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Xpress Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Xpress Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 75%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 21-22
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Facebook-based interface
  • GPS-based matching
  • Get laid in 100-days guarantee
  • LGBTQ user-friendly
  • Advanced search features
  • Expensive memberships
  • Not ideal for a long-term commitment
  • Two-tier membership makes video availability uncommon

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Xpress is designed as a dating site for those who are looking for quick flings. Though the homepage looks like any other dating website’s page, once you scroll and read further, you will find that Xpress is designed with the intent of getting you laid as quickly as possible without going through the unnecessary foreplay.

The website is quite liberal in its sexual nature and allows users to craft their profiles depending on whether they want escorts or not. Users are advised to post video profiles, and nudity is allowed on the site, especially under the ‘hottest profile’ section. New members can curate their profiles depending on their sexual preference and personality.

The matching and searching features leverage the data provided by the users to get the best possible matches. Members also can discover each other via message boards and chat rooms. The home page is abuzz with user activity that lets you see who is new and active. The feed is quite similar to Facebook’s, making it easier for people to get the hang of it.

How Xpress Works

Xpress Review – Everything You Need to Know

Xpress is the premier dating site for those interested in getting hooked up quickly. It works on GPS-based algorithms that detect people near you and suggests them as a match for you.

Unlike many other dating apps wherein users have to go through a complicated process of liking and chatting to get to know someone before getting physical, Xpress lets you trim the unnecessary things and get straight to the matter. As such, Xpress is one of the top-rated dating apps and contradicts the idea that only bars and clubs are the ideal places for a hookup with singles.

Brief Audience Analysis

At present, there are more than 55 million people who have registered on Xpress to look for new sex partners. People from all over the world have come together under one roof to get a quick fling.

More than 235,000 active members in any given week highlight its popularity among young men and women today. When it comes to sex ratio, the community has 57% women and 43% men. Though it is designed for single people looking for one-night stands, there is the possibility of developing long-term relations as well.

It is open to anyone, regardless of marital status. There are many LGBTQ community members at Xpress as well— the only restriction is based on the age of the user. A user has to be 18 years of age (or 21 in some countries) to register at Xpress.

Key Features of Xpress

Xpress Review – Everything You Need to Know

There are a host of features that make Xpress the ideal dating site for people looking for one-night stands. Users can view anyone’s profile and access all their photos and videos. Those who are looking to isolate potential partners will benefit from the personalized matchmaking tool.

Other than having complete access to people’s profiles, users can also have a live chat with anyone that they would like to meet up with. There is also the option of communicating with others via email.

Some other key features are as follows:

  • Guarantee of getting laid in 100 days
  • Access to video profile
  • Access to message boards and chat rooms
  • The interface is reminiscent of Facebook

How User-Friendly Is Xpress, Really?

Xpress has a highly intuitive and user-friendly website that makes it easier for you to find all the different features and options on your screen with ease. At the top of the landing page, you can find all 14 sections that let you sift through sexual relations, video chats, sex toys, and stories, and much more. The basic interface is similar to Facebook, which makes it easy for users to adjust to the website quickly.

Xpress Website Usability and Design

Xpress Review – Everything You Need to Know

The Xpress website is designed to provide you all the necessary tools that will get you closer to your next sexual encounter. Users will have access to all incoming notifications, chat messages, and emails at the top right-hand corner. For easy navigation to the profile and information about other users, users can find the tools on the left side of the user’s profile.

All the other information, such as terms and conditions and privacy policies, are found at the bottom. Other helpful tabs, such as customer support, help section, and password restoration, are also found here.

Xpress Mobile App Design

The whole website, with all its functionalities and benefits, is also adapted for compatibility with mobile phones. These include most of the popular mobile and tablet platforms. The possibility of accessing Xpress on the go gives users the added advantage of looking for a quick evening hookup at their fingertips.

On Xpress Mobile, users can sift through other users’ profiles, message and chat with them, and even start a webcam chat as they are moving about.

What Is The Customer Support Like?

The customer support at Xpress is dedicated to making your hunt for your next sexual experience a hassle-free endeavor. For posing queries and quick resolution of issues, you can get in touch with the customer support agent via email. Navigate to the customer support page at the bottom of the homepage, fill out the special form, and get the answer within 24 hours. A FAQ section is also available that provides answers to the most common queries about the services and the website in general.

All About the Sign-Up Process and User Profile

Xpress Review – Everything You Need to Know

The registration process at Xpress is a simple process that can be completed within a couple of minutes. However, filling the profile may require you to spend a little extra time, but it is only to aid in getting you the right match for you.

How to Sign Up at Xpress

The registration form is available at the website’s landing page itself. During this process, you will be asked the most basic questions such as name, age, email, username, sex of the person you want to hook up with, background preference, body type, location, etc. Upon completion, you will be required to verify the email address that you provided to start using the website. Once done, you can log in and begin looking for your next sexual adventure.

Assessing Profile Quality and Verification

Xpress Review – Everything You Need to Know

As soon as you register, the first thing you ought to do is fill up your profile details as much as possible. This will include uploading photos, videos, spending some time on the personality questions, and a rough checklist of your personal details and your desires.

There will be some interesting questions that you will be asked regarding your sexual history, your preferred position, and other such questions. As mentioned, the verification is required to register and log in to the website. This process ensures that only real people end up becoming part of the community, and fake profiles and bots are excluded entirely.

Search Option On Xpress

Xpress Review – Everything You Need to Know

The search feature on Xpress makes it all the much easier for users to find people, look at their profiles, and start matching them for quick flings. The search bar is available on the top right-hand corner of the website.

The search bar also makes it easy for users to filter out the search results according to their preferences. For instance, they can sift through the members and look for escorts for a quick sexual encounter.

Chatting and Matching On Xpress

The automatic matching is done based on a sophisticated GPS-based algorithm. This process makes it simpler for you to get matched with people in your current vicinity and are compatible with your likes, dislikes, and preferences. Users can also take matters into their own hands and try looking for members that they like via the search feature.

When it comes to chatting, Xpress lets you choose the Facebook-based setup. You can check the notifications sent by other members and even get to find who viewed your profile. There are various ways by which you can start chatting with a potential mate. Users can chat via online webcam chat and dive into the deep end with their partners. Otherwise, they can start by sharing photos and videos, or if users are apprehensive of that as well, they can start sending emails at first to know who they’re dealing with.

What Are the Membership Options on Xpress?

Xpress Review – Everything You Need to Know

Xpress is free for anyone who wants to be a part of the community. A lot of the functions are free, but there are some restrictions associated with it as well. Those looking to make full use of the features will find that getting premium versions is much to their benefit.

Free Membership

The free membership is the most basic membership that you will get on Xpress. However, the number of services, the website functions, and usage is quite limited. Here are a few basic membership features available on Xpress:

  • Do basic search
  • Upload photos and videos
  • Send hookup invitations
  • Profile completion

The features can be quite limiting with the free basic membership. If they begin to become too restrictive, you can upgrade your membership to Silver and Gold memberships. With these memberships, you get much wider access to the features of the website that will assist you in getting laid.

The Silver account will unlock the following features:

  • Advanced search
  • Complete access to videos and photos of other users
  • Send friend requests
  • Contact other users
  • Prominence on search list compared to basic members

With the Gold account, the whole website is completely unlocked, and the following features are upgraded:

  • Receive and send emails
  • Personalized matchmaking
  • Unlimited and advanced searches
  • Live webcam chatting
  • View complete profiles
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Pricing of The Paid Memberships

Xpress Review – Everything You Need to Know

Classic 1-month Membership: US$29.95

Gold 3-Months Membership: US$59.95

Premium 6-Months Membership: US$149.95

How Do You Cancel Your Xpress Subscription

The subscriptions are renewed automatically as soon as they expire. However, if you are looking to cancel this feature, you do so from settings. Simply navigate to your account settings and opt-out of the auto-renewal feature. From this tab, users can also delete or deactivate their profiles if they want to leave Xpress.

What Are the Safety and Security Features Offered by Xpress?

Xpress guarantees the safety of users’ personal information and data at all times. The website itself doesn’t store any credit card information, and all the communication between users is based on the internal mail service, not on their personal email.

Furthermore, all information and transaction of data are fully secured by the sophisticated SSL encryption that is the security standard followed by the whole industry. This ensures not just the safety of your payment information, but also the sensitive data regarding your photos, videos, and chats.

Another way by which Xpress ensures that there is no suspicious activity on the website is through the intense verification system. Only the users who have verified their accounts are allowed to have profiles on the site. Xpress also lets users block other people if they feel they are being spammed.

Those who are concerned with finding and meeting escorts can do so by filtering them out on the website through the search features.

What Are Some Xpress Competitors and Alternatives

Xpress Review – Everything You Need to Know

Xpress truly is the premier dating website for those looking for quick flings, hookups, and one-night stands. It is ideal for women looking for a safe environment to find potential partners, as is evident from their sex ratio in the community. Xpress is used by people of all backgrounds, sexual orientation, and inclinations, and also has the potential for people to find someone to have long term relationships with.

However, many may be looking for something specific and quite different from what Xpress naturally offers. Here we take a look at some alternatives that may be useful for some users:

  • AdultFriendFinder: This hookup site is one of the most popular websites on the web for people that are looking for quick sexual encounters and has a high value for the price.
  • Clover: This dating app is a mixture of various pre-existing dating platform and looks to take the best of all words to help you meet new people to fall in love with.
  • XMatch: This is yet another website with a huge member base and unique features that bring together the best aspects of the hookup culture under one roof.
  • ZOOSK: This is a dating site that is ideal for those of a liberal mindset. People from the LGBTQ community are sure to find likeminded people here.
  • Grindr: This is another dating site that is dedicated to people from the LGBTQ community. If you’re looking for people that are similar in their orientation as you, then this would be the ideal site for you to check out and get paired.

Xpress: Final Thoughts

Xpress Review – Everything You Need to Know

Xpress has been hailed as one of the very few websites that completely embrace the hookup culture and provide a wealth of features for people to get in touch with other people and get laid. It doesn’t judge you based on your sexual orientation or put a limit on your sexual fantasies. On the contrary, it helps you get sexually active and embrace the instinctual side of you.

As such, Xpress is the ideal place for you to find sex partners without having to commit to anything serious. Regardless of your age, your background, or your sexual orientation, Xpress lets you find people interested in you.

It is an entirely safe and fully secured haven that lets you find your potential hookup mates without worrying about issues regarding privacy or online bullying. Xpress has strict moderators that keep a lookout for suspicious activities and reserve the right to ban members if they are found to engage in unethical practices.

Xpress uses advanced GPS-based algorithms that pair you with other people in the vicinity that are compatible with you. This is one of the reasons why it is essential to complete the profiles and ensure that every box is filled up.

The membership has a two-tier structure, and you should carefully assess the options before opting for either one. However, both memberships come with a guarantee of getting you laid within 100 days. This ensures that no matter what you do, as long as you make yourself available, your next sexual escapade is not too far away. As such, Xpress has become the go-to place for users to look for new sexual experiences.

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