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Recon Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Recon Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 35%
Popular Age 28-45
Profiles 180 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 3.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The user interface looks extremely good
  • Many of the features are free
  • This platform supports multiple languages
  • The mobile app experience is excellent
  • A premium subscription is necessary for extra functions
  • Not an ideal platform for long-term relationships
  • An excessive quantity of erotic content

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Recon is a site that manages to satisfy most of the secret desires within. This is ideal for users irrespective of their sexual orientation. Even without experience in the world of online dating, Recon would be an excellent choice due to its large community of users.

How Does Recon Platform Function?

How Does Recon Platform Function?

Recon is an online dating site that works very similarly to most of the options in the segment. However, it focuses primarily on gay and bisexual men. It comes with a profile system that can be used to input various details at once. Based on the details, users will be given access to people who would match their preferences. Once the list is available, users are capable of initiating contact through many of the communication features.

Let’s Discuss Members

Even though Recon is being advertised as a platform that is meant for use by men with different sexual orientations, it is very rare to find a straight person utilizing this app. Most of the users on this platform are more than 25 years old, and this is quite surprising to see on an online dating site, which would primarily have more young users. The number of users above 55 years of age goes down drastically. The platform is extremely friendly for use, and it operates in different countries. The latter part is one of the reasons for Recon to be offered in multiple languages like German, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

The international user base of Recon can be a source of envy for competitors, but most of the users are those who live in the USA. The majority of users are also black and Hispanic. However, one can also come across a decent representation of Asian men.

Essential Options and Features

Even though there are many fetish services, Recon is a popular platform due to the presence of several unique features. Some of the best ones are:


This is a feature that will allow users to keep track of the events that are happening at a locality. The Recon members would frequently come up with activities for men who are part of the platform. The information about these activities will be available in this feature, and it can help users get connections as per their interests and preference. Since these events would encompass users from various countries, it also increases the likelihood of an international date.

Top 100

Rather than having to go through different profiles to find out the best options, the Top 100 feature will come in handy. This list is meant to act as an aggregate for the best profiles on the platform.

Favorite Pictures

Apart from the ability to favorite users or more, it is also possible to favorite pictures from a gallery. If a user happens to come across the image of a very appealing person, they can choose to add it to this section. Hence, it is straightforward to revisit the content and not fear losing track of the same.


A popular feature in most gay dating sites, Cruise is present on Recon without much surprise. The feature is especially useful when trying to attract a handsome member by displaying interest. If the other person also happens to reciprocate the interest, it will be the start of a great journey.

How is the User-Friendliness at Recon?

How is the User-Friendliness at Recon?

Recon came out in the early 2000s, and it has been able to undergo several revisions over the years. These have helped the platform very well in terms of user-friendliness. One of the strong factors that demonstrate the user-friendliness would be the higher average age on this platform compared to competitors. Aware that kids and teenagers are not allowed to register, Recon is dealing with a population that is not so technically aware of the modern challenges. For this reason, the platform is straightforward and intuitive.

Design & Usability: Key Points from Recon

The usability of Recon is up there with some of the best names in the business. The platform has gathered a lot of experience of working in different parts of the world. After having primarily been a desktop platform, Recon has now moved into different segments. Despite having been around for more than two decades, Recon has been able to maintain the website to high standards. The site looks very stylish even now. The overall theme of the site is red and black, but the latter is the most predominant. The navigational features are done excellently so that users can skip to different categories with just a few clicks.

Recon’s Mobile Experience: App & Site

Recon’s Mobile Experience: App & Site

The app can be downloaded without any cost, and it is offered for both operating systems – Android and iOS. The app offers the same set of features that a user gets on the desktop site, but there is an inherent advantage of being able to use the location services to maximum effect. The GPS and location functionality can be made to use a partner from within a specific area that is very close to the user. Even with constant monitoring of the location, the Recon app does not suck a lot of energy.

Customer Support Feature

For any problems with the Recon platform, users can use the email support for any assistance. This can be quite a reliable way of seeking assistance. Another option for users would be to go through the FAQ section where most of the questions are handled.

Recon Sign-Up Experience & User Profile Creation

Recon Sign-Up Experience & User Profile Creation

The site may come up with only a handful of use for opening the account. The process of registration starts with entering all the key details like username preference, preferred email address, and more. However, a user is provided access to the final stage only after processes like email verification, photo upload, and sexual preferences are updated. It is possible to use the site as a guest at this stage, but this has little benefits apart from taking an inside look into the total number of members who are currently online. Once the email verification has been complete, a user will be directed to the profile page where they can enter complete details about their life.

Ways to Sign-Up

A key reason to sign up with a dating site would be to interact with potential dates when it is not so easy to find them in real life. Due to the challenges posed by the Internet, the signup process has to be capable, easy, and extremely good. Even without prior experience, users can enter into the signup page where they will have to provide some data. Yet, a major difference is that private data need not be supplied in huge numbers when signing up. The user has to provide basic data like location, date of birth, and username.

Comments on Verification Procedures and Quality of Profiles

The requirements of Recon are very strict. It results in a platform that features high-quality members. The operators are very serious about avoiding scammers, so much so that many systems are in place to stop them from being part of the platform. It is tough for a fake user or a scammer to make their way into this user base. Some of the verification techniques involved with the email and photo. Immediately after signup, users have to pass an email verification. The photos uploaded are also watched closely by the moderators so that they do not have a lot of dirtiness associated. This means that any photo that is considered intimate can only appear in the private gallery.

Recon Search Tools and Filters

Recon Search Tools and Filters

The search page on Recon appears to be very simple before a user accesses the search filter. The process of finding a suitable profile through the large user base is made a lot easier by the search tool, which is very comprehensive with several filters. If a profile appears suitable, Recon members can visit those profiles to learn more about them. However, a free user will not be able to view the profile, but they can see the pictures. Meanwhile, a premium member will receive higher access to all the content.

Some of the filters available for a free member are age, photo availability, joining date, and interests. However, a premium member will be able to unlock additional features like body type, height, role, ethnicity, and more. It is even possible to search for users based on keywords.

Recon Connection and Communication Process

Recon Connection and Communication Process

The interaction process on Recon will begin as soon as the user has identified a potential match. After searching for the right user from the search tool, users can view the complete profile if they have a paid membership. There is no special algorithm on Recon that can provide one or two matches of high compatibility. Instead, users can rely on the search tool to make their own choices. This option would be preferred by many who want to invest their time into a good date. If a user does not want to initiate a conversation right away, the potential match could be added to the cruise feature. This is a way of keeping things on the move before making contact.

Recon Member Options

Recon Member Options

There are paid and free options available on Recon. The latter is quite disappointing in terms of the capabilities since key elements of Recon have been retained for the premium user. This is quite understandable, and Recon also provides a list of multiple plans to suit users with different budgets.

Free User

There are a couple of features that would be quite useful for a free user. They will be able to check out the top 10 users from the platform. The main gallery pictures are also open to access for these members, who can make use of the search platform with a limited set of features and filters. Crucially, it is possible to send and receive messages.

A paid member on the platform will be having some crucial advantages like the option of visiting an unlimited number of profiles. The gallery photos, which are more than 3 million strong, can be viewed without difficulties. The member’s list can be filtered for greater precision, while a search tool is also available with the teachers. Crucially, this premium search tool is accessible only when the desktop site is used. After picking up a paid membership, users will be passed to the top 100 list, and this will increase their exposure to a huge number of users. Once again, this feature is an available desktop site. There is an advantage notification provided when a favorite user comes online. This can be particularly handy when trying to impress the other person with frequent and prompt messages.

Pricing Options for Users

For someone who wants to date on Recon with a premium membership, the payment can be made using different options like credit cards. The membership is available in different price ranges with the base option starting from £8. This will be valid for 30 days, while a 90-day membership will cost £18. A user can also jump to a six-month-long package that will cost £30, while the yearly package will set users back by £50. A UK user will also have the option of using debit cards and check payments for premium memberships. One should be quite aware of the feature since some premium elements are unavailable on the mobile version.

Removing Subscription from Recon

Any subscription that has been opted on the platform cannot be canceled for a refund. Instead, users have to make the most of the remaining days. Even before deciding to cancel, users need to switch off the auto-renewal features so that the recurring bills are avoided. If there is a need to exit the platform completely, it is possible to delete the account from the database. However, this is an irreversible process, and it should be done after a lot of thought.

Safety and Security of Recon

Recon has a feature that would allow users to share profiles to non-members of the platform. This is done with the utmost confidence, as the platform has different techniques like SSL encryption to protect the safety and interests of users.

Recon Competitors and Alternatives

Recon Competitors and Alternatives

Recon has been around for a long period, someone so that it is one of the front-runners when it comes to gay dating sites in the world. Even then, many fetish sites are providing a healthy alternative for Recon if users are not happy for some reason. The best alternatives to consider would be:

Planet Romeo

Planet Romeo is extremely popular in Europe and North America. Even though the design of the app can feel outdated, it comes up with a lot of exciting features that help in travel apart from the dating scenario. For example, it is easy to get travel tips while arranging a meetup or date. Since the platform also regularly publishes data about the friendly destinations for the LGBT community, this can be quite useful.


Hinge is a relatively new platform that aims to bridge the gap between users across the world. The success of this platform lies in the ability to reduce the difficulty in getting past the initial conversation. Generally, the platform is also rich with users who are quite communicative. The process of getting a date on Hinge will be a pleasant affair indeed. As one of the popular options in this list, Hinge can serve as a good dating platform since users have many options to pick from in the user base.


This is a platform that is quite popular in the USA and the United Kingdom. The app interface is extremely slick, and it is clear that the investors have been able to get the best out of the designer team. Once a user gets the hang of this interface, it may be difficult to look elsewhere. The Chappy platform specializes in long-term relationships rather than hookups. This is demonstrated in every step of the way. The presence of contemporary features, along with a stable interface, makes this a good pick.

Final Conclusion

Recon Final Conclusion

Recon is a platform that features fetish dating of the highest order, as it is a platform for gay members to find each other with a higher accuracy rate, better profile quality, and easy communication. Even though the platform does not have a lot of options for the free user, the paid membership is well worth the effort. The security, discreteness, and enjoyment that can be picked up by the platform are excellent. This is an option that users have to consider with a lot of confidence.

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