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eDarling Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

eDarling Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 94%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 24-28
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 7.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • One of the first things it does is to ask for your qualifications on the dating interface. This coupled with the firewalls and lengthy questioning which an uneducated user cannot grasp or would be irritated by.
  • eDarling is reputed to have a minimum of 188,000+ new members every month from their target audience of Europe. This is quite astonishing as a lot of rival dating websites do not even have that number in their full database, talk more per month. As evidenced by the new paid subscribers, it pulls every month; it is clear to see that they are doing something quite astonishing.
  • It has a medium for partner suggestions afterundertaking a personality test and conforming to the user’s wishes. eDarling would proceed to introduce users to singles who fit their personalities and suit them. This is a laudable feat.
  • It is a matchmaking platform. eDarling has a series of algorithms that work based on the knowledge of modern psychology, which is analyzed by the different facets of a user’s personality. Following this, the user will be introduced to a prospective partner that fits the bill and suits the unique character traits. You got the chance to acquaint with people with whom you not only have quite a lot in common. Your differences would be similarities in a unique never seen before manner.
  • It has a working mobile application available to both iPhone users and android users. Not a fan of website ads and strenuous logins on the website. Don’t worry, eDarling got you. It has a dedicated phone application that is available on both your Android store as well as the iOS app store. This is in keeping to modern practice and optimizing user experience.
  • It is mostly over exclusive to German users even though it claims to be international. eDarling has a bias for German nationals or German-speaking people. Maybe it’s because it was founded in Germany, or perhaps it’s because finding love is exclusive to German speakers. This has been quite a thorn in the flesh for none German inclined users.
  • Strict terms and conditions make it a dating site for only 35-year-olds and above. There are strict terms and conditions which a user must adhere to make eDarling a site for people searching for love in their mid-thirties. A website that does not permit casual dating. eDarling has a strict, serious partner search, this coupled with the fact that 85% of its users are educated, makes eDarling a boring and useless prospect for a millennial and the younger clientele.
  • Complaints of excess ads on the website interface. It’s not unusual to hear clients of a service complain about incessant paid ads and glitch massive online experience. However, occasionally it seems too much on eDarling. It certainly sucks when you’re about to close date or make progress in an ‘up till now fruitless search’ when suddenly an ad about domesticated monkeys for adoption pops up on your already occupied website link. This is truly a pain.
  • Too many questions in the ‘get to know you’ section. eDarling has been lauded for its innovation and the optimization of modern algorithms to give a website using a fantastic experience. However, a 200 plus questionnaire certainly feels on the high side as most people simply go to a site like Tinder or Biker Planet, where they won’t have such a plethora of questions to begin an uncertain journey.

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Short Summary

Short Summary

eDarling has a target audience of people in their mid-thirties and looking for serious relationships and possibly life companionship. It is a website that makes use of personality tests and driven algorithms to make happily ever after an almost certain possibility. Secure, safe, and certified. It is a break from the norm of custom searches and Hail Mary passes.

eDarling does not cater for custom searches as it operates on a modern method of matchmaking. It does so by using a series of advanced algorithms to match users with other users with similar personality traits.

eDarling has been widely criticized for being centered on German clients and segregating other nationals. This is deplorable as other citizens cannot benefit from its top-notch service. It also has fantastic security options as well as ease of canceling a subscription just in case you are not getting your money’s worth.

How Does eDarlingWork?

How Does eDarlingWork?

It makes use of paid memberships. eDarling has a series of payment options and packages such as free, premium, and premium, plus all of which have different pros and cons.

It sorts out specifications for users. eDarling does not allow random searches or free for all. It works with a modern set of algorithms that sort out partner choices based on the detailed survey taken. You specify, and they get it done. You state, they capitalize. It has been an innovator in the dating industry game and works hard at providing users with a worthwhile experience as well as value for money.

It uses a series of complex algorithms to pair you with partners daily, as there is no search feature. Due to the lack of a search feature, eDarling works hard to use its sophisticated algorithms and modern database to provide users with a set of unique partner matches daily. However, it must be noted that this works with paid subscriptions. The more you spend, the more partner matches you will be provided with.

Free users are allowed to scout for matches by sending smiles and five questions while premium users can message just about anyone on the site. Free users are the disadvantaged lots on this platform; however, they are quite privileged as they are not entirely cut out of the fun. It has a user option that enables free users to look for matches by sending out smiles and the five questions options. While premium users can message just about anyone that the site matches them with. The differences a few quid could make.

A Thorough eDarling Audience Analysis

  • Geography

Founded in Germany hence German inclined. However, it has expanded over the years to different countries and climes. It has also been moving fast in Africa, as seen in the recent spike in Algerian users. Maybe it has to do with the French connection as eDarling is the biggest online dating provider in the country of love.

It is available for all of Europe. The dating industry is at its all-time peak in Europe, and eDarling is one of the main players. It is open to all of Europe and beyond.

  • Sexual Orientation

Caters for all sexual orientations. eDarling caters for all sexual preferences and does not discriminate whatsoever. It caters to both homosexuals and heterosexual men and women. Options are present for all people, and privacy is well assured.

The LGBTQ community has praised it. eDarling has been widely praised and universally lauded by key figures in the LGBTQ community as they were one of the first sites to break from a discriminatory norm present in ancient Europe.

The anonymous feature aids in people expressing their interests without the fear of being judged. The anonymous feature, which is a strong point of the website, aids such scared members. The fact that you need not search and you will still be provided with members that fit your personality traits and sexual preferences is a laudable feat indeed.

  • Age

Welcomes every legal adult to the site.

It has a particular bias for 35+-year-olds.

  • Ethnicity

Does not discriminate against race

Promotes the growing diversity in modern Europe

eDarlingEssential Features

It has a state of the art and top-notch personality test. The website has a state-of-the-art personality testing method that enables users to pick from about 200 questions, which would then be imputed in an algorithm. This takes about thirty to forty minutes but is worth it as there is no search option on the website itself.

Itgroups members into different categories, such as free members, premium members, and premium plus members. There is no search option on the website. This is both a gift and a curse. A gift in the sense that members are assured privacy from snooping coworkers and family members. It is a curse; because members can never go back to change their preferences, neither can they search for potential suitors if they desire to break from their self-inflicted norm.

Is eDarlingUser’s Friendly? Well, Yes!

Is eDarlingUser’s Friendly? Well, Yes!

The mobile app is quite detailed, easy to grasp, and user friendly. It is very similar to the website; hence it is an effortless transition for older users. It has a dark mode and light mode, too, in conforming to modern practices.

Also present is a quick, efficient, and hardworking customer care service that stays up to date and on point. It ensures that customers are satisfied with their product and get their money’s worth.

Discussing eDarling Website Usability and Design

eDarling is a modern dating website. It has been a mainstay in the online dating industry since 2009. Blessed with an excellent interface, advanced database, and ultrasound algorithms, eDarling has been at the forefront of a shift in the tide of lonely, single, and heartbroken people around those climes.

The website design is quite basic and, in many ways, ancient. It has sadly not measured up to modern website practices, and that is quite a shame considering the global standing of the company.

Widgets are scattered all over the place, and that makes the experience not worthwhile however there is a marked improvement in the mobile application which makes use of easy to understand designs and a plethora of languages for a diverse clientele.

Is There A Mobile App for eDarling?

The mobile application for eDarling, which is available in Android app stores as well as the iPhone app store, was created on January 16, 2015, and made available for public consumption on the same January 16, 2015.

Published by Spark Networks Services GmbH. The dating app feels like an afterthought, considering how long it took for it to be created compared to when the dating service was created. This is a breath of fresh air compared to other dating sites.

The application is structured similarly to the website, which makes it easy to operate. You can make use of the push notifications, send smiles, and also perform all website functions in a matter of fact way.

What About The Customer Service?

There are a hotline and email address where you can submit complaints to. This is essential and amazing as catfish accounts are quickly flagged and terminated immediately.

Ease of contact is quite assured as customers always have delightful tales to tell about the politeness they receive when they contact the customer service or support group.

What Is The Sign-Up Process and User Profile?

What Is The Sign-Up Process and User Profile?

Once you search for the host page, you proceed to select your gender and match gender. You then choose your email and proposed password. Your browser would likely advise you to have a secure password, which is both hard to guess and easy to remember. You are then redirected to the eDarling personality test, whereby you answer about 200 questions mostly by clicking picture options and short diagrams.

You then upload a clear photo that brings out all the characteristics which you want to be represented in the very essence of your best features. You proceed to calmly wait as eDarling finishes calculating your personality trait matches and similar personality partners. Now you’re done. Feel free to find some love on eDarling.

Creating An Account

You will simply follow all the steps above, after which you would wait for a verification email sent to your registered email address. After this, you can log in with your unique members’ ID and unique member passwords.

How’s The Profile Quality and Verification On The Website?

Profile quality is undoubtedly high. There’s an exciting community on the website.

Also, the quality of your profile and the time taken in filling the long and detailed questions is the determinant for the partners you would be matched with. A quality profile will give a user a better chance of finding a quality match, and a rushed, disorganized profile will narrow the user’s matches to next to nothing.

As for verification, members are only verified if and when they purchase the premium plus package. This leads to added advantages on the website as well as the mobile application, be it downloaded on the iPhone app store or the Android app store.

How to Search for a Catch On eDarling

There is no how-to search option in eDarling as the website and mobile application uses a unique matchmaking platform to help you find your perfect match. This has its pros and cons; however, it is a breath of fresh air compared to the generic dating websites floating around on the internet these days.

How Do The Matching and Chatting Processes Work On eDarling?

How Do The Matching and Chatting Processes Work On eDarling?

Matches are made as a result of your personality traits, which are gotten on signing up. These utilize a unique set of algorithms that sort out partner choices.

Chatting only begins after similar interests are considered, and partners are matched. After which you can message and send smiles to your match in a personal chat.

Membership Types

A versatile and flexible site that allows you to choose from an array of options and packages. eDarling caters to both members that would love a free experience as well as members that desire quality, value for money, paid experience.

There are four options to pick from:

  • Free membership
  • Three months paid subscription
  • Six months paid subscription
  • Twelve months paid subscription.

Free Version

This website is free. You can get matched, message, and get acquainted with any other user. It isn’t compulsory to pay and acquire a subscription plan.

There is an array of options for users of eDarling that wish to pay for added benefits and wider features. Premium subscription options range for the duration of three to twelve months as well as ranging in prices from € 0.98 per day to € 2.16 per day. You can also subscribe to the premium plus package for added benefits.


The subscription pricing package is as follows (via scamtest.biz)

  • Subscription 3 months: € 194.70, equivalent to € 2.16 per day
  • Subscription 6 months: € 269.40, equivalent to € 1.50 per day
  • Subscription 12 months: € 358.80, equivalent to € 0.98 per day
  • Premium Plus: an additional € 5 per month

Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Lastschrift, PayPal

Notice period: 6 weeks

Canceling Subscriptions On eDarling

If you are not enjoying the experience, subscriptions can be canceled by contacting the customer care section at the bottom of the website.

How Safe and Secure is eDarling?

How Safe and Secure is eDarling?

Safety and security is a major priority at eDarling. Hence, the numerous questions as well as the quick deleting of suspicious accounts. This, coupled with its 24/7 operational customer care center, makes it a significant player in the industry.

eDarling Alternatives and Competitors in the Industry

  • LoveScout24

It holds the unofficial title as the best dating website in Germany offers similar services, terms, and conditions. It is much older than eDarling and has more robust security options. However, LoveScout24 is hard to operate as it rejects translating apps and platforms.

  • OkCupid

Unlike LoveScout and eDarling, this website is mostly free and allows you to answer as many generated questions as possible. It also operates in a similar way to eDarling in the sense that it uses such generated questions to form an algorithm which will be used to match potential partners. A major demerit, however, is its low quality compared to other competitors.



eDarling is a major player and an innovator in the dating industry. It has serviced millions of clients and always works on improving themselves and giving unparalleled service. An understated quality which it possesses is its ability to listen to customer complaints and implement them.

eDarling has been around for over a decade and seems always to go stronger. It is blessed with a strong team, fantastic branding, and adequate innovators. This is undoubtedly a limit pusher in the dating industry game.

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