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Huggle Review 2024 — Real Local Dating App or Scam?

Huggle Review 2024  — Real Local Dating App or Scam?
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Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 23-25
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It’s an established app with a broad user base.
  • It is suited for people seeking for a serious romantic experience. Jokers are not allowed to interact via the love platform.
  • The presence of The Huggle mobile app makes it easy to access the hookups via your phone.
  • The customer support is second to none when compared to other dating sites.
  • Membership subscription rates are affordable for registered members. Compared to other romantic websites, the pricing is nice.
  • You must be a Facebook user to be registered officially to the dating channel.
  • The platform is not accountable for anything that happens after you have met a potential date.
  • Instances of scamming and fraudulent activity are common.
  • It’s difficult to filter locations from time to time. Takes long to have results based on location searching.
  • The phone app for this love connector sometimes fails to download.

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Functioning since 2016, Huggle is a relatively young friendship and mobile hookup app that is geared towards closing the gap between people online and offline. We are well aware you know little about the love app, and that’s why we are here to help you with this review. Continue reading to get the full picture of this widespread love connector.

Unlike most location-based searching apps, it matches you precisely to people in locations you have visited before. Whether it is someone in your neighborhood or in a new place you have traveled, the app will help find a soulmate for you. The app is not specifically tailored for people seeking a serious relationship, and it also serves as a hookup app for friendship acquaintances and traveling buddies.

Does this sound like you? Continue reading this review to get a clear idea about this popular romantic app. You will thank us later!

Huggle dating app is a proven dating connector and is relatively new in the dating scene. We see no reason for not getting acquainted with this love app, and it’s worth a try. Beware of keeping your personal and private info away when signing up.

Today’s dating platforms are not the usual, as there are countless personalities, and you never know the real traits of a potential date. Always stay protected by keeping personal info away from any love site.

How Does Huggle Really Work?

Huggle Review – Should You Trust This Website?

Huggle is not your ordinary app and functions differently when compared to other app-based love channels. Through a special geo-location sensor for picking your check-in points, members get matched with hookups specific to these locations. If, for example, you are in London, the Huggle app will match you with people in this city. The best thing is there is always someone to hook up with anywhere you travel. Through the chat feature, members get to communicate and send photos to potential dates. We have recognized it as the only proven location finder for making connections between people.

A Glance At Audience Analysis

If you are still contemplating if Huggle is the ideal dating platform for you, let’s give you a clue of what to expect by signing up with this dating app. First, there are immense singles in this dating app seeking long-term relationships, casual hookups, and friendship ties. We have found that young people (18-24) and adults of 26-34 years take almost 80% of members.

You will always find serious people on this dating platform. People from different parts of the world are well represented. The UK and the US have the highest representation for registered members. There is no gender bias, and from black, white to Asian people, you will never miss your taste. It does not matter if you are a Christian or Muslim; this dating channel is open for all religions.

Huggle accepts all people who are of legal age to register and is ideal for most of us. Biasness is a thing of the past, and this platform is a true testimony to this.

What Are Some Huggle Key Features?

Huggle Review – Should You Trust This Website?

We have discovered immense features that make this dating platform one of the most sought out. Members registered under the website have an added advantage of getting these essential features.

  • The timeline feature tracks the record of different places you have visited. It gives members the ability to view new check-ins form potential mates who have visited your favorite spots.
  • Contrary to other apps where texting is the only communication platform. Members can send videos and pictures to their favorite matches.
  • Users can discover people who have checked on similar spots through the importing of information from social media accounts. Users can choose to import from Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts.
  • Ability to get photo verification in less than one minute: The whole verification process is super-fast, and you get approved in less than a minute.


This platform offers a distinct and user-friendly experience for its members to enjoy the best online love experience. The official website is defined clearly with all features provided for members to get registered. The blog section helps to advise interested people on how the dating tool works. The dating app is made available to download and works to connect you and potential partners. Using the platform is easy, and there are no cumbersome features that you can’t handle.

User Interface & Usability: What Are The Main Points?

Huggle Review – Should You Trust This Website?

This sex tool is simple and easy to access with a layout design suited for people who are not good tech-savvy. Each tab on the website takes you to specific locations where you can browse different goodies.

This layout design comes in different colors and makes it easy for members to navigate through search functions. Users are provided with a hassle-free dating experience.

If you want to download the Android app, there is an icon that will prompt an instant download. If you are stranded, the usability of this platform is anchored by the support and blog section that is rich in helpful tips that help you navigate around.

Does Huggle Have A Mobile App?

According to our critique, this platform has an active app for Android phones. The app is excellent to use, with most registered users using it more than never before. The best thing is that it’s easy to stay signed in while using this app, and some people do not like the idea of downloading it. All in all, the app is versatile in terms of user ability.

If you like the app, we want to relieve your worries by revealing that it works like most phone apps. If you open the official site for the platform, you will be able to get all features of this app on your phone. It’s your decision whether you want to open the app or not. The best thing is that there are diverse ways of interacting with this dating website.

How’s Customer Support Like?

Huggle Review – Should You Trust This Website?

Where can you seek help when stranded? We have noticed the exceptional usefulness and functioning of this love connector customer support. If you are faced with any dilemma or problems with your profile, just contact the customer support system. These experts are experienced to handle any problem you may encounter in the course of finding a friend.

Registration and User Profile

The registration is straightforward, and you only need to be a Facebook user to get the process running. It takes around five minutes to register and get verified based on our research. The app imports registering member information from Facebook. With these people, registering for a dating platform has never been easy like now.

To set up a user profile requires a few steps like availing of info like name and a clear image. It’s not something you can’t handle, and the good thing is that you have all information required.

How To Sign-Up

It’s mandatory for registering members to sign up through Facebook. So we advise you to sign up first with Facebook before thinking of utilizing the dating app.

To sign up is quite an easy affair. By clicking or tapping the “Continue with Facebook” option, the app will correct all the necessary information to create your profile account. The best thing for using this app is that they use your first name and profile image. Afterward, you may decide to continue or spice up your account. Starting to find potential matches has never been easy like now.

What’s Profile Quality? What About Verification?

Huggle Review – Should You Trust This Website?

Profile quality from our research about Huggle review has proved to be vital if you are looking to getting successful. We have noticed various means for verifying a user account. The first thing you need to do is to access your account and click the “Account Verification” option. You will then be prompted to different methods for verifying your Huggle account.

These are the different ways of verifying a new registering member’s account.

  • Twitter – If you are a registered member of Twitter, it becomes easy to verify your account. Just click on the Twitter verification option, and you will be asked to sign in to your Twitter account. It only takes seconds to be verified.
  • Instagram – It becomes easy to verify an account by connecting to your Instagram via Huggle. It’s easy to verify a member’s account through this communication media, with no problems being reported by already registered members.
  • LinkedIn – This popular media can be used to verify your account. You only need to sign in to your LinkedIn account via the romance channel. Users authenticating through this means take just a couple of seconds to finish the whole process.
  • Facebook – Like most dating apps, Facebook is an easy route we have discovered for getting your account verified. You will be delivered to the Facebook verification option, and once you have accepted, you will be verified instantly.

Huggle Search Options

The platform’s Search feature lets users choose what they are seeking: a romantic date or friendship. The app operates by allowing the user to change their search preferences under the settings criteria. You can select for a specific age range and choose how many locations you need to have shared with them to be able to communicate with you. You can change your preference to be matched with the suited dates that are similar to you.

Chatting & Matching Process

Huggle Review – Should You Trust This Website?

The chatting and matching process for this exceptional love channel is quite easy and unique for you. We have gathered new information that your location check-ins are the criteria set to match you and your date. So, wherever you go there is always a match for you.

To match you well, the app lets you search for dates based on the icons set next to their profile names. Getting matched is straightforward, and you do not need to worry about this while signing up.

Once you have noticed a cute date, you can launch the chatting process and communicate with your beauty to get a soulmate. What you share with your partner is left for you to articulate, but a good start is to talk about similar places you have traveled to. Sending pictures is made available to make the whole experience exciting and fun.

If you come across a cumbersome person, there is no need to worry. From our research, we have identified the “Block User” icon, which you can tap to block this type of person. To sum up all of this, the love channel has unbiased and unique criteria for matching different people.

Let’s Discuss Huggle Membership Options

Huggle Review – Should You Trust This Website?

Now, the next big thing people want to know: Is the dating app free? From our technical side, it is free to join, but you can upgrade to a subscription to enjoy additional features. Let’s have a look at the membership options available for the Huggle dating connector.


It’s free to join and become a free member. The free version for this love connector comes with restrictions for accessing additional features. Features like messaging are restricted for free members, and we think it’s wise to pay for a membership plan to get the most out of this exquisite love platform.

A paid membership subscription option is available for this hookup enhancer. By paying subscription a fee, users get to enjoy additional features like sending messages, pics, and videos with potential dates. We have realized that the paid plan is mostly used by people seeking for a serious dating experience that will bear fruits.


We have not yet come across any pricing plans set for Huggle, and we recommend you contact customer support to get a clear picture. All we know is that pricing is based on the cost per date or the number of dates you go. The pricing, though, should be affordable for most of us seeking love.

Terminating Your Huggle Subscription

Huggle Review – Should You Trust This Website?

If you want to cancel your current subscription plan, it’s quite simple. Simply talk to the customer service, and they will gladly help to cancel your subscription.

Huggle Safety & Security

Okay, it is a frequently asked question by people curious about the dating website: Is the dating platform safe? We always encourage people to make this decision for themselves when seeking to join. Just do thorough research and view for more insights about the site’s safety features.

For more insightful safety tips, refer to the website’s safety page. If the dating platform you are seeking to get acquainted with lacks the safety page, use your wise judgment before registering.

Have you ever faced suspicious behavior from the website? We always encourage people to use the Huggle contact support and report any suspicious activity ensuing. Always trust your instincts when you suspect something is not right. The dating website is full of diverse people, and it’s wise to keep personal and secretive information to yourself.

All in all, we have not encountered any issue of concern about safety precautions while using this love tool. We see no reason for you to feel insecure while signing up with this channel.

Does Huggle Have Competitors?

Like most dating channels we have reviewed, Huggle faces stiff competition from rival hookup dating apps. These similar platforms provide the same services but differ in terms of features and pricing plans. These are the rivals.

  • Hinge
  • Badoo
  • Coffee Meets Bagel


Huggle Review – Should You Trust This Website?

We always strive to ensure our readers are enlightened and successful in their daily activities. That’s why we have made it easy for you to get all the information about a particular dating platform. Plus we want you to get the utmost love experience with Huggle dating app.

Huggle is an exceptional and versatile mobile application that helps connect people with the same check-ins as you have. This platform has a lot to offer from a serious long-term relationship to a casual hook up. Therefore if you are a person who is seeking friendship and also a marriage life partner, this channel might be the answer for you.

Ready to start searching and meeting people who share the same character traits as you do? Visit the Huggle official site page to get started. We want to be as neutral as possible, but this site looks pretty impressive.

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