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E-Chat Review 2024 – Legit or Scam?

E-Chat Review 2024 – Legit or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 2 600 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Fully free platform
  • Easy registration process
  • Large number of active members
  • A lot of bots and fake profiles
  • Not ideal for people who are interested in long-term relationships
  • Lack of verification methods for new members

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E-Chat is a site that manages to offer a free chat service on a minimalistic platform. It has been around for quite a while. Users enjoyed the service so much so that there has not been an outcry for the lack of updates.

How does E-Chat Work

E-Chat manages to come with a chat service that works in real-time to provide users with the opportunity to text anyone across the world. The site has numerous chat rooms that deal with different topics – from 420 dating to sober dating. If anyone of the members attracts users, they can initiate a chat and look to build something for a short-term purpose.

Audience Analysis

Audience Analysis

The exact numbers about the user base of E-Chat are not known, but it is estimated to be more than 1 million. A higher percentage (70%) of the user base is male, while only the rest, 30% comprises female users. The likelihood of a hookup is greatly reduced as a result of this skewed user base. Users are from all around the world. There is no distinction between different ethnicity or race. Since there is not much importance placed on sexual orientation, these figures are likely to be skewed in favor of straight users, with the LGBT community having a decent representation.

Key Features of E-Chat

Key Features of E-Chat

There are several diversities in this platform.

Embeddable Chatbox

The E-Chat chatbox comes with its own set of advantages like its speed and simplicity. If a user is quite pleased with the platform, they can choose to use the chatbox on their own website. This is due to the chatbox coming with an embeddable option. Before embedding, users have to create their own chatbox, and this involves doing a lot of configurations. There are options for choosing height, language, border color, text color, user position, and much more. Hence, it is possible to uniquely customize a chat box in a way that users will not notice any similarities with other websites that may be using the same embedding feature.

E-Chat User Friendliness

The E-Chat can be an amicable site for a newcomer, as it does not have much in the way of complications right from the registration process. The site design has been kept very simple, and it is easy to enter into different chat rooms while still having a lot of control. The chat rooms have been designed so that they do not run on plug-ins, which keeps the overall resource levels rather low. It means that the site loads fast, even on networks that are not fast.

E-Chat Website Design and Usability

E-Chat Website Design and Usability

E-Chat has not undergone an update for several years, and this continues to be the Achilles heel for the site. Amidst a lot of competition that features attractive designs, E-Chat continues with an aged site that is a far cry from the competition in terms of interface. However, the interface manages to remain very usable and friendly, even for older members of the platform. Furthermore, the mobile version has also been done relatively well so that it compensates for the lack of an app.

Most of the critical functions of the site have been pushed to the bottom section. The solid background with limited colors and big fonts make for a disappointing experience in terms of looks. It is highly unlikely that E-Chat will appeal to the millennials purely in terms of aesthetics, but it has the potential for being an enriching platform. This is due to the presence of just a handful of buttons on the page.

E-Chat Mobile Application

The mobile experience of using E-Chat is available only from the mobile’s browser rather than the app. It is not a surprise that the platform does not have any mobile app, as even the website design has not been improved or worked upon over these years. The mobile version of the site needs a lot of updates to bring it up to speed with the competition, but it is capable of providing access nonetheless. The lack of a mobile app can be a considerable disadvantage in the eyes of a millennial, who are primarily using smartphones rather than desktops.

The mobile site certainly does not come close to the convenience provided by the app, but it is something better than nothing.

Customer Support

Customer Support

The customer support is practically through a help page available on the site, but it is not very conducive since little information is offered. Furthermore, the lack of updates to the website means that the information is also not very reliable. If a user runs into a problem with the chat system or login page, there is a little option when it comes to support. This could change in the future with more easy ways of contacting webmasters coming up.

Sign-Up Process & User Profile

The process of signup with E-Chat is straightforward, as it can be done within a couple of minutes at the most. Due to the platform not requesting any kind of information from the user, it is easy to feel safe. At the same time, this also creates a situation where the user profile does not tell much. Instead, this can be revealed only by the type of chat rooms that they are joining.

This can be a great indicator of the interest, and it is also one of the primary ways through which other members will be able to get in touch. Based on the activity within a chat room, it is easy to establish a friendship that can blossom into something greater. If a user is very muted on a chat, they can expect less response. If two individuals appear to like each other, they can start the process of private messaging on the platform.

How to Sign-Up

E-Chat’s biggest strength is the complete lack of a major registration process, which happens to be simple and easy without any complications. It would typically take less than a minute to open an account. A user need not supply information such as credit cards, personal data, addresses, email, and more. No information is required from the user, who has to enter the preferred password and username combination.

The signup process is then complete, and the user is directed to the account. All these steps should not take more than a minute, and E-Chat is one of the few instant messaging platforms where an account can be opened in such a short period.

Profile Quality and Verification

Profile Quality and Verification

There is not a profile to worry about on the E-Chat platform. This is due to the simplified procedure for opening an account, where no significant detail is requested from the user. This has its advantages in terms of reducing the time taken for opening an account. There is also less need for a verification process, as users may not submit very specific information like a phone number or email address. But this website has its disadvantages in terms of the quality of users who end up on the platform. There is a substantial drop in the quality of users as a result. The number of fake profiles on the platform is among the highest when it comes to the online dating segment. If a user is not happy with the account for any reason, it is not possible to deactivate the same. The reduced security measures can be a concern for users, but there need not be much fear since less information is provided in the first place.

There are search tools on the platform that are primarily geared towards helping users find the various chat rooms on offer. It is possible to receive messages from other users on chat rooms, but it is only from rooms in which the player is in.

Matching and Chatting

This platform is not meant for online dating, as it is more about individuals interacting with one another. Due to the lack of a profile system, the matching them is left entirely to the user. The different chat rooms will be able to indicate the type of users, as it is largely expected to be based on interests. Even if a user does not come across a chat box that sounds appealing, a new chatbox can be created with a new set of design parameters.

There are multiple chat rooms for someone who wants to make use of this platform. They can enter into predominantly friendly rooms, but there are also options when trying to focus on chat rooms with adult content. Some of the unique chat rooms on this platform will be discussing random aspects like coffee breaks. In short, there are a ton of chat rooms on this platform, and users are unlikely to be left short in this regard.

Even if something does not take a fancy for the user, they can create a chat room of your own. All it takes is to click a button that says ‘Create New Chat Room,’ and users can get started as a moderator of the group. As a moderator, the user has different controls over the looks and feel of the chat room. If all these sound too complicated, which it certainly is not, a user can decide to join a room that has already been created. Once a user is part of a group, they can expect to receive private messages from interested users.

Subscription Options

Subscription Options

There are no complexities when it comes to becoming a member at E-Chat, as there are no premium features. As a result, the platform can be very simple to understand even for someone who is not used this segment and who is entering into the online chatting world for the first time.

Free Version

All options available on the E-Chat can be enjoyed by any user who registers on the platform. There are no paid plans on the platform, as all features can be enjoyed without any restriction.

Online dating sites have frequently come up with a paid option that unlocks certain features, which can be very crucial in the world of getting a successful date. Yet, this aspect is completely on the E-Chat, where users can utilize all features without paying an additional cost. The site is fully free in all sections.


E-Chat does not have a pricing structure since it does not have a paid plan in the first place.

E-Chat Subscription Cancellation

E-Chat Subscription Cancellation

A user who signs up with E-Chat will not worry about the prospect of cancellation since a premium package does not exist. At the same time, users should be quite careful about coming out of the platform as a whole, as there are no options for the activation. One can also not delete an account, but due to the presence of very little information about a user, these profiles are close to worthless. Hence, users can sleep in peace, even if they are not planning to use E-Chat again.

Safety & Security

There is not a great deal of effort being put into making sure that E-Chat is a secure platform. Instead, most of their efforts are going towards providing an anonymous destination for chatting with users. Due to the profiles containing very little data about an individual, it is unlikely to serve its purpose for someone who is trying to gain illegal access. The site does push out information about its privacy policy and terms, but these are not immensely when it comes to reassuring the user in the aspect of safety.

E-Chat Alternatives and Competitors

E-Chat Alternatives and Competitors

Several people are keen to connect with people from the world so that they get a new perspective on life. The sites like E-Chat can offer a great solution for this requirement. However, several options in the market can be considered for great potential. They are:


This is more of a dating site, and it allows users to interact with each other over topics that are common interest. Any single person who has been struggling to create a meaningful relationship lasting for a long time will find Eharmony quite attractive as it has enough features and options to find users with a similar set of interests.


Although a large number of sites are dedicated to meeting and being in touch with singles, EliteSingles.com is a site that focuses heavily on users who stand apart from the crowd on different fronts. The majority of profiles on this platform are very attractive, which can be a great option for people looking to start a good and real relationship.


This site focuses specifically on individuals who are on the plus side in terms of size. The success rate on a regular platform may be down due to the social stigma about plus-size individuals. However, this site is dedicated entirely to people who love the beautiful and big sizes. It makes it a lot easier to find a date without having to spend a lot of time. The plus-size community is in huge numbers on this platform. There are intelligent features like the ability to see members who are currently online and many more.

Final Conclusion

E-Chat has been a promising chat site for a while, but it has not made the big move that many expected it to achieve at the time of launch. It is effortless to navigate through the site with its bare-bones layout, but the lack of any exiting feature can be a significant downside. It is unlikely that the operators will be coming in with an update soon, as it seems to have gone out of the window.

The chat service looks very old-fashioned in a time when users are navigating to instant messages on their smartphones. As a result, there can be a significant reduction in the number of active users going forward. For the time being, E-Chat has a decent set of chat rooms and random people who can provide entertainment. All it takes is a few minutes to sign up on the platform. This remains its biggest strength.

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