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Senior Friend Finder Review 2024 — Real Senior Dating Site or Scam?

Senior Friend Finder Review 2024  — Real Senior Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 77%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 30-40
Profiles 400 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • There are plenty of features, from the dating to the adult entertainment ones
  • There’s a nice “blog” option in your profile, where you can add posts like a real blogger and share your opinion with people on the website
  • Straightforward to use
  • You can’t chat without paying for a membership

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It’s never too late to date. This is a fact. If you are new to this way of meeting new people, don’t be afraid: birds fly over the rainbow, then why can’t you? What Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz is not explaining, though, is HOW.

In this review, we will try to answer this question. If you would have liked to ask more about the Senior Friend Finder website and never dared to do it, it’s time for you to read on.

We will explore Senior Friend Finder’s features and explain you how to sign-up and take a look at the website for free. This way, and following our advice, you will make a wise choice. And maybe you’ll find your own soul mate by Senior Friend Finder. Never say never.

Here at Senior Friend Finder, you may feel a cluttered environment. Tabs and buttons everywhere, and they are popping up from every corner. If you are not used to them, they can be a little incomprehensible and annoying at first.

But we’re sure that with some useful tips you will be just fine on Senior Friend Finder, and you will be able to surf the website like a professional.

Ready to learn how? Read on!

Senior Friend Finder Review: Legit Or Scam?

How Does Senior Friend Finder Work

This website will allow you to create a profile where you can write a description of yourself. In your profile, you can upload a picture of yourself and some videos—also, a blog part, which is the most original feature here in Senior Friend Finder.

Then you can browse other users, searching by their sex, age, body type, and physical features. All that you can imagine is here: just picture yourself performing 20 filters human research in real life. Imagine the final result: a person who may be the right fit for you!

You can also live in Senior Friend Finder World as an active member. Do you have a social media profile? Well, it’s something similar here. There’s an actual community of bloggers, people sharing personal photos, and public comments.

Here you can also read a magazine and participate in a chat room. If you don’t know what a chat room is, think of it as a regular chat, but with more than two members participating.

Basically, it’s like a newsfeed. The chat rooms are usually popular in forum websites, allowing people interested in different topics to participate in different discussions.

You can take Senior Friend finder as an average dating website, and you can search profiles, chat with them, like them, see their photos.

You can also take advantage of all its public spaces to take the community here to a higher level. As soon as you sign-in, you will be a part of it, and you are welcomed to make it better.

How Does Senior Friend Finder Work

Audience Analysis

Here we go with the most crucial part: the audience. To be honest, we must say that there are not that many users on Senior Friend Finder. They are scattered all over the world, but most of them are from the US.

There’s almost an equal percentage of men and women on this website, and there are far more straight than homosexual people. As the sexual orientation is set from the beginning, you won’t find any bad surprises in this sense.

As we always say, when we talk about the audience on dating websites, we must bear in mind that there’s everyone online. There are robots, fake users, people pretending to be who they are not—also, the worst breed, scammers. People who are kind to you at the beginning, but then turn the tide and start insulting, trolling, and saying unpleasant things. Good news—there’s the equivalent of a baseball bat on the top right of the screen: the report button.

Report all the misbehavior you see—sexually explicit and un-asked material, under-age, violent, and so on. These, you can detect by yourself. Then there are scammers, who tend to be a little more sophisticated

, like a user sending you a link that leads you outside Senior Friend Finder. They are 99% likely Senior friend scammers, trying to steal your credit card details. Don’t click, nor send money outside authorized channels, like the membership section.

Key Features

As said, the features are multiple and easy to understand. You will see them displayed in the main toolbar, so let’s summarize the icons which you will find here: homepage, messages, notifications, saved stuff, search browser, live-action, blog and chats, and eventually, the popular news and profiles on the website.

Senior Friend Finder User-Friendliness

The overall user-friendliness is quite high, even if the main page is a little busy with buttons, tabs, and ads.

No big deal. Let’s see more in detail what you will find on the main page.

Senior Friend Finder Design and General Usability

The design is plain, white, grey, and black. There’s the main toolbar on top of the screen, with tabs we have mentioned in the “main features” paragraph. Use this to surf quickly and adequately within the website.

Then there are three main sections below the main toolbar. On the left, there are some details about your profile. It’s quite useful to have them displayed here. You can check whenever you want your notifications, the views on your profile, or the people you like.

You can also take an eye on the gifts and tips you sent to people so that you won’t lose control.

In the middle, you will see all the profiles displayed. It doesn’t matter if you are noticing right now that you have created a wrong profile, and you said you like women, and instead, you are looking for men: you can change your mind on the way! Just go to the profile settings on the top left, and you will see the main section’s profile profiles changing and turning into what you really like.

Then, on the right, there are the community icons: the community blog, the groups, and the “bling”. Blings are emojis created or shared by people in the community.

Senior Friend Finder Mobile Application

There’s, unfortunately, no mobile app for Senior Friends Finder. Still, the website is light enough to be used from your Internet browser on your mobile phone or tablet.

We recommend that you have enough battery left beforehand, as apps that enable you to chat and to download pictures and videos are always heavier than other apps.

Make also sure that you are connected to a Wifi, as the app requires a strong Internet connection. We suggest using your home wifi, as it’s not safe to share personal information and credit card details on public wifi, without proper security measures.

Customer Support

It’s on the top right of the screen. See the blue “Help” link? That’s it, that’s the customer support. You will have to fill in a form and ask what you need from them precisely, and within 48 hours, they should answer them.

Keep it short and try to explain what is your issue. There’s no need to reveal your password and your credit card details to them.

One last thing: if you pay for a Gold or Silver membership, you will have full access to 7/24 phone Customer Support.

Customer Support

Sign-Up Process And User Profile

Five easy steps to sign-up, ladies and gentlemen! Brace yourself for a child-proof sign-up process. Even if you are not a tech expert or an experienced dating app user, you will be able to follow these necessary 5 steps without any issue.

First, type www.seniorfriendsfinder.com directly in your address bar. There are a lot of similar websites, so this is the easiest way to find the site.

Now let’s get closer and see how the sign-up process works.

How to Sign-Up

As said, once you click on the “sign-up” button on the main website page, you will have to fill in the form with some personal details, like your age, username, password, and email address.

You can’t use a fake email address, as there is an automatic fake email detection on. Then add your zip code and country.

You may be asked now to complete the anti-captcha. Just follow the instructions given on the screen; they are performing a test because they want to know if you are a robot or a human being.

If you’re a robot and disguised yourself as a human to the point that you’ve managed to read this review so far, then congratulations! But, unfortunately, only humans are allowed in Senior Friend Finder.

Now an email verification has been sent to your email address, and you need to click on it to verify your identity.

Profile Quality And Verification

As said in the previous paragraph, your identity is verified through email confirmation. A second before your email confirmation is sent, you will be asked to complete your profile. You can add a funny title, and then continue below with a personal description.

Keep it short, and possibly don’t take yourself too much seriously. If you have no clue, click on the blue link next to the thread, and the website will display some writing advice for you.

Our recommendation is to write it down yourself, as you can know yourself better than anyone else. As no one usually wants to meet an egocentric person on a dating website, don’t be too humble, but don’t brag either.

Profile Quality And Verification

First of all, bear in mind that this feature biases the search result: if you buy a gold membership, you will be seen at the very top of search results. So, the users you are searching for are maybe not precisely those who you were looking for.

Imagine the scene in real life: you see in a pub a beautiful back and ass of a person sitting at the bar, with thick hair, a nice dress, and a shot of tequila in hand.

You get close to have a chat, and when she/he turns, nothing is like you thought it was. “Never mind, have tequila and move on,” wouldn’t this be your thought?

Try to remind this when you see the first search results in Senior Friend Finder—hoping that the Tequila is a good one!

Chatying And Matching On Senior Friend Finder Platform

Chatting has never been easier on a dating website. Let’s say that Senior Friend Finder is not saving money in detail and in user-friendliness. Find at the top toolbar the “chat” tab. Here you can see your active chats. A soon as you log-in, there’s a yellow glowing notification on the icon. Press it.

It’s the page admin, who’s welcoming you on board. Read the message carefully, as it contains some useful details. Use the tips you find here. On the left of the chat, you will notice another handy feature: the email folders.

You can basically organize mails you receive within these folders. So that they won’t be scattered in your ain inbox, lumping it and making you unable to find your favorite ones.

There’s not only the private message option: you can use a chat room to meet new people. Imagine this as a pub (another pub metaphor) where you randomly chat with people and find common interests, fantasies, and so on. Where to find the chat room? Go to the upper toolbar, on the “live-action”, then on the “chat room.”

Chatying And Matching On Senior Friend Finder Platform

Senior Friend Finder Subscription Options

Right after the sign-in, you will be welcomed by a membership page. The website is presenting you with the offer of the day, saying that you can’t miss the opportunity. Let’s see what changes if you upgrade to a silver or gold membership, but first, let’s see which features you are granted.


By signing up, you have a free membership. You can edit your profile as many times as you want. You can see some other members, but you can’t contact nor answer them. Also, you can’t see videos.

Silver and Gold Membership

With a Silver membership, you will have: access to members, so chat and full view—partial access to blogs, groups, and magazines. And finally, a 24/7 friendly phone Customer support. You will be shown in researches as well, and you will be able to see other users’ videos.

With a Gold Membership, you will be shown in the first research results, you can see extra-large photos, and you will have the most advanced research filters. They are at least 20 more than the “free member” ones. You will see them by clicking on the “search button,” even as a free member. They are in dark grey, and they clearly are disabled. Still, you can see them and have an idea of what you can expect.

Senior Friend Finder Pricing

Silver Membership: 1 month is for 22,94$, 3 months are for 33,94$. Gold Membership: 1 month for 34,94$, 3 months for 14,98$.

You can also buy virtual currency, which you can spend on tips and gifts you would like to send to other users.

How to Cancel Your Senior Friend Finder Subscription

It’s not so easy to cancel your subscription, so the Customer Support will help you do that step by step. Just write to them using the “Support” tab on the top right of the screen, and they will answer you back.

Explain why you would like to quit. It’s widespread for them to make up a special offer for you, just to make you stay.

How to Cancel Your Senior Friend Finder Subscription

Safety & Security On The Senior Friend Finder

There’s no real bug in the website security. The only real threat might come from other users, so always make sure you are not sharing your personal details, like address, contacts, credit card number.

Senior Friend Finder Competitors and Alternatives

There are many similar websites for dating over 60: Senior People Meet, Our Time, Senior Match, Silver Singles, Dating for Senior, My Senior Dating, Senior Next. One last is Senior Dating, which is perfect but only works if you live within the UK.


Now one can stop you, now that you know how Senior Friend Finder Works. If you still have some doubts, we encourage you to see the website yourself. It will be easier to visualize the page in front of your eyes.

Now it’s time for us to wish you a beautiful dating experience! Good luck!

MS, RD & Writer
Josie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, and she is a certified relationship coach. The young lady offers clients a warm and caring environment. She has dedicated her life to other people’s well-being since she understands what they go through. Throughout her career, she has acquired enough skills to build healthy relationships.
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