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Is BGClive a Legit Gay lt Dating Site in 2024?

Is BGClive a Legit Gay lt Dating Site in 2024?
About Site
Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 63%
Popular Age 27-36
Profiles 139 000
Reply Rate 82%
Ease of Use 9.4
Popularity 7.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The premium membership is very affordable
  • The site has a very minimal design
  • BGClive offers a lot of free features
  • The mobile app is optimized
  • The site takes its security very seriously
  • There is no dedicated app for iOS devices
  • The site attracts spam and fake accounts
  • The search feature at BGClive is very basic

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BGClive is one of the largest gay social networking platforms that cater to the members of the transgender community and bisexual individuals, lesbian women, and gay men. The social aspect here is that members can interact and communicate with each other. Unlike other traditional dating sites, BGClive makes use of social mechanisms, similar to those like Facebook, to generate interactions between its members.

This means the platform is not only about looking for physical attributes in your potential partner. You will be provided with a list of potential partners; you then have to swipe left or right to find the right match. While the site does offer you the chance to score a one-night stand, it has been designed to provide you with so much more! Overall, the site is more engaging than other similar dating sites and much more comprehensive.

Details About BGClive’s Working and Functionalities

Before you join any online dating site, you would obviously want to know what kinds of people make use of the site. You would want to get an idea about the sort of audiences it attracts and how broad the community is.

Scanning The BGClive Audience

In the case of BGClive, the platform boasts of approximately 600,000 members. Out of these, about 90% are male users. With the help of these statistics, it can be concluded that even though BGClive promotes itself as a social site for LGBTQ members, most of the active members are bisexual or gay men. As a result, most of the features, such as chat rooms, stories, forums, and discovery features, are geared towards the preferences of gay men.

Additionally, the platform is also wholly inclusive – this means that anybody that wishes to join the site can do so. BGClive promotes itself as a site that focuses more on the Hispanic and African-American community; however, you will also find representations of other ethnicities. However, about 75% of the members are either Hispanic or African-American.

Another important mention of BGClive is that most of the active members who are looking for real-world encounters belong to the US. If you wish to make use of BGClive as a dating platform, you will have to live in the US due to practicality. For using the site as a general platform for discovering content or general socializing, its appeal can be considered international.

What Are The BGClive’s Important Features?

BGClive offers a lot of great features. Some of them include:

  • Speed Dating

This is BGClive’s version of the popular swipe left-and-right feature. You will be displayed some basic information like last activity, location, age, and the username, apart from the profile picture. If you like the profile, you can swipe left. If the profile does not match your preferences and taste, you can swipe right.

  • Community Tab

If you are an introvert and do not wish to spend a lot of time chatting and interacting with other members, you can check out the Community tab. Here, you will find a lot of blogs about different topics. Additionally, you will find many sorts of ‘Top 100’ posts as well. All these forums are run and managed by BGClive members.

  • Safe Mode

Since there are quite some chances of you interacting with spam or fake accounts, you have the choice to be proactive when it comes to your security. Once you activate the Safe Mode, you will be provided with two types of modes.

The Basic Mode will prevent accounts that have been tagged as suspicious from getting in touch with you. The Full mode will allow only paid and verified accounts to contact you.

  • Flirtcast

Flirtcast is a preset message that you can send to several people at a time. You will need a minimum of one photo on your profile to make use of this feature.

How User-Friendly Is BGClive?

How User-Friendly Is BGClive?

BGClive is known to be one of the simplest sites to understand and use. You do not have to be a technical wizard to score some dates. All you need is the presence of mind while using the website or the mobile app.

Let Us Discuss The BGClive’s Usability and Design

The overall design of BGClive is very uncomplicated. The design of the font is very simple, as well. Everything on the site is very readable and easy on your eyes. All the links and details have been sectioned properly. Additionally, the FAQ section is very concise and informative, as well.

While BGClive may contain some ads, they are not as distracting and annoying as pop-ups. Additionally, the pages are quite easy to navigate, as well. If your internet connection speed is fast, everything should load fast and work out fine.

Members of all ages and levels of tech-savviness will be happy to know that BGClive has straightforward and minimal web design. The no-muss-no-fuss look helps members focus their attention on what is essential – interaction with other members.

The platform’s header is quite handy since it keeps all the links and buttons in it; this keeps the site minimal and helps you maneuver through. On the homepage itself, you will find the Like Gallery and Search options. You will also find on the other side options like profile avatar, notifications, inbox, and the upgrade button (for basic users).

How Does The BGClive’s Mobile App Look Like?

As of now, BGClive does not have any dedicated app for iOS devices; however, you can download the BGClive app for your Android phone via the Google Play Store. You will see that the app shares the same features as its website counterpart. The only difference between the two is how the matches are displayed. The matches on the site will be shown via a grid layout, while the mobile app will show them in a linear layout.

Additionally, the mobile app will only display the member’s profile picture, location, and name. The two icons that you will see at the bottom of each profile are the Heart and Chat bubble. The Heart icon can be sent to a member if you are interested in him/her. The Chat bubble will take you to the conversation page where you can have a chat with that member.

Customer Support

BGClive Customer Support

BGClive is known to have a very timely and nice customer support system. You can get in touch with the agents by filling up an online form and explaining your issues in detail. After you tap on Send, the message will be forwarded to the customer support agents. They will then look into your issue and reply to you within 24 hours with the appropriate solution.

You can also get in touch with the customer support agents via email and telephone, especially if you are facing an urgent query that needs to be solved immediately. The agents are very friendly and will do their best to help you out.

The site also has a very concise FAQ section. Here, you will find the answers to the most common problems. If it suggested that you check the FAQ section out first before getting in touch with the customer support team.

What Is The Sign-Up Process?

What Is The Sign-Up Process?

The signup process is fast and easy. You do not have to spend a lot of time creating an account. You can also choose to fill in the personal details later.

Profile Creation at BGClive?

Creating a BGClive account is hassle-free. You simply need to take just two simple steps – the first requires you to upload a photo. You need to remember, however, that your picture needs to visible and clear. Once you successfully upload your picture, you will be redirected to the next page, where you will have to provide some details about yourself. Some of these details include email address, the nominated password, your chosen profile or username, and your date of birth.

It is also extremely important that you verify your email address as well. Only after you verify your email address will you be then allowed to make use of the platform’s available functionalities and features. Once your email address has been confirmed, you will be free to take a look around and explore what BGClive has to offer.

Signing up for a BGClive profile is free and should not take more than five minutes of your time. After this process is done, you will be able to have fun!

How Does Your Profile Look Like? What Is The Verification Process?

How Does Your Profile Look Like? What Is The Verification Process?

One of the best advantages of BGClive is that you can browse through most of the user’s profile, even if you are a free member. You can view the following:

  • Location and Personal Information

You will see details like body type, ethnic origin, hair color, and sexual orientation. This way, you will get a basic idea about the personality of the member. You will also see the location displayed on the profile of the member.

  • Basic Information

This section can be seen on the top-most side of the site and contains the user’s location, age, username, and profile photo. You will also see the report or block button in this section.

  • Additional Information

If you are looking for in-depth information about the user, BGClive will offer you more information like their professional life, vices, hobbies, physique, etc. to you.

You might see that a typical BGClive is not lengthy. However, it will include almost enough information so pique your interest. However, the site allows you to skip most of the profile-completion process and are often left blank. To compensate for this, BGClive allows you to tap on the ‘Ask to Add’ button on every section of your profile that can prompt the other members to fill in the required details.

What Are The Search Features At BGClive?

What Are The Search Features At BGClive?

BGClive offers a very intricate search feature. In the basic mode, you can look for members by using filters like height, hair color, eye color, etc. You will also be provided with an advanced search filter once you become a premium member. Here, you will be provided with filters like hobbies, vices, interests, sexual preferences, etc.

How Do You Match And Chat With Another BGClive Member?

While BGClive may not offer a lot of features, the good news here is that you can access most of the messaging and chatting features for free. Some of them include:

  • Favorites

Similar to other online dating apps and sites, you get access to the Favorites list. This means that you can add their profiles to your Favorites list so that you can search for them easier and faster. This feature improves the overall efficiency of the site.

  • Like Gallery

Like most online dating apps today, BGClive has the swiping feature. Here, the Like Gallery will allow you to appreciate members one after another. All you need to do is tap on the heart icon if you like what is on your screen. If not, you can tap on the ‘X’ button and keep looking for more BGClive members.

  • Winks

Even in real-life, a wink is a subtle but definite indication that someone may have a crush on you. At BGClive, your crush will be notified immediately. If they are online, they might even send you a wink back or start a flirty conversation immediately.

  • Chat

The chat option offers you the chance to interact and get to know another member directly. Apart from talking, you can also send a video or photo within the chat function. However, the chat function needs to be paid for.

The reason why the chat function is a paid feature because it limits the opportunities of scammers trying to get in touch with dedicated and paying users. These fakers will be discouraged since they will have to pay up to chat.

If you wish to reach out to other members, you can send it in a direct text. Additionally, you can also exchange media like photos and videos with one another. While the messaging features might seem very basic, they are quite straightforward and easy to operate. Sending messages is a premium feature, which means that you can only send feelers and like their profiles for free; you can also save them in your favorites list.

What Are The Membership Options?

What Are The Membership Options?

BGClive offers both free and paid membership. While it is recommended that you make use of the premium membership, it is helpful that you use the free site first. This comes in handy, especially for people who are using dating sites for the first time. If you like the free site, then you can think about purchasing a premium account.

Free Subscription

BGClive offers free membership. Some features that you can access as basic members include:

  • Creation and registration of profile
  • Basic matching features
  • Send flirtcasts and winks

BGClive: Paid Subscription

BGClive also offers premium membership to users who wish to make use of more features to secure a date. Some premium features include:

  • Message translation from one language to another
  • Advanced matching algorithms
  • VIP profile highlighting
  • Hiding your profile and browsing anonymously
  • Availability of messaging and chatting features

What Are The Pricing Of The BGClive Paid Subscription?

The pricing of the BGClive membership are as follows:

Duration Costs Total
1 month $4.99 / month $4.99
12 months 1.66 / month $9.99

All the payments done will be discreet. Instead of BGClive, your statement will show the billing under the name of CCBill, thereby giving you full privacy. Additionally, BGClive will not have any access to your credit card information.

Canceling Your BGClive Subscription

If you plan on canceling your paid membership, it is important to know how to do so. BGClive offers you the chance to cancel your premium account if you do not like the premium features. All you need to do is get in touch with the customer care service and let them know that you wish to cancel your account. They will ask you for your username and reason (optional). Once you have forwarded your username, your account should be deleted in the next 24 hours.

Alternatively, you can also cancel your subscription plan in three simple steps. First, you need to head to the My Settings tab then click on ‘Your Billing History.’ Then you need to tap on ‘Deactivate Subscription.’

What About The Safety and Security Features?

What About The Safety and Security Features?

BGClive takes its security very seriously. The site makes use of the 128-bit encryption technology that allows you to make payments in a secure environment. All your personal and financial details will be kept safe within the servers of BGClive. You can also report the activity of fake and spam accounts to customer care support.

Who Are The BGClive’s Competitors and Alternatives?

Some of the best BGClive alternatives include the following.

  • Connexion
  • DList
  • Downelink
  • JakeTM
  • Glee

BGClive: Final Thoughts

BGClive: Final Thoughts

Overall, BGClive’s strength likes in the number and quality of its membership base. While the platform might not have a lot of unique features that will blow your mind away, the community has a very nice dating vibe. BGClive acts as the bridge that will help you meet men or women of different sexual preferences. While you can make use of the site for free, it is recommended that you opt for a paid membership since you will be offered a lot more features; additionally, the premium membership is very pocket-friendly.

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