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Amino Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Amino Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 78%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-24
Profiles 2 100 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Access to many video clips that can be entertaining
  • The profile is displayed to be engaging
  • Easy to grow a list of followers
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Phone or email verification is not required, which leads to scam and fakes
  • Concerns about the quality of the profile
  • The video content can be distracting

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Amino is a social networking platform where users can interact with other users over topics of interest. The platform is available in the form of an app that can be obtained for Apple and Android devices.

How does Amino Work?

Amino Review: Legit or Scam?

Amino is a platform where users join up to interact with each other through different means. This can be through posting on blogs or through media that can be interactive like quizzes or polls. However, the biggest interaction happens through chat.

Audience Analysis

There has always been a mystery surrounding the number of users who are on the Amino platform, as the operators have so far refused to share these details. However, a simple analysis of the Play Store and App Store reveals that the app has been downloaded several million times.

Just like on many other social networking platforms, there are a lot of users who are under 30 years of age. There is a higher representation of teens on this platform, which has most of the userbase from the United States. The UK and Canada are not far behind in terms of providing users to the platform. Hispanics are the biggest userbase on Amino, while other races and ethnicities only have a minor representation.

Key Features

Once the Amino service basics have been cleared up, users can step into and look at the Amino app’s top features. They are:

Chatting Platform

Amino comes with an ability to chat, which makes it very impressive. A social platform that has been created with the sole intention of sharing interests should have excellent capabilities for chatting with each other. This would increase the possibility of finding other people with ease for a wonderful time on the app. There are sufficient steps that have been taken to ensure that the chatting experience is streamlined as much as possible. Apart from chatting on the platform, there is also a possibility of creating strong friendships.

Exploration of the Communities

Amino Review: Legit or Scam?

A positive feature of Amino is the presence of communities, which offers a lot of freedom to explore topics of interest at a pace that suits a user the most. Once a user decides to join a community based on their interest, they will come across blogs, reviews, quizzes, in-depth stories, and analysis. There might also be recommendations, commentary, photos, journeys, and much more.

Sharing of Content

The Amino platform is excellent when it comes to sharing content through several means. For example, it is possible to upload blog posts apart from videos to the platform. It is possible to come across different types of content that ranges from fan arts to video games. A special elite group of individuals frequently share content to keep the community going, and one can collaborate with them to share content.

Amino User-Friendliness

The user-friendliness of this platform is on par with some of the best in the business. All users will be directed to a page that comprises all information under one section. It is easy to track the different communities that a person shows interest in. It is also easy to navigate between one community to the other. The entry age for the app is rated at 12, and it is understandable considering the ease of use. Even older individuals should have no trouble in accessing the different features of this platform.

Website Design & Usability

There is no website to be worried about when it comes to the Amino platform. This is because all the actions are carried out through the app. This has been done with the future in mind, as more mobile users tend to outpace desktop counterparts in several aspects.

Amino Mobile Application

Amino Review: Legit or Scam?

The app is excellent when it comes to the smooth interface. A lot of focus is also given to navigation, as switching between the different communities is very easy. One can easily go away from making a comment on a community club about reading books to commenting on a community that deals with video games.

Amino has decided to go for a straightforward user interface, like Twitter or Facebook. At the same time, some complexities have been made easier to reach due to easy navigation. All users will appreciate the visual appeal, but there is also substance. The images and GIF load up very quickly, and all communities are distanced from each other due to the presence of a unique cover image and color scheme.

The app is packed with a ton of features that are interactive in different ways. Even then, the developers frequently come up with updates that improve the experience further. One of the few disadvantages of the app will be the inability to bring together all the updates from each community in a single interface. If a user has subscribed for multiple communities, they have to navigate to each to get updates.

Customer Support

A brilliant support system is available on the platform where users can get in touch using email or go through a ton of content designed to help new users. The help pages contain information about different aspects of the app. This includes basic aspects from chatting to information about canceling an Amino+ membership.

There is a greater focus on the safety of users. Even if technical assistance is required, there is a special email address for the same. All these should ensure that the user faces no trouble during the time they spend on the platform.

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

Amino Review: Legit or Scam?

One can open a new account with Amino in a few minutes, and the process is straightforward since no verification is required. After completing the registration process, users need to enter the requested info like name and birth date. They also have to upload a profile picture.

After these basic steps are done, the user can concentrate on some of the associated features, like increasing their social profile. This is done by adding information about likes and interests. After picking the key interests, the app opens to the primary interface, where there are four tabs with access to sections – discover, communities, chats, and profile.

How to Sign-Up

The process of opening a new account with Amino involves supplying only a limited amount of information. A user has to provide the email address and preferred password. There is no need to verify the email or phone number. After saving the new details to the database, the app prompts a user to complete the profile data, which involves uploading a profile picture, entering the full name, and date of birth.

Profile quality and verification

A profile on Amino has some key elements like stories and walls, which are very media-centric. An option to use GIFs for the profile picture is available on the app, while users can find new GIFs without leaving the Amino platform. Even though users can improve the appearance of their profile picture with a frame, this option will be enabled only with payment. One can also use JPG and PNG formats for the profile picture.

The lack of authentication is one of the big disadvantages of Amino. Since it takes less than a minute to create the account, this can leave existing users on the platform exposed to a lot of fake profiles and scammers.

Amino Review: Legit or Scam?

A search tool is available on the platform to enable users to discover other profiles through stories, names, and so on. One can also search for communities through links, id, or even keywords.

The ability to find communities brings about a new dimension to the app’s ability to serve as a dating platform – you can find people intersted in Tatoo dating, Gluten Free dating and other narrow niches. Apart from the tool, the Amino app also preserves the recent searches, so users do not go through the same process again. If required, a particular search can also be removed from history.

Matching & Chatting

There are different ways to interact with other members of this platform. A member can be part of topic chats, community chats, or even leave voice notes if the other member is in a different time zone.

There is no matching system on the platform, but features can certainly help in this regard. One such option would be the ‘discover’ tool, which will help find interesting stories that have been shared by other users on the platform. It is possible to comment on these stories and start a fan following. One can also become a content creator by sharing content and generating views.

An achievement badge is also available on the platform to serve as a signifier of a user’s status. Each level of increased reputation is likely to lead to a higher level of interest from other members of the community.

Subscription Options

Amino Review: Legit or Scam?

There are multiple membership options for users who want to get the best out of their experience with Amino. It is important to analyze the pros and cons of free and paid memberships before making the call.

Free version

The free membership is likely to be the preferred option for every new user on this platform. It allows a lot of functionalities, like being able to discover communities or start chatting with individuals from across the world. One can even begin private chats without paying any fees to the platform.

Even without a lot of investment, users will be allowed to be part of the free chatting room and be on the public leader board in the community section. Very few apps can offer this convenience for free.

Any user who has been on the Amino app for quite a while and wants to increase engagement can try out the premium package. The Amino+ membership is also suitable for users who want to elevate the experience with multiple new features. These begin with the availability of several stickers, moods, custom chat bubbles, badges to signify Premium membership, and more.

The Amino+ member is also capable of posting very high-resolution pictures on the platform. All members are capable of signing up for this program by going into the Amino store and choosing the different plans.

Amino Pricing

Amino Review: Legit or Scam?

There are different options for people who want to sign up to Amino+, as they can pick up one month, three months, or 12-month subscriptions. The membership can be purchased using credentials from the App Store. One can also pick up this membership using coins.

It is possible to opt for a seven-day trial before deciding to pay for the membership. A one-month membership will cost $2.99 or 499 coins. The three-month package will set users back by $6.99 or 1499 coins. Finally, there is a one-year membership that will cost $25.99. The equivalent to 5999 coins is required for this plan.

Cancelling subscription

Once a user signs up for Amino+ membership, the auto-renew functionality is automatically turned on. If a user does not want to continue the existing subscription, they need to cancel the auto-renew function to avoid being billed for another term. However, if there is a requirement to cancel subscription midway, it can be done by going into the device settings’ subscription manager. The cancellation process cannot be done from the app.


A lot of measures are taken up by Amino to ensure the safety of users. The key ingredients of these safety measures are moderation, flagging, and blocking. A user can go with any one of these measures depending on the problems they faced or likely to face.

The platform has a no-tolerance policy towards sexually explicit pictures, hate speech, racial discrimination, online harassment, and more. A number of human moderators can eliminate such content from the site if any user makes a report. At the same time, the app has to be used with a certain degree of parental control if it lands in the hands of a teenager.

A long section is also dedicated to ensuring that users do not have safety issues. This section covers all the guidelines and things that a user must do to be in charge of their own safety. Even if things get out of hand, the support team is always available to assist.

Amino Alternatives and Competitors

Amino Review: Legit or Scam?

Amino is certainly an excellent choice for individuals who want to experience social networking on a global scale. However, it is not yet perfect, and some alternatives can provide stiff competition. The best ones are:


It is a platform for instant messaging, and it has grown in popularity rapidly over the last two years. Apart from being able to provide a platform that helps in instant messaging, Viber is also great for video calling. All users will also benefit from the stringent safety norms employed by the platform.


Easily one of the popular messaging platforms globally, WhatsApp has grown to a status where it has more than 2 billion users in the world. This is an astronomical figure, but it also results in many restrictions that can be unsuitable for someone in the dating segment. It is not possible to contact users without having their phone number. Even if a phone number is available, it is not so easy to contact a user.


This is another app that allows free messaging to users in any part of the world as long as they have an Internet connection. More than 500 million users on this platform have emerged as a real alternative due to the support for voice calls and video chat, amongst other features. If required, users can also create stickers that spice up a platform with ease.


Amino Review: Legit or Scam?

Amino is aware of the different elements that it takes for a social networking platform to be successful. It employs a strong security network, but there are a ton of features available without paying any membership fees. It can help the exploration of different segments and get in touch with like-minded individuals. If users are impressed with the app hugely, they can opt for an Amino+ membership, which does not limit users.

The app continues to evolve even after several years after its introduction. It continuously brings out new features that have helped take on giants like Facebook. If the app is used primarily by adults, it can be a great platform, but kids need to be supervised.

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