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Connexion Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Connexion Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 23-25
Profiles 400 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use: This dating application has a well-designed interface, which makes it easier to use.
  • Mobile app. Being on a mobile app, this platform can be used anywhere, anytime via smartphones or tablets.
  • Easy to connect users: By using connections, this site will give you matches known by your contacts.
  • Verified profiles: most profiles on this platform are tested to provide quality and genuine matches.
  • Expensive: Its paid membership is a bit pricey compared to other sites.
  • Few members: as compared to other rising sites, the users of this site are few.
  • Unlike other platforms, the membership is not as diverse as it depends on connections.

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Welcome to our Connexion review for 2020. In this review, we’ll discuss this website’s features, usage, members, and also its alternatives and competitors. Join this review to find out more.

Connexion is an online dating site, mainly designed for members seeking serious partners for long term dating and relationships. It is a site that combines modern dating together with the traditional methods, to create a perfect partnership among like-minded individuals. It focuses on bringing more matches and quality dates among members.

It works by using member’s contacts, to create a network of trusted singles that you can match and date. It uses smart profiles to show your shared contacts at once. It has verification features to enable it to remove scam profiles and random matches, not of value.

It works through friends, family, co-works, and other people in your social network contacts to introduce you to other singles that you can match and date. It uses your social contacts to connect you to potential matches.

It specializes in creating long term and mature relationships with its users, which are of quality and long-lasting. It’s not a site for regular hook-ups and short term or casual sex dates.

This dating site was launched in 2018, and Connexion owns it. It can be used on mobile applications, which can be downloaded from Google play store and Apple store for android and iPhone users, respectively. Downloading and installation of this app is free to all members.

Let’s see how it works in our next segment.

Connexion Review – Is Legit Or Scam?

How Does Connexion Work?

To use Connexion, first, you need to create a user account. User accounts can be created on websites, or in mobile apps, once you download them. After downloading the app, you need to register and create your profile.

Once done, your profile gets added to Connexion, by one of your contacts. When someone likes your added profile, you get a notification alerting you that someone is interested in you. This person may be someone you know or someone known by one of your contacts. The “like” will remain anonymous, until when you match them through your connections. After pairing, you can go ahead and message them to create a conversation.

Matchmakers are the people who help other users find a match. You can become a matchmaker by request from someone asking you to connect them with your social circle. All you have to do is to import your preferred contacts to the app. Then, Connexion does the matching.

Audience Analysis

This dating site has no restrictions when it comes to its members. It is a connection site that uses contacts to connect its partners to dates and long term relationships. These types of members can be grouped as below:

  • Geographical: users of this website are world-wide. This means you can find them in all regions of the world.
  • Sexual Orientation: the site has not given any specifications on its member’s sexualities. This means the website can be used by all members, including the LGBTQ community.
  • Age: Connexion is an adult website. Users are above 18 years of age. The majority of these users are the youth, who are on their mission to get partners to settle with.
  • Gender: all gender types use this site. Men, women, and transgenders.
  • Ethnicity: this site contains members from all types of races. You can find Indians, Chinese, black Americans, and others, depending on your connections.
  • Goal: most users of this site are looking for matches to settle with. This means people on this site are seeking long term relationships that lead to marriage.

What Are Some Of Its Essential Features?

Few essential features are available for use to members of this dating application. These features make it easy to use to achieve their purpose. Some of these features include:

  • Matches: these are the people you have connected with. To have a match, your liked profile needs to like you back. A profile that likes you remains anonymous, until when you like them back. You can then create conversations after matching to these profiles.
  • Matchmaker: these are the individuals used to create a match. You can use your contacts to connect someone via this app. This matches maybe your family members, workers, friends, etc. it does not cost anything to become a matchmaker.
  • Videos: These are animated videos by the app, which are meant to describe and inform users of how this app works.
  • Block feature: this enables users to block abusive accounts and those users posting pornographic and X-rated content to the site.
What Are Some Of Its Essential Features?

Connexion User-Friendliness?

This dating app is on average when it comes to user-friendly. It has ratings of 3.3 on Appstore and 3.9 on Google play store.

It has unique features, including the matchmakers, which enables users to connect freely and fast via connections.

The dating app has genuine profiles, which makes it a secure site for its members to find quality matches.

Connexion Usability And Design

Connexion design is good with limited features, thus enabling it to work faster without bugs or crashes.

The website admins always work around the clock, for members get regular updates and security features for them to remain safe on this site.

With its red-colored interface and design, the site is appealing to the user and makes its stay and use interesting.

Connexion Mobile Application

Connexion is a mobile dating app, available to members on Android and also on Apple devices.

These dating applications can be downloaded on Google Play Store and also on Appstore for Android and iPhone users, respectively. Downloading and installing the app is free to all members using this platform. All features are found on the mobile app and have a website containing the privacy policy, FAQs, and its terms of use.

Customer Support

There is available customer support, which can be contacted via several means. The customer support group is available throughout to solve members’ issues and problems while using this online dating platform.

To contact the customer care, users need to send an email to:[email protected], or use the contact us section available on the website and also on the mobile app. To send a message, users need to provide their name, email, subject, and the intended message before submitting it.

You can also contact Connexion via their social media accounts, which include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even on Instagram.

Customer Support

How To Sign-Up On Connexion And Profile Creation

To have an account on this dating platform, you are required to create one.

Registering and creating an account on this platform is easy and fast for all members. These processes have been explained in detail below.

How To Sign-Up

To use this dating platform, new members are required to register and create accounts on this platform. To register, users are required to key in the below information:

  • Username: you are required to key in a username that you will be using on this website.
  • Date of birth: You are required to provide your date of birth in this section.
  • Phone number: a phone number is required for connections and account verification.
  • Password: You have to secure your account with a unique password.

After registering, you are required to create your profile next, as explained below.

How Is The Profile? Does It Have A Verification?

Users are required to provide the information mentioned below to create a profile on this site.

  • Manage Photos: In this section, you can remove or add photos to your profile.
  • Location: you are required to choose your location in this section.
  • Bio: This section asks users to include a short biography about themselves.
  • Description: You are required to give a short description of yourself, your body, body features, and other habits that you will like your matches to know.

This section dramatically affects how this match-making feature will connect you to your preferred matches.

How Is The Profile? Does It Have A Verification?

Connexion works according to your contacts to create a connection. This means the members whom you can search for are within your connection. You can search members via the below search filters:

  • Age: you can search for connections by their age on this dating site.
  • Gender: you can search for male or female while on this dating site.
  • Location: You can choose members according to their area.

Matching And Chatting

To match and chat on this dating app, you need to register and create a user account.

The website creates a network of your potential matches, which you are required to like them to create a match. A match is created when you have a mutual like.

You can chat with your matches via the messaging feature found on this website. You just need to send a message to create a conversation. Members on paid accounts can send messages to people they haven’t matched yet.

Matching And Chatting

Connexion Subscribtion Options

There are two types of memberships on the Connexion dating platform. These accounts include:

  • Free membership: These are free accounts, always available just after registration. This kind of membership offers limited features to its members.
  • Paid Membership: these are upgraded accounts which offer all features of this website.

Free Membership

This is a non-paid account which offers free services to its users. However, these services are limited and include the *Free account registration and user profile creation.

  • Connection: users on a free account can access all their connections and create matches while on this website.
  • Messages: users on free accounts can send messages to their matches.
  • Shared contacts: users on these profiles can check their shared connections with other members.
  • Matching system: users on basic accounts can use the matching system free of charge.

As explained below, members need to upgrade their accounts to premium to access other features of this site.

Paid memberships are the premium accounts that are earned by subscribing to different packages available on this platform. These premium accounts offer all the advanced features of this site, inclusive of the services on free accounts. Members on premium accounts enjoy the below benefits:

  • Users can decide who will view their profiles on these paid accounts.
  • You can anonymously invite other people to join your connection while on paid accounts.
  • Hide or delete users: people on paid accounts can hide, delete, or block users while on these premium accounts.
  • Advanced search filters: on premium accounts, users can “invade” other people’s contacts to get matches.
  • Messages: premium account members can decide on whom to send them messages.
  • Go public: this feature allows members to go public to get connections instead of relying on their contacts.
  • Video chat: users on paid accounts can communicate with their matches via video chats.

Prices to these premium accounts are available on our next topic on this review.

Paid Membership Pricing

To enjoy these paid accounts, you are required to make payments. These payments come on different subscription packages for users to choose from. These packages include:

  • One-Month package at $11.99, payable monthly.
  • Three-month package at $29.99, payable quarterly.
  • Six-months package at $47.99, payable half-yearly.
  • Twelve-month package at $69.99, payable yearly.

The higher the package, the more you save on subscriptions.

Cancelling Connexion Subscription

The above packages are always auto-recurring. This means they are auto-renewed once they reach their expiry date. Auto-renewal occur 24 hours before their due date.

Depending on their mode of download, users are required to cancel this auto-renewal process to cancel these subscriptions. This should be done 48 hours before the expiry date. Those on iPhones can cancel this on Apple store while android members can cancel these subscriptions on their Google Play account settings. Already submitted subscriptions are never refunded.

Cancelling Connexion Subscription

Safety & Security Features

The website has provided various safety and security measures to its members to maintain their security.

The Privacy policy is meant to secure members’ data, and it gives details on which the website captures data. It also shows how this data is captured, stored, and used within site. The privacy policy also describes how this data is shared among third parties.

Connexion also verifies members’ accounts to minimize fake or scam accounts and has put a block feature into place, where members can block annoying and threatening profiles on this dating platform.

Connexion Competitors And Alternatives

Connexion is facing significant competitors who have outgrown this site and have become much popular, Being an online dating platform. These competitors can be good alternatives to this site, which readers can check and try them out. These alternatives include the following.

  • Badoo

Badoo is one of the major dating sites in the world which users need to check. It has a large membership base and contains users from all walks of life. Badoo is available all over the world and can be used as a mobile app or through the website. Most of its features are free.

  • AdultFriendFinder

This is an adult dating website for all walks of life. AdultFriendFinder is suitable for dates because of its large membership database, creating a good platform for finding dates easily. It can be used on mobile applications, both Android and iPhone.

  • eHarmony

eHarmony is an online dating site, specifically for individuals who are looking for serious dates that lead to long term relationships. This dating platform has an easy to use interface with millions of members to make your dating experience a success. EHarmony can be a good alternative to Connexion since it has a large membership and offers the same kind of service.



We have come to our final review of this website. We have highlighted all the features and their use. Now it’s upon the member to decide whether to use this platform to find a match or seek other alternatives. This site is excellent, especially for people with a substantial number of contacts. Profiles have been verified, to give users genuine and quality matches.

However, the membership is too low. It may take a long time before one gets a preferred match. Another drawback is the premium membership since most of its features need to be paid for. This makes it an expensive platform to find a match.

To sum it all, it is a worthy website to use, especially for individuals looking for dates within their circles. Download the app, install, and try your luck.

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