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Love.ru Review 2024: Is It A Genuine Dating Site Or Mere Cash Grab

Love.ru Review 2024: Is It A Genuine Dating Site Or Mere Cash Grab
About Site
Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 23-27
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Love.ru has quite an admirable interface, blessed with a clear vision and a budget to flex its creativity
  • Love.ru has a wide, loyal, and vast clientele that comes in direct ratio with the Russian population
  • Love.ru has a fantastic mobile app
  • It has millions of users, which increases your chance of finding love and companionship
  • It is an outdated website; Love.ru hasn’t shifted with the tides of time
  • This website is slow, and this indelibly sad because this is a buzz kill and a waste of time

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It feels a scam largely as its website is hard to access, but let’s have a closer look. It is one of the most reputable and oldest Russian-founded dating sites as it has quite a reputation servicing millions of users in its earlier days during its previous glory years. However, right now, it is entirely redundant on the World Wide Web as it does not even respond to the most basic of commands.

Love.ru is a Russian-founded dating website that specializes in linking up members of the public and giving them a shot at finding love. Love.ru is open to all ethnic groups as well as being open to people of different sexual orientations ranging from straight to gay to lesbian to transgender and even queer users. It has a developed and critically acclaimed mobile phone application, which ensures that users can easily keep up with dates and hookups without necessarily being on the website all the time.

How Does Love.ru Operate?

Love.ru: Is It A Genuine Dating Site Or Mere Cash Grab

You can search and chat with relative ease on the website. All you have to do is fill in all the necessary details asked at the initial signup process then proceed to edit the ‘My profile’ section to absolute perfection. Following this, you can find users within your vicinity that might be down for a nice time, hookup, or just an intelligent conversation to set the scene. Updating your profile regularly is advisable as paid users can check out your profile and vice versa to ensure that you do not miss out on potential suitors and friends alike. On subscription, you will be provided with an e-wallet, which allows you as a user more flexibility and ample ways of showing off on the website.

An Overview Of The Love.ru Audience

  • Geography
  • It is a Russian based online dating website, which caters to the millions of clients and subscribers in its home country before branching out to service other international clients. It is open to a few European countries, which are in close vicinity and in good relations with the home country of Russia. Love.ru also claims to operate comprehensive services, but this is not so as international clients meet a brick wall in messaging and using its plethora of functions as opposed to competitors in the online dating industry.

  • Gender
  • Love.ru is open and tolerant of all genders. It makes provisions for men, women, and anyone in between to enjoy its excellent and well-developed services coupled with an algorithm which uses the user’s email address to predict the sex group a user falls under correctly. Love.ru is quite inclusive as it gives love-struck men a chance to find their dream girl as well as heartbroken women a chance at falling in love again.

  • Sexual Orientation
  • Love.ru is open to people of all sexual orientations. It does not discriminate as gays, lesbians, queers, transgender,and pansexual people are well and truly welcome on this platform. It is well and accurate, as proved by the fact that over the years, Love.ru has gathered plaudits by notable members of the international LGBTQ community for its all-inclusive and ultra-tolerance levels too. This is quite laudable despite the initial fear of the homophobic nature of its host nation.

  • Age
  • Members of Love.ru must attain a minimum of 18 years of age to be eligible for the initial sign up process. This is quite commendable as the site is known to have explicit themes and NSFW content now and then. It is this open to all ages’ grades that are above eighteen and caters to the elderly population too. Love.ru has a strict age policy, and any member that is found to breach such policy is summarily dismissed from the platform without remuneration of any sort as the website has a strict no refund policy.

  • Ethnicity
  • The website is open to all races and ethnic divides as it doesn’t separate members into ethnic classes in their search for love. Members can flirt, chat with, or get acquainted with other members no matter the ethnic group they fall under. Love.ru is not like ethnic centered dating websites like LatinoMeetup that only service a specific ethnic clientele. It has gotten rave reviews about its diversity and all-inclusive nature, which is directly parallel to lots of dating industry giants out there.

What Are Some Notably Features On Love.ru?

Love.ru: Is It A Genuine Dating Site Or Mere Cash Grab

Love.ru has a diary function where you can keep tabs on dates, chats, and any other thing you deem for or necessary. You can also use the toggle to set reminders to ensure that due care is taken to avoid missing dates and essential appointments with members of the dating site. It has a community function whereby members of the site that live in the same community can communicate and plan meetups in an impressive manner. Love.ru has an e-wallet feature that enables users to share online tokens as well as real credits too. This is reminiscent of the 2go network go credits initiative of earlier years. It has a chat room function too, whereby members can while away time and also look for exciting partners to discuss interesting and pressing topics.

Is Love.ru a User-Friendly Dating Website?

Love.ru is quite user-friendly as its homepage and dashboard optimize functions and give users a unique chance to feel like a part of the experience of other beneficiaries of the site. It is very straightforward to operate the love.ru site as all primary functions are quite distinct and decipherable. It is accountable for functions and messages and any other thing that members chose to do, making it both a trailblazer as well as a conformer to the current norm in the worldwide online dating industry.

Love.ru Website: Ease Of Use and Design

The website design is quite basic as it uses easy to understand colors, toggles, and widgets to give a user a plethora of options to choose from. Ranging from ‘My profile’ option to search, talks, messages, guests, and even wallets, this website was designed to optimize the user experience. The dashboard is at the bottom right corner containing well laid out widgets for a curious user to tickle their fancy and come back for more and more.

Does Love.ru Have a Working Mobile App?

Yes, there is a working mobile phone application for Love.ru; this mobile app is available for iPhone users and Android users on their respective app stores with relative ease. Love.ru has one of the best online dating applications in recent times, which is quite evident in its 4.1 aggregate rating in the Google Play Store. It has been described as innovative, neat, pleasurable, and grossly efficient by critics and users alike.

How Good Is Love.ru Customer Support?

Love.ru: Is It A Genuine Dating Site Or Mere Cash Grab

The customer support team is quite chill as they give users a cool platform to air out opinions, complain observations, and also make subscription inquiries. The customer support team can be reached by pressing on the bottom right corner toggle and pressing the ‘Contact us’ button. It is easy to contact customer support as they are available most of the time to meet users’ needs, inquiries, and crave a few of their indulgences.

How To Register On Love.ru

The signup process is straightforward and easy to use as compared to other dating websites of similar structure. All you have to do is fill in your age, email address, and proposed password. After this, you shall be directed to the website which has similar functions and a similar look to the design utilized by the developers of Facebook. The user profile is easy to grasp, understandable, and ultra-relatable too.

Here’s How To Create A Love.ru Account

You fill all the information requested of you on signing up for the main page. Such information includes but is not limited to questions about your physical appearance, body build as well as basic information about yourself and what you are looking for. You then proceed to wait for a verification message which will be sent in due time to the registered email address placed down. On doing this, you follow the link and then proceed to link up with fellow users as a part of the Love.ru family.

How Are The Love.ru Profile Quality and Verification Process?

The profile quality is basic and similar to the one in use on Facebook for the live version as well as basic and identical to the one in use for 2go on the mobile-friendly application. This has led to complaints of lack of creativity, but they are quite decent in serving as a communication gateway for users. The verification process ought to be straightforward but is now painstakingly slow and ardors as these days, it takes days and sometimes weeks before such a verification message would be sent to your registered email address. This is quite sad and a huge minus on the part of the site. However, once the link is sent, the verification process is quite straightforward from thereon. Without verifying, you cannot use the website; hence this is a vital component of love.ru.

How To Search For A Catch On Love.ru

You pressthe Search button at the bottom toggle on the mini version of the site, or you press the Search option toggle on the live version. Following this, you will search through filters and find a match. You can now proceed to text or flirt with the fellow user with relative and unnerving ease. If your profile is strong and a Cupid smiles at you, you can hopefully get a good response from the recipient, and sparks would fly.

The Matching and Chatting Procedure On Love.ru

Love.ru: Is It A Genuine Dating Site Or Mere Cash Grab

Matching is entirely manual and arduous as a paid member of the site has to go out of his way and sort through filters upon filters to find the perfect match to a lady that tickles his fancy as a user. Following this, he can now proceed to chat to her by sending a direct message which could contain a typical chat, smiley, or any other thing except nude pictures and profanities. This is quite different from apps like LatinoMeetup that match users with the relative ease of service.

Membership Variations On Love.ru

Membership of Love.ru is either paid or free of charge. There is a world of difference in paying for Love.ru and merely being a free user of the reputable dating website. Free users are clamped in a whole of limited functionality and insufficient privileges. At the same time, paid subscribers are blessed with a plethora of options. They also have the freedom to roam freely on the streets of the website without being stopped or curved.

As a Free Member On Love.ru

Free members can search and view there profile quite easily. They, however, cannot control the traffic to and fro from their pages no matter how fanciful it looks at an initial or cursory glance. All they can do is search, hope to get noticed, and even if they get noticed, they still cannot reply to other users’ messages except they subscribe to one of the many payment plans available to users of Love.ru.

As A Paying Member On Love.ru

Paid members of Love.ru are a charmed and privileged bunch as they can hide their profiles from nonregistered viewers. They can use advanced profile search options, and they can limit other profile viewers from viewing their profile photos and lots of other juicy and unique features. Paid subscribers can chat, search, and contact people with relative ease. They have more e-wallet funds, can upgrade to a VIP position, and can enjoy quality service, which is not present for free users.

Pricing Variations On Love.ru

You can choose from a plethora of pricing options, such as the following.

  • 12-month subscription for €23 per month
  • 6-month subscription for €25 per month
  • 3-month subscription for €40 per month

You could also opt to be a free user, too, although this has limited features.

How To Cancel Subscriptions On Love.ru

Love.ru: Is It A Genuine Dating Site Or Mere Cash Grab

You contact the Love.ru customer service platform, which can be gotten at the bottom of the screen or via Google search. You then proceed to send them an email or place a call to the applicable hotline where you will calmly and respectfully state your complaints and the advent of the said problem. You proceed to fill in your details, complaints, and proof of payment.

Following this, your subscription canceling request will be worked on in due and actionable time. It is quite worthy of note that there is a nonrefundable policy, which means that no matter the problem, you cannot get your subscription money back, so kindly make sure this is the last resort before canceling the said subscription.

Is Love.ru A Safe and Secure Dating Website?

Love.ru is very safe and entirely secure. This dating website has passed various regional, national, and international safety tests coupled with the fact that it is based in a hub of world intelligence in Russia. This online dating website has been praised by users and critics alike for the due care and diligence taken to ensure that all customers are protected from crooks and nooks, Possessing a 4.1 rating on the Google PlayStore. It has a track record of honest success and unflappable service to both paid subscribers as well as free users of the platform over the last few years.

What Are The Alternatives and Competitors Of Love.ru In The Dating Industry?

Russia is quite vast, and the climes are very much in search of love and affection. As such, it is common practice to see multiple dating websites competing for the plethora of citizen’s search for good old-fashioned romance. Hence Love.ru has some strong competition, most notably:

  • RussianCupid
  • This is reputed to be the best dating website in Russia, coupled with the fact that it has the most users. It utilizes a plethora of new-age options such as Cupid Tags and also communication modalities. It is mainly for Russian speaking indigenes; however, as most people present on the website do not converse in English and don’t even plan to anytime soon. Blessed with a modern interface and array of functions, this is truly a juggernaut in the online dating field.

  • Mamba.ru
  • This is the most used exclusively Russian speaking dating website as it is reputed to have over 23 million members at the last count. It has an easy to grasp user description, effortless communication from members to the customer service team as well as a myriad of additional functionalities. Its signature feature is its Travel Buddies search, which is inventive and helpful for Russians on the move.

Love.ru Review Conclusion

Love.ru: Is It A Genuine Dating Site Or Mere Cash Grab

Love.ru is a laudable project indeed. It helps members find love, improve social skills as well as have a medium to pass away time and get involved in general happenings of their clime. It is, however, primarily segregated as non-Russian users have next to nothing to look for on that website. All in all, it is an excellent pick for Russians, and the site works great.

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