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TGPersonals 2024 — Real Trans Dating Site or Scam?

TGPersonals 2024  — Real Trans Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 22-25
Profiles 52 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The dating site has been designed beautifully, both the web and mobile versions
  • The app is streamlined for Android and iOS devices
  • The membership is free
  • TGPersonals is one of the largest communities for transgender people around the world
  • The site/app has a good range of features
  • Since the site/app is free to join, you will see some scammers and fake profiles
  • There are no actual ways to prevent small children from entering the site
  • The search feature is very basic

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TGPersonals is a completely free dating site for transgender people. It was founded by Mike Kasper, a local from New York who wanted to form a dating site only for trans-people after experiencing a public humiliation when his dating choice was exposed in front of his college mates. He looked for more privacy, but also did not want to pay for the exorbitant membership cost of niche dating sites.

This is where he got the idea of creating a 100% free dating site for transgender people where users are free to be who they are. He does believe that people should not pay for membership if they are looking for love. Kasper launched the site in 1999. The platform has been updated continuously to provide a competent dating site for its members up to this day!

The Way TGPersonals Works

The Way TGPersonals Works

TGPersonals is a free site that is run and maintained by a single person. Hence, it is quite a surprising fact that the site has managed to attract so many transgender people around the world to create their profiles here.

A Glance At The Audience

Of course, the TGPersonals member base is not only limited to gays and trans-people. You will also find straight female and male members who are looking for a casual encounter with other straight members. You will also find couples who are active on the site as well; they mostly look for another person who would join them to fulfill their sexual fantasies.

Most of the members here are only looking for sex – this can be blatantly seen on their profiles, where their gender and the gender of the person, with whom they wish to have sex with, are mentioned. This allows the users to be on the same page, even before they start chatting and start to develop expectations. You will not find any sort of discrimination in this dating site; all the members here are quite open-minded about different situations and encounters.

Since TGPersonals is a free trans dating site, you may find some abusive or fake profiles. If you suspect a fraudulent user or a scammer account, you can report that profile to the administrator by tapping on the ‘Report Abuse’ button. This will suspend that profile’s account.

What Are Some Essential Features Of TGPersonals?

You should not expect any fancy features at TGPersonals. The platform sticks to the basics. However, there are some features here at TGPersonals that are way better than most other gay online dating sites. You can conduct searches based on sexual identity, location, and age range. You will then be presented with a series of potential matches.

Once you are matched with a member, you can opt to send a message. The messaging system is not as instantaneous as the online chat; if both members are online at the same time, then this messaging system will suffice. You also have the choice of getting notified when you receive a new message on your email address. Or else, you can check your TGPersonals inbox each time.

TGPersonals also has a blog section where members post entries related to the various topics they have in their minds. While the blog section might look more like a forum than a blogging platform, that is simply the semantics.

The blog section acts as an excellent tool for the community to interact and act as a secondary search tool. This means that you have a secondary method of meeting members for potential dates by reading these blog entries and exchanging comments.

When it comes to features, TGPersonals might seem a bit archaic, as compared to other online dating sites. However, the platform will help you look for suitable matches in your area. TGPersonals is perfect for this job!

How User-Friendly Is TGPersonals, Really?

How User-Friendly Is TGPersonals, Really?

When you visit the site, you might be surprised by how dated the platform looks. TGPersonals has the aesthetics of a social networking site that existed in the 1990s. However, you should remember that the platform is run and operated by a single person; hence, you can cut some slack. Additionally, the effectiveness of any online dating site is not measured by how great it looks, but by the features and usability it offers.

Thoughts On TGPersonals’ Website Usability and Design

TGPersonals is an online dating site for trans-people that is easy to understand and use. The interface is quite attractive and simple. It is fitted with everything that you need to match with good-looking members from around the world.

The site is full of modern aesthetics, which makes it quite attractive. The TGPersonals website looks very satisfying and modern—the dashboard will list all the options. The sidebar will contain all the specific entries like the blog section, etc.

The site does not contain anything complicated. Fast and educated, the administrators of the site believe that simplicity is the key, and that is exactly what TGPersonals tries to deliver. The platform focuses on what is best for their customers. By putting the needs to its customers first, TGPersonals has managed to differentiate itself from other online dating sites that feature complicated matching systems and an endless number of features that most would never use.

What Does The TGPersonals Mobile App Look Like?

What Does The TGPersonals Mobile App Look Like?

The mobile version of TGPersonals is also known as ‘Transgndr.’ The app is available for download via Apple App Store and Google Play Store for your iOS and Android devices. The app consists of the same features as the desktop version, except that the mobile app displays footer and banner ads.

The design of the app is also similar to the website, with colors of white and sky blue. Once you start the mobile app, you will be redirected to the Matches tab. Here, all your matches will be shown on a roulette-type display. You will have the choice to add that member as your crush or check out the next profile. Of course, the same feature is available on the web version as well; however, this feature is more convenient in the mobile version.

How Reliable Is The Customer Support?

As a customer, you would surely have a lot of doubts when using any online dating site, whether it is free or paid. The chances are that you might need the assistance of the customer care agents most of the time, especially if it is your first time.

TGPersonals customer care agents are available around the clock and work hard and fast to solve all your queries and doubts.

To get in touch with the TGPersonals customer care support, you need to fill in an online form. Here, you have to enter your name, email address, and describe your issue in brief in the last text box. After this, you need to tap on Submit, and your query will be forwarded to the agents. As soon as they can devise a solution, the customer care agents will send you a reply to the email address that you have provided.

For more urgent and faster assistance, you can send in your query to TGPersonals’s official email address. The agents will take your query under priority and will try to assist and solve your problem for you.

TGPersonals also has a dedicated FAQ section where you will see all the common questions asked by different users. It is recommended to check this section out first since someone might have already solved the problem that you are facing right now.

Registration and User Profile Creation at TGPersonals

Registration and User Profile Creation at TGPersonals

Creating a profile at TGPersonals is very easy and does not require a lot of time and effort. All you need to do is follow the instructions you see on-screen.

How Do You Sign-Up At TGPersonals

Thankfully, creating a TGPersonals profile is very easy. All you need are some very simple and basic information like your email address, your display name, your username, your gender, your age, and your state. You also need to input the sexual orientation of the person that you are looking for and whether you are looking for roommates, love, sex, or just friendship.

You will also see an empty field; here, you need to write down a headline about your personality. There are no minimum characters here, and you need to describe yourself briefly. Once done, you need to tap on the tick.

The next windows will take you to the site’s Terms of Services and enter a captcha to prove that you are not a bot. Then, you are all done with the signup process.

Once your profile is created, you need to verify your email address to activate your account successfully.

Profile Quality and Verification Information

TGPersonals profiles include a lot of information about the members. The basic form that you fill in your signup process contains information that will be displayed on your profile. This includes your headline and ‘About Me’ compositions, your state, city, zip code, gender, and age. Your profile will also show what you are looking for – roommates, friendship, sex, love, etc.

It will also show the gender orientation you are looking for.

Apart from your information, your profile will also show the blog entries that you have posted, your website activity, photo albums, and your friends; all these can be seen on the right side of the site. On the left side, you will see your display picture with action buttons like ‘Send a Message,’ ‘Add Friend,’ ‘Add Crush,’ ‘Block User,’ and ‘Report User.’

The act of adding friends is secondary since you do not have to add the person to send him/her a message. Apart from personal messages, most TGPersonals users make use of the Blog section to strike up a conversation.

Search Feature At TGPersonals

Search Feature At TGPersonals

At TGPersonals, you will find a very versatile search capability. It will make use of your provided information to carry out a sophisticated search to find members that are exactly your type. The site also asks for your gender and the gender of the person that you are looking for. Once done, the site will ask you the type of relationship you are looking for – roommates, sex, love, or just friendship. TGPersonals will then take your location information and check for a possible match in your area. You can also make use of keywords for a more effective search.

The Chatting And Matching Process At TGPersonals

TGPersonals is an online dating site that stays true to its members – all the features are easy to use as long as the platform is up and running. This means that all available contacting features can be used for free and extremely easy to understand and use.

You will find three primary ways of making contact with other members:

  • Adding The Member As A Crush

This way, you will be able to add the member to your crush list. If you are liked back, you will be added to the match list of each other.

  • Sending Them A Message

This feature will allow you to send a message. To do this, you need to tap on the ‘Send A Message’ button you will see on the other user’s profile.

  • Add Them As Friends

Once you add a person as your friend, you will be updated with the activity on your Activity dashboard.

TGPersonals also has a blog feature where you can post entries about any topic. However, the subject matter should not violate the platform’s terms and conditions. Blogs are considered a great way by users to strike a forum-like conversation and meet like-minded members.

What Are The Membership Options At TGPersonals?

The platform can operate for free because it is a one-person project. This is an important point because the site generates sufficient revenue to sustain itself by placing ads and banners on the site. While you might find these ads to be distracting, they are non-invasive. This is a reasonable sacrifice that you can make to use the platform for no costs.

Free Membership

TGPersonals offers only free membership. Some of the many features that you can use in this free dating site include:

  • Posting and commenting on blogs
  • Messaging other members
  • Matching
  • Basic account creation and registration

You can make use of TGPersonals features without having to spend a dime. This means that you do not have to avail of any type of subscription plan at TGPersonals.

Pricing Of The Paid Membership

As mentioned above, you will not see any type of TGPersonals subscription plan. Hence, you can make use of TGPersonals services for free without paying anything.

How Do You Cancel Your TGPersonals Subscription?

Since there are no subscription plans here at TGPersonals, there is no possibility of canceling your TGPersonals subscription plans. The only thing that you cancel here is your account; to do this, you need to head towards the Settings option and tap on ‘Delete your account.’

What Are The Safety and Security Features Offered By TGPersonals?

Of course, most transgender people do not join other online dating sites is because they fear getting ridiculed by the members there. Hence, they tend to create an account in safe dating sites that are made specifically for them, like TGPersonals.

The site makes use of advanced-technological safety features to ensure that your profile and identity remain safe. The website works hard to eliminate as many fake and spam accounts as it can. If you happen to come across one, you immediately get in touch with the customer care agents to ensure that the profile is removed from the site immediately.

It is also recommended that you follow some general safety tips to ensure that you remain safe. You should not ever disclose personal and financial details to anyone online. Any place that you pick for dates needs to be very public.

What Are Some TGPersonals Competitors and Alternatives?

If you are looking for some top online dating sites for transgender people, you can consider the following platforms:

  • MyTransgenderCupid
  • TransDate.com
  • TransgenderDate
  • MyTranssexualDate
  • iDate Transsexual

TGPersonals: Final Thoughts

From the above, we come to know that TGPersonals is one of the top online dating sites for trans-persons. Here, they can be who they are without facing judgment or criticism. TGPersonals is very strict against them and will ban any profile that does not follow and comply with the rules and regulations.

The site is free to use, which is one of the factors why TGPersonals has managed to gather such a strong following. For trans-individuals, TGPersonals is the best online dating site!

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