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TRUEVIEW Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

TRUEVIEW Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 25-29
Profiles 500 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Mobile application: this dating platform can only be used via the mobile app, which makes it convenient to use smartphones anywhere.
  • Easy to use: its interface and features are straightforward.
  • Location-based: because of its location feature, this app can guide users on getting matches according to their preferred locations.
  • Scam profiles: Reviews from its users show the app has a lot of fake profiles on its site. • Unstable app: the mobile app has many bugs and crashes, making it unstable to use.
  • Few members: this dating app has very few members, who may take longer getting a match. • Expensive: some basic features need a subscription, making it a bit costly to use.
  • Not detailed profiles: the profiles are not detailed. You need to chat with matches to understand them better.

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TRUEVIEW is an online dating app available to users who are seeking long term relationships. It is a dating app that can be downloaded from Google Play Store and on the iOS platform for Android and iPhone users. It does not function through the website.

It connects serious people to serious conversations, enjoyable dates, and people whom you can trust. It is a site for genuine people who are seeking serious members for serious dates and long term relationships. It verifies and approves its accounts to ensure fewer scammers are available on its platform.

The site is free to download and install on all platforms and can be used for free, while some features require subscriptions. All its terms of use and the privacy policy can be downloaded from the site in a PDF format.

The TRUEVIEW dating app is owned by TRUEVIEW Ltd and has won some awards, which include: Best New app in 2014, Innovation in Dating Winner in 2015, and safer dating in 2016. TRUEVIEW is a proud member of the Online Dating Association (ODA). Its offices are located in Heneage Street, London. Read this review to the end, to understand its features, members, and use.

TRUEVIEW Review – Legit Or Scam?

How Does TRUEVIEW Work?

TRUEVIEW works by connecting like-minded individuals through its match system for long term dating and serious relationships.

It looks at the member’s activity, behavior, location, and other search filters to connect its users. It verifies all users through various options and matches them to create a relationship.

It is designed to allow its members to express themselves by providing more details than just a photo. It enables users to build their profiles and add pictures and descriptions about themselves to match and chat with their potential matches.

It is a location-based app that connects its users through behaviors, activities, and other search filters.

Audience Analysis

Though its membership is still growing, the TRUEVIEW dating app has captured some members who are using this application to get serious matches. These users have been classified into different categories as listed below:

  • Geographical: the app has no restrictions on countries which it should be used. This means this platform is available in all regions in the world.
  • Sexual Orientation: all sexualities use this site. On this site, you may find gays, lesbians, straight members, among others.
  • Age: this is an adult dating site. Users must be 18 years and above to use this site. The majority of the users are mature adults, aged between 20 to 35 years of age and looking for partners to settle with.
  • Gender: this app is used by both male and female genders.
  • Ethnicity: this site is used by all types of races, being a worldwide app. You can find Black Americans, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Blacks, among other races using this site.
  • Goal: Members of this site are genuine individuals, looking for serious dating and long term relationships with other like-minded users of this site.

Audience Analysis

TRUEVIEW Key Features

Being an App, TRUEVIEW does not have many features on its use.However, there are essential features that make this site to be easy to use. These features include:

  • Trust Score: This is a score that shows how much a user is honest and trustworthy. Trust Score is compiled by the contents users share and the earned badges through this site.
  • Date Safe: this is a feature that guides users on how to be safe while using this dating platform and also when communicating with other members of this site.
  • Who viewed you: this is a feature that enables account owners to know who viewed their profiles.
  • Block Feature: this allows users to block threatening and disturbing profiles in their accounts. This feature can be accessed on the account settings.
  • Location settings: this feature allows members to set their location. It is also used to display profiles near the user or far away, depending on location.
  • These are notifications from the user’s accounts. Members can decide to mute or decide on how they would like to get these notifications.

TRUEVIEW Key Features

Is TRUEVIEW User-Friendly?

When it comes to being user-friendly, all we can say, it’s on average. User reviews put this app as having bugs, thus failing to connect on essential apps like Facebook and Instagram. The interface is good, but there are issues not identifying the exact locations of other users.

TRUEVIEW Usability And Design

This website is only used on mobile applications, available to Android and iPhone users. The App is straightforward to download and install on all mobile platforms.

The interface is great, looks just like the tinder app. However, its functions are being disrupted by bugs and crashes.

TRUEVIEW’S Mobile Application

TRUEVIEW is available on the mobile app.

This mobile application can be downloaded from the Google Play store and also on Appstore, free of charge to all members.

All functions of this dating platform are available on the mobile app.

The website only contains its terms of use, privacy policy, and other relevant information.

Does It Have Reliable Customer Support?

There is customer support on standby, which solves user’s issues while using this dating site. Customer support can be contacted at any time of the day via various means.

To contact the customer care via email, you need to send the message to [email protected]. You can also use social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to contact customer care.

You can also use the “Contact Us” feature available both on the app and website, to contact the customer support.

TRUEVIEW Usability And Design

TRUEVIEW Sign-Up Process And Profile Creation

Signing up on this dating platform is easy on both android and iPhone users. There are two options to sign-in on the TRUEVIEW app. You can use the email address or just link your account and sign up via Facebook. Signing up via Facebook is easy and fast since it syncs much of the information from the Facebook account.

How To Sign-Up On TRUEVIEW

When signing up with Facebook, the site takes up all the information from Facebook, including photos.

Through signup via the email address, users are required to provide the below details:

  • Name: you are required to provide your full names while in this section.
  • Age: you need to key in your age while in this section.
  • Password: you have to secure your account with a unique, easy to remember password.
  • Gender: you are required to key in your gender in this section. Options include male or female genders.

After keying the above information, the website requires you to accept its terms of use and Privacy policy before registering.

After registration, you are required to create your profile, as explained in the next step.

Profile Quality. Does It Have Verification?

Creating a profile is more comfortable since it does not require much of your information. The details you will provide in this section will greatly determine the kind of matches you will be hooked up with.

TRUEVIEW profiles require the information mentioned below.

  • Profile picture: when creating the profile, the website requires users to upload their profile pictures in this section.
  • Personal descriptions: they are details and features of the users, including food, movies, work, travel, outdoor features, and social habits. This determines the kind of matches they will be connected to.
  • Media: the website enables you to add music, photos, videos, and other media to your profile.

To verify their accounts, users need to do so via the link or through the mobile number provided while registering. Verification is always immediate on this site.

Profile Quality. Does It Have Verification?

There are several search options on this site that one can use to get their preferred matches.

You can search users via the below filters:

  • Age: you can choose matches by their number of years.
  • Photos (or without): you can choose this filter to seek members with or without photos.
  • Location: you can choose members according to their location. You can adjust the distance to seek users who are nearby or far away from your location.
  • Advanced features: these include travel options, food, types of leisure, social habits, among others. These advanced features are available only to premium accounts.
  • Gender: you can choose members according to their sexualities.
  • The body features: you can search matches by their body features, including height, weight, hair color, eye lour, etc. This feature is available to members on Premium accounts.

TRUEVIEW is a location-based website. It takes location as its main feature when it comes to matching individuals. Your matches will entirely depend on your location before putting your other filters into consideration.

Matching And Chatting On TRUEVIEW

This dating application works just like Facebook when it comes to match and chat.

After creating your profile, you are required to set your search preferences to get your preferred matches. Once you get these matches, the next step is to create a conversation which happens in two ways as described below:

The first step is by liking the love feature on their profile, which then sends your potential matches a notification. When they like back, it becomes a match.

After matching, you can send them a real message, to create a conversation.

Another way is by clicking the speech bubble to leave them a message, which they can reply to create a conversation. When they reply to this, it becomes a match.

You can also block profiles if you are not interested in talking to them. This is done by using the block feature, which is just on the account settings. Blocking someone will remove their profile on your account, and also you, from their account.

Matching And Chatting On TRUEVIEW

TRUEVIEW Subscription Options

This feature has an undefined kind of membership structure on its website.

However, we can learn there are two types of memberships. These include:

  • The free membership: this is a basic, non-paid account.
  • Paid membership: this is a paid account. Payments are made through subscriptions.

Free Membership

This account offers the below features:

  • Free account registration.
  • Free creation of user profile: users can register and create accounts for free.
  • Free media upload: users can upload photos, music, and videos.
  • Free swipe and sparks: users can swipe and match for free.

To access other advanced features of this site, you are required to upgrade your account to premium.

Users on paid membership enjoy the below services:

  • Messaging: this site allows members to send messages to matched and unmatched members.
  • Unlimited swiping: paid account holders can swipe as many profiles as possible, to create matches.

To upgrade a normal account to premium, users need to pay subscriptions either to Google or Apple stores. This depends on the device they are using.

Types Of Pricing

Currently, this application has undefined subscription packages. On its Google app, it just states a monthly fee of $39.80. TRUEVIEW users need to reconfirm prices before subscribing to this dating platform.

How To Cancel Your TRUEVIEW Subscription

Subscriptions are always auto-renewed once they expire. Users need to cancel this, 48hours before their due date. You can cancel the subscriptions by turning off the auto-renewal feature, found in the Google and the Apple store accounts.

Cancellation depends on the media you used to download your application. On-going subscriptions can neither be canceled nor refunded.

How To Cancel Your TRUEVIEW Subscription

TRUEVIEW Safety And Security

There are several ways in which the website has tried to secure its members and their data while on this dating platform.

First, there is a blocking feature that members can use to block annoying accounts. This terminates all conversations the user might be having with those accounts.

The second feature is the verification method. The website uses email addresses and mobile phone numbers to ensure accounts on this platform are genuine and not robots.

To secure its member’s data, TRUEVIEW has a detailed Privacy policy, which gives a clue on how the website protects the member’s data. It describes the kind of data picked by the website, how it is picked, stored, and also used. It also gives details on how this data is shared with third parties.

Through its Date Safe feature, the website has given clues on how members can keep safe while chatting and meeting with other people on this site

TRUEVIEW Competitors And Alternatives

Being an online dating site, TRUEVIEW has not grown much. It is facing a lot of competition from other fast-rising applications and websites of its sort. These competitors can also act as alternatives to users if they feel that TRUEVIEW is not their ideal site. These competitors include:

  • Badoo

Badoo is one of the most popular dating sites in the world. It is best suited for individuals who are looking for casual dating and maybe long term relationships. The good thing about Badoo is it has a large number of users compared to TRUEVIEW. Creating a match and having a date on this platform is fast and easy. It is one of the most reliable dating sites.

  • AdultFriendFinder

This is an adult dating site, designed to be used by adults of all walks of life. AdultFriendFinder has over 80million members, making it one of the most popular websites when it comes to dating. It has more contact features than *Tinder

When it comes to the swiping feature, Tinder takes the lead. It is also one of the best dating platforms available across the world. Tinder has an easy to swipe feature, with less detailed profiles, which makes it an ideal site for those who need quick matches. Tinder can only be used via the mobile app.



We have completed our review concerning the TRUEVIEW dating app. We have highlighted almost everything that users need to know, starting from its usage, features, members, and also alternatives. The dating platform has some issues but can connect users depending on location and their preferences. The interface is excellent, and its Google app is still functional. We cannot talk much about its iOS app since it can’t be accessed for now. Users need to check it out before making their decision. All we can say, this dating platform has some pending issues which need to be solved first—but we assume you can give it a try.

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