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Beetalk Review 2024 – Still Legit or Outdated?

Beetalk Review 2024 – Still Legit or Outdated?
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Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 24-25
Profiles 2 200 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 7.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Beetalk is one of the fastest-growing dating applications out there.
  • This app optimizes modern attributes.
  • This app is fully free across all boards.
  • Not available in a lot of countries, notably Africa.
  • It has a weak customer support team.

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A dating platform that is application-exclusive, Beetalk has been called a lot of things, ranging from a breath of fresh air to an unusual cultural movement. These accolades have been gotten from its short but laudable history providing catering for worldwide usage. It is entirely free for everyone. It has over 25 million active users, including over 18 million from Asia and quite a number in the United States of America.

Beetalk is a new-age online dating app that has shown great signs of growth since it was founded and exhibited great popularity in Asia but barely the USA. It is a break from the norm incorporating dope Tinder-like features and carving a dependable niche for itself, thanks to notable landmarks like gaining over 25 million users to be available on every major app store. It is quite safe, secure, and fault-free.

How Does Beetalk Work?

Beetalk Review – Legit or Scam?

You simply download the application from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store for iPhone or Android users, respectively. Following this, you sign up on the website homepage and calmly wait for your verification code. This might take a while. On getting your verification code, you will be taken to your user profile, which you are required to fill in with care and detail. That’s it; you can now search, match, flirt, and do just about anything except video calling.

The Analysis of Beetalk Audience

  • Geography
  • Beetalk claims to be worldwide, but it has a bias for Asia, and it has a weak American base. Beetalk was created quite recently, and it is undoubtedly exhibiting some growing pains such as a clear and obvious bias for its core base in Asia. It utilizes the high population density nations such as China, Japan, and the like to gain multiple new users. This has slowly trickled into other nations such as the United States of America. The fan base in Africa still needs working on, as well as in European countries.

  • Gender
  • Beetalk is open to all genders. It caters to the needs of men, women, and transgender people. It allows everyone the chance to explore and find love with people both far and near. It is not like a couple of popular dating apps that are biased in providing better service for one sex than the other. Beetalk has a mantra to help, and it keeps serving the general public and its core user base with choice and options upon options. Coupled with a well-oiled machine of improvement, Beetalk is genuinely on the rise in gender equality.

  • Sexual Orientation
  • Beetalk is open to all sexual orientations. It allows straight people to join the app just as it opens its doors for bisexuals, lesbians, gays, trans, and pansexual alike. The LGBTQ community has warmly welcomed it as it is quite rare for a company with a huge Asian following to promote all-inclusiveness in sexual orientation. In that way, Beetalk retains its mass appeal and is frequently called excellent and easy to relate to.

  • Age
  • As long as the user is above the age of 18, he/she is invited to join the Beetalk family. Beetalk has a plethora of adult content. Thus, it would be criminal to expose a child to such. If a user is found to contravene this minor rule, they will be summarily dismissed from the app without prior notice. Beetalk is all-inclusive personified and has an across board appeal as even the older ones get on the fun. People above the age of 50 can also find love and companionship, as the dating pool is quite wide and versatile.

  • Ethnicity
  • Beetalk accepts all ethnic groups but has been found to have a bias for the Asian populace. However, Beetalk does not discriminate or segregate in any shape or form. They take time to sort out users to their different ethnic groups without making one inferior or superior. It allows Black, White, Hispanic, and Latino users the chance to find sweet love here. Members are encouraged to hook up with each other irrespective of race or cultural background. Promoting an all-inclusive nature is further evidence of the changing times in modern dating online interfaces.

Key Features

Beetalk Review – Legit or Scam?

Beetalk has a video sharing option that lets you share short videos with a user on your friend list. Such videos are usually under one minute but are designed to add that extra flavor of an intimate experience with a fellow member that you got the hoots for. Beetalk also has a chat room-like feature that enables users to create group pages, bring up topics, and proceed to add and remove visitors to such groups. It is reminiscent of the good old days when all we had were blogs and forums that we would jump on to discuss pressing needs and ‘hot takes.’ Beetalk also has a specific chat feature that gives users the chance to search for people closer to their radius. This is essential and insightful as it cuts out the stress of painstakingly looking for friends all over the town when you might have one that lives just across the street. It triples up as smart, time-efficient, and innovative. This particular feature is quite impressive, considering Beetalk is a free application that does not charge users for its services.

Beetalk User-Friendliness

Beetalk is quite user-friendly, coupled with the fact that it is entirely free of charge and all money-making schemes. This application does not have the common annoying problem of paid advertisements popping up and down the screen. It has a sweet and easy to grasp interface that aims more at giving people the experience of a lifetime than exploiting them and coming off as a cash grab like some of its competitors.

Beetalk has a worldwide and ever-rising following that keeps growing by the second, probably due to its efficient and steady stream of innovative and customer-friendly content. Sadly, its customer service is found wanting in some glaring aspects, but this does not dim the collective effort put in to provide a worthwhile experience.

Beetalk’s Website Design and Usability

Beetalk Review – Legit or Scam?

Beetalk has no website; hence kindly avoid any website posing as a Beetalk affiliate. It is not verified neither does it have the best interests of the owners of Beetalk at heart. Instead, there is a phone companion application, which is one of the best in the market, either paid or free. Maybe a website would be handy as some people don’t have Beetalk in their regions. The service also has an apparent communication problem between their customer support team and the community.

Beetalk Mobile Application

In fact, Beetalk is so into the development of its mobile phone app that they did not even bother to create a website online that serves the same features. The Beetalk website is its most significant selling point as it is well developed, fast-rising, and admirably designed. It is available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for iPhone and Android users, respectively, for free. Be careful, however, as there are many applications baring the Beetalk name and logo. However, they are not affiliated with the brand whatsoever.

Customer Support

Beetalk Review – Legit or Scam?

Beetalk has a hard-to-reach customer support team, which makes it tough for users to be put through different complex motions of the app that they cannot find online or ask friends. This is coupled with the long-standing verification issue. When a person signs into Beetalk, it usually takes hours to verify, and occasionally, significantly longer. Sometimes, the customer support team never gets back to prospective clients. Compared to similar services, this is quite a worry as Bristlr and eDarling’s customer teams seem to be their biggest assets, not worst warmness like in Beetalk. Hopefully, this will be worked on in the nearest future to ensure that the service gets tons of happy users and adoring fans.

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

Beetalk Review – Legit or Scam?

Registration at Beetalk is quite straightforward. All you need is a fast internet network and access to the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. You download the application and proceed to input the necessary details like age, region, email address, and password. Following this, you will be sent a verification message, which is to prove that you are not a robot and that you actually have access to the said email address. On clicking such a link, you will be verified and taken to your user dashboard. The user profile is basic, and you alone can make it attractive for potential suitors. It is your gateway to the perfect matches, so you should take your time and specify the necessary details and big up your best attributes.

Signing Up on Beetalk

You simply download the app from your application provider on your browsing phone. Following that, you will be asked a plethora of questions to find out specific character traits that will be used in matching you and prospective partners for the duration of your stay. You input the necessary details, answer the said questions, and click on the verification link. Following a thorough and severe check, you are now live!

Profile Quality and Verification

Beetalk Review – Legit or Scam?

The profile quality is standard and nice. It can bring out the basic features of a user utilizing unique algorithms and simple to grasp widgets. It also has an option for you to check out the full pictures and uploaded videos of people that you must have on your friend list. The verification process is quite long and has been described as one of the few but most annoying aspects of Beetalk. It sometimes takes hours and even days to get verified on this dating application.

Go to the search option, which is denoted by a microscope icon. You will be directed to sort out a wide variety of filters. Following this, you will pick your specification and get a set of results. Now that you got some suggestions, go on and attempt to like the user’s profile and hope for a like back. Then, you can go on to get acquainted.

Matching & Chatting

Beetalk matches users all the time, as it is a regular feature that does not require prompting. The profiles will be sent to your timeline. You can proceed to message those you like most, but they must be on your friend list. If your profile makes a good impression, you can now message such users. If they message back, then be ready to get frisky and risky.

Subscription Options

Beetalk Review – Legit or Scam?

Beetalk is a free online dating application that does not charge members for being a part of this well organized and impressive application. All that is required for the potential user is to fill in some questions and ensure that he or she respects all the terms and conditions listed in the user agreement page. It has no payment option, and members should desist from pirate sites that request for a token to access their Beetalk platforms. Profiles cannot be bought, sold, or transferred from a user to another individual. This is punishable by revoking of membership of the said offender.

Free Version

Beetalk is one of the few good exclusively free sites available on the ever-growing online dating community. It requires just consistency and several things such as email address, username, password, and age, giving users a plethora of options and unique features to choose from. However, you shouldn’t download Beetalk from untrustworthy sources to avoid unfortunate happenstances.

This application is free, and there is no avenue or opportunity for members to pay. People are advised to desist from paying those posing to be members of Beetalk as such people are not affiliated with the dating platform.

Beetalk Pricing

Beetalk is entirely free of charge, as there are no monthly subscription plans or payment options available.

Cancelling Subscription

There is no need for purchasing a subscription plan as Beetalk is a free app that you can get from the App Store and Play Store for iPhone and Android users, respectively. However, you can delete it if you get tired of the unique features or want a break from it. Kindly note, any inactive member for six months will have the account automatically deleted by the developers.

Safety and Security

Beetalk Review – Legit or Scam?

As far as safety and security are concerned, Beetalk is one of the safest out there. It is reputed to have passed many security tests authorized by regional, national, and international security bodies that specialize in licensing apps of the World Wide Web. Further proof of this is the glowing reviews that it always seems to get from the users who download the Beetalk application.

Competitors and Alternatives of Beetalk

Even though Beetalk is undeniably impressive and a genre-bender in the often-saturated dating industry, it has some competitors that keep pushing it to offer better services. Such alternatives include:

  • Tinder
  • Known around the world as the number one option when it comes to dating applications, the Tinder app has revolutionized what it means to be a free dating program. Tinder has proved to be a go-to place to find love and flings with relative ease over the past decade and is seen as the standard that Beetalk aims to reach over the next couple of years.

  • Bristlr
  • Bristlr is the Tinder for beard lovers. It is an online website and mobile application that specializes in linking users that share one common characteristic — the passion for beards. It has unique features and an awesome interface whereby members can get what they want with relative ease.


Beetalk has been labeled in the mass media and social media as the new Tinder. It has a variety of super dope and cool features that users can enjoy. It is not available in some regions, such as a significant part of Africa and large parts of Europe. This app is the future of online dating as it shuns the cash-first nature, which has sadly become the norm in the online dating community. Beetalk helps users have fun and find love in free and timeless scenery.

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