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Manhunt Review – Should You Use It?

Manhunt Review – Should You Use It?
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Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 40%
Popular Age 30-40
Profiles 250 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 6.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The signup process is rapid.
  • All users get plenty of healthcare information.
  • Potential to create a video chat even before the first meeting
  • Less number of users
  • Most of the users are quite far away.
  • Free profiles only get to send a small number of messages.

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Manhunt came out in 2001 as one of the initial dating services for gay individuals. After being a platform where telephone dating service was provided, it later switched over to the online version where immense success has been experienced. This is primarily a site meant for short-term dating and casual encounters.

How Does Manhunt Function?

Manhunt Review

Manhunt is a site that has a list of profiles from a specific region, and users can access this list after registration. Based on the users who generate the most interest, it is possible to initiate contact through email or live chat. There are also innovative ways of using a webcam and connecting with the other person. Any person can use a string of data and tools to secure a date through this platform.

Let’s Look at Member Structure

As a platform that has been around for more than two decades, Manhunt has been able to gain a lot of presence in the world of gay dating. It now has more than 6 million users who are spread across the world. The primary preference of these users happens to be casual sex. It has been identified by more than 80% of the members. A significant chunk of users is from the United States, which has around 1.5 million members. Around 30,000 of these members are from the State of New York. The site is also popular in Mexico, Argentina, and the United Kingdom. There is no restriction on the platform when it comes to different races, religions, and ethnicity.

Top Features

There are a couple of features on Manhunt that can make a lot of difference. Some features are applicable only for premium users, but they are present nonetheless.


This is a messaging feature that serves to provide instant chatting abilities between two users. Manhunt will offer the ability to unlock private pictures, receive real-time chats, send GIFs, share location, and more.

Track List

Manhunt allows users to keep track of the last 50 users who have visited the profile. At the same time, a member can decide not to be part of this feature in someone else’s list. It is not possible to turn off this feature or remove some members from the list.


This is a feed where users can upload posts about their wants, preferences, and anything more. The posts can be set the expiry time, and users can remove the content when they prefer. No trace of the content is kept. The posts can be made appealing with pictures. If other users like the post, this has the potential to initiate a conversation.

1-to-1 Video

If a user wants to engage in a private conversation with another member, they can do so using this feature, which comes with the option of private audio and video chat. Unlike in other chatting systems, it is not possible to type content as it is only meant for multimedia. This is provided as part of a premium feature.


This is a porn site that is available only for the premium members of the platform. It happens to possess several videos that can be downloaded and viewed. The site also features regular updates in several major categories.

User-Friendliness of Manhunt

User-Friendliness of Manhunt

Manhunt can be a very user-friendly platform under different scenarios. Considering that the member base of the platform comes from different sections and ages, Manhunt has been able to sustain for more than two decades as a direct result of being very user-friendly. All sections of the website are easy and understandable, while some latest-generation features can take up some time.

Design and Usability of Manhunt Website: Key Points

Manhunt has been around for so long that it is easy to feature a very dated design. It is straightforward to get lost in the mirage of popularity and longevity, but this platform has not committed those mistakes. The home page is an extremely clean and well-designed page that manages to speak little in words. Yet, it is compelling and gets straight to the point with a signup option thrown in.

Mobile App Experience from Manhunt

Manhunt offers an app that has been designed in a sophisticated manner. It also appears very modern compared with competitors, and this is a strong advantage considering that the platform also has been in existence for two decades and counting. The biggest focus of the app is to help the user with messaging, but there is not much focus on providing notifications for the messages. The app does miss out on many of the other features provided by the platform, as it is very clear that it only focuses on helping a user discover nearby members using the location capabilities.

Customer Support Options

A comprehensive help center is provided by Manhunt to address the problems faced by users. One can go to different options like billing, account deletion, account management, features, marketing, pictures, mobile app usage, and much more to find different issues covered. If the help center is not sufficient, Manhunt also has live telephone support that is open from 8 AM to 4 PM EST. This service is available only in Canada or the United States. For those outside these regions, only email support is offered. Still, there are very few online dating platforms that provide live telephone support, and Manhunt gets a huge vote of confidence in this regard.

Sign-Up Process & Creation of User Profile

Sign-Up Process & Creation of User Profile

It would take around a minute or less than a minute to become a member on the Manhunt platform. This makes it extremely convenient for someone new to the world of gay dating, as the signup process has to be easy without asking too many questions. The user may not provide a lot of personal detail when signing up, as these can be included at a later stage. A user is allowed the freedom to upload one photo as the profile picture, while a maximum of 15 pictures can be introduced into the platform.

How to Sign-Up with the Platform

To signup with Manhunt, users will have to open the main page where there will be an option to enter details like username, email address, age, and password. Once a user confirms that they are above 18 years of age, they can initiate the join button. The user is not requested to verify their email address immediately, but it has to be done at a later stage to message any other member. After the signup process, an option is offered to use a profile picture, which can be changed at a later stage.

Profile Quality and Verification Options

A user may not provide a lot of information during the signup process, and this could potentially hurt the quality of profiles. However, users are aware that success on Manhunt is available only with a complete profile. Perhaps, this realization helps with some profiles coming up with plenty of information. A user has to verify the account before being able to contact someone on the platform. However, this verification process is not applicable during the registration, and it has to be done before initiating contact with another member.

Each profile is given the freedom to upload a maximum of 16 pictures, including one profile photo. There is also further freedom in the form of being able to be very descriptive when it comes to the fields available on Manhunt. Since there are only limited parameters that can be entered into the profile, it helps to be very descriptive. The different sexual preferences of an individual can also be listed in the profiles, and this can have a major impact on the type of individuals that they attract.

Manhunt Search Functionality

Manhunt Search Functionality

The biggest trait of Manhunt is in helping find casual relationships in an area. There is a special feature on the platform called ‘in your area.’ This will help users connect with people who are in the vicinity, and this increases the likelihood of getting to meet the person at a later stage. The basic search function would present users with a large number of profiles in the area, but it is possible to filter and narrow down the choices. The filtering options are available for users with a paid subscription.

The filters tab will allow users to choose different parameters like the type of relationship a person prefers. For example, some users may be into a serious relationship, whereas others are looking for just a one-time fling. It becomes easy to skip such incompatible profiles with the help of filters, which are quite varied as users can even select a radius and preferred age.

Chatting & Receiving Potential Matches

Chatting & Receiving Potential Matches

The messaging platform provided by Manhunt is a clear winner compared to the competition, as it is feature-rich and very stable. A user has the option of sending a direct message to a profile that they find interesting. It is also possible to interact through a live video chat with the users who are online at the same time. The chatting feature on this platform is fully unlocked for the paid user, as a free user only gets to save ten chats per day. This can be especially bothersome for a popular member. At the same time, a person who is trying to gain attention on the platform will be able to save previous conversations that they have enjoyed on the site.

The messages can also be filtered depending on the online availability of the other person. The instant messaging platform makes it easy to connect with other members without having to share personal contact information. A chat room is also available for getting involved in the discussions.

Membership Options

Membership Options

Manhunt comes up with free and paid services that provide different capabilities. Most of the primary functions are available to all users. The key difference between the subscription plan and nonrenewal memberships will be the savings that a user can achieve. There will be a sizeable saving when going with a subscription plan. It is also important to assess the features available under the free plan.

Free Membership

The free member will be able to perform a limited set of options on the Manhunt platform. This involves opening an account, creating profiles, viewing other individuals, and even connecting with a few. There is an option of connecting with many individuals, but users have to be aware that any chat history that is more than two weeks old will be removed from the account.

The paid membership on the platform comes with the choice of automatic renewal or a one-time payment. Both options are great, and these can be used depending on the individual’s preference. For those who want to seek casual partners continuously, the automatic renewal option is a better pick since it would allow significant savings in cost. The paid service comes with the ability to provide features like complete access to pictures, video chat rooms, conversation history, and advanced searches. A paid member has the potential to add a maximum of 1000 buddies while they can also block 1000 members. A huge advantage would also be the ability to star conversations and change usernames if required.

Pricing and Plans

The pricing structure on the Manhunt platform is divided into two – auto-renewal and nonrenewal. Both plans are available in different time frames, but there is a sizeable reduction when it comes to the auto-renewal plans. The different time frames available are one week, one month, three months, six months, and one year.

The one-week plan will set users back by $7 in the auto-renewal mode with a $1 increase for the nonrenewal membership. A one-month plan will cost $12 with a price increase to $14 for the latter. A three-month plan in the auto-renewal model is priced at $30. The price gap increases further to $35 for the nonrenewal membership. The six month and one-year plans in the auto-renewal mode will cost $55 and $99 in total, but it will increase to $65 and $124 in the case of the nonrenewal plan.

A user can make use of the support for different credit cards to purchase these plans.

Coming out of the Manhunt Subscription

A user will have the option of managing their subscription through the settings menu. It is not possible to cancel a subscription when it is active, but a user can choose to turn off the auto-renewal option. This will prevent recurring billing. A user who has opted for the nonrenewal feature need not worry about the same. Since Manhunt does not entertain cancellation midway through a subscription, the platform also does not entertain refunds.

How about the Safety & Security

How about the Safety & Security

Manhunt takes the safety of users very seriously. Apart from coming up with the standards set of features like encryption, Manhunt also makes sure that a strong privacy policy allows the moderator team to remove any users who are found to violate the rules and regulations. All users also have to register with an email address, which has to be confirmed and verified.

Manhunt Competitors and Alternatives

Manhunt Competitors and Alternatives

Even though Manhunt has an excellent reputation, it is still not perfect. There are alternatives for someone who is in the field of online gay dating. The key options are:


This is a site without any gimmicks or frills. It is more focused on being a platform that offers a stable and reliable experience for flirting with individuals from different corners. As a result of the no-frills policy, BuddyGays is comparatively cheaper than many of the competitors.


Surge is a popular platform that has a great deal of success when it comes to helping find casual sex or hookups. However, it can also be used for long-term relationships. Several security measures are taken up by the platform, which makes sure that the user does not deviate from the task of finding a date. A user will not encounter ads that are distracting from the main goal.

Final Conclusion

Manhunt is undoubtedly an excellent platform that has been able to create a great reputation and extensive history. It does not take long to open up an account and get in touch with several million users around the world. This is a great platform for finding friendship and casual relationships. Even though most of the good features are available only for a premium user, the wide variety of plans and options make it very convenient to opt for a subscription.

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