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Blued Review 2024 — Real Gay Dating App or Scam?

Blued Review  2024  — Real Gay Dating App or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A 100%gay platform: The site provides dating services to the gay community only. There are no women profiles, making it perfect for serious men seeking to get acquainted with other gay people.
  • The group feature: The website offers a group feature through the app where users can message and share videos as a community. Community-based chats extend your searchability for suitable men.
  • Live function: Unlike other gay platforms where the chat is the communicating feature, Blued.com offers live chat. You can video chat and stream your best moments to showcase your talents.
  • Fast and simple registration process: The registration is straightforward and does not take hours like other sites. You can register within 10 minutes and get connected to countless gay men.
  • Cheap: The paid for services provided by the website are exceptional yet cheap. It’s affordable to pay for a membership plan and video related plans.
  • No safety guarantee outside the site: The website does not protect users beyond matching them with suitable partners
  • Crushing of the app: The app sometimes crashes, affecting the overall functionality of the website negatively.
  • Fake and scam profiles: The website has promised there are no instances of fraud profiles, but we have encountered some in our research.
  • Negative reviews: The website has received negative reviews from past users who have complained about its poor functionality.
  • Not a free website: To get personal and real with a suitable partner, you have to pay for a membership plan.

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Blued dating website was launched in 2012 and has become a popular platform for young gay men. With over 40 million registered members globally, it has become a common platform for most young handsome interested in other men. It’s available mostly as an app, but the website form works well.

But is Blued the right dating site for you? To get answers to this question, you will need to dig deep into the internet world to get all insights. The good thing for you is that we have made it possible for you to get all information about Blued.com. Read this Blued review article, and you won’t have to struggle with mediocre information found on websites.

Blued Review – Legit Or Scam?

How Does Blued Work?

Blued.com works by availing men suitable partners who fit their interests and needs. Through a chat and video tool, users can communicate with people they have been matched with. This site is exclusively for men, and there are no women allowed to access gay dating services. People can search for suitable dates based on location, age, and other search options availed by the platform. This website can be said to be a gay-oriented and suited for men who are serious and looking to have some fun with other men alike.

Audience Analysis

The blued dating website is a social platform that caters to the gay community. All members acquainted with this site are 100% gay and are looking for some kind of relationship. Most of the members registered by the website fall in the age group of 25-35. These men are in their active years and are looking for something serious. The platform accepts people of all races, and thus it’s a multi-cultural gay service provider.

Over 70% of members come from Asian countries like South Korea, Vietnam, and China. It also extends its services outside Asia by providing gay services to European countries and the US. We find it to be a worldwide based dating site due to the vast coverage area it has extended to match men. The global coverage and young people’s presence make it ideal for people who are after gay flirting and casual hook-ups.

All in all, we can say that Blued.com is a gay-related website that is created to help advance gay services to men interested in joining. The site is unbiased in terms of registering members. You only have to be 18+ years to become a member.

Audience Analysis

Key Features

You can spend your free time by using these features at Blued.com. They help to deliver a more exciting and close related connection between you and your suitable partner.

  • Who’s visited your feature: This feature lets you know and view people who have visited your profile. You can thus form a connection with your suitable person through this special feature.
  • Live function: This feature lets users stream their most fun moments to showcase on the dating site. You can become a host, star, or creator of your own show. It’s the website’s main feature and lets you reveal your best time to suitable partners.
  • Groups: You can join or create a group to communicate as a community. These groups usually are formed based on your location or interests. Either way, you can enjoy a wide gay community chat.
  • Quick Messaging: Through the quick chat feature, members can engage through a video platform. Users are usually matched based on the language they speak. Both parties have to accept the video call, and within 15 seconds, you can decide to continue or not.
Key Features

Blued User-Friendliness

The website offers a fantastic dating experience that is suited to men of all ages. The site has used simple English language to make it possible for users to understand different features without difficulties. Also, all search features are provided on the website. To search and get matched is as easy as said, and it takes seconds to get the desired results. The site’s overall functionality is user-friendly and tailored to offer the best men’s dating online experience.

Blued Usability And Design

The Blued website is created for the modern man, and it comes with a special layout design that is exquisite yet simple to use. The design comes with a clean and straightforward ambiance that uses white and blue colors. On the main page, each tab is located in a strategic position to make it easy and less confusing for users to navigate.

All features are provided on the official site, and you can use them to access different dating features. The chat feature, most importantly, helps users to communicate and get to know other people alike. The chat booth has a speech bubble feature that notifies you instances of unread messages.

Blued.com makes it simple and straightforward for users to get acquainted with different features. The design is made for anyone to use, and there no cumbersome processes involved with the sign-up. To sign-up, create a personalized profile and pay for a subscription is like it’s already done for you.

Blued Usability And Design

The Blued Application

A mobile app for the Blued.com website is available and free for all people to download and install. The good thing is that the app is compatible with most Android phones and takes a small space of your phone memory once downloaded. It is not a heavy app that can affect the functionality of your phone.

Getting gay dating services is possible through the app as it avails all website features in one commonplace. Importantly, this app is suited for people on the move.

Customer Support

The customer support for this website is 24/7 available and can be reached via the website. Users with queries can make a formal request to the support desk for assistance. These guys are prompt at replying and helping users solve their queries. It takes a maximum of 24 hours for your request to be responded to. In terms of usability and friendliness, the Blued.com website has a vibrant and effective customer support system.

Customer Support

Sign-Up Process And Profile Creation

To register and get a personalized profile is not a cumbersome process. You only need to have a laptop and a strong internet connection to start the whole process. When signing-up, basic info about yourself is asked, and it takes a few minutes to accomplish everything. Verification of account is not a must, and the site uses special AI technology to detect any fraudulent and fake accounts. As such, there is no need for you to worry about coming in contact with scam-related accounts.

How To Sign-Up

To register is simple, and the whole process takes less than 10 minutes to accomplish. You need to provide a unique username and a strong password to register. Then you are prompted to enter a captcha that proves you are not a robot. All this is easily doable and should take less than two minutes.

When registering, you do not have to provide your phone number or email address. Most dating websites require people to give this, but they have eased up this process for you. Signing-up shouldn’t be a tedious process, and these guys have made sure it’s not.

After completing this procedure, you will promptly be taken to a different page where you will require providing basic information. Information like your birthday, nickname ethnicity is required to complete the registration process.

This is what it takes for you to get registered with Blued.com. It’s quite a straightforward process, and we have found no cumbersome process involved. You should now be set to create a personalized profile that will represent you in the gay dating scene.

Profile & Verification Procedures

Your profile plays a critical role in achieving the most out of this gay website. Interested people are advised to upload clear and vivid photos to create a personalized profile. You will be made visible to the wide gay community through these uploaded images.

Remember to create a beautiful description about yourself. We mean your personality. By doing this, you have created a personalized profile available to you only.

Verification of profile is made by the IT professionals hired by this platform. These people have been professionals in the online dating scene for years and know how to detect fake profiles. If your profile is suspicious, you will be automatically rejected from joining the platform. The verification process takes less than a day maximum.

If your profile has been verified, you are now a step away from finding your dream man. Getting services in this platform has proven to be as simple as the registration and verification of profiles is straightforward.

Profile & Verification Procedures

Once you have been approved and your Blued.com profile is functioning, its time you searched for suitable gay people. You will be prompted to a suggestion page of countless gay men that you might like. You can explore different search options by seeking for people based on your preferred interests.

If you like a tall and American man, the search feature will deliver suggestions for these people. Searching for a suitable man with Blued.com is a simple task that is tailored according to your specific interests and needs.

Matching And Chatting On Blued

Compared to other men related websites, Blued uses a different approach to match people. There is no ‘like’ feature on this site, and users can follow other suitable person’s posts to notice them. Communication is made through public groups and private video sharing. If you want to post your best videos, you only require inviting your contacts for a private interaction.

The chat booth allows for more fast and effective communication. It’s only available for people who have paid-for membership subscriptions. The website creators understand that not everyone can access a PC, and as such, an app for the site has been made. The app is easy to download and has all features present in the website.

Matching And Chatting On Blued

What Are The Plans For Providing Services?

Blued men dating service provider provides two membership options for people interested to sign-up and get matched. These plans differ in terms of features that are availed and what you can and cannot do. These membership options are free and paid-for plans. Let’s take a deep look at what they provide and charge.

Free Based Plan

The free version of this site gives you the utmost comfort of signing-up and creating a personalized profile. It also extends to allow users to live stream, send messages, and have private chats. We find this to be somehow unfamiliar as most websites charge for these services. After signing up, you will get to know much better about this part of Blued.com.

Fee-based services like sending virtual gifts and posting of comments on live streams are availed here. With this plan, users get to do all they wish to do with the website. There is no limitation to the number of services you can access with a paid-for subscription plan.

What Are The Charges For Blued?

We guess you are probably wondering, what are the charges for utmost services at Blued.com? We have come across these prices that are provided for different levels of services.

  • 42 Credits: A charge of 0.02 USD per Credit totaling 0.99 USD
  • 125 Credits: A charge of 0.02 USD / Credit totaling 2.99 USD
  • 420 Credits: A charge of 0.02 USD / Credit totaling 8.99 USD
  • 550 Credits: A charge of 0.02 USD / Credit totaling 12.99 USD
  • 1,106 Credits: A charge of 0.02 USD / Credit totalling 23.99 USD
  • 1,386 Credits: A charge of 0.02 USD / Credit totalling 29.99 USD
  • 1,695 Credits: A charge of 0.02 USD / Credit totalling 39.99 USD
  • 2,540 Credits: A charge of 0.02 USD / Credit totaling 59.99 USD
  • 4,116 Credits: A charge of 0.02 USD / Credit totaling 89.99 USD

Terminating The Blued Subscription Plan

If you are not getting the right services you were seeking, don’t worry about how you can cancel your current paid subscription and opt for a better plan. To achieve this, we have found that users need to contact the customer support desk. You will need to write a formal request for canceling your plan and the reasons. It takes 3 to 5 working days for your plea to be handled and approved.

Getting the right services is your main reason for getting acquainted with a dating platform. We hope this info will help you if you get to sign up with this gay community site.

Terminating The Blued Subscription Plan

Safety And Security Of Blued

The website offers sound security to users, and you are allowed to block people you don’t like. The site has a detailed privacy policy that is strictly followed. Read this section to get all specific safety mechanisms the website has used to protect its users. We have not encountered any security concerns, and we find that Blued is a safe site.

Blued Competitors And Alternatives

Countless men’s dating platforms have served the gay community. All these service providers boast of availing the best services to the gay community. It’s true that they work almost the same but differ in pricing and additional services. Here are the main rivals of Blued.com that we have come across.

  • Hornet
  • Grindr


We hope you have learned and got all insights about this popular gay dating channel. The decision to sign-up or not is yours, and we are glad to have helped you get all the ideas you need about Blued.com. Follow us to read more reviews about different dating websites.

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