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Perfectmatch Review 2024 – Is It a Scam or Genuine Site?

Perfectmatch Review 2024 – Is It a Scam or Genuine Site?
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Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 24-27
Profiles 2 100 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 7.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It uses a compatibility questionnaire that provides excellent insights into the users’ personalities.
  • This is an easy-to-use design that promotes practical functionality.
  • The search features are enabled and advanced for easy filtering of results.
  • Users are allowed to search outside their compatibility matches through the advanced filtering options.
  • The subscription charges are costly.
  • It takes a long time to complete the sign-up and profile setting. All profile information must be provided.
  • There are banner ads that distract users’ smooth activity on the site.
  • It has a limited dating pool compared with other dating apps.

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Welcome to our Perfect Match review. We will review various areas concerning the site to enable you to understand its usage and legitimacy. First, let’s look at the pros and cons before proceeding with other parts.

PerfectMatch is an online dating site that was started by Dr. Pepper Schwartz. It is currently under the management of Friendfinder after its acquisition by the company in the year 2011.

Originally, it existed independently as a site where users would find love and relationship, and ultimately find their perfect match. It used to have a detailed questionnaire in which users would fill in to determine their personality types and the best personality to match. This was made possible by their system called “Duet Total Compatibility System.” Later, it was shut down, and Friendfinder adopted in 2011 but continued using the Perfect Match’s name and logo. Despite this, Friendfinder left out the original features of the PerfectMatch. It is based in the UK but open to all members all over the world.

It exists to intend to match members of the same personality and lead to a serious relationship. Follow this review to understand more about the site.

How Does PerfectMatch Function?

Perfectmatch Review – Is It a Scam or Genuine Site?

PerfectMatch works by using a compatibility system in which members are rated based on their personality. Other criteria used for matching include the members’ lifestyle, values, and preferences.

After taking the personality test, calculations are done, and once the results are out, members are notified via a private email. The email will contain potential matches based on personality test results. You are free to proceed and pursue your potential match or not.

Let’s Discuss Its Members

Age: PerfectMatch is an adult dating platform. Adults over the age of 18 are free to join. From the analysis:

  • Ages range from (18-24) years to over 55 years of age categories with no upper age limit.
  • Sexual Orientation: It allows all forms of sexual orientation. There are both homosexual and heterosexual relationships.
  • Gender: Open for all gender spectrums. There are, however, more females than males on the site.
  • Geographical location: The site is available in different countries all over the globe.
  • Audience intentions: The majority of the users on this platform have similar intentions of finding someone of their personality for a long-term and loving relationship.
  • Ethnicity: Members come from diverse races and ethnic backgrounds. However, a majority of the users are Caucasians. Even so, the site does not have specifications for certain racial and ethnic groups to use the site. All members from different backgrounds are welcomed on the site.

What Are Its Main Features?

Perfectmatch Review – Is It a Scam or Genuine Site?

Perfect Match’s features have more features being similar to those of FriendFinder.com. To enjoy most of these features, there is a need for users to upgrade to premium membership. Some Perfect Match’s essential features are listed below:

  • Duet Total Compatibility system: This is a system used in the matching process whereby you get matched based on your personality traits.
  • Member blogs-Users with paying accounts can publish blog posts that are shown in the community tab. These blog posts can start conversations. Free users are disabled from publishing a blog but can view and respond to the blog’s comments. The blog posts contain information such as dating tips, tips, and ideas on how to lead a good life.
  • Groups-There are existing groups related to different subjects, and all members on the site can join any group as they wish. You can find groups by browsing by location, topic, or keyword.
  • My Perfect Matches: this is where the site suggests to you your perfect matches based on your compatibility and suggests the next step for you to connect.
  • Friendfinder Magazine: Members can post any article found in the online relationship guide in the magazine. This has been made possible since the PerfectMatch has been taken up by the Friendfinder Company.
  • Bling: These are like accessories placed on the member’s profile, and their creation is free and allowed for all users. They can be offered as gifts.

Other features that are usually common to other dating apps present in the PerfectMatch include the following:
  • Swiping through the photos to find a potential match
  • Checking on whoever is online and sending them a message.

Is PerfectMatch User-Friendly?

Perfectmatch Review – Is It a Scam or Genuine Site?

Generally, the app is user-friendly due to its simple features. Users can easily navigate through the toolbar. There are also tips provided to help users tackle various activities, such as tips on starting a conversation with your match. Further, you are free to contact customer support in case of any issues that need resolutions. From there, you will get a quick response.

PerfectMatch Website Use & Design

The PerfectMatch’s website design is generally simple and easy to use with well-organized tabs on the menu.

The buttons are designed neatly, are well-displayed, and accessible for users to see easily. This encourages users to stay active on the site. The general design of the website allows for efficient functionality.

Does PerfectMatch Have a Mobile Application?

Perfect Match’s mobile app can be downloaded for free using the App Store or Google Play.

It is free to use and easy to navigate through the site’s features. It has essential features such as creating the profile, messaging, uploading photos, and other essential features. The users are guided by the app’s terms and conditions and the privacy policies in the use of the mobile app.

Does It Have a Reliable Customer Support System?

There is quality customer support offered on the site to help users on any arising issues. There is a frequently answered questions (FAQ) section on the help page that the users can visit to learn more at any time.

The customer support also provides email support by which members send their queries and are provided with quick responses.

Besides, there are useful hints that you are provided on how to work on various issues that may pose a challenge to you on the site. An example of such issues is how to communicate with your perfect match.

The Registration Process & Creating Your User Profile

Perfectmatch Review – Is It a Scam or Genuine Site?

The sign-up process for the site is free and straightforward. You are required to complete five sections that take up your details. In the first section, you fill in your gender. Then, you will put the gender you are looking for in the second section. Fill in your age and location, and proceed to the third section, which requires your account details. Type your email, username, and password, while the fourth section requires other information such as your race, sexual orientation, and status. The fifth section requires you to fill a paragraph about yourself. You should write an introduction title, but the paragraph about yourself is not a must.

The user profile is quite simple to set up. The profiles created on the website are usually checked for credibility and validity.

Here’s How to Register on The Website

To register as a first-time user, you need to provide your details provided by the site. They are provided in the following order:

  • Your Username: Should be unique and catchy
  • Full names: legit first and the last names are required in this section.
  • Email: email addresses are required for verification purposes. They should be confirmed.
  • Gender: should be male or female.
  • Birthdate: users are required to provide their date of birth.

After entering these details, you will be sent a password as a form of verification.

The Profile Quality and the Verification Process

Perfectmatch Review – Is It a Scam or Genuine Site?

The profile quality is good because it contains full details of users since members are requested to fill out their profiles. There is a checklist available on the profile’s checklist that allows members to check the nature of their profile’s completion.

The profiles are displayed neatly and can be modified at any time as per the requirements of users.

Premium members can only view the profile information on the site. However, profile photos can be viewed even by everyone, including those with a free account.

If you submit a valid ID, you can get your profile verified.

PerfectMatch has detectors that help filter out fake profiles. Members can also report fake or abusive profiles to the customer support system that bans such profiles from the site.

After completing your profile information during the sign-up process, you are required to click on the link provided to your email for verification for successful account creation.

PerfectMatch Search Options

There are advanced searching tools on the site. You can perform a quick search for other members, and they can as well search you based on a wide range of criteria such as your location and age.

The quick search tab is available in the top right corner of your home page. You can use it for more advanced searches based on your personal preferences.

The Matching & Chatting Algorithms

Members can chat with other users only if they have paid for their accounts.

The site contains a live chat function that can be accessed by all users. There are chat rooms that are categorized by geographic location or topic of interest for users who belong to an interest group.

The matching process is based on the compatibility of users based on the results of the personality test. This is made possible by the use of the Dual Total Compatibility System that calculates a match as a whole person based on the four main elements of successful long-term relationships. These include personality, lifestyle, values, and preferences.

You will be sent an email of your close matches based on the results of the compatibility test. From here, you have a chance to at your potential matches together with their profiles and photos. You then decide on whether to pursue any of your potential matches or not.

Types of Membership Options

Perfectmatch Review – Is It a Scam or Genuine Site?

There are three membership options offered by the site—basic, premium, and platinum. The basic membership offers free services, whereas the premium and platinum offer services at a fee. The premium and platinum correspond to the silver and gold membership, respectively.

With the platinum membership, you get more privileges that include preferred search results, whereby your profile will appear higher than those of other members in the search results. You will also get the highlighted featured platinum profile mark on your profile in the search results, and you can get conversations initiated by members with approved accounts.

The payment options available include Credit Card, PayPal, and payment via a Cheque.

Basic Accounts

Some services offered for free by the app include:

  • Creating an account
  • Building a user profile
  • Joining the platform’s groups and forums
  • Taking a personality test
  • Personality type matching suggestions
  • Changing Cupid Preferences
  • Adding profiles to your Hotlist
  • Updating the profile information
  • Uploading your photos
  • Accessing customer support services.

Premium Accounts

Perfectmatch Review – Is It a Scam or Genuine Site?

The services offered in the paid accounts include:

  • Viewing profiles and contact members
  • Appearing at the top in the searches, unlike the fee users.
  • Accessing other members’ recorded videos
  • Getting access to blogs, groups, and magazine features
  • Priority in users’ message inbox
  • Ability to view extra-large photos
  • Getting access to Private Chat Room
  • Access to Phone Support throughout

PerfectMatch Subscription Prices

There are different pricing systems for two different paid membership: the gold and silver membership. The pricing for each of them based on different duration is described below:

Gold Membership
Perfectmatch Review – Is It a Scam or Genuine Site?
  • 1 month: $34.95
  • 3 Months: $54.94 equivalent to $19.98 per month
  • 6 months: $95.60 equivalent to $15.93 per month

Silver Membership
  • 1 month: $22.95
  • 3 months: $41.85 equivalent to $13.95 per month
  • 6 months: $10.95 equivalent to $10.95 per month

Terminating Your Perfectmatch Subscription

You are allowed to cancel the Perfect Match’s subscription any time and cancel auto-renewal. In case you cancel your subscription during the active subscription period, you will not be refunded for the unused fee for the subscription.

PerfectMath Safety & Security Measures

Perfectmatch Review – Is It a Scam or Genuine Site?

The website is operated with the company’s terms and conditions, and it works by the privacy policies of the different countries it operates on.

All the users’ private information is kept confidential unless you decide to share it with other users.

The site provides users with great safe dating advice.

The users are also allowed to block others from viewing their matches and from receiving messages from them.

Perfectmatch Competitors and Other Alternatives

Some competitors include Match.com, eHarmony.com, and Bumble. Here is a brief review of each one of them.


Match.com is an online dating platform for singles looking for love and marriage. It was founded in the year 1993 and officially launched in the year 1995. Moreover, it has a large membership of over 20 million members worldwide, with a majority of the members residing in the United States.

The mobile app is available for download both in iOS and Android. Users join the site either for fun, just friendship, or serious relationship. The app allows the exchanging of messages with voice commands and also guarantees members to find potential matches within six months of membership.


eHarmony is an online dating app for singles in search of a long-term relationship. It has a large membership from all over the world, with around 15 million matches per day. More than 600,000 members have ended in marriage from this app.

It requires a lot of information during the registration process. This makes the process longer, but it helps to gather most information from users and improve the matching process.

The services offered are minimal for free accounts; members have to upgrade to premium accounts to have better access to services. It uses a compatibility system technology for its matching process to connect members for a serious and long-term relationship.


Bumble is a location-based dating app available for download in the App Store and Google Play. Members can also sign in via the Bumble Web. It is a dating site for women who want to feel empowered and men who want to allow women to start the conversation.

The c-founders of Tinder created it; thus, it shares most features with the Tinder app. The users go through profiles swipe right if interested. Members get connected by liking each other’s profiles and can exchange messages.

It is different from other apps because it allows only women to start sending the first message.

Final Reflections

Perfectmatch Review – Is It a Scam or Genuine Site?

Perfect Match has nice user-friendly features. However, since you need to upgrade your membership to get a paid account to access their excellent features, it makes this site expensive. The site is still unpopular among many users and has received a lot of negative reviews from the users. Thus, much should be done by the company to up the game.

If you consider joining this site, take your time to understand the site’s pros and cons with its usability and make a decision based on your judgment, depending on what you want. Go give it a try!

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