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Woosa Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Woosa Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 27-28
Profiles 1 860 000
Reply Rate 82%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use: the website design is modern and straightforward, making it easy to use to all persons.
  • Basic features are free: most basic features, including messaging and search options, are open to all users.
  • Registration and creating the profile is also free of charge.
  • Detailed profiles: the profiles on this site are detailed. You can understand someone easily by going through their profile.
  • Unavailability of mobile apps: the website does not have an existing mobile application for its Android and iPhone users.
  • Fake profiles: there are fewer verification processes on this site, making easy targets for scammers.
  • Premium rates: premium rates on this site are a bit high compared to other websites of its nature.

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Welcome to our Woosa review for 2020. Here, we’ll discuss details of this website, its features, members who use it, and highlight its alternatives. Read this review to find out more.

Woosa is an online dating platform for connecting singles in the US and other parts of the world. It is a site for individuals looking for serious relationships and long term dating.

It offers a free and quick registration process to its members, which allows them to find matches within its site quickly. It boasts of providing successful matches to its members who join the place to find dating partners.

This dating site uses a scientific algorithm to match its users according to their location. It has several safety and security measures to safeguard its user’s accounts while on this site. Currently, the website can only be used on desktop browsers. It is not yet available on mobile applications. Let’s look at its features and how it’s used.

How Does Woosa Really Work?

How Does Woosa Really Work?

To use Woosa, you first need to create an account and provide details on your profile. Accounts can only be built on the website as it does not own functional mobile apps to its members.

You can use search filters to find potential matches, whom you can match and create conversation.

Woosa works by connecting like-minded US Singles, to their compatible matches for a serious relationship and long term dating. The majority of users on this site come from the United States.

The website works by using scientific algorithms to match its members to like-minded individuals. After matching, members can create conversations and plan on how to physically hook-up.

Let’s Discuss Its Members

Despite having few members, Woosa dating website has got active users who come from different regions across the world. These members are classified according to the below categories:

  • Age: most users of this website are single individuals who range between 20 to 35 years of age. The minimum age allowed on this site is 18 years.
  • Ethnicity: this online platform contains members from almost all races in the world. You can find Black Americans, Indians, Chinese and other ethnicities. The majority of the users are Black Americans.
  • Gender: this site contains both men and women. The majority of these are the men who are looking for partners to settle with.
  • Sexual Orientation: Woosa has not indicated limits on any type of sexuality. This means it has all kinds of sexual orientation, including straight, lesbians, and gays.
  • Geographical: This site contains users from all over the world. The majority of these users come from the United States.

Goal: this site contains members from the US and other countries looking for like-minded individuals for long term relationships and dating. Most of these relationships lead to marriage.

Special Features We Need To Mention

Several essential features make this site easy and exciting to use.

These features include the following.

  • Booster: this is a premium feature that enables your profiles to be seen by more users of this platform. You must subscribe to 70 credits to use the booster, which will highlight your account for 24 hours.
  • Hot or not: this feature highlights profiles of other users, where members vote hot or not.
  • Messenger: this is a communication feature you can use to send or receive messages from other members of this site.
  • Notification: This feature gives out information about any activity concerning your account on this website.
  • Find Matches: this feature enables people to find their matches with the help of the search filters found on this platform.

Is It User Friendly?

Is It User Friendly?

The website itself is user friendly. The registration process is straightforward, and you can just sign-up via their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

The features and the design are easy to use for any member and do not require much experience. All features are on the left-hand side, making them easy to be noticed and picked. However, there is a missing mobile app for users who like using dating apps.

Woosa Website Use & Design

The design is modern and very simple. The interface looks great. Users can navigate easily through the features of this website as they are not congested.

The colors are also great, with beautiful profiles of models that welcome you when you log in to this website.

On the left-hand side, you can find your matches, likes, among other features. On top, you can check on your profile and also use the boost feature. The website’s bottom contains its terms of use, privacy policy, dating blog, and success stories of members who have been matched.

Does Woosa Have A Mobile Application?

Woosa dating platform does not have a functional mobile application for its members. It is one of the significant drawbacks of this website since most dating platforms are now launching these apps for their users.

The site can be used on the mobile browser, giving the same features as on desktop browsers. The only issue is the quality and also the congestion of features because of their compressed size.

Does It Have Customer Support?

There is customer support on-site, which deals with members’ issues on this site.

To contact the customer care, users need to click on the Contact Us tab, available at the bottom of the site to open the contact page. In this tab, you are required to key in your first and last names, email addresses, and issues before sending the message.

Members can also go through the FAQs available, to check if related questions on this section have solved their queries.

How To Sign Up & Create Profile

How To Sign Up & Create Profile

To use this online dating platform, you need to create an account. There are three main ways in which users can create accounts on this platform.

  • Facebook: this involves creating an account using a Facebook account.
  • Twitter: this involves creating an account using a twitter account.
  • Email Address: this is creating an account by use of a Gmail address.

Facebook and Twitter logins are easy processes whereby users need to sign-up via these accounts. A little information is always added later during profile creation.

Here’s How To Register

To create an account via the email address, users need to provide the details below.

  • Profile picture: this is the first step of registration where users are required to upload their image to act as a profile picture.
  • Height: this section requires users to choose their height.
  • Phone Number: you are required to provide a valid phone number.
  • Gender: you need to choose whether male or female.
  • Hair color: Choose your hair color from the options.
  • Country: you need to scroll for your country’s name in this section.
  • Birthday: you need to key in your date of birth in this section.

After providing this information, next, is to create your profile.

Profile Details? Does It Have Verification?

Profile Details? Does It Have Verification?

Users are required to provide the details below to have a fully detailed profile.

  • About me: members are required to provide a brief description of themselves.
  • Personal details: These include the user’s relationship status, preferred language, work status, and education level.
  • Looks: you are required to provide your ethnicity, height, body type, and hair color in this section.
  • Personality: the website requires you to provide this information: Character, friends, children, and pets
  • Lifestyle: you are required to provide details about your lifestyle, including those you live with, religion, drinking habits, the car you own, travel, and smoking habits.
  • Favorites: In this section, users are required to provide their favorite music, movies, city, book, color, etc.

After filling the above details, you would have created your account.

There is no defined process used to verify accounts on this website.

Woosa Search Options

Woosa allows its members to search for other profiles on this website by using one or all of the search filters provided by the site.

On this site, you can search members through the search filters below.

  • Basic search filters: these include: Gender, location, age group, and distance.
  • Looks: you can choose profiles by their heights and body types, including slim, curvy, round, and others.
  • Background: this feature enables members to search for their potential matches by religion, ethnicity, and language.
  • Lifestyle: you can choose members by their marital status, smoking, and drinking habits.
  • Other filters: these include; interests, education levels, and the kind of pets one owns.

All these search filters are free to all members of this online dating website.

How To Match & Chat on Woosa

To match and chat on Woosa, you need to register and have an account on this website. After registration, you can use the search filters to get your preferred matches on this website.

After getting your preferred profiles, you can like or reject these profiles. Clicking on the love icon shows you are interested in them. When the loved profile accepts your likes, then it becomes a match. The potential match can choose to like or dislike your profile.

Before and after matching, you can decide to send your matches messages or a gift to show your interest. Sending a gift is a premium feature that uses credits.

Types Of Woosa Membership Options

Types Of Woosa Membership Options

There are two types of accounts on this website. These are:

  • Primary Accounts: basic accounts are free, but provide limited functions of this site.
  • Premium Accounts: Premium accounts are the paid accounts that offer all the features of this site.

These accounts have been explained in details as below:

Free Membership

Free account members enjoy the benefits below.

Free account registration and profile creation.

  • Search filters: members on free accounts can use most of the search filters except location.
  • Sending of messages and gifts: these communication features are free of charge to all members. However, sending gifts is limited.
  • Uploading photos: uploading photos is free of charge.
  • Viewing other member’s profiles and also checking their photos is free of charge on this website.
  • Finding matches: finding matches on Woosa is free of charge to all members.

To access other advanced features, members need to upgrade their accounts to premium.

Paid accounts, also known as premium accounts, offer all the benefits of this site, including the advanced features. Apart from the free features, members on premium accounts enjoy the below benefits:

  • More stickers on chats provided by the website.
  • Highlighted profiles: users on premium accounts have their accounts highlighted on top of other users.
  • Advanced search: users on paid accounts can search for their potential matches by their countries.
  • Boost me: they can get discounts when they use the boost me feature.
  • Like notification: users on paid accounts can check members who liked their profiles.
  • Premium bar: paid account holders can check themselves on the premium bars.
  • Faster and more matching processes: users on these accounts enjoy the unlimited and faster matching process with other profiles on this platform.

Woosa Prices

Woosa Prices

To enjoy these premium features, you are required to upgrade your account to premium.

Upgrade of these accounts is done by subscribing to different packages available on this website.

These subscription packages include the below:

  • Weekly subscription at $8.00, paid weekly.
  • Monthly subscription at $25.00, paid monthly.
  • Twelve months subscription at $250.00, paid yearly.
  • Lifetime subscription at $500.00, allows users to use the premium features infinity.

These payments can only be made via the PayPal payment system.

How To Cancel Your Woosa Subscription

Due to the mode of payment, subscription packages on this website do not get renewed as compared to other websites.

Once your subscription ends, your account automatically gets converted to free.

To continue having it on premium, you are required to make payments again.

These payments can only be submitted via PayPal.

The website never refunds payments already submitted

Woosa Safety & Security Measures

There are several safety and security measures carried by the website to ensure members’ accounts and their data remain safe on this platform.

Some of these security measures include the below:

  • Verification feature: most verified accounts have the blue tick to symbolize they are verified.
  • Block feature: Members can block annoying and suspicious accounts.
  • Privacy policy: the website has a detailed privacy policy that gives information on the data collected, how it is collected, and also how the site uses this data.

The terms of service also secure members from violations, which include: promoting sexual content, threats, harassments, and bullying.

Woosa Competitors And Alternatives

Woosa Competitors And Alternatives

Being an online dating site, Woosa is facing some competitions from other dating platforms. These platforms can be providing better services and also maybe having large memberships compared to this. Readers need to check them out to see if they can act as alternatives. These competitors include:

  • eHarmony

This is an online dating site popular in the US for singles who are looking for serious relationships and long term dating. eHarmony has millions of members worldwide and has got easy to use the website. This dating platform is available on the website and also in mobile apps for android and iPhone users.

  • Match

Match is an online dating site for individuals looking for long term relationships that lead to marriage. It is among the famous sites in the US. It is designed for singles looking for marriage partners and has a large number of users. This website can be used via the website and also on Android and iPhone mobile apps. Most of its features are on premium accounts.

  • Zoosk

This is one of the most popular dating sites in the world for singles who are looking for short term dates and long term relationships. Zoosk has active members on its platform, and currently, it has registered over 40 million members looking for their preferred matches. This dating platform can be used on websites and also in mobile apps, both on android and iPhone.

Final Conclusion

This section marks our final review of the Woosa platform. We have discussed its features, use, and also its members. It’s now upon the readers to decide whether to use it for their dating needs or seek other alternatives.

This dating platform is easy to use and has an attractive interface. However, it does not have a mobile app for its members, which makes it challenging to use when away from their desktop or laptop. You need to consider this aspect before going ahead to make a decision. Otherwise, it’s a site worth trying for, if you don’t mind about the mobile app.

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