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TalkWithStranger Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

TalkWithStranger Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 77%
Quality Matches 55%
Popular Age 28-34
Profiles 120 000
Reply Rate 95%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Chatrooms: this dating platform has a lot of chatrooms that members can choose from.
  • It has some sort of games, including the Bomberman, which members can play and stay active while on this site. You can enjoy the game with multiple players.
  • Easy registration process. You only need an email to have an account on this site.
  • Mobile application: this service has a fully functional mobile app for Android and iPhone users and is downloadable free of charge.
  • Free to use chat features. Anyone can create and join any chatroom available on this site.
  • There is neither blocking nor reporting means on this site. This makes it difficult for members to report bullying and other harmful activities.
  • Fake and scam accounts: this service has a lot of fake accounts on its platform.
  • Users can not play games via the mobile app.
  • No age verification. Underage may access the adult content available on this site.

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Welcome to our TalkWithStranger review for 2020. In this review, we’ll talk about this dating site as a whole, its features, usage, and other characteristics that someone may consider before deciding to use it.

TalkWithStranger is an online chatting platform, designed to be used by those over 13.

It is a free random chat service which allows members to chat, send pictures and videos on private chatrooms. On this forum, you can meet and chat with users worldwide who have logged in to use this site. It contains free chatrooms for males, females, mature, older adults, teenagers, and underage boys and girls.

On this website, members can chat through text messages, audio messages, and also through video messages done via the webcam. Users on this website can discuss various topics, including politics, religion, economy, and sex.

Strangers.com owns this dating platform, and it’s available worldwide.

How TalkWithStranger Works

TalkWithStranger Review

TalkWithStranger is an online platform that connects its members via several public and private chatrooms available on this site. It allows members to enjoy the below experiences:

  • Make new friends.
  • Allow members to chat with online strangers by use of messages, audios, and videos.
  • Anonymous chatting: accounts do not reveal their names; thus, it holds on member’s privacy.
  • Allow members to chat and use the site free of charge—no payment features.
  • It makes its users use their platform anywhere and at any time by using mobile apps.
  • Members can choose as many chatrooms as they would wish to join.

Users can chat, save chats, follow people, and connect with strangers anytime, anywhere.

Audience Analysis

This chat website has a lot of members. These members have been put into several categories, as detailed below.

  • Geographical: being an international service, this chat website is available in all regions across the world. The majority of the users come from the United States and European countries.
  • Age: this is an adult platform that accepts members from 13 years of age. However, members who are 18 years and below are only allowed if granted permission by their parents.
  • Sexual Orientation: this website does not state the kind of sexual orientations it allows on its site. This means all types of sexual orientations can be present.
  • Ethnicity: while on this site, you will not know someone’s race unless you chat with them. There is no feature highlighting the ethnicity of members.
  • Gender: this site contains all genders. You can find men, women, and transgenders using this adult service.

Key Features

There are several features on this website that make its use attractive. These features aid members in creating conversations and help them in navigating the site quickly. These essential features include the following:

  • Games: on this website, you can find games like Bomberman and Hexa Tetris, which users can play with online strangers creating a bond.
  • Lost friends and chat partners: this feature allows members to find people they were chatting with but got disconnected along the way.
  • Blogs: these are articles from the website. They are meant to advise members about dating and other topics that members might find helpful.
  • Public Chatrooms: these are chatrooms in which anyone using this site can join and participate. The public chatroom is open to everyone logged into the site.
  • Stranger chats: these are one-on-one chatrooms, where two people can share private messages. Users on these chats can send messages, pictures, and videos to each other.
  • Fun: These are jokes, quotes, and other articles which users can read and share.
  • Social community: this is an online community designed for users on this website.

TalkWithStranger User-freindliness

TalkWithStranger User-freindliness

TalkWithStranger is user-friendly because of the below reasons:

  • Easy to register and use: you just need an email address and a password to join the chatrooms.
  • Users can create their profiles, which can be followed by other users.

It is easy to share messages, links, videos, and articles among members.

It has a mobile app for its users, which makes it possible to be used anywhere and at any time.

It is also free. You do not need to pay to join chatrooms or use other features of this site.

Website Design & Usability

The design is very simple and easy to use.

The blue, black, and white colors make it appealing and comfortable to use.

The design is straightforward, but modern, with updated features which include audio and video chats.

The website is effortless to register and use. You just need an email account to login and enjoy several chat forums on this website.

The mobile app has all functions of the website. It is easy to use and works well on audio and video chats.

TalkWithStranger Mobile Application

TalkWithStranger has a fully functional mobile app for its users.

This mobile application can be downloaded for free on Google play store and also on the Apple store for Android and iPhone users, respectively.

The mobile application has all functions of the website. The features are great, with easy to use interface. Audio and video call works better on a mobile app than when used via the website. Downloading and installation of this mobile application is free of charge. You cannot play games while on the mobile app. Playing games works on the website only.

Customer Support?

There is customer care to solve member’s issues while using this website.

To contact the customer care, click on ‘about us’ and then follow with the “contact us” button. Users can use the contact form on this section to send their queries to the customer support. You can also contact customer care via an email: [email protected].

Members can also refer to the FAQs available on this platform. This section provides all answers to frequently asked queries by other members. You can also contact customer care via their Facebook page.

Sign-Up Process &User Profile

Sign-Up Process &User Profile

It takes less than five minutes to register and own an account on this website. The signup process for members is explained in detail in the below section.

How To Sign-Up

To register, you only need to provide the below information:

  • Email address: For registering, you are required to key in your email address on this section.
  • Username: you have to provide a unique username that you will be using on this platform. Usernames should not be real names. It should have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 16 characters.
  • Password: you are required to select a unique and easy-to-remember password to secure your account. Passwords need to be reconfirmed.

You have to pass the reCAPTCHA method before being allowed to register.

Profile Quality And Verification

After completing the registration process and signing in, the next step is creating your profile. TalkWithStranger profiles are easy to create since they do not require match information. To complete the profile, the information mentioned below is required.

  • Full Name: In this section, you are required to provide your full name.
  • Location: you are required to provide your place of residence.
  • Birth date: users are required to key in their date of birth in this section.
  • Group Title: this is required when you are creating a private chatroom.

In this section, users can also link accounts to their social media pages, which include: Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook.

This section also allows users to:

  • Change their profile picture.
  • Change their usernames.
  • Change their email address and password.
  • Confirm their email address, and also, they can delete their accounts.

Verification is always done via the email address. The website sends a link through the registered email address. Members are required to click on the link to confirm their accounts.

TalkWithStranger Search Options

TalkWithStranger Search Options

Being a chatting website, TalkWithStranger does not offer search to its members. There are no search options for members on this site since it acts more of a conversational forum than a dating site.

There is only one way to search for a member, and it is through their username. You can only choose the kind of chatroom you wish to join, which includes a private chatroom or a public chatroom.

Matching & Chatting

This dating site has no matching feature on its platform. It has only private and public chatrooms, including the games feature.

It has not created an algorithm for matching its users for dates and relationships. It only provides a chat avenue where users can share messages, pictures, and videos with online strangers.

The lack of this matching feature makes it not suitable for dating and creating matches. Members should seek alternatives if they want to have a matching site, which can provide them with dating partners.

Subscription Options

TalkWithStranger Subscription Options

There are only two types of memberships in this platform. These memberships include the following:

  • Guest membership: this does not involve registration. You only have to key in your username and enjoy the site.
  • Full Membership: this requires an account in which users can log in anytime they wish to use the site. You are required to have an email address, username, and password to sign up and log in to this account.

All memberships on this site are using it for free.

Free version

All features on this online platform are free. Using a free account, you can:

  • Make new friends with strangers in online chatrooms.
  • Send pictures and videos to online strangers via chatrooms. You can also send winks.
  • You can chat with strangers without having an account.
  • You can chat privately using nicknames instead of a real name while on this site.
  • You can download and install the mobile application for free.
  • You can discuss random topics with strangers.
  • You can save chat history and join several public groups.
  • You can create and share your profile with people to follow them.

The free account also enables users to play online games with multiple users while using this website. These games include Hexa Tetris, Bomberman, etc.

While on these free accounts, users can also listen to music available from various artists on this website. All these features are free; you can create a permanent account or just login as a guest to enjoy these features.

This online website is free. It has only one membership, which is free and has its benefits, as explained above.


This online service has no paid subscriptions. Features, chatrooms, messages, audio, and video calls are all free on this site.

Cancelling subscription

Since there are no subscriptions on this site, it also means there is nothing to cancel. This feature does not exist on this site.


TalkWithStranger Safety&Security

This website is a bit risky to use since it does not have verification measures for its accounts. The email verification method is not enough since members use nicknames and fake profile information to access this platform.

The website is full of scams and fake profiles. Users should beware of whom they are exchanging their private information. They are always advised never to share their details or that of their credit cards.

Before joining this site, users need to study privacy policy. This policy has given details on:

  • Terms and conditions of using this website
  • Parental control software
  • How they collect data, the kind of data, its use, and how it is stored. It also gives hints on how this data is shared with third parties.
  • Other policies that govern the website.

TalkWithStranger Alternatives and Competitors

TalkWithStranger  Alternatives and Competitors

Being an online site, TalkWithStranger is facing competition from other arising dating websites. These platforms may be better, and users should try to check them out and compare their features, usage, and also if they can fit in their preferences.

The sites are many, but we’ll only highlight three in this review:

  • Chat Avenue

This is an online chat website for straight members, gays, lesbians, kids, teens, singles, and others. It is designed to provide content, depending on the group it was meant for. This, too, is not a fit dating site but good for forums and chats.

  • Flingstar

This is an adult chatroom, designed for members of all genders. It uses AR mask, and you need to chat with the user before their identity is revealed. It is mostly used in the US and has twice the number of males than that of females.

  • Flirt

Flirt is an online dating website designed for singles that are looking for casual sex. It has got over a million members worldwide and offers a three-day trial to its members. Flirt is mostly used by the youth, and it’s suitable for short term dates and those who do not like commitments. It’s not suitable for long term dates.


TalkWithStranger Conclusion

We have completed the above review concerning this website, and now it’s upon the user to decide whether to join it.

All we can agree with is: TalkWithStranger is a good website for chatting and meeting online strangers. You can spend the whole day talking with other users, playing games, participating in audio and video calls, and other activities. Still, it cannot be an excellent option to find a dating partner.

The security features are somewhat weak, and there is no defined matching process for its members. Users should be so worried about their safety while dealing with these online strangers. Most profiles are fake, and a large percentage of users are not into the idea of dating. Not suitable for those seeking long-term dating partners.

This cannot be categorized as a dating site. We can say it is a chat forum where members can meet with online strangers and share ideas. The good thing about this site, users can acquire much information concerning politics, sex life, and community, among others, by joining different chat rooms available on this platform. Go and try it for yourself!

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