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Friendly Review 2024 – Social Media Made Easier

Friendly Review 2024 – Social Media Made Easier
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Pros and Cons

  • Preserves phone battery for long hours
  • No need to download a separate app for chat and messages
  • Photos and videos can be saved within the app for viewing later
  • Stay safe with privacy options like Fingerprint Lock and PIN
  • Stories may be watched anonymously
  • Bugs are not fixed frequently
  • Photos cannot be saved or downloaded on the device as easily as claimed
  • Video playback is not good enough

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Friendly is an alternative to the regular social media apps we use. While many feel that there is no need to have an alternative app for the more popular regular apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, those who use Friendly will tell you otherwise.

The original apps are no doubt great, but they come with a lot of added features and functions which many users have no use of, and they simply result in the app occupying more space and slowing the phone down. An alternative app like Friendly is designed to incorporate all the best and essential features of the original app and make it easier to use.

You can still add friends on Friendly as you do on Facebook and have the same followers which you have on Instagram and Twitter. There are separate Friendly alternative apps like Friendly for Facebook, Friendly for Instagram, and Friendly for Twitter and all of them are fast gaining popularity, with many replacing the original app with Friendly on their Smartphones.

Friendly also retains the same look and feel of the original apps but cuts down on many extra and unnecessary features, keeping the essential items that facilitate in connecting people.

Friendly Review – Social Media Made Easier

How Does Friendly Operate?

Friendly runs on a much simpler algorithm than Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It is basically built as an extension of the light mobile website, and the users have more control over the news feed. The original apps have several unnecessary posts, ads, and notifications cropping up all the time, and they keep the users from viewing posts that are of importance to them.

With greater control over what to see on the news feed, the act of staying connected becomes easier and more enjoyable. It helps the users better engage with their peers, rather than wasting time scrolling through posts which are unimportant or not relevant to the user’s profile.

The app is very light and is only about 7.7 MB. The app has been downloaded by over seventeen million users and has been rated as 12+. The app requires an Android version of 4.4 and upwards. It is an interactive app which strengthens social communications.

What Does The Audience Have To Say About Friendly App?

The users of Friendly find it better than most original apps because they do not have to go through unnecessary features and browse through items they would rather avoid. Users love the control they have on their news feed, and they can use their mobile for longer hours as it consumes less phone battery.

Friendly also stores all the data, and there is no need to download and install separate apps for chats and messaging. Photos and videos can be saved and watched later. All of it can be done through a single app, considerably freeing up phone space.

What Does The Audience Have To Say About Friendly App?

Features of Friendly App That Make It Appealing

The attractive features of Friendly have resulted in the number of users increasing day by day. While most apps showcase ads and sponsored posts which one is forced to go through, Friendly lets you gain total control of your privacy. The user gets to decide what he or she wants to see on the news feed.

Advertisements and sponsored posts are blocked, and one can also watch stories anonymously. There is no need to reveal who you are if you do not want to while you watch other users sharing their stories.

When it comes to viewing posts, the users can choose the kind of posts they want to see and filter out the rest. One can select the keywords and filter out posts accordingly. One can simply select the word which best describes the kind of posts they do not want to see, and posts that have those words included in the description will not show up on the news feed. Customizing the news feed is one of the most significant advantages of Friendly.

In the same way, if one does want to see more posts related to a particular topic, then they have the option of highlighting the keyword, and such posts will appear promptly on your news feed, as and when they are posted. The original apps do not have this feature unless you subscribe to a channel or like a page, but Friendly gives you the option of seeing such posts, even without doing so.

One can also sort through the News Feed by setting the posts to Most Recent Posts. One can also customize their Friendly page and choose the font size most suitable for reading. On the other hand, if a user has multiple accounts, they can switch accounts seamlessly, without having to move on to a different app or logging in separately.

One of the most highly- admired features of Friendly is that it has a night- screen mode, also known as the Dark Mode. The AMOLED + Dark Mode is perfect when you are in bed, in the darkness, and you do not want a white and blaring screen straining your eyes in your quiet hours. This is not something that Facebook allows, and so many users choose Friendly instead to relieve their eyes.

How Does Friendly Operate

How User-Friendly Is Friendly?

Because of the lightweight nature of Friendly, the app is straightforward to use. Once the unnecessary features are taken out of the way, you can focus precisely on why you are using the app in the first place, that is, to communicate with people. Chat and send messages without being interrupted by notifications cropping up every time you want to type. The notifications can be muted for the quiet hours as well, and automatic day and night lighting theme makes it easier on the eyes.

Some Points Regarding App Navigation on Friendly

The app has an uncomplicated interface, and navigating it is not a problem at all. The well-integrated design keeps everything at your fingertips, quite literally. One can be checking the news feed one moment and quickly moving on to the chat page the next. Photos and videos can be downloaded and saved with a single click, and all the critical headers are carefully listed so that you can quickly go to whichever page you want.

What Does the Friendly Mobile App Look Like

Friendly only works as a mobile app, and there is no desktop version yet. The app makes it more functional for use because it can be easily downloaded by a Smartphone and used on the go to stay connected. This is not possible with a desktop version. There is no website as such as yet as well.

How Good Is Customer Support at Friendly?

It is the constant endeavor of the app developers at Friendly to make the user experience as hassle-free as possible. They try to deal with every query as promptly as possible, and users can reach them at [email protected] for any complaints. The friendly app is in no way connected to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and it is not endorsed or supported by them. Hence, complaining about these apps will not help.

In case anyone wants to find out more about the developers or want to get in touch with the owners, then they can visit the website [email protected]. The offices of the app developers are located in Austin, Texas, USA.

How User-Friendly Is Friendly

The Sign-Up Process & User Profile Creation at Friendly

It is very simple to start using Friendly. The app has to be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Once installed, the app will have to be signed in to with a user id and password.

How To Sign-Up on Friendly?

To sign in to Friendly, the user has to have a valid email id. The user must also create a unique password for Friendly and not share it with anyone. After one has successfully signed in, the user can go on to create the profile. The user can upload a profile picture and create a bio for themselves and share any information they want to about themselves.

Does The Friendly App Have A Verification Process?

The Friendly app is verified through a phone number check. This is done to ensure that there are no fake profiles, and users are not bothered with message requests from fake profiles. Even if there is an issue, then a user can reach the developers at the email mentioned above, and suitable action will be taken against those who violate the rules and regulations of using the app. Fake accounts can also be blocked for misconduct.

The Sign-Up Process & User Profile Creation at Friendly

Are There Any Search Options In Friendly?

Friendly allows the user to search the app for topics they might be interested in or if they are looking for a particular person with whom they want to connect with. The search can also be conducted with the help of an email id.

Users can search with topic names and keywords, and relevant profiles and pages will be displayed accordingly. Once they have found the relevant page, users can copy the link and save it for later, or they could only copy the text. The link of the page can be shared on Facebook or some other apps as well. This helps the user to stay connected on various social media platforms they are using, and share the content with everyone they know.

In the same way, when one is using Friendly Twitter or Friendly Instagram, the user can connect with other users and gain followers or start following other users by searching with the usernames or email ids.

The Chatting Process on Friendly

Chatting on Friendly with friends is one of the most wonderful experiences that a user can have. The chatbox is easy to access, and typing is easy. Chat messages can be sent easily by pressing Enter, and there are several emojis and GIFs that one can use to make the conversations more interesting. The user interface is so designed that any user can quickly navigate through the various chat boxes without any difficulties.

Are There Any Search Options In Friendly

Is a Paid Membership Required on Friendly?

No paid membership is required to use Friendly. The Friendly app can be downloaded and used for free, but there is a paid version for the app. It costs about USD 1.99 for the entire Friendly package, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store.

The premium version of the app contains Ad Blocker features as well. Some users feel that the paid version of the app is better than the free versions, and the bug issues are better taken care of on the paid platform. The paid version also has a more stylized interface.

However, others feel that both the versions are almost the same. The app offers in-app purchases, and users can make special purchases based on some added features they might need.

Free Membership

Signing up and using the app is free, and almost all the features can be enjoyed free of cost.

Depending on whether the user wants to use some added features or not, he or she could buy the paid version of the app, but it is not compulsory to do so. You could, however, make in-app purchases later on based on requirements.

Pricing of The Paid Membership

The pricing of the paid version is dependent on the country to which the user belongs, and its currency.

Can a Friendly Profile Be Deactivated or Cancelled?

In case you do not wish to continue with the Friendly profile anymore, then you just have to visit the Settings page and deactivate the profile. The app could ask you a few questions regarding the reason for deactivating the profile, which you could state in the space provided, or click on the checkbox. However, one is always free to come back to Friendly anytime and create a new account again.

Is a Paid Membership Required on Friendly

Is Friendly a Safe App To Use?

Friendly is a very safe app to use because the user has full control over whom he or she wants to interact with. With so much control over the news feed and with so many options about customization, users can use Friendly just the way they want, without making themselves prone to any kind of scam or unwanted attention. The filters have a lot of parameters in place which keep out intruders.

On the other hand, a lot of safety features are also in place, and Friendly users can make good use of them. Fingerprint Lock is an excellent option to use when you do not want anyone to go through your profile just in case your phone is lying around, and someone happens to pick it up. Be sure to keep your PIN confidential to prevent loss of information. Again, the user can also use a password to protect the profile, and every time one tries to access the account, the password would have to be typed in. Friendly holds the data protection of its users in high esteem, which is why they have gone ahead with including so many security features and privacy options in the app.

Friendly: What Other Alternatives Do The Users Have?

  • Swift : This is also an alternative app for popular Facebook and is deemed as one of the lightest. It also has all the features and is fully functional, though users have complained about data loading problems at times.
  • Folio for Facebook : This is another alternative app and contains Facebook Lite + Messenger in a single app. Those who continuously access their Facebook inbox on the go and want to stay connected without using up the phone memory too much find this very handy.
  • No Seen for Facebook : This app is also lightweight, currently becoming quite popular because of its dark and mysterious theme and its focus on privacy. The app developers have touted it as a ‘dark-themed Facebook client created from scratch.’ The app has several takers who want to keep their profiles minimalistic and functional.
Friendly: What Other Alternatives Do The Users Have

Friendly: Does It Pass The Test?

Friendly delivers all that it promises and some more. The easy user interface of the app makes it the perfect alternative, and there is no need to fret about unwanted ads and posts anymore. The Filter features and the customization features are one of the best, and the app has already garnered excellent reviews from the industry experts. The growing number of downloads only indicates that the app is here to stay.

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