eDarling Review – Find Out Whether It’s Legit or Scam
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Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 87%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 24-28
Profiles 1.600.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • One of the first things it does is to ask for your qualifications on the dating interface. This coupled with the firewalls and lengthy questioning which an uneducated user cannot grasp or would be irritated by.
  • eDarling is reputed to have a minimum of 188,000+ new members every month from their target audience of Europe. This is quite astonishing as a lot of rival dating websites do not even have that number in their full database, talk more per month. As evidenced by the new paid subscribers, it pulls every month; it is clear to see that they are doing something quite astonishing.
  • It has a medium for partner suggestions afterundertaking a personality test and conforming to the user’s wishes. eDarling would proceed to introduce users to singles who fit their personalities and suit them. This is a laudable feat.
  • It is a matchmaking platform. eDarling has a series of algorithms that work based on the knowledge of modern psychology, which is analyzed by the different facets of a user’s personality. Following this, the user will be introduced to a prospective partner that fits the bill and suits the unique character traits. You got the chance to acquaint with people with whom you not only have quite a lot in common. Your differences would be similarities in a unique never seen before manner.
  • It has a working mobile application available to both iPhone users and android users. Not a fan of website ads and strenuous logins on the website. Don’t worry, eDarling got you. It has a dedicated phone application that is available on both your Android store as well as the iOS app store. This is in keeping to modern practice and optimizing user experience.
  • It is mostly over exclusive to German users even though it claims to be international. eDarling has a bias for German nationals or German-speaking people. Maybe it’s because it was founded in Germany, or perhaps it’s because finding love is exclusive to German speakers. This has been quite a thorn in the flesh for none German inclined users.
  • Strict terms and conditions make it a dating site for only 35-year-olds and above. There are strict terms and conditions which a user must adhere to make eDarling a site for people searching for love in their mid-thirties. A website that does not permit casual dating. eDarling has a strict, serious partner search, this coupled with the fact that 85% of its users are educated, makes eDarling a boring and useless prospect for a millennial and the younger clientele.
  • Complaints of excess ads on the website interface. It’s not unusual to hear clients of a service complain about incessant paid ads and glitch massive online experience. However, occasionally it seems too much on eDarling. It certainly sucks when you’re about to close date or make progress in an ‘up till now fruitless search’ when suddenly an ad about domesticated monkeys for adoption pops up on your already occupied website link. This is truly a pain.
  • Too many questions in the ‘get to know you’ section. eDarling has been lauded for its innovation and the optimization of modern algorithms to give a website using a fantastic experience. However, a 200 plus questionnaire certainly feels on the high side as most people simply go to a site like Tinder or Biker Planet, where they won’t have such a plethora of questions to begin an uncertain journey.

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