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Phrendly Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Phrendly Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 79%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 30-34
Profiles 200 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Genuine Profiles: Phrendly verifies its members via mobile text or photos taken through webcams. Customer support ensures these photos are verified before being used on this platform.
  • Mobile: Phrendly can be used anywhere on Android smartphones or tablets.
  • Earn while making friends: members can earn while making friends on this platform.
  • No nudes. Just decent photos.
  • Very expensive to use: basic features like chats and messaging require members to subscribe. Too costly to chat with someone you can't meet in real life.
  • Limited: Phrendly is not suitable for long-term dates and physical dates. These dates end up online.
  • Not available to all regions. Phrendly is only available in the US and Canada regions.

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Welcome to our Phrendly review for 2020. In this review, we’ll talk about the pros, cons, summary, and features found on this online dating platform. This will guide any other user who might be interested in joining this app. Read this review to find out more.

Phrendly is an online app for singles, who are looking for hot dates or online relationships. It works mainly by connecting these single people to their like-minded partners for serious flirting and chatting via this app.

It is like a social media app, which guarantees its profiles to flirt with their preferred matches online, without expectations to meet physically. It enables its users to flirt anywhere via chats. This can be done through texts, phone calls, or video chats via the available webcams.

Phrendly does not allow the exchange of personal contacts or physical meetings. It requires all users to interact online without meeting or having other ways of communication. Users are neither allowed to exchange contacts nor take screenshots of this online app.

Phrendly online platforms can be downloaded on the Google Play store for Android users. The iPhone application was removed and got discontinued by Apple due to various controversies that surrounded its use. It currently has a user rating of 3.1 on the Google play store, out of the 2,800 reviews.

Phrendly—How It Works

Phrendly—How It Works

Phrendly works in three main ways, as explained below:

  • It allows its members to browse several matches found on this app for online friendship.
  • It allows its members to earn cash when someone hits up or flirts with them via this application.
  • It allows its members to enjoy flirting anywhere and at any time using their smartphones. You can flirt via text messages, phone calls, or live video streaming.

To hook up with a match on this dating app, you are required to offer a token, to strike up the conversation. When someone hits you up, you also earn a token in return.

Brief Audience Analysis

Brief Audience Analysis

There are different types of members available on the Phrendly app. These users are classified into different categories as listed below:

  • Geographical: This platform caters to individuals in the US and Canada regions. According to its mobile app description, its states that it helps meet the cutest models in the US and Canada.
  • Gender: Phrendly has two types of genders. The male and the female Gender who use this app.
  • Sexual Orientation: It does not specify the kind of sexual orientations that should use this dating app. This means the dating app accepts all types of sexual orientations, which include straight members, gays, lesbians, and other LGBTQIA communities.
  • Age: Phrendly is designed to be used by adults. This means it is available for members who are over 18 years of age. There is no maximum age limit, meaning anyone who is above 18 years can use it comfortably.
  • Ethnicity: Phrendly application accepts all ethnicities that are found within the US and the Canada regions. On this platform, you will find Black Americans, Indians, Arabs, Chinese, and other races.

Unique Phrendly Features

Unique Phrendly Features
  • Search Filters: This feature enables users to find their matches who they can chat with. These search filters include ethnicity, their physical location, and also language.
  • Virtual Drinks: these are tokens that are required to entice your match. Tokens are used to spice up the conversation. Users are required to pay $5 when they log in. They can also earn these drinks once someone hits them up.
  • Phrends: these are models available on this platform. You can only chat with Phrends after enticing them with Virtual drinks.
  • Sips: These are tokens that members get after inviting their friends to use Phrendly. 20 Sips equal one drink. Once you invite a paying customer, the app rewards you with 20 sips.

Is Phrendly User-Friendly?

[imagesrc=”/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/phrendly5.jpg” alt=”Is Phrendly User-Friendly?” float=”full”]

This is an online social app. It is easy to match with a model by simply paying $5. The platform has few features to use, making it very easy and friendly to any user.

Phrendly is a dating app that enables its users to make money while dating. It is convenient to use and makes its members have a win-win situation.

According to user reviews on this app, the application is user-friendly, it does not malfunction, and it’s easy. Members are creating friendships while earning through the app.

Phrendly Usability & Design

Phrendly Usability & Design

Phrendly design is straightforward and has appealing features. On this dating platform, users can easily:

  • Browse other profiles free of charge as long as they have paid for the drink.
  • Enjoy Flirts from any of the members, anywhere. Users can freely chat through messages, phone calls, or via the webcam videos.

Phrendly app is easy to use and does not require much expertise to navigate through it.

Photos are easy to upload. Members can add pictures through their Instagram or Facebook accounts.

Does Phrendly Have A Mobile App?

Phrendly is an Android mobile dating app. It can be downloaded and installed for free from the Google play store. To download this application, just visit the Google play store, search for the Phrendly app, download, and install. It does not charge members to download or install. You only require $5 to chat.

This mobile application is straightforward to use, and it enables people to make money while chatting with other users on this platform. Currently, this app is not available for iOS, but plans are underway to develop it for the Apple users.

Does It Have Reliable Customer Service?

Does It Have Reliable Customer Service?

This online dating application has committed customer support care for its members. Customer care is responsible for the protection of users and their issues solved while using the app.

Users are required to send an email address to [email protected] to contact customer support. Feedback is always guaranteed. This dating application has FAQs, which contain almost all answers to issues faced by members while using this dating app.

The Phrendly Sign-Up Process & User Profile

The Phrendly Sign-Up Process & User Profile

Users are required to register and create their profiles to have an account on this dating app.

Registration on this app is very easy and takes less time as compared to other dating platforms.

How to Register Easily

To register on this app, users are required to provide the following information:

  • Nickname: This will be your username on this profile. A nickname must be unique and also has to capture people attention.
  • Description: This online dating application requires individuals to provide a full description of themselves while using this app. In this section, users are required to describe themselves fully, to be understood by other members of this app.
  • Phone Number: In this section, users are required to specify their phone numbers. This phone number is later used to verify the account.

Once done with the above information, the next step requires users to set up their profiles.

Profile Quality and Verification

Profiles on this dating application have few details. Users are required to update some information, other than the info they had provided during registration.

To update their profiles, users are required to provide the information mentioned below:

  • GIF Photos: Before using the dating app, the app requires you to submit your photos, which are taken in sequence, via the webcam. These photos are then sent to the application team for approval.
  • Four Word Quiz: the application requires its users to answer a four-word quiz, which defines their personalities. These questions also help users invite more members to view their profiles.
  • Hobbies and Interests: the application requires its users to key in their hobbies and interests. These hobbies and interests enable other users to know you better and also keep the conversation going.

Phrendly does not allow its users to provide their personal or contact details while using this dating app.

Users must communicate and interact online via this dating app. Other offline types of communications or physical meetings are not allowed on this app. Verification is done only via the mobile phone. The application sends a code to your phone number.

Phrendly Search Options

Phrendly Search Options

The search filters on this online dating app are not diverse.

The application allows its users to search for other members using the following filters:

  • Age: you can search for matches by their age.
  • Location: you can search for matches according to their places of residence.
  • Ethnicity: you can use ethnicity as a search filter on this dating app.
  • Gender: you can search for different genders on this app using the gender filter.
  • Sexual orientation: you can choose sexual orientation as a search filter on this dating app.

How To Chat & Match On This App

How To Chat & Match On This App

The chat and match process on this app requires subscriptions. You are required to buy a drink for your match to ignite a conversation.

Being a no-strings-attached app, you are required first to create an account; take photos via the app, then ignite a conversation. To make the conversation work, you have to pay a token. This token is known as a sip.

The more you chat or flirt with someone, the more sips you are required to pay. Twenty of these sips make a drink. These drinks and sips are meant to appreciate the models of this app since they earn money through this match and chat experience. The longer they chat with users, the more they earn.

This matching feature also enables members to earn using this app. Once someone hits at you or creates a conversation with you, you earn tokens, which are later converted into real cash.

Phrends also earn bonuses:

  • New users get an extra free drink once they create an account and purchase their first drink.
  • Tell a friend feature: this feature allows members to earn drinks when they invite a new paying user. Once the user pays, they earn one free drink.

This system of exchanging sips and drinks is meant to motivate the users of this app to have focused conversations. The longer you chat with someone, the more you pay, and the more they earn.

The match and chat features on this app are meant to create a win-win situation between members.

Phrendly Membership Options

There is only one type of membership option on this dating platform. Users joining this application are required to buy their first drink to chat or flirt with other users of this app. The first drink costs $5 to all new members.

Free Membership

Phrendly dating app does not offer free membership to its users.

The only available free features on this dating app are:

  • Registering an account – this is free to all members.
  • Creating a profile – members can create their profiles for free on this platform.
  • Search: search options are free to all members of this dating application.

Communication features on this app require members to pay for their accounts. These payments are also known as drinks. A drink is worth 20 sips, which can be termed as a token.

Communication and flirting features on this app require members to buy tokens, also known as sips.

Twenty of these sips make one drink. The longer you communicate or flirt with the hot models on this app, the more you are required to buy the sips.

Premium Phrendly Pricing

Before you can chat or flirt on this app, you are required to pay $5. This is a flat rate to all members and allows users to chat and flirt.

Other charges are set by the hot models found on this app. Other charges allow users to call or have video chats with the models. These charges are always shown before you make a call.

How To Cancel Your Phrendly Subscription

There is no cancellation process found on this dating application since it does not auto-renew memberships. Once you deplete your drinks or sips, you are required to top up again via your credit card. The fee is always constant.

Payments are only deducted when you get a reply from the model. Liking and other processes are free. Flirting and chats deduct these payments.

Phrendly Safety & Security Measures

To ensure the safety, security, and privacy of its members, Phrendly does not allow users to exchange their personal contacts or meet each other offline.

Once the app detects a member sending a mobile contact or any other form of contact, it blocks the message. Besides this, Phrendly has put other security measures which are meant to secure its members and their data from external threats.

There is also a Privacy Policy put in place, which defines how the application collects members’ data, how this data is stored, used, and also how it is shared with the third parties.

Phrendly Competitors And Other Alternatives

Phrendly mobile dating app is facing significant competition from other fast-rising apps. These alternatives include the following.


Badoo is one of the largest dating mobile applications in the world. It is a dating app for people who are looking for a serious relationship and also for casual dating. The good thing about Badoo is that its features are unique and modern. Badoo membership is larger as compared to Phrendly.

Elite Singles

This is a dating app for professionals. It has a rigorous verification method which must be confirmed by the customer support system. Most of the members who use this app are university graduates, and it’s available for users who want long-term relationships.

Loves Flirt

Loves Flirt is an online dating site and app, which enables its users to find the hottest male and female singles. This dating app works on all mobile devices and has a very easy and intuitive design. It is regarded as one of the safest dating platforms in the world.

Final Reflections

In this review, we have talked a lot concerning this app. It’s now the user to decide whether to make use of it or not. However, we have some observations to make, which one can consider before making a decision.

Phrendly is an expensive application to use. It does not bite the logic as to why users should pay to chat with members, who they will never meet. Well, unless it’s just for flirting. But the cost is just too high.

Fewer members: Phrendly has a small number of accounts, probably from one region. Thus getting a match from other areas might be a headache. The interface and design are good. This is one of the positive sides of this dating application. But it doesn’t work for members looking for real dates which lead to marriage or long-term relationship. Phrendly dates just end up online. All in all, try it for yourself!

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