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Qeep Review 2024 – What is This Dating App About?

Qeep Review 2024 – What is This Dating App About?
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Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 10 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It's effortless to understand how it works.
  • The design is peaceful, with no black or shady interface.
  • It works fast!
  • Safe experience
  • The app works better in some countries. As the users are rapidly growing, check if there are Qeep users in your country, before subscribing!

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Qeep was popular also before the world’s lockdown: a powerful tool to know people around you, to chat with them, and to meet them in a safe environment. This is a serious dating app, no scams and little fake users online, and a lot of free options.

In this review, we will try to give you a close look at its main features. Read on if you would like to know more about Qeep, and understand if it’s the right fit for you at the moment!

How Qeep Works and What’s Different in This App

Like a meeting app, Qeep has many useful functions that can meet all the users’ criteria. You can both swipe and search, for instance, and that’s not a very common feature. You can edit your profile a lot, and you can upload many profile pictures to show other users who you are.

There’s not much more to say about Qeep’s world, as it’s the quality which makes it a good fit whether you are a newbie of dating apps, or you’re a veteran.

Now, let’s say a dating app is like a bet. Before using it, you always need to know as much as possible, as the time and money you will spend on it need to be worth it. Here’s why a lot of people rely on the grapevine, or on the users’ reviews online. By understanding, if this will be a good bet, a person is more pushed to make a choice.

Does it work? Those thousands of users can’t be wrong, can they? Well, what if you don’t like the community online, then? The answer is: we can’t do more about that. If you agree in considering your dating app subscription like a bet, it’s time to learn more about how Qeep works.

The functions are obvious, and the app is highly user-friendly so that you won’t be bothered by useless and vague tabs, and you will find what you need fast enough. Now let’s take a closer look. Let’s dive in!

What’s the Audience Like?

Let’s say the audience depends on the country you are into. An overall look made us think that there are more men around. Straight people use the app more.

There are not many fake profiles, so at least your experience won’t be bothered by users claiming they love you at first sight, and that they have lost a bus and they would like you to buy them bus tickets.

Main Features We Must Mention

Qeep is a swipe-and-chat dating app. Basically, here you can see other users’ profiles, you can search for them, and you can swipe them on the right, if you like them, ad on the left if you don’t.

You can see the profiles you liked at once, and you can also chat with people who did not like you yet.

There’s the “like” and “super-like” function, and you can edit your profile as many times as you like. A good feature is a highly editable profile, indeed: you can select whether you are a smoker or not, for example, what is your profession, age, what you are looking for and in which marital status you currently are.

How Qeep Works and What’s Different in This App

Qeep User Friendliness

As usually, apps that are born for the portable tent to be more user-friendly than the apps which were born in a web browser and have been later translated into a mobile application, due to the success.

Anyone can use Qeep, and all the functions are easy to be found, and they display everything you need to know instantly. There are few ads, and it’s easy to find what you can do with a free account, and what you can’t.

Qeep Design: Main Points

Qeep design is bomb-proof: you have a lower taskbar, which is showing you exactly all the sections you can explore. In the first circle, you can see all the users’ profiles together. Then the cards icon will display the swipe section.

Then the chat, notifications, and profile. In the notifications section, you can look at the people you liked and those who liked you or who have just visited your profile.

On the top right corner, you will see the Plus profile tab to upgrade to the Plus member account. If you would like to buy some credits, only to disclose some of the features, go to the profile sections.

Qeep Mobile App

Ladies and gentlemen, there are Qeep mobile apps! Actually, there are ONLY mobile apps and no Web browser version of it.

You can find the Qeep app both on Apple Store and on Google Play Store for the Android version of it.

You will be free to chat on the go with the brand-new match you made. Also, if you are on a trip, you can tell the mobile app to update your current position and find new matches in a place far from home.

This sounds good if you are alone and sad on a business trip, or in a solitary vacation. You are not alone: Qeep’s by your side, in your pocket. That’s maybe why there is no web browser version: there is no need for it.

Still, if you would like to use Qeep from a web browser, and if you are nerd enough, you can use a simulating machine. Our suggestion is never to mind and to use it from your phone, as these are kind of complicated processes. And maybe, at last, you won’t even like the app!

So, use it on your mobile phone, as it’s supposed to be. In case you experience a bug or a missing feature, the Customer Support will know your environment and will be able to help you.

Where Can I Find Customer Support?

There’s no Customer Support on the mobile app, so don’t bother looking for it. You will need to go to the browser page and scroll it down. At the very bottom of it, there’s the “Support” section.

You can fill in the form and indicate your account details, and they will be answered within the next 48 hours. You will need Customer Support, as there is, for example, no way of deleting your profile from the app.

Or, if you are experiencing any issues with your subscription renewal, with hidden costs, and so on. It’s an unlikely scenario, but everything can happen with mobile apps, even if they are bullet-proof.

Qeep User Friendliness

Qeep Registration & User Profile Editing

You won’t be annoyed by the sign-up process. It is a piece of cake: you will just need to download the app, and then in the most user-friendly way possible, your path will be guided, following precise and easy steps.

You can speed up the sign-up by using your Facebook account, but there are other ways of subscribing. You can use Google or create a Qeep account directly. We will show you this latter option in the next paragraph.

How to Sign-Up

Download Qeep app on your mobile phone, or on your web browser simulator, then open it and you will see a “log in with Facebook” and “other options” buttons. Go for the “other options,” and you will see the Google log-in and the “create an account” option.

Touch the “create an account,” and your account creation will be ongoing.

You will be asked about your sex first. Then about your birth date, and consequently, your age will be set. Now accept the Terms and Agreements part, and you will be on board!

Verification and Profile Editing

There is little to say about profile verification: as we are talking about an app, there’s no need to answer an email or to click on a token-link. You will just have your account, and you will be free to select your age, profile picture, and other pictures.

You can edit your profile whenever you like by clicking on the human figure on the screen. You can edit every part of it, and we highly recommend you do so right away. Add your personal description, so that other users won’t feel uncomfortable chatting with a complete stranger.

You can update different parts: city, marital status, height, what are you looking for, smoking, education, profession, religion, languages, zodiac sign.

Then, if you have logged in with Facebook, run and update your profile picture!

Qeep Registration & User Profile Editing

Qeep Search Functionality

The search is mostly performed using the swipe option. This makes things a lot easier: there are no search parameters, no funny options, and no accurate body selections. It goes like this: swipe right if you like. Swipe left if you don’t.

Then you can go to the first icon in the lower bar, the circle: here you can see all the people next to you, and you can like them directly from here.

It is possible that you are not displaying all of them, as other users may have a filtered view of their matches. Maybe you are a smoker, and they have said in their profile sections that they do not want a smoker type.

Now that you know how the swipe and profile’s search works let’s see more about the match and the chatting options.

Qeep Search Functionality

How to Chat and Make a Match

You can actually filter your matches by selecting a tick on your profile’s settings. You can decide, for example, to only see who has a profile picture. Or, who’s showing his/her location.

You can see the history of people you liked, and who liked you back. This will be helpful for you to find a match.

Then, you can just go to other users’ pictures and select the cartoon bubble icon: now you can chat with them. Be aware that with a free account, you only have a few chats you can start. Take your time and think well of what could your first message be. Don’t rush.

If you want to speed the process up, you can go for a premium account. Let’s see all the options for it.

Qeep How to Chat and Make a Match

Membership Options

There are only two types of membership: a free account and a Plus account. The app’s functions are restricted if you are using a free account, which is a shame in a certain sense.

However, if you are not ready to buy a full pro membership, Qeep offers you the possibility of a free account and some credits. The credits can help you buy some features, like more super likes.

Let’s see through this.

Free Account

With a free account, you can see as many profiles as you like, make matches, like profiles, search for them, and so on. Given that, you can’t chat. You can at least send out only one message, and then a pop-up window will be displayed, and you will be asked about upgrading your membership.

You can’t see who liked you and who visited your profile, and you can’t send more than one super-like.

On the top right of the screen, you will see a “Plus Account” icon. If you click on it, you will be re-directed to the payment section.

With a Plus account, you can delete your latest swipe. If you unliked by mistake a profile you liked, you can go back and change the past. You can send more than three chat requests. If the user is not answering back, there’s nothing you can do, but this is how the app works.

You can basically use every function fully, without being bothered by ads and banners.

Qeep Pricing

You can get 12 months of membership for 7,08$ for each month. 3 months for 9$/month, and finally 1 month for 12,99$/month.

If you don’t want a membership and you would just like to buy more credits, so that you can buy more super likes, for instance, you can select different packages. The first one is for 8000 credits, the second one for 2500, and the third for 550 credits. They cost 0,44$/100 credits, 0,68$/100 credits and finally 1,27$/100 credits.

Here’s How to Terminate a Qeep Subscription

If you don’t like Qeep’s features, or if you have found your soul mate, it’s time for you to cancel your membership or profile. Contact the Customer Support for the first case: they will let you know if your membership has expired, and if not, if you can ask for a refund.

To delete your profile, you can delete the app, and it will be automatically frozen. You can come back whenever you like. If you would like to cancel it definitely, ask the Customer Support.

Qeep Membership Options

Qeep Website Safety & Security

The app is safe. As it is related o users’ phones, you won’t be bothered by fake profiles that much. Your payments are safe, or at least they are performed in a safe encrypted environment.

You can also use your PayPal account to pay.

Qeep Alternatives

There are a lot of alternatives to Qeep. All you have to do is to look for other dating apps. Some of them only have the search function, while other ones only have the swipe one. It depends on what is your favorite one.

Our take is that if you feel more comfortable having all the profiles displayed at once, don’t go for the all-swipe apps. If you prefer the thrill of not seeing all the profiles, then maybe Tinder would be a better choice.

Let’s list some of the most famous dating apps on the market. Meetic, Badoo, IDates, ICupid, Tinder as we said before, Once, Lovoo, MyDates. These are just some free dating apps, with a plus membership option on them.

Qeep Website Safety & Security

Review Conclusion

Here’s all that we have to say about the Qeep app. It’s effortless to use, an excellent dating app with a lot of users in different countries. It’s not a scam, and most of the users are real, so there’s a genuine possibility you can earn a real date form it.

Right now, there are some annoying things that you have to pay to enjoy the app’s features the way they are meant to be.

Still, we hope that this review has helped you in your final choice. The dating app world is dark and full of terrors, so now that you have another point of view, we hope you can take advantage of it. We wish you an excellent Qeep trip!

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