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MocoSpace Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

MocoSpace Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 56%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 36-38
Profiles 235 789
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 8.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The user interface is very familiar
  • Members are free to use the different features
  • Several ways to stay in touch with other users
  • The user base is more than 100 million strong
  • The games are not great for interaction
  • Site design and navigation are mediocre
  • Forums have the feel of a social media platform
  • Mobile apps have too many ads

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MocoSpace came about in 2005 as a platform that could encourage social interaction on mobile devices. It managed to introduce several features for the meeting, chatting, and interacting with other individuals through options like games and special features. In later years, the platform became conducive for online dating as well.

How Does MocoSpace Work

How Does MocoSpace Work

MocoSpace is a platform that manages to bring together users from around the world in a social community. All users get to message each other for free, but they can also rely on several special features to increase their chances of finding friendship or relationships.

Let’s Discuss User Base and Demographics

MocoSpace is very strong when it comes to the strength of its user base, which is more than 100 million in strength. A vast chunk of users is between 18 and 25 years of age. This is also a significant factor behind users spending more than 1 million hours on the site in total every day. Among the 100 million users, 62 million come from the United States, and there is a weekly activity of almost 1 million users.

In terms of the race, the most significant majority comes from Hispanics, who have a 40% representation followed by African Americans at 35%. Caucasians are also a significant community on the site, with around 20% of users. Even though the site mainly has youngsters, there is also a minor population of users who are 35 and above, but these are only around 13%. The majority of users happen to access MocoSpace through smartphones, which is responsible for providing more than 65% of the visitors.

Surprisingly, men have the edge on this platform, but the advantages not significant. The male to female ratio on the site is 56 to 44%, which is one of the best in the industry. This increases the chances of finding a date or friendship with sex.

Key Features

Key Features

There are a handful of special features on this platform that can make a lot of difference. They are:

Street Wars

This is a mafia-style game that can be played with other members to gain power and money. The game’s objective involves going to war against the enemies by finishing dangerous missions, which will reward users with improved health, stamina, and income. It is possible to recruit other players along the way. If a player has a bigger sized mob, they have the potential to trounce other opponents. Some purchases can be made with Moco Gold within this game.


This is a game of buying and selling friends, as it is possible to trade real people from the friends’ list. Similarly, other players also have the potential to trade your profile. Just like any form of trading, the key to success will be buying low and selling high. If a profile gets purchased, you and the profile that has been purchased will receive a profit. The value increases when someone purchases your profile. All the purchases are made using Friendshop cash.



These are a variation of the regular emojis, but they are sized much bigger. These can be used in offline messages, instant messages, chats, or even forum posts. Some of the stickers can be picked up for free, but somehow to be paid with Moco Gold. Once the paid stickers are unlocked, they can be used multiple times.

Daily Spin

This is similar to a slot or roulette game where users will be spending a huge wheel once a day for lucky prizes. There are different prizes on offer, including cash for the Street Wars game, additional free spins, or even 100,000 gold. Crucially, users can pick up a prize with every spin.

How Easy is the Experience?

There are a ton of features on the MocoSpace, but the developers have managed to keep the site relatively user-friendly. It does not take more than a few minutes to feel at home, especially if users are a frequent visitor to Facebook’s desktop site. The same set of options, like being able to like or comment on status updates, is offered even on MocoSpace.

MocoSpace Design And Usability

The design of MocoSpace’s desktop site is very similar to that of Facebook with a timeline approach. Crucially, there are some changes like being able to get updates from all members who have set their profile as public. Another interesting aspect of the site would be the games, which can be quite fun. Several video tutorials are available to know the site better. Users are able to filter the timeline updates based on people from around the world, nearby areas, or on the friends’ list. The desktop site happens to be much faster, but the element of smoothness and transitions are quite mediocre.

MocoSpace Mobile Application

MocoSpace Mobile Application

The MocoSpace app takes users straight to the ‘Meet People’ section, but it is possible to create filters that will make it easier to find the people who are more suitable to your preference. A user-friendly and simple design is adopted for the app, but it can be quite slow to load on some networks. Compared to the speed offered by hugely popular apps like Twitter and Facebook, there is a sizeable difference. Another annoying aspect would be the frequent advertisements that free users have to deal with, but only Android users get to experience the premium version.

What About Customer Assistance?

The biggest form of assistance provided on MocoSpace is through an FAQ section, which is very detailed and manages to discuss almost every aspect of the platform. Apart from a lot of text that users can go through, there are also how-to videos that can be quite helpful. The FAQ section deals with account management, profile management, games, privacy, payments, and more.

Sign-Up Process And Profile Creation Of MocoSpace

Sign-Up Process And Profile Creation Of MocoSpace

It is a very easy affair to get started with a MocoSpace account, and it can also be achieved quickly and straightforwardly. The account can be instantly opened with a Google or Facebook integration. Still, users can also go into the lengthier route that requires a user to input their preferred email account to be associated with this platform.

In the case of the long process, it would take around two minutes. If a member uses email signups, they have to enter information like username, password, email address, birth, and gender.

How To Open An Account?

A visitor heads into the home page where an option to signup will be available straight away. The information like username, password, email, phone area code, date of birth, and gender must be entered before proceeding to the next step. Alternatively, visitors can also opt to login with their Facebook accounts, which needs confirmation from within the Facebook page to finish registration in just a few seconds.

If the user is going for a separate login, they no longer have the option of choosing between men and women in the gender field. There is an option to enter 30 different types of gender classification, including transsexuals.

How Good Is The Verification Process and Profile Quality?

How Good Is The Verification Process and Profile Quality?

The quality of profiles listed on MocoSpace is just about average, as many do not carry a lot of information. This is largely down to the signup process on the site. After requesting a handful of information, users are immediately directed to the newsfeed that displays posts from users in the nearby areas. This can lead to many profiles being left unkempt.

A user has the discretion of making their profile as public or private. If it is the latter, other users need to be on their friends’ list before they can view the information. The site does happen to show information about a user’s activity on the feed, and this can provide a lack of privacy to some users unless they have switched to the private mode.

How to Search for New Members on MocoSpace

There is a comprehensive search tool on the MocoSpace platform, and it can be used to find users across the world. There are several parameters available in the search tool that would allow the user to find people based on age, gender, location, and more. It is even possible to search for users based on email, phone, or username. For users who are even pickier when it comes to their choices, MocoSpace provides an option to search based on orientation, ethnicity, relationship status, last login status, and sexual preference. The search parameters can be one of these or everything combined.

The Chatting And Matching On MocoSpace

The Chatting And Matching On MocoSpace

There is no matching algorithm on MocoSpace, as it is entirely up to the user to find people based on their interests, location, age, or other parameters. The search tool provided on the desktop site is very comprehensive, and it does not take long to go through all users in a specific locality. Even free members have a sizeable advantage on this platform, as it supports unlimited messaging. An even better place to find people with similar interests would be in the chat rooms. However, it is essential to have the account verified before going into a group chat.

What are the Membership Options At MocoSpace

A player always has the freedom of being able to go with a free or paid option on the MocoSpace platform. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options.

Free Members

A free membership gives access to the basic set of features on MocoSpace. All users will be able to create profiles, go through profiles, view photos posted by other members, send unlimited messages, receive access to the forums, and blog posts. The presence of basic features should make free membership sufficient for many users, who can always upgrade to the VIP plan.

VIP Members

There are plenty of advantages of going with a VIP membership. The user gets more visibility when other users search, and the messages of a VIP member also gets priority. It is possible to go into a stealth mode and visit other profiles without having to let them know of your visit.

The information on the ‘Who Viewed My Profile’ section is also available with unlimited access. A VIP member will be making 50% additional gold for every purchase that they make with a credit card or PayPal. Furthermore, the advertisements would be completely removed. There would also be some benefits within a game. For example, users will be getting additional income on the Street Wars title along with free boosts in a week.

Is the site priced well?

Is the site priced well?

A user has to shell out the additional cost to get the VIP membership. The prices start from $9.99 for a one month plan, while users can step up to a three-month plan at $6.66 per month. The six-month plan reduces the monthly cost to $5.83 per month, while the 12-month plan is the cheapest at $4.99 per month.

Coming Out Of A Mocospace Subscription

A user will be charged for the full tenure immediately after opting for a plan, which will also be automatically renewed if no information has been conveyed to the operators. However, it is possible to cancel the premium subscription by going into account settings.

MocoSpace Safety And Security?

A lot of measures are taken by MocoSpace to make sure that users feel safe and that their information is never compromised. For starters, the operators make a declaration that the personal details will never be given to a 3rd party without the user’s consent. The site also publishes various security-related details like protecting the account by avoiding the temptation of sharing details.

All users can feel safe on the site, as it is easy to report any inappropriate behavior, content, or other activities. It is possible to report a specific photo or even the entire profile if users are threatened. Email support is also provided for users who need to get additional help.

Competitors And Alternatives Of MocoSpace

Competitors And Alternatives Of MocoSpace

MocoSpace has enjoyed a lot of growth since its inception in 2005. The presence of this platform has also given an idea for competitors to come up with different alternatives. Some of the top options available to the user looking for an alternative are the following.


This is a social networking site that primarily functions on the mobile platform. Just like MocoSpace, the platform has more than 100 million users from different parts of the globe. It is easy to open an account, as Facebook or Google accounts can be used for instant registrations. Even though it is possible to find a date using the site, it is primarily for making friendships with like-minded people.


This is a popular chatting platform that can be used to find people who are available to chat in a nearby location. This, like many of the social networking sites, there is support for Google or Facebook login. The likelihood of meeting new people is increased with a special feature known as Meetme.


This is a dating and chatting site that can be used for meeting new people. Most of the users who have signed up with this platform come from the UK and the USA. Incredibly, this is one of the top free dating sites in the world. All it takes to find the special person is to open an account, which does not take more than a minute or two, and start the hunting process. The options to create profiles, search for potential partners, and communicate with the partners have all been done delightfully and tastefully. Chatbazaar also has features to facilitate a meeting in person.


MocoSpace started out as one of the alternates in the world of social networking alongside the likes of Facebook and Myspace. The former has been able to solely in terms of popularity, while the latter has been forgotten. Yet, MocoSpace has been able to carve out a niche that has kept the site going. It is a reliable dating site that can also act as a way to make friends. This is a perfect option for people who do not take dating very seriously, as MocoSpace has plenty of options to keep a person occupied.

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