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What’s Your Price Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

What’s Your Price Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 3 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration is free and easy
  • An innovative concept that can result in a higher number of successful dates
  • A win-win situation for all members
  • A large number of female users are college students
  • Lack of a mobile app
  • Prices can be on the expensive side

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What’s Your Price was created in 2010 as a means of turning the world of dating into an incentive. Instead of trying to win a date with conversational skills, What’s Your Price works to complete the task for a price.

How does Price Work?

How does Price Work?

The regular dating platform involves trying to woo the other person with skills that can be conversational or other. However, What’s Your Price is kind of “Rate my Date”-type website that focuses on setting a price for a person’s popularity, and different members bid for a date. The user who manages to come up with the highest bid gets to enjoy the date. Apart from spending on the bidding amount, the winner also has to bear the expenses on the date.

Audience Analysis

Despite being a relatively new platform after being created in 2010, What’s Your Price has shot up in popularity. The site has a large population of users from the United States, with around half 1 million users. The first dates would receive around 5 million total bids. The ratio of men to women on the platform is relatively neutral, with little to separate. The members are primarily from the United States, with a substantial contribution from Canada and the United Kingdom. San Francisco happens to be one of the hubs of this platform, with many successful dates coming from the city. There are dating options with plenty of users from different races, religions, and ethnicity.

Key Features

Key Features

There are no special features on the platform, as it is a clear and straightforward place to get information about the dates. Apart from the options available for bidding and chatting with users, there is not much to do on What’s Your Price, but it can be quite successful indeed.

Price User-Friendliness

The site is extremely user-friendly, as there are not too many options that can confuse a visitor. A free user also does not have much functionality, and even a paid user gets to the job at hand – making bids and initiating contact – straight away. This results in less time being required to know the site and more time being available for trying to get dates.

Website Usability & Design

Website Usability & Design

There is a minimal set of features on the What’s Your Price platform. However, the designers have come up with a brilliant design that looks fresh even after several years. The four major options available to a user happens to be search, bids, favorites, and messages. Accessing all the sections is straightforward and very easy, thanks to a bold navigational bar. The biggest advantage of the site is its bold claims, which are branded out lavishly on the homepage.

Price Mobile Application

A huge disappointment with What’s Your Price is the lack of a mobile app. Although the brand has been in discussions for the launch of an app, it has still not made its way. Still, it is effortless and convenient to access the platform on a smartphone due to the support through mobile browsers. Similarly, it can also be accessed on tablets and other gadgets. Once again, the features are limited for the free user, but it is capable of offering high-quality service for a regular user.

Customer Support

Customer Support

The site comes with 24 x 7 support and many other forms of addressing questions that may crop up for a user. This involves providing information on some of the frequently asked questions. This section should be able to handle most of the problems, but the support team also does a good job of reaching out to users who are facing issues – which can be technical, from other users, or more.

Sign-up Process and User Profile

The registration process on the platform should not take a lot of time, as it a basic set of information to start the account. The critical data required would be the gender, as it determines the part of the registration process. Then, users will be asked about email address, username, birth date, password, and more. All these are essential to have a profile setup. Even after creating a profile, users do not need to enjoy the different elements of the platform. It is only when they place funds and buy credits that they get to maximize the various features.

Since the importance of a profile kicks in only when a user wants to contact someone, the information can be filled in later.

How to Sign-up

How to Sign-up

A user who wants to sign up with What’s Your Price will be greeted by a registration page that can be dealt within just a few minutes. Only a limited set of data is required during the signup process, and the user can choose to enrich the profile with information at a later stage. Since very little data is required during signup, users should be able to finish the process before it starts. The simplicity of the account opening procedure might be explained by the lack of options available to every user.

Profile Quality and Verification

The information about a person is described on the profile, and description should not be more than a specified quantity. This description will be very crucial in terms of attracting profile visitors. A profile has very little accessibility until it has been verified. A user will be able to add plenty of details after signing up. The questions asked to a user range across different categories like religion, education, relationship, height, ethnicity, body type, occupation, interests, income, and more. A user can also choose the kind of relationship that they want – friendship, dating, sugar dating, a casual, or discreet affair.

After entering all these details, a user is good to go. The use of accurate information on the different columns can lead to a successful date, just as wrong information can lead to a decrease in dates over time.

Price Search

A search filter is available on the What’s Your Price platform so that users can find the right woman. The different parameters available for searching our location, distance, relationship preference, age, height, smoking preference, drinking inclination, and more. These form a comprehensive set of criteria that can help narrow down the individual to a small footprint. If the tool is used correctly, it can result in very accurate matches.

Matching and Chatting

Once a user completes the profile with a picture and all the details, the messaging feature will be opened up. However, one can message other users only after making the bid or if the bid has been accepted. A free user can always send winks so that they can grab the attention of other users. A minimum bid of five dollars is applicable, and if there is no competition for a specific user, this bid can come out successful. However, there is no upper limit on the money that a woman can receive using the bidding system. A counter-bidding process is also available so that users can play around with the price and show their interest.

It is not a surprise that men are unlikely to be on the receiving end of a bid. All the attention is likely to be on the females in the platform, who will be receiving bids. They can also come up with a counter bid as the preferred amount. Even though the site claims that it does not support escort services, the policy is unlikely to change anytime soon, and women will continue to receive funds on this platform.

Subscription Options

Subscription Options

Many of the sugar daddy sites tend to focus on the free options available to a user, but What’s Your Price is quite different, considering that there are options that are given more preference. It is essential to know about the key advantages and disadvantages of being a free or paid user before picking up a plan.

Free Version

The free user has very few options available on the platform. It is possible to open an account for starters, but even basic matchmaking requires a paid membership. It is not possible to look through the profiles on the platform without the presence of a membership. For those who want to still continue with the free membership, the options that are still open are the blog posts and other tips. It is not even possible for a guest user to take a look at the profiles. This can be a hindrance when trying to evaluate the site.

Paid Subcritption

One can use all features put out by What’s Your Price by going with the paid membership. For starters, the biggest advantage of a paid membership will be the ability to initiate communication with other members through messages. This is effectively the start of the online dating process. A paid member is given the freedom to bid on women for dates, create a conversation after placing the bid, and take it further if the woman responds. There are several useful services available as part of the paid membership. One can make bids and purchase manual credits.


The critical thing to remember about the pricing structure is that What’s Your Price does not charge in terms of monthly fees. Instead, users pick up credits that will cost a certain amount of money. There are three tiers available for someone who wants to pick up credits. The base option would involve 100 credits, which will cost $ 50. The next option is to go for 450 credits that will cost $ 150. Finally, the most expensive option on the list would be 1000 credits that will cost $ 250. However, this expensive option does reduce the cost of credit from $0.5 to $0.25. In terms of payment options, users can opt for PayPal or credit cards.

If the credit cards are used, users need not worry about privacy since the information about the platform will not be revealed ultimately.

Cancelling Price Subscription

There is no option for a regular user to get refunds on the credits that are purchased on the platform. However, it is possible to receive the refund under two circumstances – profile gets removed by the administration or a user, who has recently been in touch, is subjected to a security check. If any of these two options are applicable to the user, they can initiate a refund request by getting in touch with the support team. If not, users have to continue with the credits as long as they remain in the account.

Security and Safety

Security and Safety

Some key security features on the site can make a lot of difference in terms of the success ratio. For example, a verification procedure can be done at an additional cost of $50. This will make sure that a user is not a scammer and that they can be trusted completely. Despite the additional cost, users will not regret choosing the verification option since it will help improve popularity amongst women. The site’s safety angle is covered very well by protecting the data stored on the platform, and it is never handed over to 3rd party sites. All the information is also encrypted so that it cannot be misused.

Price Competitors and Alternatives

Even though What’s Your Price brings in a new concept, there are many sugar daddy sites available in the market. Some of the top options would be:

Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement is regarded as one of the largest sites in the world for sugar daddy concept. It manages to comply with both female and male sugar babies. The site manages to receive more than 10 million visitors every month. This is quite a strong figure considering that the site has many features under a paid plan. There is a free version available for users, but monthly costs would exceed $ 70 or more per month when users opt for the paid version. Still, the site finds a lot of patronage due to the quality of users.


This is a platform that has been around for more than ten years. Over the years, it has been able to redefine the process of sugar daddy concept, as it comes with a large user base that mostly features verified users. As a result, it is straightforward to avoid time wasters or scammers. The time spent on this platform can be extremely beneficial for all parties.

Unlike in major sugar daddy sites that predominantly feature men with a small number of women, the ratio is almost 60:40 (men and women) on this platform. This results in a larger pool of users who are available to pick. Once again, there are free and paid versions, with costs ranging from $50 per month to $24 per month.

Be Naughty

Be Naughty is a platform that presents a large user base to a user. It considerably increases their chances of getting a successful date – even if it is on a sugar daddy arrangement. Several sexual encounters can be found on the site, which happens to offer a free version along with multiple paid options. Compared to the two previous options, Be Naughty is significantly on the cheaper side with the most expensive plan, which costs $12.30 per month, and costly plans cost $27.30 per month.


What’s Your Price is one of the top sugar daddy sites in existence today. Despite having been around for several years, it is still modern and very relevant in terms of features. The development prospects are excellent, and the site offers an excellent platform for finding a successful date within a very short period. The site forms an excellent basis for establishing mutually beneficial relationships, but the lack of many options for a free user is one of the hindrances.

A visitor has to pick up a paid membership even to utilize the basic functions of What’s Your Price. Furthermore, the women always get to experience the rub of the green by getting the bids. The options for men are minimal, apart from having to spend on the platform. Even then, it is easy to pick up a relationship that a user has always preferred – for a price.

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