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MyDirtyHobby Review 2024 — RealAdult Dating Site or Scam?

MyDirtyHobby Review 2024  — RealAdult Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 22-39
Profiles 2.800.000
Reply Rate 95%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Large population: this is one of the adult dating websites with a large community of members either single or those who are looking for sexual pleasure through hot pictures or amateur and home-made clips.
  • Live webcams: This dating site has live webcams which allow members to show off their hot, sexy bodies or have a direct chat with each other via the video calling features. To enjoy more of these services, you have to pay for the amateurs.
  • Earn Money: most users of this adult dating site earn revenues through the sharing of amateur nude clips. Users can upload their amateur movies and make money. Users can subscribe to these videos using the websites “Dirty Credits.”
  • Variety of models: This online website has a variety of models to check out. It comprises of a mixture of hardcore girls, lesbians, solo girls, and other hot videos uploaded by the amateurs.
  • Dirty Cents: this adult site has its single currency, the “dirty cents.” You can use these cents to upgrade your account to premium, purchase videos, and also earn part of it by uploading your hot videos, which you can sell or stream to other users.
  • It is a porn site, not a dating website: MyDirtyHobby.com looks more of a porn site than a dating site. It comprises of hot models that are ready to offer their services via webcam and amateur videos. Users have to purchase these videos being streamed to enjoy them.
  • Language barrier: most of the content offered here is in German language, with a few in English. While the site has been translated into English, most content and comments on this dating site are in Germany, inconveniencing users who do not understand this language.
  • Streaming only videos: while you are required to pay for the hot videos available on this site, you are not allowed to download them (streaming). This makes it a bit expensive since it requires more data to stream the movies again.
  • Low-quality images and webcams: going by most reviews of users of this platform, most of their videos are of poor quality while the webcam gives out blurry photos.
  • Fake profiles and contents: some models have gone ahead to create fake accounts with fake content. Users end up paying more for non-original content, which might be substandard.

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MyDirtyHobby.com is a German-based adult website that mainly focuses on models showing off their hot bodies, streaming live home movies, and uploading their home-made amateur porn for others to watch.

Its primary focus is to provide amateur porn, photos and webcam shows to its users and other visitors. Once you are interested in the content, you can send private and instant messages to the models or just buy and stream the content using their particular currency, the “Dirty Credits.”

The site is owned by the MG Social Ltd, which has its offices in the United States and Cyprus City, in Germany. Currently, the website has a record of over five hundred thousand amateur videos over 4.9million photos of hot models showing off their sexy bodies.

Most of these amateurs and models earn their living by selling these hot videos and streaming them live to other users at a fee set through this platform.

MyDirtyHobby Works Like This

MyDirtyHobby Review - Is This A Legit or A Scam Website?

This adult site is more of a porn site than a dating site. Members who log in this website can choose to become amateurs or just normal visitors who log in to enjoy the photos and videos available on this social site. To use this site and its features, one is required to purchase the Dirty Credits, which is a special type of currency used within the website.

Amateurs use this website to show their hot bodies and also sell their amateur videos. They can also stream live via webcam their photos and videos as requested by other users. Usually, this is done at a fee. Payments are made using the Dirty Credits, which later can be converted for real money by the website.

Let’s Analyze The Audience

This adult dating site has a large number of users who are classified into segments as below:

  • Geographical
  • The Germans and European models mostly use this online site. Other parts of the world also have few members who use and enjoy this platform. Anyone is allowed to join, as long as they follow its terms of use.

  • Gender
  • All genders use this online dating platform. Male, female, and the transgender group.

  • Sexual Orientation
  • This website comprises of all sexual orientations. It contains the straight group: man and woman, woman to man, lesbians, gays, and the bisexual sexual groups. Couples can also use it. Either male-male couples, female-female couples, or male-female couples.

  • Age
  • Most members who use this adult site are aged between 18 – 36 years of age, however going by the profiles, some members have attained 50years of age and above. Users who are below the minimum age of 18 years are not allowed to use this site.

  • Ethnicity
  • This is used by all the ethnic groups of the world. However, the majority of these users are Germany and the European ethnic groups.

Essential Features That We Must Mention

MyDirtyHobby Review - Is This A Legit or A Scam Website?

This adult dating site has advanced features which make it exciting and unique as compared to other online dating websites. These features include:

  • The Dirty Credits: Dirty Credits is a special currency used within site to make purchases for the account upgrade and to pay for the amateur services, which include photos, home-made porn, and also the streaming of these videos.
  • Webcams: This is the most used feature on this dating platform. Models use these webcams to stream live their amateur videos.
  • MyDirtyBoss: this is a feature that allows members to play sex-filled quizzes with the Exclusive models. It is a game whereby members play with the models, turning them on while earning cash when they win or reach certain levels.
  • Videos: this is a feature that includes all the videos displayed by the Amateurs for members to view. These videos are classified into:

    1. Top Videos: These are the highest-rated videos, and they cost more credits. Members viewing are required to pay more than normal videos.
    2. Video sale: these are the videos done by the amateurs, available for sale to other users of the website. The mode of payment used here is the “Dirty Credits.”
    3. Latest Videos: these are the newest videos uploaded by members in this platform, for sale, or to be viewed by the members.
    4. Amateurs: these are users who provide the clips and photos to other users of this dating site. They are the models who provide videos, photos, and other porn related materials to be viewed by other users. Amateurs are classified into different classes:
    5. Online Amateurs: these are the amateurs currently available online.
    6. Top Amateurs: these are the highly-rated amateurs available on this dating site. You have to pay the highest credits to view them.
    7. New Amateurs: these are the newest amateurs who have joined the site.
    8. Exclusive Amateurs: These are the featured amateurs who have been allocated to play the “MyDirtyBoss” feature with other users.
  • Photos: This feature contains all the photos members have uploaded on this site. It includes New photos, Top-rated images, among others. This rating depends on the user’s reactions towards these photos.
  • Community: Community refers to members who use this online website. You can search users of this community using different filter options.

Is MyDirtyHobby Easy To Navigate?

MyDirtyHobby Review - Is This A Legit or A Scam Website?

We like the website, but not all users might be fans of its design. We’ve put together a few paragraphs about this, so let’s see them!

How The Website Is Designed and Its Usability

This online dating website is a bit complicated to use, especially for the new members. It has a lot of features and profiles all over on its homepage, making it a bit crowded and messy to use.

It has got white and grey colors, which make it appealing to the eyes, with most tabs highlighted in green.

However, the homepage is filled with member’s profiles, making it a bit crowded.

The menu is at the left-hand corner, while the registration and the login tabs are just at the top of the website.

Does MyDirtyHobby Have A Mobile Application?

This online dating platform does not have an active mobile application. However, users of the site can still use it on their smartphones using mobile phone browsers.

We guess the reason for not having a mobile version, is because it has a different use as compared to other online dating platforms.However, using mobile phone browsers, the website limits some functions and also takes longer to operate than when used via the desktop browser.

Does MyDirtyHobby Have Reliable Customer Care?

Yes, there is an available customer support system. Just at the bottom of the homepage, you can find a “contact us” button, which is used to contact the customer care. This contact page requires you to provide the below details:

  • Your username
  • The email address which was used for logging in
  • The intended message – description of the message.
  • ReCAPTCHA method: you have to pass through the reCAPTCHA method before being allowed to send a message.
  • Customer care can also be reached through a phone call. Phone calls can be done from Monday to Sunday between 11.00hrs – 24.00hrs CET.

    MyDirtyHobby Registration and User Profile Details

    MyDirtyHobby Review - Is This A Legit or A Scam Website?

    Before being allowed to use this website, you are required to register an account. This registration process is free for every user and differs from regular users to the amateurs. However, to use the features of this site, you have to purchase the credits.

    Here Is How To Sign Up & Create Your Profile

    The registration process of this online dating website has very few details. There is no much information included, even on the profiles.

    When registering an account, users are required to provide the below information:

    • Username: you must provide a username that you will be using to log in to this account.
    • Password: you have to secure your account by having a unique, easy to remember password.
    • Email Address: you have to provide a valid email address as this will also be used to verify the account. This email address will also be used for other subsequent logins.
    • Gender: New users are required to state their gender. Gender options include male, female, Couple male-female, couple male-male, couple Female-female, she males and transsexuals.

    By clicking register to this website, you will also have accepted its terms of use, and also accepted its privacy policy.

    After account registration, the next process is the buying of Dirty Credits.

    How Verification Of Account Is Done At MyDirtyHobby

    Once done with the registration process, you are required to verify the account. Account verification is mostly done through a link, usually sent through the email used for registration.

    Once you receive this email, you are required to click on “activate now” to verify and start using your account.

    The Matching and Chatting Process

    Unfortunately, this is not a matching website. It is more of a porn site than a dating site. There is no matching feature to use. This online website comprises of amateur profiles that are here to trade in their photos and videos in exchange for credits.

    Members available on this site only share videos, pictures, and live webcams with each other in exchange for the “Dirty Credits,” which can be exchanged for real cash through the website.

    Chatting with the members can only be done through the messaging feature.

    You use this messaging feature to send messages to amateurs by clicking on the message tab found on their profile. You can also click the “chat with me” feature available on the profile of the amateur to send them a message.Another easy way of sending a message is by adding the amateur to the favorites list. Through here, you can just click a username and send the message directly.

    What About Membership Options? Let’s Discuss Them Briefly.

    Let’s discuss subscription types that are available on this website.

    Free Membership

    This not being a dating site. Membership options are only divided into two: The normal users and the amateurs. Amateurs only provide the content, while users have to pay to receive or view these photos and the videos. Using this online adult platform requires members to purchase the “Dirty Credits.”

    MyDirtyHobby Review - Is This A Legit or A Scam Website?

    To buy, view, or streamline amateur photos and porn movies, you are required to purchase the Dirty Credits. They are definitely worth the money.

    Pricing at MyDirtyHobby

    These “Dirty Credits” can only be purchased through the website by using the credit card or other methods verified by the site.

    The “Dirty Credit” rates are as below:

    • 800 Dirty Credits with 100 Free Dirty Credits at
    • 1200 Dirty Credits with 100 Free Dirty Credits at
    • 2000 Dirty Credits with 100 Free Dirty Credits at
    • 4000 Dirty Credits with 100 Free Credits at

    Canceling Your MyDirtyHobby Subscription

    The above payments are not renewable. You just need to buy new Dirty Credits after finishing the previously purchased ones.

    Canceling these payments, one needs to contact the customer support system by filling a contact form with the below information:

    • Username – you are required to provide the username.
    • Email Address: you are required to provide the email address you had registered with.
    • Subject: You have to give the reason why you have contacted customer care—in this case, canceling the VIP subscription.
    • Message: you have to give the full description of why you would want your subscription canceled.
    • ReCAPTCHA method: you are required to pass the reCAPTCHA method to check if truly, you are human.

    After this has been done, the customer support group removes your card details on the system.

    How About Website Safety and Security? Key Info.

    This online social site has assured its members of their safety and that of their data. The user’s data are not shared with the third parties as per its claim.

    According to this website FAQ, all payment methods have been secured through the Https protocol. This means all information available there does not fall to the hands of online hackers.

    Another safety feature available is; the website does not show the real names of its members, thus creating anonymity among its users.

    It also has a detailed user privacy policy, which commits itself to protect its members and their data.

    However, it has cautioned its members against sharing their payment and other security details with other users of this website.

    Does MyDirtyHobby Have Any Competitors Or Alternatives?

    MyDirtyHobby Review - Is This A Legit or A Scam Website?

    We have several alternatives in which members offer home-made and amateur photos and videos. Some of these competitors include the following, but we highly recommend MyDirtyHobby.

    • Karups HomeGrown Amateurs
    • ATK Galleria
    • HomeGrown Video

    MyDirtyHobby Review Conclusion

    MyDirtyHobby is not a dating site but a porn website where members can post their sexy photos and amateur porn videos to other members and earn from them.

    This means this site cannot be used to find members for long term dates and relationships. It is just meant to satisfy the sexual desires of its users.Members, who are looking for dates and relationships, are hugely advised to find these services in other related sites that offer matching options.

    However, it is an excellent site for getting sexual experiences and also to enjoy home-made porn done by the amateurs.

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