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Whiplr Review 2024 — Real Fetish Dating Site or Scam?

Whiplr Review  2024  — Real Fetish Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 23-26
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Location-based dating: Whiplr enables its users to get matches in their preferred location. It is a located based dating site.
  • Variety of members: Whiplr has a large number of users, over 1.2million people, and growing daily.
  • Different Kinks: Whiplr offers different alternative sexual lifestyles. There is a special pleasure for everyone who uses this platform.
  • Active Members: At any time of the day, you will find active users still logged.
  • Compelling, unique messenger: Whiplr messenger allows users to delete sent messages even from the recipient’s phone. The messenger also accepts video calling to those who are communicating.
  • Missing Verification Process: Whiplr only approves the profile photo. Most of the accounts available on this platform are not verified.
  • Scam Profiles: due to its lack of security and account approval features, this website has a lot of fake profiles.
  • Expensive: Essential features like messaging require an upgrade of the account. This calls for payments to have an account upgraded to premium.
  • Complicated features: Whiplr is not easy to use. Especially for new members. Features are too many and congested, making navigation through this site difficult.

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Welcome to our Whiplr review for 2020. This guide will educate and inform youabout the benefits and features of this adult site. This review will also point out the shortcomings and advantages of using this platform to get a match. Follow this guide for more in-depth information.

The website has registered over 1.2 million users since its launch, enabling it to have over 600,000 photos on its Kinky shots feed. It mostly offers Kinks, meaning it is mainly used by people who practice different sexual needs and styles, not closer to the traditional ones.

Whiplr is also involved in Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism (BDSM) kind of sex. It is a site which connects individuals with similar kind of kinks, sex, and short term dating.

The inspiration of Whiplr comes from its members, who like to practice other types of sex, apart from the traditional intimacy. It was created to connect people who share similar sexual interests. It shares its theme from the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

This site is available on desktop browsers and also on smartphone applications. It can be downloaded via Google play store and iOS Apps store free of charge.

How Does Whiplr Function?

Whiplr Review – How Reliable Is This Dating Website?

Whiplr is an adult dating website, intending to connect its profiles to hook-ups and also for casual sex. It is used by individuals who are seeking casual sex and short term dates, with no commitments.

This dating site helps to connect BDSM fanatics, Kinky, and Fetish members to one another, mainly for casual sex and short-term dating.

Let’s Discuss Members’ Structure

This online dating site has members all over the world, and these members have been classified better in the segments mentioned below.

  • Geographical
  • This dating platform has over 1.2million members in total. Most of these members come from the United States and the European countries. However, membership is also present in other countries around the world.

  • Age
  • Members’ ages range from 18 to 65.

  • Gender
  • This site has all types of genders: male, female, and transgender who use this site.

  • Sexual Orientation
  • Due to its kinky features, this site accepts all sexual orientations, including gays, lesbians, straight, and transsexuals.

  • Ethnicity
  • This site accommodates all types of ethnicities. You can find Black Americans, Indians, Arabs, Chinese, among other ethnic groups of the world.

What Are Its Main Features?

Whiplr Review – How Reliable Is This Dating Website?

There are several exciting features available on this dating platform for members to use. These unique features include:

  • Whipstrs: These are members who have met your preferences. Also known as recommended matches according to your search.
  • Shots: these are photos of members you have chosen to like or those who have met your search preferences.
  • Groups: These are public groups where members can join for free. Members are required to join public groups that meet their preferences.
  • Events: This feature shows upcoming global events related to sex and relationships. They include fetish events, Dominance trips, among others.
  • Elites: These are members who have topped the groups in different categories. Fans of this page choose elites through the email address: [email protected].
  • Playground: these are uncensored fetish activities done via the webcam to users of this dating platform. On this feature, you will meet the fearless goddesses, obedient subs, and educator who is ready to make your darkest fetish desires come true. This feature is only available to premium account holders.

User Friendliness?

This dating site is not easy to use, especially for the new members. This means one has to use it for some time before getting used to it. It has a lot of features and information on its homepage, making it a bit congested. The interface is not user friendly, especially for individuals who just joined.

The Whiplr Website Use & Design

Whiplr’s design and features are appealing to the eyes. It has a modern design, with a mixture of black, grey and red colors, making it very beautiful.

However, the problem comes with usage. The features are too congested on the left-hand side of the site. This makes it a bit difficult to navigate, especially for the new members.

Some features like the search are hidden. One has to browseseveral tabs to find them.

Does Whiplr Have a Mobile App?

The Whiplr online dating platform has a mobile application available to both Android and iPhone smartphones. Android account holders can download this application on Google Play store, while iPhone users can do so at the AppStore. Downloading and installation are free of charge to all members.

This mobile app enables users to be online anywhere and at any time through the use of their smartphones.Mobile app features work just like the ones on the website. The good thing about using the mobile app gives accurate information about the members’ location.

Does It Have Customer Support?

Whiplr has a dedicated customer support system that is committed to solving member’s issues and queries while using this online dating platform.

Users can contact the customer care through a “contact us” tab, available at the bottom of the homepage. Users just need to open the contact page, fill in their name, email, and the message they would wish to pass to the customer support. Feedback is immediate or within 24 hours period.

Registration &User Profile

Whiplr Review – How Reliable Is This Dating Website?

The registration process at Whiplr is easy as compared to other online dating sites. You must have an account to be able to use this online dating site.

What About The Signup Process?

The registration feature is just at the center of the homepage. You only need to click “join us now,” which directs you to the signup page.

To be registered, you are required to provide the following information:

  • Nickname: This acts as your username. You are required to provide a nickname which allows using this dating site anonymously.
  • Email Address: You are required to provide a valid email address in this section.
  • Password: a robust and unique password is required to secure the user’s account.
  • Date of Birth: users are required to provide their date of birth on this online dating site. This will determine the age feature while using this site.
  • Gender: users have to provide their gender in this section. Options include genderqueer, women, men, transwomen, and transmen.
  • Role: this includes your role in the relationships you are seeking. Options include Dominance, submissive, and switch.
  • Profile Photo: this is mandatory to every member who wishes to join this online dating platform.

After this information, you are required to log in and create a profile.

Whiplr Profile Creation and Verification

Whiplr Review – How Reliable Is This Dating Website?

Creating a profile at Whiplr dating site requires the below-added information which may also guide other users:

  • Weight: This section enables profiles to give their exact weight in pounds.
  • Height: the site requires users to give in their exact height.
  • Body type: users have to state their body types. Options include average, athletic, slim, curvy, a little extra, or full-figured.
  • Show age: Users can choose whether or not to show their age to other profile visitors.
  • Tell the world who you are: this feature enables users to give their description to other users.
  • About Me Unleashed: this feature requires users to open up on their hidden sexual descriptions.
  • I’m into: users have to state their preferred matches. Options include women, men, transwomen, transmen, agender, or genderqueer.
  • Relationship status: users can choose different options available to define their current relationship. These options include: single, my partner is a woman; my partner is a man, among other sexual relationships.
  • Preferred role: you can choose among the many available options. Examples include dominance, submissive, switch, slave, top, bottom, etc.
  • Kinks: this is where a new member chooses their extraordinary sexual needs. It can be rough sex, group sex, spanking, and sounds, among others. You can select several kinks as per likes and preferences.
  • Experience: this is whereby a member gives his experiences on what they have chosen. It can be none, a lot, or just some.
  • Safeword: users can give out their safe word to alert their matches about their limits and worries.

Account verification: there is no email verification done on this online dating site. The profile photo is the only approved feature, and most users upload fake pictures. Once your picture is approved, you can comfortably sit and enjoy using the site.

While on creating this profile, members can add more photos to their profiles.

The Whiplr Search Option

There are several search options available on this online dating platform. You can search other members using the below criteria’s:

  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Location
  • Age
  • Range
  • Favorites
  • Members with photos
  • Sexual preferences
  • Body type
  • Role
  • Kinks
  • Experience
  • Relationships
  • Show only Elite members
  • Voice/Video calls

What’s The Chatting & Matching Algorithm?

Whiplr Review – How Reliable Is This Dating Website?

There is no matching algorithm on this dating site. Once you are interested in a particular profile, you can just like them, or send them a message if you are a premium account holder.

Members can use the several search options found on this platform to get their preferred partners. Once you get the perfect match, you can go ahead and message them to create interest.

Chatting on this online site is by use of the messaging app. This messaging feature is only available to members who are on premium accounts.

Free account holders can reply to messages sent by others or just their preferred profiles for free. Liking a profile creates an interest.

Membership Options—It Gets Interesting

There are two membership options on Whiplr. The free account option and the premium account option.

Users on free accounts do not pay anything, while to be a premium user, you have to make a subscription.

Free Accounts

Free accounts are the available basic accounts just after registration. Users on free accounts get to use this site for free but have limited features, which include:

  • Register their accounts: Registering an account is free to all members.
  • Complete their profile: profile creation is available on these free, basic accounts.
  • Receive and reply messages: users on free accounts can receive and reply to chats from other users of this platform.
  • Search Profiles: users on free accounts can search and view other member’s profiles on this Platform.
  • View shots: users on free accounts can view pictures of other individuals using this site.
  • Join Groups: Basic account holders can search and join several groups available on this site for free. These groups include location groups, online groups, fetish groups, Whiplr, discipline, among others.
  • Elites: users on free accounts can participate in choosing and voting for elites in different competitions.

Premium Accounts

Whiplr Review – How Reliable Is This Dating Website?

These are paid accounts available to members through subscriptions. Members on paid accounts enjoy all the advanced features of this online dating site. Besides having all of the above basic features, premium account members also enjoy the below benefits:

  • Millions of Profiles: users on paid accounts can search millions of profiles present on this dating site.
  • Kinky Groups: users on premium accounts can participate in Kinky groups.
  • Search for Hot Kinkers in their location: premium account holders can search for the hottest Kinkers in their area of residence.
  • Initiate conversations with other Kinkers: They can initiate chatting with other Kinkers in this dating media.
  • Boosters: premium account holders have the privilege of having their conversations highlighted on this platform.
  • Messages: members on premium accounts can send and reply messages from users on this platform.
  • Playground: Premium account members can join and follow events available on this feature while using these paid accounts.

Whiplr Pricing

Whiplr Review – How Reliable Is This Dating Website?

To be upgraded to a premium account, members are required to pay for subscriptions called Dekadom fees. Dekadom has been grouped into two packages as below:

  • First month at .95
  • Second and other months at.95.

Subscriptions are always auto-renewed. To change the subscription types, members are required to: Go to the side menu, then to WhiplrDekadom, and then upgrade the subscription type.

What About Canceling Your Whiplr Subscription?

CancelingWhiplrDekadom is very easy for any user. To cancel this subscription, users have to follow the below procedure using the web browser:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Account
  3. Subscription
  4. Then click Cancel

The above procedure cancels the auto-renewal process of this subscription.

Whiplr Safety & Security

Being an online dating site, Whiplr has been facing some challenges with the presence of fake profiles on its website. This has been caused by a lack of verification methods and also using chats anonymously. Members have been cautioned to take extra care while using this online dating site.

The site has also incorporated a block feature, which members can use to block abusive and threatening accounts. Another option includes contacting the website admins in case of any misconduct on the site.

However, this dating site has put a privacy policy that tends to secure members’ accounts and also their data. This privacy policy talks about the security features of this site, terms of use, users’ data, its storage, and how it is shared with other parties.

Does Whiplr Have Competitors?

Whiplr Review – How Reliable Is This Dating Website?

Other dating sites offer almost the same or better services than this online dating platform. These sites, which a user can seek as alternatives include:

  • Badoo
  • Badoo is a top-rated online dating site available in desktop browsers and also through mobile applications. It connects its members who are ready for short term and long term dating, casual sex, and friendship. Unlike Whiplr, this site has a strict verification process.

  • Elite Singles
  • Elite Singles is an online platform designed for professionals, and it’s used mostly by university graduates. Unlike Whiplr, this site verification process is conducted by the customer support system. Elite Singles has mature users aged over 30 years.


    This is an online dating platform meant for singles looking for serious dates and long term relationships. eHarmony has a straightforward design and user-friendly features, compared with Whiplr.

Whiplr Review Conclusion

Whiplr Review – How Reliable Is This Dating Website?

Whiplr.com is a good website for finding partners for short term relationships or just casual sex. Users who are looking for long time dates and marriage partners are recommended to use other dating alternatives. The reason for this is because the site has not put into consideration members who prefer long term dating. It is only available to match members who have common types of kinks for short term sexual pleasures.

However, the interface is good. The design is modern, and also the members are active enough to make one enjoy using this site. All in all, we recommend this platform for users who seek quick sexual pleasures.

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