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TransgenderDate 2024 — Real Transgender Dating Site or Scam?

TransgenderDate 2024  — Real Transgender Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 24-27
Profiles 2 400 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Big database of transgender people, who looks for love and romance
  • Secure signup process
  • Browsing profiles and photos of other members is free of charge
  • Available high-quality guidelines on how to use the website
  • Available video/audio live chats
  • Possibility to add 500 photos
  • Users can create their public blogs
  • The site is limited in special features
  • Sending/receiving private messages is allowed for verifies users
  • Dating transgender people is allowed after verification
  • Outdated web design

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TransgenderDate is a very popular but specific online dating website. The main goal is to create a secure and entertaining online environment where users from all around the world can meet, mingle, share photos, and build transgender relationships.

Nowadays, most online dating websites focus on traditional heterosexual relationships. In this case, TransgenderDate is like a breath of air. This dating platform welcomes not only LGBT people but also encourages people of all genders and any kind of sexual orientation. Even straight people love this website for their sense of freedom to express your ideas and way of life. Let’s see whether TransgenderDate is what it claims to be, or it is another pool of scammers and fake members.

How to Make Contacts on TransgenderDate Site?

TransgenderDate: Read Our Detailed Review to Be Sure the Website Is Worth Attention

A lot of transgender people have already tested this innovative online dating website. It is the community where they feel free and secure to express their sexual orientation and way of living. You can meet people with shared interests here. You can make quick contacts using forums and chat rooms. If you want to have more private interaction, you can use the instant messenger. Everyone has the right to send friend requests. All TransgenderDate members have the possibility to write their own blogs, read the blog posts of other members, and write comments on them. If you made good contact with a member, you can send a private email and add beautiful photos of yourself. This will boost the interest of people you like and want to get to know them better. When you share your photos, it means you trust this person, and your intentions are serious. By the way, the best thing about TransgenderDate is that sending private messages is free for all verified members.

Let’s See the Website Audience Analysis

TransgenderDate has more than 110,000 registered users worldwide and around 80,000 members from the United States of America. We checked the number of daily logins and found out that it is around 500. Gender proportion is not well-balanced. There are approximately 20% of female users and 80% of male users. Every user gets their personal profile. The main visitors of the website come from the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Iran.

TransgenderDate can be called the leading site for the transgender people. We noticed that all the users are active and quite responsive. If you send a message, you will get a reply within an hour or even faster. You have high chances to find a transgender lover, a new friend, or a community of people with similar life goals.

What Are the Special Features Available on the Website?

TransgenderDate: Read Our Detailed Review to Be Sure the Website Is Worth Attention
  • Advertisement

TransgenderDate can be used as an excellent ad platform for targeted audiences. You can use it to advertise your business or personal services. If you want to place your ads on the homepage, you have to pay for this service. Your ads can be placed on blogs, forums, search, profiles, and mailboxes. You can choose different banner ads sizes or customize them according to your taste.

  • Blogs

You can use blogs to express all that you feel. The only rule is that your blog posts should not violate the cardinal regulations of the TransgenderDate website. A lot of users write their dating experiences and read posts written by other people with significant interest. It is a fun way to share your experience with the open-minded community.

  • Forums

TransgenderDate has its own form of chat rooms, which is a forum. You can see a lot of various topics, such as sexuality, love, human rights, dating experiences, etc. Everyone is welcome to join a forum and communicate with people.

  • Mailbox

TransgenderDate allows you to send private emails to your new friends. In fact, it is the same as a typical email system. It is allowed to add photos. As soon as your email is delivered you can check whether it was read or still not.

Can We Call the TransgenderDate Site to Be User-Friendly?

TransgenderDate is a user-friendly online dating site. One of the biggest advantages of this site is that it is absolutely free for all verified transgender users. The process of verification usually takes up to 24 hours. You can wait a bit to use all features for free. All new members have to take a photo of themselves and hold a sign with the verification code. The website sends this code to every new member. In order to get the code, you have to press the ‘Verify’ button. The site never displays this image. Once it has been approved, it gets removed immediately. It is the way how TransgenderDate checks the new members. It is also a way to maintain safety and prevent abusive or disrespectful behaviors. As soon as you get verified, you get full access to the TransgenderDate features. This dating website has a lot to offer.

The most significant advantage of the site is its blog. You can read funny topics, as well as something more serious. If you do not have writing talent or you simply lack time, you can read other people’s blogs. You can share your personal opinion in the comment section. It is a way to interact with people, share your experiences, and give your recommendations.

How Do We Find Website Design and Usability?

TransgenderDate: Read Our Detailed Review to Be Sure the Website Is Worth Attention

It is true that the central concept is unique, and all free features are remarkable. As for design, we could not see anything extraordinary or eye-catching. The web design looks a little bit outdated compared to other similar websites. However, its usability is excellent. All sections are arranged pretty well for your convenience. The site is user-friendly. You can feel its welcoming and engaging vibration to start looking for matches. There are a lot of powder-pink and blue colors. These colors are present in the logo, as well as on many buttons. The rest of the space is colored in white to make a good contrast. The fonts are little and a bit old-school. You should not forget that the website is free, so there are some weak points in its modernization. We consider the TransgenderDate website to be user-friendly and trustworthy.

Does TransgenderDate Offer AMobile Application to Its Clients?

We could not find any official application of TransgenderDate. However, it is not a big problem because you can access this dating platform on your smartphone/tablet using your mobile browser. Of course, apps are very convenient. Still, the website has excellent mobile adaptability. You can access all the main features. Users can read blogs and forums, write comments, send an unlimited number of friend requests, and communicate with the members using your mobile device.

What Requests Can You Send to Customer Support?

The most common requests TransgenderDate clients send to Customer Support are the following.

How can you modify the time zone?

It is essential to adjust the time zone settings. If you do not do this, all emails and notifications will display the wrong time. In order to change the time zone, you have to go to the website settings, press ‘Edit Profile’ on the ‘Time Zone Settings’ icon. Finally, you have to choose the needed time zone and save the changes.

How can a user change their username?

TransgenderDate does not allow its members to modify their usernames after the registration. The only solution is to open a new profile.

What is the verification process?

It is very simple to verify your profile. Users have to send a photo with the verification code. It gets approved within 24 hours.

As you can see, Customer Support is available to all members. You can solve any technical, payment, or safety issues as well.

Brief Overview of Signup Process and Users’ Profiles

TransgenderDate: Read Our Detailed Review to Be Sure the Website Is Worth Attention

The critical points of the signup process:

  • It is very easy to sign up for the website.
  • The entire registration process takes not more than a couple of minutes.
  • Email verification is not needed.
  • Unfortunately, you can’t log in via Facebook or email.
  • It is not allowed to modify your username after registration.

The critical points of users’ profiles:

  • It is allowed to write comments on users’ profiles and blogs only if you have profile photos.
  • You can boost your profile by embedding your favorite musical compositions.
  • Users can set questions that get displayed on their profiles.
  • Your photo content gets approved within 12 hours.
  • You can attract more matches by completing your profile with extended details about yourself, your lifestyle, and your expectations.
  • It is allowed to modify the information in your profile at any time.
  • Your pictures are visible to the community free of charge.

How to Sign Up for the Site?

There is no mystery in signing up for TransgenderDate. The process is pretty quick and straightforward. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to register via Facebook because the site has another way of verification of new members. You will create your account in a few minutes. The website asks your gender, which can be a genetic man/woman, a trans woman/man, an androgynous, a crossdresser/transvestite, an intersex man/woman, etc. Also, you have to mention what you are searching for here. Then create your username, and we want to pay your attention to the fact that it can’t be changed later. Finally, write down your ZIP/postal code and email address.

How Does Profile Verification Process Happen?

TransgenderDate: Read Our Detailed Review to Be Sure the Website Is Worth Attention

It is not mandatory to complete your profile on TransgenderDate. However, we recommend you do it because you will get access to all free features. In order to verify your account, you have to upload a profile image. Otherwise, you will not be able to leave comments on blogs and users’ profiles. If you ignore the verification process, you will not get access to fun chat rooms and the instant messenger feature.

Free Access to Advanced TransgenderDate Search Tools

An impressive search capability makes TransgenderDate one of the leading dating websites. We compared it to other similar dating websites and found the capacity to be enlarged a lot. You can use an advanced search mechanism to find members who are online every date. Also, you can specify your search to find the members who have recently updated profiles, or you can search for potential matches who live in the same area as you do. You can even find people by their specific usernames.

Find Our What Matching and Chatting Options Are Available

All members of TransgenderDate have the right to send/receive private messages through a free email feature. You can participate in instant/private chats. If you have added your profile photo, you can get access to the instant messenger, the tool which makes super fact connections between potential matches.

Available Membership Options on the Site

TransgenderDate: Read Our Detailed Review to Be Sure the Website Is Worth Attention

All members of TransgenderDate get access to the following free dating services:

  • You get access to chat rooms
  • You can add photos to your private emails
  • You can use the instant messenger tool
  • Unlimited possibility to send friend requests
  • You can read/write/control comments on blogs
  • Get email delivery reports

It is a rare website that offers VIP membership to everyone free of charge. You can use the site to its full extent once you have verified your account. The whole verification process is also free and takes up around 24 hours.

Free Version of This Online Dating Service

A lot of new members can’t believe that TransgenderDate is really a 100% free dating service. It is the truth with one exception. You have to be a verified member. You should not miss such a splendid opportunity to participate in one of the most prominent transgender community free of charge.

Is There Any Paid Subscription Plan Available?

TransgenderDate does not offer any paid subscription plans. It is a rare dating website that treats all clients equally. You just have to respect the verification procedure in order to use all available features.

Pricing Policy for Advertisements and Payment Options

TransgenderDate is a free dating site. The only thing you have to pay for is the advertisement. If you want to pay for these services, the site accepts the following payment methods: VISA/Mastercard or Paypal. You can use Prepaid and Gift Cards. However, you have to activate and register them for your payment to be accepted.

How to Cancel Your Online Dating Profile?

There are specific personal reasons why a TransgenderDate member wants to cancel or deactivate their profile. If you’re planning to do it, you have to press the ‘Account’ link under your profile on the main website menu.

What Safety and Security Measures Does the Site Have?

TransgenderDate: Read Our Detailed Review to Be Sure the Website Is Worth Attention

Every TransgenderDate user has the right to report abusive members. The website has a strict policy on abuse. There should be no spamming on the site. If you notice such an activity, you have to contact the admin immediately. He will help you resolve such issues. You can fulfill the abuse form or send an email to [email protected].

The Best TransgenderDate Alternatives and Competitors to Try

  • TSDates
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • MyTranssexualDate
  • Trandr
  • MyTransgenderCupid

Honest Final Words About LGBTQ+ Online Community

Modern society protects the human right of absolutely all people despite their sexual orientation. Having a dating site like TransgenderDate is very important for the international transgender community. It is a significant achievement for gender inclusivity. It is the right place for people who belong to the LGBTQ+ community. They feel free and safe here. All members can speak, set questions, share their own dating experiences. It is a unique chance to raise their voice that has been muted by our conservative society. The best thing about this popular dating site is its so-called VIP freemium model. The website gives free access to all features. We like the way they do the profile verification process. In fact, you just have to upload an image with the code. Such strict security measures make people feel safe here. All members are treated with equal respect. Let’s hope that its web design will be polished a bit and will look more up-to-date. We have to mention the blog feature. It is an excellent way to make people speak. You will discover a lot of new information about sexual awakening and everyday challenges and difficulties of being a transgender person in our modern world. A lot of people meet each other through blogs. So if you belong to the LGBTQ+ community, check the TransgenderDate website right away!

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