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Senior Sizzle Review: Is It Still Legit in 2024?

Senior Sizzle Review: Is It Still Legit in 2024?
About Site
Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 24-25
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy and fast registration process.
  • There are a lot of useful features on this site, including webcams and video chats.
  • There’s a lot of mature content for members to go through, including erotic pictures and adult videos.
  • It includes detailed profiles to enable users to know each other better.
  • Expensive to use. Most basic features are only available for paid accounts.
  • Scam profiles: there are a lot of fake profiles available on this site.
  • Nude photos: the website contains a lot of nude pictures on its interface, making it inappropriate to use in public places.

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Welcome to Senior Sizzle dating website review-2020. In this review, we are going to discuss details concerning this website, its features, members, and how it can be used to find compatible partners. Join this review to understand this site better.

Senior Sizzle is an online dating platform for mature singles looking for casual sex relations and intimacy with other like-minded partners.

It is a website for individuals over 24 years of age, who are looking for casual dates and other sexual relations with members residing in their city or just in their neighborhood. Senior Sizzle is not a suitable site for people looking for long-term relationships or those looking for a spouse.

It is owned by the FriendFinder networks and offers to connect its members for companionship and intimacy. Users on this site are mature singles who want some sort of sexual adventures with partners of their choice. Senior Sizzle is only available via the website. It does not have mobile apps for its members. Let’s look at its members, features, and how it is used.

How Does Senior Sizzle Function?

How Does Senior Sizzle Function?

This dating site connects like-minded individuals for short term dates and casual sex. To use this site, you need to have a registered account. You can choose your preferred profiles by using the search option to filter accounts according to your likes and preferences.

After getting your preferred profiles, you can send them flirts, instant messages, or chats to create interest. These features are only available on paid accounts. After matching, you can continue messaging with each other to create a conversation. You can finalize this dating experience by planning for a physical hookup.

Let’s Discuss about Its Audience

This dating website has a lot of members who have been classified with the below categories:

  • Geographical: this dating site has all members from all regions around the world.
  • Age: The majority of users on this platform are between 35 to 50 years of age. The minimum age of joining is 24.
  • Sexual Orientation: This site contains all of its types, including straight, gays, and lesbians.
  • Gender: this site contains both men and women looking for sexual partners.
  • Ethnicity: Senior Sizzles contains all types of races on its platform. You can find Black Americans, Indians, and Chinese, among other races using this site.
  • Goals: members of this site are mature people looking for like-minded individuals for romance and casual dates.

Essential Features

There are several essential features available on this platform, which makes its use attractive and efficient to all members. These essential features include the following.

  • Live Models: You can enjoy live chats with hot models on this dating platform. To enjoy these, you need to subscribe to premium accounts. It can be a private general chat or a nude live show with the models.
  • Contests: these are competitions by the website to determine whether a model is hot or not. In this section, you can find on-going competitions, winners, previous contests, upcoming contests, and so on.
  • Live-action: on this feature, you can check live videos of models, live member webcams, top broadcasters, adult chatrooms, and those on Instant messenger.
  • Community: This section contains blogs, groups, magazines, bling’s, sex academies, and other erotic stores of members of this dating website.
  • What’s Hot: This section contains hot pictures of models, videos, albums, hottest members, top members, and adult movies for users to watch, while on this platform.

Is Senior Sizzle User-Friendly?

Is Senior Sizzle User-Friendly?

The Senior Sizzle dating site is user-friendly to all members who have joined this platform.

The website has all basic features for its members, which makes it to be more than just a dating site. You can find erotic photos of members, adult videos, and other features that may make someone enjoy using the site.

However, there is no mobile platform for users on this platform.

Senior Sizzle User Interface & Design

Senior Sizzle design is straightforward and modern.

You can find all of this website’s features at the top of the homepage, where they are easily accessed for use. All features are stand-alone, so you do not need to press other tabs to find them.

You can find statistics and other information concerning your account and the profiles you interact with on the left-hand side of the website.

It has webcams and instant messaging feature, which makes users contact one another with ease.

Senior Sizzle’s Mobile Application

There is no mobile application for Senior Sizzle members. This dating platform is only available as a website, which can be used in desktop and mobile phone browsers.

The mobile phone browser has the same features as the desktop, only that it tends to be congested due to its features. The missing mobile application is one of the disadvantages of this dating platform, as most users are not online when they leave their desktops and laptops.

Does It Have Customer Support?

There is available customer care on the website, which is available to solve users’ issues while on this website.

Before contacting customer care, users are required to go through the FAQs to see if their queries can be answered. If not, they can proceed to contact customer support.

You can use the feedback form available on the ‘Contact us’ section to reach customer support. In this form, users need to include feedback type and their messages. The customer support can also be reached via the postal address available on the website.

Senior Sizzle Registration & Account Creation

To use this website and its features, you are required to have an account. Account registration and creating the profile is free of charge to all members. Let’s discuss these units in full in our next topic.

The Senior Sizzle Signup Process

The Senior Sizzle Signup Process

Users are required to provide the information mentioned below to have a fully registered account on this platform.

  • Gender and the gender of a person you are looking for: you are required to choose your sex and that of your preferred match.
  • Date of birth: you are required to provide your date of birth in this section.
  • Location: you are required to provide your country, state, and the closest city.
  • Email address: you are required to key in your email address on this section.
  • Username: you need to provide a unique username
  • Password: a strong, easy to remember password is required to secure your account.

After this section, next, you are required to create an account.

What About Profile Details? Does It Have Verification?

To have a complete profile, users are required to provide details about themselves and also details of their preferred matches. Profiles are a bit detailed and contain both information and photos of the members.

This section requires members to provide the information mentioned below.

  • Choose the body type of your preferred partner: You are required to choose body types of your preferred matches. This includes a slim, average, BBW, etc.
  • Introduction Title: In this section you need to write a brief description of yourself.
  • Description: You are required to describe your features. This includes your body features, hair, eyes, weight, height, and social habits, including drinking and smoking.
  • Photos: You can add photos to this section.
  • Videos: Users can upload and manage videos in this section.

The above information can be edited anytime. To view someone’s profile, you are required to upgrade your account to premium.

Users can view profiles of models free of charge while on this site.

Searching on Senior Sizzle

Senior Sizzle provides several search options to its members while on this platform.

You can use the below search filters to find matches on this website.

  • Who’s online: you can search those only online.
  • Who’s on IM: you can search for those you can send them Instant Messages.
  • New matches: you can search for users who recently joined the website.
  • Members near me: you can search for accounts that are near your location.
  • VIP members: you can search for members who are on premium accounts.
  • Hot or not: you can search for members voted to be hot, or not on this dating site.
  • Advanced search: This is available only on paid accounts and allows users to search for profiles on other advanced filters, including body features and social habits.
  • Kink search: you can use different kinks to search for members on this site.
  • Username: you can search members by their username.

How to Match & Chat

How to Match & Chat

To match and chat on this adult forum, you need to have a registered account.

Going through profiles of members on this website requires a paid account.

After choosing your potential match profiles, you are required to send them the below features, which are also available on subscription:

  • Flirt Now: You can send flirts to users to create attention.
  • Send Gifts: You can send online gifts like flowers, winks, and others on this site. This is a premium feature.
  • IM: these are the instant messages, offered by the website to create interest to members.

After creating attention and having a match, you can send messages to one another to create a conversation. Through these conversations, you can agree with your crush on how you are going to meet.

Types of Senior Sizzle Membership

There are two types of memberships available on the Senior Sizzle dating platform. These include the following.

  • Basic Membership: these are basic accounts, available free of charge. They offer very limited services to its members.
  • Premium Accounts: these are paid accounts, which offer all the features of this dating platform.

These accounts have been explained in detail, as below.

Basic Membership

Basic accounts are the free accounts, available immediately after registration.

These accounts offer limited features to its members. These services include the following.

  • Free account registration and profile creation.
  • Chat groups: you can join several forums on this website while using these free accounts.
  • Live models: while on free accounts, you can watch live streams of models.
  • Webcams: free accounts enable members to watch live webcams of other users on this platform.

Members are required to upgrade their accounts to premium to access other advanced features.

Premium Membership

These are the paid accounts on this platform. Premium membership offers all the free features and other advanced features which include the below:

  • Sending messages to other members of this website.
  • Sending online virtual gifts to other users of this website.
  • Premium account holders can view profiles of other users of this website.
  • Premium account members can join the models’ fan club available on this dating website.

Premium Prices

Premium Prices

To enjoy the premium features of this site, users need to upgrade their accounts by submitting payments. These payments come on different packages as detailed below:

  • One month Gold at $19.95, payable monthly
  • Three-month Gold $38.85, payable quarterly ($12.95 per month)
  • Twelve-month Gold at $119.40, payable yearly ($9.95 per month)

There are also tokens available to purchase several features on this platform. These tokens come on different packages as below:

  • 200 at $3.00
  • 500 at $5.00
  • 1,000 at $10.00

All these purchases can be made via Visa, MasterCard, and other approved payment systems.

Terminating Your Senior Sizzle Subscription

All the above packages keep on auto-renewing a day before their expiry date.

To cancel this auto-renewal process, users should go to their account settings and turn off the auto-renewal feature on the ‘Billing history and credit card info’ section.

This should be done at least 48 hours before the expiry date, as the website does not refund already made payments.

Safety & Security Features

The website has put several safety and security features to its website to ensure members’ accounts and data remain safe on this site.

To start with, your profile needs to be verified first before using this site. This is done through a link via the email address. Users need to follow the link to check their accounts.

The website has also provided a detailed Privacy Policy; ensuring data on this site remains safe and secure. It has provided details on the kind of data it captures from members, how it captures this data, and also how it uses and stores it. The privacy policy has also provided details on how it shares its member’s data with third parties.

Account-holders can also report suspicious accounts to the website admins for further action.

Senior Sizzle Competitors and Alternatives

Senior Sizzle Competitors and Alternatives

Senior Sizzle is facing competition from other dating platforms available online. These competitors can also act as alternatives to this site, and readers are urged to check them out. These alternatives include:

  • Senior Match
  • This is an adult dating website for mature, older people who are over 50 years of age. Senior Match has got a very long verification process and contains genuine accounts, which in turn provide quality matches. Most of its features are free. Senior Match does not have a mobile app.

  • Ashley Madison
  • Just like Senior Sizzle, Ashley Madison is an online dating platform for users who are only looking for short term dates and casual sex with other like-minded individuals. It has anonymous features that hide the user’s identity. Ashley Madison is mostly used by people who have traveled outside their homes and are looking for one-night partners. It can also be used on the website and in mobile apps, both on Android and iPhone.

  • Flingster
  • This is an adult random chat forum for singles looking for casual dating partners. This dating platform is straightforward to use to anyone and does not require match details on its profiles. It uses AR masks to conceal the user’s identity as everyone browses anonymous. It is one of the websites with many fake profiles and scam content.


We have come to the end of this review. Senior Sizzle is a good site for quick, casual sex and short-term dates. It is not recommended for people looking for long term relationships or marriage partners.

The features are great, and the interface is excellent, with appealing photos of members who use it. However, it is not a site you can browse anywhere. It has a lot of X-rated pictures and adult videos, which make it to be more of a porn site than just a dating site.

For those looking for casual sex and adult content, they can try using this site to find their preferred content and matches. For individuals seeking long-term dates and marriage partners, they should try other alternatives in finding their matches.

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