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Willow Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Willow Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-27
Profiles 345 677
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Perfect for finding romance or just friendship
  • Conversations match users
  • Personalities of a person are paid more attention
  • No cost associated with getting the app
  • Available only for mobile users
  • Available only for the Apple users

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How does Willow Work?

Willow is available only on the mobile platform is an app. The traditional concept of online dating relies on the information in a profile to match individuals, who can later make a choice depending on appearance. However, the appearance and profile information takes a back seat with Willow, which is about matching individuals who appear to have a great connection when interacting with each other. A conversation is initiated for the matching process to begin.

Audience Analysis

Audience Analysis

There is not much information about the user base, but Willow operates in different parts of the world. In terms of traffic, the United States has a sizeable contribution, followed by the United Kingdom and several other European countries. It supports different languages, and users from all races and ethnicities are accepted on the platform. The primary sexual orientation available on the Willow app is straight.

Key Features

There are some key features on the platform that can make a difference for some of the users. The top choices would be:

Group Messages

Willow is a platform that has several hundred thousand users. The number of users could be even more if it was available on the desktop too. Even the presence of an Android platform would have made things so much easier when it comes to being attractive for other users. Still, there are many users on Willow, and bringing them together would be the group messages. It provides an opportunity to connect with the community based on discussions, and it can lead to opportunities for meeting other people.


Willow is a place where you can find vast numbers of real people, and they happen to possess a different kind of interests. One can use the discover function to find out individuals based on various parameters and strike a conversation. It is effortless to find someone who is interesting and fun at the same time.


The communities are given a lot of importance by Willow, which can be used to keep up with personal interests and topics. The current chats can also be used as a way of keeping up with the community. All these measures can increase the potential for success.

Willow User-Friendliness

Willow User-Friendliness

Willow can be extremely easy-to-use. A user can sign up with the platform using a couple of minutes. After registration, they can answer questions on the dashboard, and these would play a key role in finding potential matches.

A user can initiate a conversation with another person by answering their questions, and it can also be vice versa. One can improve the ease of communication by uploading a picture to the profile tab. It is not possible to look at the images posted by a user without connecting with members.

Website Design and Usability

There is no website platform for Willow, as all the functions are done on the app. A website is available for giving out information and adding an option for downloading the app, although the latter will be done on the App Store rather than on the platform. The design is modern, and it is reflective of the philosophy adopted on the app. It results in a seamless transition for the user who has heard about the platform through the desktop app.

Willow Mobile Application

Willow Mobile Application

The mobile app is the only way of accessing Willow. This policy can result in many users are being eliminated from a list of potential candidates to use the platform. Still, it also means that the percentage of millennials on Willow tends to be higher.

The process of answering questions is straightforward, even if it initially sounds like a highly skeptical plan. The app is a great way to share pictures and get more information about the other person.

Customer Support?

Support can be availed by a user in the form of emails. There is not much of a section to deal with the frequently asked questions, which can be a disappointment. However, users will be able to get a quick response when they contact customer support on this platform.

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

The registration process is very secure and easy on Willow. The option of signing up with Facebook means that users may not go through a ton of information to deal with. They can simply use the Facebook login account to open a new account with Willow, and this will take data from the Facebook page automatically. This process is seamless, but users do not want to attach their Facebook login to every app. In this instance, the option to log in with a mobile number comes handy.

The user profile is filled with essential data that can be useful for another person. Even though the questions are the primary way of initiating contact with another user on the platform, the profile page can be a huge help towards creating an icebreaker. Everyone cannot view the pictures uploaded by a user, and this policy protects the security and safety to a greater extent.

How to Sign-Up

How to Sign-Up

Registering with Willow is an easy process that should not take a lot of time. The only option available for individuals to register would be to use a Facebook account or a mobile number. If the latter is used, the members will receive a verification code to the specific phone number that has to be confirmed.

The use of a Facebook account takes away this process. After this step, a small profile is requested with information like age, name, and gender. There is also a step that will require the last name, but it can be skipped. Finally, a user can decide if they want updates on their mobile number or not.

Profile Quality and Verification

The quality of profiles on Willow is excellent, and many stringent measures are taken to ensure that spams and fake users do not have a presence on this platform. Even if they manage to filter through the barrage of safety measures, users can report them to the administrators. There is not much of a verification process when signing up with a Facebook login, which takes care of everything else. However, a user can sign up with a mobile number, which will require a verification code to be checked by the user.

Willow Search

There is not much of search functionality on Willow, as the key process of initiating contact with other users lies in the question and answers. The search option may be absent, but it is replaced by a remarkable matching algorithm that can be quite successful.

Matching & Chatting

The matching process on Willow is the unique element about the platform, as users will be trying to answer questions to strike an interaction. Depending on the interaction progress, a match is established. While searching for a potential match, users will receive information about another member in the form of a short “bio” data, but the photo is not available.

Now, the user answers certain questions to see if compatibility can be established. If the other user happens to like the answers, they can initiate a chat. This chat can progress endlessly until both parties decide to reveal the pictures. The matches can be sorted based on gender, intentions, age range, and more.

Subscription Options

Subscription Options

Willow is in a very competitive segment that does not roll out freebies regularly. There are no major membership options for someone who wants to be a part of the ecosystem.

Free Version

A free option ranks as one of the key components for a successful dating site and, Willow has this in abundance, as it is possible to use all features of the platform without paying any fees. Willow has never gone into a position where it charges users for using the platform, which is likely to remain the same for the foreseeable future. Willow app can be quite challenging due to the attractiveness it offers with the unlimited messaging options and discovers features.

There is no paid version of Willow, and this remains a hugely attractive aspect of the platform. Even in times when things have been going well or bad, Willow has decided to stick with the policy of not charging users for the platform.

It results in a high-quality experience due to several aspects. In many cases, a user may not be able to fully exploit a platform due to the charges imposed by operators. These charges are usually expensive. However, Willow manages to stay relevant for all types of users, and there are no budget constraints. It results in a user base that is quite varied, and the experience shipped by the same will be rather good.

A Glance at Willow’s Prices

The lack of a paid option on the Willow platform means that users do not need to worry about the different payment options or pricing plans. Simple registration with Willow will be sufficient to get going, and this is quite unlike the competitors, which often imposes extra charges on several features.

Canceling Subscription

Canceling Subscription

Since there is no paid option to worry about on Willow, all users may not think about canceling the subscription. If the user is not satisfied with having an account on Willow, he can always choose the extreme step – profile deletion. Every user can do it within the account settings, but users need to beware of using the extreme step, as there is no option to recover the messages or other settings. It is due to the lack of any storage facility at Willow for account details. There is no option of temporarily stepping away from Willow, and such a move will only drop confidence levels.

Safety & Security

Willow has been designed for maximum security and safety for the user. A detailed privacy policy is available on the site, while all users have to the terms of usage. The administrators set aside by Willow strictly monitors all these. If they notice anything out of the ordinary, the user will be taken out to safeguard other members. Even if someone trickles through and causes an undesirable effect on any member, a report option is available so that administrators are notified of a malicious person. A block option is also available if users do not want to have any more conversation with a specific person.

Willow Alternatives and Competitors

Willow Alternatives and Competitors

Willow employs a unique concept that makes it very different from the rest of the online dating apps. For this reason, it can be quite a hard task to find alternatives for this app, but it is easy to come across several competitors. The best options would be:


It is the biggest competitor for Willow, and it works in exactly the opposite style, as users are more focused on they like the other person’s appearance before diving into the profile. There is also very little time being afforded for making the decision. As a result, the app is highly preferred by users who want the opportunity for hookups and casual sex.

At the same time, this is not an excellent solution for finding long-term relationships, as there is often very little substance between the matches. Despite such limitations, Tinder is an extremely popular platform presence on all major avenues. It’s a factor behind the user base of Tinder being more than several million.


After sorting out as a desktop platform, OkCupid has grown into the mobile matching app that provides access to users from across the world. It’s a viral platform for users who want to experience a bit of everything – casual sex, hookup, friendship, or long-term relationships. The user base of OkCupid is enormous, and it spans multiple countries, languages, races, and ethnicities. It is possible to get different types of relationships on OkCupid since there are various avenues like profiles, questions, personality tests, and more.

The matching algorithm from OkCupid is also considered very powerful, as users can get the desired experience easily. The messaging section of OkCupid, though, can undergo improvements as several updates have failed to address the weakness.


It is one of the oldest dating platforms, and this results in a substantial user base. For this purpose, match.com is one of the preferred choices for users who want to meet several individuals at the same time. Despite a large number of users, it can be difficult for someone on match.com to find a meaningful relationship, as it focuses more on casual hookups and short-term dating.



The concept employed by Willow is unique, and it has the potential to come up with some strong outcomes, even if there may be skepticism. Unlike the regular form of dating where a more significant amount of importance is placed on the appearance, the conversation becomes the key aspect of Willow. If a person can strike a great connection just in the conversation, the chances are that the foundation of this relationship will be bound to more than just physical attraction. Due to the presence of many roulette-style dating apps, Willow can serve as a strong platform in terms of providing an alternate.

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