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Zozo Chat Review 2024 – A New Way To Chat

Zozo Chat Review 2024 – A New Way To Chat
About Site
Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 74%
Popular Age 20-28
Profiles 2 200 000
Reply Rate 77%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You see real people besides the making of this website—no apparent marketing agencies, no expensive landing pages, which often look like company pages.
  • The website is honest about its users: only the real female users get the “VIP member” tag.
  • The technical details given by the website are very easy to understand.
  • The chat aims to be like the real world… But online. You won’t have to pay for cyber-sex, or for other users’ photos.
  • It’s not a regular match-and-chat website, so the research might look a little too long for you.

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Be prepared to find a new way of online sex. Are you used to the forum world? Some geeks who were also sex fans found the way to match the forum and chat room tools with one of the most ancient needs of humankind. Here’s when Zozo Chat comes into our story.

If you use the Internet, at least once in your life, you may have wondered, “Is this person a fake user or not?”. If your final goal is to find a match, or to have sex in real life, or to have a very personal sexy show via webcam, you may have wondered this a bunch of times.

In Zozo Chat, you can find funny and safe sex chat rooms made by real users from all over the world. No scams ahead, as the website is entirely free!

If you are curious to know more about this unique format, read on our review. Find out everything you will need to know about Zozo Chat!

We suggest you not to be discouraged by the very basic interface. It is so different from dating websites, and it really looks handwritten. Every tab opens a text box, as in online forums.

You will be allowed to chat, share pictures in a typical chat, use the “roulette chat” casual research… The features are all the ones you can imagine by connecting the world of sex and the world of webchat.

Zozo Chat Review – A New Way To Chat

How Does Zozo Function?

We suggest you go to the website directly. Like in forums and public chats, there’s no need for you to register before viewing the website. This is a huge pro if you compare Zozo Chat experience to the average of sex-related sites.

Not all users feel comfortable in having to say something about themselves. Especially before getting to know what the website is about.

Well, in Zozo Chat, you will need to register only if you would like to participate in the chat rooms. There, you will have to maintain a positive attitude, without being offensive or verbally violent.

You can pick your own country, as there are many country-related chat rooms. Keep in mind that you will have to speak English! As in forums, the moderator and administrator of every chatroom need to understand what’s written inside.

This will not harm you in any way, as your real name is not visible to them if you don’t want to (f.e. picking a nickname). But this will let them know if anyone is violating the standard behavioral rules.

Anyway: you have a chatroom, a forum, a blog, and, more importantly, the live chat, the actual place where you can have closer meetings, and even cyber-sex.

What’s the Average User Like?

It’s hard to track the average Chat Zozo user. We found both men and women, and there’s plenty of variety, about sexual taste and ages. Maybe you will find more young than old people.

We suppose this happens because youngsters are more used to the forum-like websites. Still, this comment is just a broad audience analysis. There’s room for any age, for any country or sexual preference.

You can register to the website and then create your own chat room. There you can invite the people you were chatting before in another room or in the forums or whose articles you read in the blog.

The vast majority of users are open-minded and funny, but it’s impossible to track such trends without generalizing.

There’s a disclaimer to make about the teenager: the website’s owners are well aware that teenagers can disguise themselves as adults. Once, they have made a teenage chat room so to let them speak openly in their private section.

Now it seems they have closed it, but we don’t know the reason. Even if technically you can’t have access to the website if you are a teenager, be careful and consider that sometimes there’s not only the front door, in a house.

Let’s go over this and talk about Chat Zozo’s features.

What’s the Average User Like?

Main Features

As said, the essential features are the chat room, the live chat, the chat roulette, the forum, and the blog. The core part of this website is, of course, the Chat Room, where every conversation and boundary-making takes place.

On the main page, you will find a selection of them, depending on which are the most popular at the moment you are accessing the website. F.e. as we are writing this review, we find a gay chat room, lesbian chat room, Indian chat room, German chat room, video chat room, roleplay chat room, adult chat room, BDSM, and roleplay.

These chat rooms lead us to different environments, of course, but the main feature of the website is to provide a safe environment where you can write freely. Write about sex, about desires and cheating, whatever it may be.

There is also a private chat, but you can’t chat directly to a VIP member unless you are a Pro Member.

User Friendliness – Key Points

It is very easy to surf the website, as it has only one main bar on top of the page. It’s a grey taskbar, where you can navigate between roulette chat room, chat room, gifs, forum, blog, chat help, about, contact.

The general feeling, although the graphics are quite old, is that there are real people besides the website creation and that they really try to make your experience a better one.

The overall user experience is very friendly and genuine. Unlike other hookup or sex chat websites, you don’t have the feeling that anarchy is reigning over the site, and that there is no website owner, not customer support.

Here you feel like a guest in a society. A guest, and if you behave, a builder. Who knows!

Chat Zozo Design and Usability

We have already talked about the main menu bar. The design and fonts are quite old-fashioned: white background and black writings, no background.

It really looks like an informative blog, according to its design features. Still, it is highly usable, as you can find whatever you want, thanks to the upper tabs in plain sight.

Every section of the website is reasonably explained to the user so that you will have no bad surprises on the way. A nice design feature is the gifs section: here you can find a lot of different hot gifs, some of them funny, some of them horny.

They give your chats that colorful touch, which the overall website structure is not providing.

Chat Zozo Design and Usability

The Chat Zozo Mobile App

There’s, unfortunately, no mobile version of this website, neither on Apple Store nor on Google Play Store.

Luckily, the webpage has a mobile version, and you can easily use it from your browser if you are on the go, and you feel an immediate desire for a horny chat. So, you can use Chat Zozo from your browser, whatever it is, using your tablet or smartphone.

The video chat may be a little overwhelming for your phone, as it always is. If you have an old model or a slow one, or if you lack Internet access, it may be a little tricky to go on video chat.

Chat Zozo Customer Support

The support you will find on Chat Zozo is not customer service, as you are not paying, so you are not really a customer. There is a “contact us” on the main taskbar, you just click on it and fill in a short form. They will contact you back.

You just need to provide a valid e-mail address, a name or nickname, and your request, claim, or suggestion in the message thread. Again, as you do not pay for an actual service, try to keep your claim as a suggestion or as a valid remark, which will make the community a better place. You will gain trust also by striving to improve the environment you are chatting in, and it will give you more confidence in the chat rooms, too.

Then there is the Chat Room Support tab on the top menu bar. Here you will find some frequently asked questions and a video tutorial.

Chat Zozo Customer Support

How to Register and Create a User Profile

The Sign-Up process is a glass of water. Remind that you can surf the website, see the interface, the rules, and the different sections, without being signed-up.

If you would like to participate in the chat rooms, you will need to register yourself, though, for free.

How to Sign-Up onn Chat Zozo

Type “chat zozo” in your search engine. The black and white main page will appear, and you will notice no sign-up button. You will need to go to the chat room section and click on whatever chat. This is a fast way to register. Now go to the sign-up tab.

You will be required to give your nickname, your e-mail address, your gender, and your age, and to type a safe password.

In the “Chat Rooms” sections, you can find two handy tutorial videos that will explain to you how the chat room works. We can’t get into more details in this review, as it will take too long. We assure you, it’s not a complicated process. The videos are just telling you the behavioral rules we were talking about earlier.

If you can’t see the block where you can access to the website, you may have some technical problems browser-related. You will find some useful tips on the Help and Support tab, the main bar.

How to Sign-Up onn Chat Zozo

The ID Verification Badges and the Special Profiles

It’s not very common to give an ID verification badge to users. Well, Chat Zozo does. They give the status of VIP members to real certified girls on the website.

The verification is made by the website owners and the moderators, who claim they won’t share your personal information with other users. For any other user, it’s up to you to understand whether you are talking to a real person or to a fake user.

Generally speaking, the presence of a fake user is lower when you can’t pay for the service. Chat Zozo offers no e-commerce, nor any way to pay. So if a user is asking for money, they suppose you are wise enough to understand on your own if you like the situation or not.

Paying is not wrong. Hidden payment is, so keep in mind that the primary purpose of Chat Zozo is not easing payment between users.

The Search Option: Chat Roulette Style

As this is not a hookup website, but rather a chat room, you can’t look for the users’ profiles. On the main bar, you can use the “Chat Roulette” option, and a random algorithm will lead you on live chat with other users connected.

This chat roulette does not allow you to choose other users; as said, it’s completely random.

The Chat Room in Chat Zozo

Inside, there is a chat room that can lead you to the creation of your own chat room. A step-by-step procedure does not regulate the matching. It’s more like in real life. If you find a person whom you like, just start chatting with the name tag.

You can’t predict if this is going to end out like a friendship, or like a real hookup! Keep in mind that generally, the goal of the users here is to have cybersex, and not real meetings. Still, impossible is nothing.

The Chat Room in Chat Zozo

Chat Zozo’s Different Types of Users

The website is completely free. No charges will be applied to you at any time. The different members you can see in the chat rooms have different graphic advantages, like a profile image, of font colors, and so on. Here are the main user categories:

VIP and PRO Users

At a certain point, you may see some VIP members. All of them are females, and if you would like to know why, there is a FAQ about it. The VIP members are not professional whores, as the website states: they are females who verified their account and who do not want to be bothered by any user. You can address them

Registered User

You are a basic user when you sign up for the website. You are allowed to do almost anything on the website, except talking in private chat to VIP users and use certain colors for your image.

Pro User

If you keep on chatting regularly for six months, you get five people to vouch for you, and you earn a good reputation, you will become a PRO member. Earning a good reputation includes a lot of things, like not getting into a chat room, talking privately to only one girl, then getting out. You need to interact with other people.

In fewer words: you need to be caring and trustful.

Admin or Moderator

There’s a forum page that will explain to you how you will become admin or moderator. It’s one step further the simple enjoyment of Zozo Chat’s pleasures ad funny parts: being a moderator means having specific responsibilities.

Canceling Your Chat Zozo Profile

It is possible to cancel your Chat Zozo subscription by going on the “unsubscribe” part in your personal profile.

Canceling Your Chat Zozo Profile

Website Safety & Security

As you could see from all the users’ restrictions, this website is secure. You will also find here some forum sessions with tips for Internet safety. You are free to exhibit in the “Contact” form whatever issue you are experiencing, especially if you suspect you are the victim of a scam.

In general, as most of the forum environments, this website is safe and ads free. You can’t buy an upper membership. You earn it with the right attitude and behavior.

Chat Zozo Competitors and Alternatives

There are few alternatives to Chat Zozo, and fewer are entirely free. One of them is the well-known Anti Chat. Then, if you are looking for an alternative community, there’s Bdsm.com.


Chat Zozo may not be the first-hand choice of a newbie who is looking for a cheap horny one-direction chat. This is more like a community, with its own memberships, rules, and laws.

Here you will find funny and arousing conversations, and you can build a cyber-friendship with other users. As a cyber-sex and sexting alternative, Chat Zozo is one of the best solutions on the Web.

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Josie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, and she is a certified relationship coach. The young lady offers clients a warm and caring environment. She has dedicated her life to other people’s well-being since she understands what they go through. Throughout her career, she has acquired enough skills to build healthy relationships.
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