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MyLOL Review 2024 — Real Teen Dating Site or Scam?

MyLOL Review 2024  — Real Teen Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 24-25
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Your privacy is always protected.
  • The site has genuine people.
  • When it comes to teen dating, it provides you with the right platform you were looking for.
  • Many exciting features make it a fun and interactive social app.
  • You will have to be legally verified to use the website, and this process of verification differs in different countries, making it confusing.
  • You can access a few features only after buying the premium membership of the app.

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MyLOL is a dating network with one of the newest concepts called teen dating. It is highly rated and is very famous among teens in countries such as the UK, Australia, and Canada. In this busy world of ours, MyLOL has brought together more than 300,000 teenagers to its platform and helped them find a perfect friend with whom they can share their feelings and emotions. The site has lots of interactive features. You can view the data and photos of different profiles on this platform, and if you find somebody attractive, you can start chatting with them in a private dialogue, which is fully secure.

MyLOL is an excellent dating platform, especially if you are someone who is not good at socializing and has a difficult time finding your perfect one. This site helps you to explore and find a date that has a similar taste as yours. MyLOL is a legit teen dating platform that has successfully united hundreds of young hearts.

There are several great features that MyLOL provides you with, like they have an easily accessible mobile app. MyLOL encourages its users to make random friends and eventually meet up. You can access a lot of features through free accounts too.

How Does MyLOL, Dating Platform Work?

MyLOL Review: Is This Platform Legit or Scam?

MyLOL is a dating website that is mainly focused on teen dating. To use MyLOL, you will have to register through the site by providing your details and preferences. You can even register by using your Facebook or Google ID. The website requires you to input your preferences and choices, for giving better performance, once you are done with feeding in your likes and dislikes, it automatically customizes your menu accordingly.

You can select and read about the different profiles that have the same preferences as you do. MyLOL also allows you to see their photos, which one has to upload while making up a profile; once you think you found a match, you can request the person to have a chat. The site also allows you to have a personal conversation once they accept your invitation to talk.

What Are the Types of Profiles on This Platform?

The website claims to be the best-rated teen dating website in such countries as Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The website became more popular among the teens of the USA and Canada when they launched their mobile app. The majority of the users of this site belong to these countries.

When talking about gender attraction, teens find such an app very fascinating, so a massive number of both guys and girls are registered on this website. Since the majority of the users are from the United States, the site has its age restrictions, according to the US population. The minimum age of using MyLOL is 13 years, and the above limit is 19 years. The website makes it very clear that the one who is not following the instruction, especially with the age restriction, if found, will be dealt with strict actions and consequences.

Key Features of This Unique Teen Dating Website

MyLOL Review: Is This Platform Legit or Scam?
  • Access to thousands of different authentic people for dating. The platform provides its users with a chance of finding genuine and authentic people from all across the globe. The platform has tried to increase its security and is highly privacy protected. You can have access to thousands of different genuine accounts throughout the world who are looking for someone to date.
  • The account creation process is simple. As stated before, you can create an account with a few necessary and simple steps. You just need to fill out your personal information, select your preferences, and that’s it, you are ready to explore the world of MyLOL.
  • Photo albums are visible easily to any user. It is useful as if you are genuinely looking for a date as physical outlook does matter. This feature helps you to become more particular about a person.
  • Te site allows you access many of its unique features. You can quickly react to a photo with prewritten comments such as ‘OMG’ or ‘Hot.’ Features like Shout and vote makes it different from others. There are many other special features limited to MyLOL.
  • It is a protected platform for teens with privacy protection, which ensures secured dating for teens. No such interaction or activities are promoted, which are not under the legal age.

The User-Friendliness of This Dating Website

It is a very user-friendly website. The website is designed and maintained in a way that does not create complex technical issues with people of less technical awareness. This website, in particular, has some of the most straightforward instructions and easy to follow steps for every action you require while performing and using the site or app. The mobile application gives a boost to User-friendliness. The mobile application of this site is readily available on smartphones, and the platform structure on mobiles is simpler than ever.

Website Designing and Usability of MyLOL Dating Platform

The website is designed to work freely and in a secure way. The site is designed in such a way that it gives you the best possible experience while dating. You can easily fall in love or perhaps find yourself the most suitable partner through this site. You can customize and design your account as per your wish.

When it comes to usability, MyLOL is created such that even a 14-year teen can use it freely. The usability is restricted to the age limit, and the users have to be legitimate to join the platform. However, MyLOL has not been great in keeping these works as lots of spam users were reported who used the accounts in the wrong way.

The Mobile Application of This Company

MyLOL Review: Is This Platform Legit or Scam?

MyLOL introduced a mobile app to its dating website, and this resulted in a boost to the companies’ users. Smartphones are easily accessible, and teens are comfortable in using them as compared to computers. The app is an upgrade to the website and provides many new and exclusive features. Not only the elements but with smartphones, they claim to increase the security to sustain the privacy of its users.

The app is available on both iPhones and Android devices, and features like choosing the country or region of your choice or one can upload their photo from anywhere and anytime, voting and message chatting makes it worth a try. The application is like carrying MyLOL in your pocket, which makes it very easy for the user. Each time he will have a recommendation or a match, he will be notified on his smartphone at that instant, and hence it makes things much smoother.

The Attentive Customer Support Team of This Teen Dating Website

MyLOL has a very generous team of support working for them. Customer supports are easily accessible and are very friendly in interaction. The primary function of this customer support is to solve the complaints related or privacy breach or technical issues. You can contact them by different mediums such as telephone and emails. The customer support of MyLOL usually responds within a day. They welcome any type of suggestions and complaints about their system of working at MyLOL. You are free to write feedback and suggestions.

The Sign-Up Process and Building up a User Profile

MyLOL Review: Is This Platform Legit or Scam?

The signup process for MyLOL is very simple, and it is more based on a few necessary steps. The user profile mainly consists of the details of the user. There has to be a profile photo, and you can upload more pictures of yourself in your profile. There will be a display of your likes and dislikes and some basic questions regarding your choices. The profile is so designed that if anyone wants to know if they have the same preferences as you have, they can quickly know this by going through your profile. The user profile on the website gives you the proper check of compatibility.

How to Sign-Up and Enter This Unique Teen Dating World?

You can sign up for MyLOL by using your Facebook, Twitter, or even Google accounts. If you are using any of these accounts, you will have to permit the site of connecting your MyLOL account with the one which you have registered. It may also ask permission to go through your friend list and further connect your friends using your account, but it ultimately depends on you to grant such permission. The only essential step is account verification. If you don’t have any of the social media accounts, you can simply press the signup button displayed on the site and can join them directly by providing some information such as name, mobile number, etc.

Profile Quality and Verification: Is Your Account Secure?

To qualify for creating an account on the site, the strictest qualification is on an age basis. You must be a teen between the age of 13 and 19 years in the United States. The website is not allowed access in some countries due to the possibility of a threat of teen abuse. The site uses many other steps to verify things such as your nationality, the region in which you reside, etc. You will be going through a verification process in which a one-time password or a link will be sent to the mobile number or email address that you provided and after providing this OTP or following the link given to you, your account automatically gets activated. Also, the account will be protected by a password that you will be setting up, and hence no one, not even the company, will be aware of.

You can say that the profile quality is excellent and highly protected, making it a superb teen dating website.

MyLOL Search Engine: How Efficient Is It?

MyLOL Review: Is This Platform Legit or Scam?

MyLOL provides a high-quality search with some of the most amazing and exciting filters. You can search for a date based on categories like nation and gender in common. There are filters such as age, which helps you to filter people limited to your age group. On the website, you can customize your search to criteria such as the online people or the ones who have photos to their account. It helps to search for a date even within your city and within a specific region in the city. When you enter a city name in the search, you will get a list of areas in the town where you can find your date. The search can also be gender-specific if you want.

Matching and Chatting With the Profiles You Like

The process of matching is also very simple on MyLOL. Once you have created your account and answered the questions, the website will run the search automatically and list out those people who have common interests as that of yours. It will be a match of the answers and the preferences, and hence you will be shown such people on your account. You can go through the list of people and then select accordingly after going through their accounts. You can send a request to chat with the people whom you considered worthy.

Once they accept your request, you can start chatting in a private chat made between you two. You have an option to send likes on the person’s conversation, and if you somehow feel the person is fake or abusive, it gives you an option to report. The customer Support of MyLOL will go through your report, and if the person you reported is found true of your allegations, their account will be blocked.

Subscription Options: How to Avail the Benefits of a Paid Account?

MyLOL Review: Is This Platform Legit or Scam?

You can have different subscription options on MyLOL. Usually, the company offers a range of subscriptions, and hence you get a wide range of plans to select according to your needs. You can go for plans such as for a week, a month and even for three months. You have the option of getting a premium account for half a year and a full year.

Free Subscription: Is It Worth It to Have a Free Account?

Most of the accounts on MyLOL use this type of subscription. The first and the most prominent reason for such a thing is that they are teens and hence don’t prefer to invest in something like dating. They have limited access to money. It has got most of its features accessible to the teens for free hence it doesn’t make a lot of difference which subscription you use.

The site provides subscriptions and paid accounts. You can have a premium account on MyLOL, and it has a lot of advantages over a free account. However, there are features that premium account users can use, as you can see when your message is delivered and see when the person was online the last time. You will also be having an advantage over the search filters.

One of the unique features of MyLOL is that you can give a premium account to your friend. No other dating website gives such an option, and moreover, it is a less preferred option on this site too. Maximum features are available on the website free of the cost, so paid subscriptions are less in number.

Pricing: What Does It Cost to Have a Premium MyLOL Account?

The average rate for subscription is $4 for a week when you start your account. For a month, it is $10; for three months, it is $21, and if you want a subscription for half a year, the rate is $30. You can pay and have these subscriptions by different methods, such as credit card and PayPal.

How Do You Cancel a Premium Account Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime you want. You won’t be required to pay any further amount after the cancellation. However, if you have paid for a certain period of time and canceled your account, you won’t be getting any paybacks.

Security and Safety: Is Your Data Safe on This Platform?

MyLOL Review: Is This Platform Legit or Scam?

MyLOL is a website that is often criticized for its security policy and is not considered significant with safety. The site is a great platform to meet random people and dates for teens, but there are many loopholes in the security panel of the website.

Alternatives and Competitors of This Teen Dating Website

There are many different apps that have better security and features to provide. Skout, Hinge, CoffeeMeetsBagel, Bumble, Taffy, Tinder are some of the most popular apps for teen dating. These are highly preferred and, moreover, are strong competitors of MyLOL.

Our Final Verdict About This Unique Dating Website

MyLOL is an excellent dating website for teens. It is safe, cheap, and sticks by all the federal rules to avoid child abuse. The data you upload or share on this platform is an end to end encrypted, thus securing it from any kind of data mining fraud. The bottom line is MyLOL is an excellent platform to find a friend and maybe eventually even a sweetheart.

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