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Ardent Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Ardent Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 39%
Popular Age 27-36
Profiles 1 670 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 7.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Artificial intelligence for better match suggestions
  • Higher rate of response from existing members
  • Matches and profiles are of the high quality
  • Lack of an app for Apple devices
  • Customer support options

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Ardent is an app that tries to take an innovative and intelligent approach to date. Rather than placing a lot of trust in humans, the app allows artificial intelligence to do bulk work. Therefore, the results turn out to be very good.

How does Ardent Work?

Ardent How does Ardent Work?

Ardent is a platform that does not use a matching algorithm that works with a predefined set of data to make the matchmaking process work. This process is not entirely foolproof. Therefore, Ardent uses an artificial intelligence system that takes into account several parameters to deliver high-quality matches. Rather than occasional matches, this artificial intelligence works throughout the day to frequently come up with matches for a specific user.

Audience Analysis

To register on this platform, you should be at least 18 years old. But the most popular age is 20-25 on this app. Here, we admit that men are less than women, and many users are from the USA. Although a huge part of the members is straight, you can join this site despite your sexual preferences.

Ardent does not have a huge audience; despite this, nationalities and races are varied here.

You can find here people with different ethnicity.

Ardent doesn’t focus on religion, so you don’t need to fill in any information about your religious preferences. Anyway, this site accepts users with different religious orientations. But, if religion is important for you and you want to create a religion family, so you would better find websites for the faithful.

Key Features

Ardent Key Features

Let’s see some of the key features that one can find on Ardent.

Match Foreshow

It is a feature that users can get to experience a glimpse of the matches that are around the corner. It increases interest in future profiles so that users can be matched to one of the members.

Personality Questions

There are a couple of personality questions that can have a significant impact in terms of the description provided to artificial intelligence. The questions are not the only parameters that will play a role in deciding the matches, but they are still very high in terms of importance.

MInterest Questions

The interest questions are available so that artificial intelligence can be made even better when making suggestions. Over some time, artificial intelligence can be much better if it is not so great in terms of impact in the initial few matches. The interest questions have a significant role to play to improve accuracy.

Photo Gallery

Since pictures are a crucial factor in improving the chances of receiving a message or mutual interest, users can upload photos into the account. The presence of images has a significant impact on the success rate.

Match Index

Apart from artificial intelligence, the site also has a facial analysis algorithm, and the results will be used in determining the match index. One will also learn information about the number of mutual interests on the platform. If a user has a lot of conversations with other members, their match index will go up.

Ardent User-friendliness

Ardent User-friendliness

Ardent has been designed with a lot of aesthetic sense. Ardent is one of the major platforms when it comes to design and attractiveness. The flows extremely well, and all facets of the platform are within touching distance.

Website Design & Usability

Ardent is an Android mobile app. This app offers a lot of useful features, so you can try it. It has an attractive and stylish, albeit slightly old combination of pink and white. However, what really matters is that it is easy and intuitive to navigate. All the necessary elements are laid out logically. The application menu is not cluttered, and anyone should be able to use it, regardless of previous experience with technology or online dating.

Ardent Mobile Application

Ardent Mobile Application

The mobile app is the only way to access the Ardent platform, unlike many online dating sites that are available in the desktop format. Even here, there is a significant disappointment with the being available only for Android. It has so far been a challenge to search for the App Store version. However, the app comes with a load of functionality that can help secure a date, even in a complicated situation. The app works all the time, and it is capable of bringing together different matches that can be quite successful due to the implementation of artificial intelligence.

It is straightforward to stay signed in, and users should have no trouble getting the app on the phone. For accessing the site when there is no mobile app, a mobile browser will be able to bring together all of the functions.

Customer Support

If you face some problems or have any questions, you can send a message with your issue to the support team, and they will do their best for customers of this app.

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

The Ardent signup process is straightforward, and users should be able to finish the streamlined operation in around 15 minutes. After completing the registration steps, users can head into the profile page to further enhance the chance of finding a great match.

Unlike in other dating sites, Ardent comes with a straight-set of essential questions for artificial intelligence to figure out different aspects. For example, the interest question will assist the matching algorithm so that the match index is improved. It results in a bit of a quality match. Meanwhile, the personality question will also be essential for constructing a relationship when a match is created.

How to Sign-Up

How to Sign-Up

The registration process on this app is quite simple. The sign-in page will request details like gender, preferred gender, email address, password, and username. The latter has to be chosen with care, as users will be placing a lot of importance on this parameter. The best bet would be to go with an expressive but fun name to do the trick. Other necessary information like location and age has to be entered as part of the registration process.

Profile Quality and Verification

Since many stringent techniques are imparted on users before they can join the platform, Ardent is extremely good in terms of profile quality. Many of the platform profiles are rich in terms of information, as Ardent makes it very important to enter the details so that artificial intelligence systems can learn. There may not be much support in terms of verification processes, but it is not required either.

Ardent Search

The Ardent search function is quite decent, as it comes with enough functionalities to help find users based on different parameters.

Matching & Chatting

The matchmaking process is Ardent’s highlight, as users will be getting around three matches every day. Rather than an occasional set of potential matches or a daily list of many profiles, users can pick from a curated list crafted very well to the user’s profile. Artificial intelligence will be undergoing a lot of running behind the scenes to assess the potential match. That would be interest and personality questions that need to be answered for improving the AI, which, in turn, can provide better matches.

If two users happen to like each other, a match is established. Even here, the innovation continues with a new set of options. An exciting feature of the matches delivered to a user is the short timeframe of three days. After the match is established, it will expire in a predefined time, and users have to start chatting before the expiry.

Once a user is part of the platform, they will be given access to chatting sites. The dating sites of today come with many options like video and voice chat. These are extremely useful in getting users connected. The app will be able to inform users when someone is available. Once their online status is known, a chat process can be initiated.

Subscription Options

There are no plans available at Ardent, and the app seems to be free for all users.


There is a lot of worry about safety when it comes to online dating sites, but Ardent follows most of the requirements to ensure that the user experience is secure and safe. The biggest security feature would be the use of encryption. It protects a player against any form of breach.

Ardent Alternatives and Competitors

Ardent Alternatives and Competitors

There is no doubt that Ardent has brought about a major change in terms of the way matches are perceived, but there are some disadvantages of this platform that leaves the gap open for competitors. Some of the best options for an individual would be:


Match.com is one of the oldest online dating platforms, and it comes with incredible history and reputation. It is also a huge factor behind users joining match.com in large numbers. Even then, the platform remains stable and capable of supporting any requests put up by the user in terms of their dating preferences.


OkCupid comes with a vast database, and it is one of the popular platforms for online dating. It has been around for several years. Even though there is no artificial intelligence, the usual set of matchmaking processes works its magic due to the extensive questionnaire presented to the user. The platform’s core features continue to remain free, but a paid membership gives an upper edge.


It is a platform that is available for all genders. It comes with features that make for an excellent community interaction made possible due to the large user base on offer. Even though a premium subscription is essential for getting the best out of this platform, it is well worth the money spent. This platform, however, is largely meant for users who are looking for casual relationships.


Ardent is a remarkable option when it comes to the world of online dating since users will be getting a ton of access to high-quality profiles. Ardent’s artificial intelligence system is unique, and it makes a lot of difference to the matches that a user will receive. There are features like an expiry time for matches to spice up things.

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