy Date Review – Legit Or Scam?

How Does My Ladyboy Date Work

It’s easy: you sign-in, edit your profile, and upload a profile picture with no more than 16 photos. Then you take a look at the online people or browse them from the “search” tab.

That’s it. Either ladyboys and men have almost the same features, so the real thing here is the audience quality.

Audience Analysis

The audience is a massive plus of My Ladyboy Date. On the bottom left corner of every profile, you can find a green “verified” tick. This means the webmasters have verified the users, and they are who they declare they are.

You are highly encouraged to edit your profile at the beginning of your My Ladyboy’s Date journey so that you can be a good part of this real people’s community.

There are many profile parts to be filled, and we will talk about this topic broadly in the “profile quality” paragraph, later in this review.

Just bear in mind that all the users who can chat here are paying users. This is meant to be like a huge firewall for those who are just looking for a scam or a free insult-session. Trolls and haters lump Internet, but the audience here in My Ladyboy’s date is serious and continuously checked by webmasters.

Key Features

The main features are those of an average dating website. You can create and edit your profile by filling in many different fields, and you can also upload profile pictures and see other users’ ones. You can set notifications and alerts, and you can browse and eventually, like other users’ profiles.

Your “liked” ones will be saved in the favorites, in the pink main toolbar, and you can visit them whenever you like. Then, last but not least, you can chat as long as you like and block users.

You can chat only by subscribing to Premium membership. No annoying ads will remind you that you will only be warned when you try to type.

Key Features

My Ladyboy Date User Friendliness

The whole My Ladyboy Date interface looks like a giant mobile phone as all the latest fashioned websites are, after all. You will easily find what you are looking for, without being annoyed by ads, even when you are a free user.

It won’t be hard to understand where every feature is and how the website works, even without this guide— there’s the main toolbar, with the “my profile,” people online, and “search” tabs. It can’t be more comfortable than that.

Then on the upper right part of the screen, the “who has seen your profile” icon, the messages one, the “liked” list, and the settings. Maybe there could have been a gear icon for the settings, instead of a mini profile-like icon.

No big deal, click on it, and a curtain will be opened: you can set your account, upgrade your membership, edit profile, find support, or log out.

The welcoming message from the admin is like a cherry on the top of a beautiful cake of user-friendliness.

Design: My Ladyboy Date Key Points

The design is plain, and you can’t tell the differences from the PC to the mobile version. It boasts pink, grey, and white. The main toolbar helps you surf through the website—the profiles are not pushy. You can look at their small squares, but they are not popping up against you like in a hookup battle to the death.

They kill two birds with one stone: the website is one of the lightest, and the user finds everything easy enough not to notice.

The white interface is not the only sign of a decent website, but it helps psychologically to feel more comfortable and secure.

Design: My Ladyboy Date Key Points

My Ladyboy Date Mobile Application

The website is compatible with tablet ad smartphone, as they are proud to say in the very first page.

There is, unfortunately, no Android nor Apple mobile app yet. The mobile browser version works well, and it’s fast. If you keep the browser running in the background, and the My Ladyboy Date notifications on, this will consume a lot of energy.

It always happens in websites involving chats and notifications, so make sure your phone has enough energy before using this mobile browser version on the go.

Where Is Customer Support?

You can find Customer Support in the top right corner. Go for the icon at the far right of the screen and click on it. A curtain will be disclosed. Go for the “Support” icon and fill the form with your request.

Try to keep it short and clear, so that they can answer within some hours. Bear in mind that they are in the Philippines, so there may be some hours away from you. Maybe they are sleeping, while you are already awake and eager to chat and match all day long on this newly-discovered website.

Where Is Customer Support?

The Sign-Up Process & Profile Creation At My Ladyboy Date

You can choose two main ways of signing-up: Facebook is the first and easiest option. Just go to the main website page and go for the “continue with Facebook” button.

If you don’t have a Facebook account or you would use your email address, go the other way.

For being a ladyboy’s website, maybe the gender choice is a little narrow: you can only select whether you are a male of a female. There’s no much nuance in it. You need to fit one of the two main categories.

Well, we decided to interpret this as straightforwardness rather than discrimination: this way, you will know exactly what your place and the is.

How to Sign-up With Your Email

You will be asked to write your email, gender – as said, man or ladyboy- date of birth, state, email address, and first name. In this latter section, you are asked to enter your “preferred” first name, and that’s an excellent choice of words, which we liked. Then you will have to choose a password and to put the 18+ and Terms and Conditions tick.

As soon as you go next, a verification email will be sent to our account, and you won’t be able to move forward unless you have received it and clicked on the link inside. So, don’t feel under strain and give your real email address.

How to Sign-up With Your Email

Profile Quality and Verification Process

Check your email incoming folder, and you will find an email from My Ladyboy Date: click on the link, and you will be inside!

So, the verification process is made by email sending, first. As soon as you log in for the first time, you will see a message notification in the upper part of the screen. It’s the website’s admin, who gives you best wishes and a warm welcome and explains to you a little bit or the community rules.

The tone is welcoming and very decent. The admin calls women either “trans women” or, as in South-East Asia, “ladyboys” and asks respect from your side. The admin also encourages you to report any spamming, scamming, prostitution, and violent activity online.

You can report users pretty much from anywhere, in private conversation, profile pages, chats, and so on. You can also block annoying users here by using the “block user” button.

Now, it’s time for you to update your best asset: your profile. It is now only 30% completed, and you should take the time to complete it before doing anything else.

Profile Quality and Verification Process

My Ladyboy Date Browser

It’s effortless to browse other users’ profiles in My Ladyboy Date. If you go on the main pink toolbar at the top of the page, you’ll find a “search” button. Just click on it and see what happens.

The profiles will display in front of you. As there are many different sections in your own profile, you can look for the same ones in other users, using filters. For example, there are “education level”, or “first-timer”, “sexual role”, “eating habits”, “drinking”, Zodiac sign and Chinese zodiac sign…

And many more! So, it’s easy for you to narrow your research while you are using the browser. Our suggestion is always: don’t treat dating apps like live stocks. It’s also an occasion to meet new people, maybe coming from a country or a body type you haven’t ever thought about before.

Matching And Chatting At My Ladyboy Date Platform

It’s effortless to chat with a user. You just go to his/her profile and click on the “chat” cartoon bubble. Then a fresh chat will display. There’s no way to stop incoming messages, the only way is to block a user. Remember, politeness is sometimes more effective than blocks.

The admins will notice that you have blocked someone, and this may cause him/her troubles on the website. So, we recommend to block only when there is something really annoying or harassing going on.

There’s no actual “match” in the sense that you can chat with a person who has not “liked” you first. You don’t need to be liked in return, nothing like that: you just see a profile, and chat.

To chat, though, you will need to buy a membership, as you cannot chat with a free membership. As we said in the first place, we tried to picture ourselves the reason for this unpopular choice.

As sometimes making unpopular judgment calls is a symptom of wisdom and straightforwardness, we had a clue: maybe being a ladyboy online is not a summer vacation.

You need to feel a safe place. The men here, as well, need to be sure that they can have a love relationship, and that this is not a scammers’ den or a prostitution website.

There’s plenty of them in other Web neighborhoods! Let’s give this website’s chat a chance, then.

Matching And Chatting At My Ladyboy Date Platform

The Two Membership Options

There are only two memberships: free membership and paid one. Let’s see what’s the difference between them. It’s not a long list, but it really convenient to buy a membership. You’ll see why.


In a few words, you can’t chat—nothing, not even a small heart to a profile you like, not a “hi” to a person who saluted you back. The rule is strict, so if you would like to chat, you need a free account.

Despite that, you can browse profiles and photos freely, so that you can have an idea of who’s online. You can create a complete profile, and it will be visible in other people’s search results.

This may seem a secondary feature, but it’s not!

With a paid membership, you can send and receive messages. Also, your profile, which could be found even before paying, now will appear within the “featured profiles.”

My Ladyboy Date Pricing

1 month for 29,90$, 3 months for 68,70$, 6 months for 101,40$ and 1 year for 130, 80, which means 10,90$ for a month. As usual, the longer is the time frame, the cheaper your monthly fee is.

Subscription Cancelling At My Ladyboy Date

If you have upgraded to a year membership and now you changed your mind, don’t feel bad about it: write to the Customer Support, and they will be happy to see if you are entitled to a refund.

To know where you can find the Customer Support, read our “customer support” paragraph in this review. To cancel your profile, write to Customer Support, as well. Go to the far right icon in the main toolbar and select the icon, then “log out.”

Subscription Cancelling At My Ladyboy Date

My Ladyboy Date Security And Safery

As we said many times throughout this review, this website is meant to be a safe environment.

The payments are encrypted, as well, so to ensure you that they are well performed and that you will not be shown hidden costs in your credit card statement.

You can read a lot of users’ reviews which are very clear about the security matter: nothing to be afraid of, in My Ladyboy Date.

My Ladyboy Date Competitors And Alternatives

There are not that many available alternatives to My Ladyboy Date. Actually, the website’s owners state proudly: we are the only “decent” one.

Some alternatives, just to mention them, are My Transgender match, Truly LadyBoy, Transdr, Trans G, Travmaga, Tami, TG Meet. These all have mobile apps available so that you can download and try them easily from our mobile phone.


At the end of this trip, we can state that My Ladyboy Date is one of the most decent and working websites around. It’s not that expensive, and we have experienced no bugs within its user-friendly interface. Here is the right place for you. Have an enjoyable My Ladyboy Experience!

MS, RD & Writer
Pablo has done various life coaching sources and personal development. He has even worked as a relationship technician and loves empowering other people. Having encountered several hardships in life, he understands what others go through and is willing to help them. His primary focus is on building self-esteem and changing people’s perspectives on their challenges.
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