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Cheeky Lovers 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Cheeky Lovers 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 52%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • There are almost all the features of dating websites.
  • Reliable customer support
  • Wide audience
  • Exciting features
  • You can’t do almost anything without a paid account

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Finding a dating website is becoming harder these days. We may think that the wide variety can help us detect the one who attains to our idea of a relationship.

Not only that: a good website should also have a large number of users and a low rate of fakers and scammers. Once you have found a decent site with all those features, you then need to fall in love with it.

There’s both a rational and a passionate choice to be made: you need to feel safe and comfortable. In a few words: you need to be free of being yourself.

In this review, we will fairly talk about Cheeky Lovers and its audience, features, and best and worst features. Hoping that our experience will help you pick the right decision, let’s cut the chase and get through it!

That’s a ubiquitous feature among dating and hook-up websites. There’s no clue about it: are they putting this limitation because they only want true users? Well, we don’t know, but here in Cheeky Lovers, we found some users who did not look like real ones and a girl who was signing-up in almost every US State, with different names and apparently even different backgrounds.

Maybe twins, split up at birth? Of a person carrying the ubiquity gift, instead?

Or maybe a real person who is just looking for sexting experience. Let’s keep it real: a user paid by the website to get new sign-ups into Cheeky Lovers’ army. There’s no big deal in fake users, but make sure they are not capable of a scam against you.

Cheeky Lovers has all that a dating/hook-up website should have: it has a working chat and match process, and understandable interface. And many other tabs, ticks, banners, doing many other not required, still lovely features, like the “flirts,” or the “add to friends.”

Let’s get into more details about how Cheeky Lovers works.

Cheeky Lovers Review – Legit Or Scam?

How Does Cheeky Lovers Work?

The way the app works is quite easy to understand. Once you are signed up, you can create a profile by editing a template, and you can upload a profile picture if you like.

Some websites make the picture uploading step compulsory, while here in Cheeky Lovers, it’s not. You can just make a deal with yourself and pick to create a grey-and-blank profile.

Don’t worry, as by creating a completely blank profile, we have received something like ten friendship requests and some private messages, as well!

So, users here don’t look very accurate in their selection.

Then, you can send out flirts or gifts, see who’s online, who are your matches, according to your profile description. When you take a look at a profile, you can check if the person has many things in common with you by asking. We will explain this further in the “chat and match” paragraph below.

It’s possible to search by username, of using search filters to find only selected users. You can be very specific in your search, asking, for example, some details about sexual life, or interests, hobbies, and so on.

There’s, unfortunately, no video nor cam section.

Audience Analysis

The men/women ratio in the website is roughly the same. One thing we did not like is the high ratio of users without a profile picture. Of course, you can sign-up and look for a picture, and there’s a small amount of time when you look like a grey silhouette.

Still, there is too much. We highly recommend you to browse users ticking the box “with profile picture.” Otherwise, it will look like a statement of account, with numbers and incomprehensible names next to them.

What about fake users? Let’s say that before writing a review, we usually target the users who look like fake ones. Our experience makes us more effective in detecting them, and we found some of them here on Cheeky Lovers, too. You are usually welcomed to report scammers, while sometimes websites are blunt about their use of fake profiles.

We have not found a disclaimer on Cheeky Lovers. Still, it’s not a felony to provide some extra entertainment to a paying user.

Let’s say more about the main website’s features.

Key Features

Match, chat & play. Basically, here’s all you can do within the Cheeky Lovers user-friendly interface. You can take a look at all the profiles at once if you first visit the main page. You can also chat with them, if you are a paying user, or you can decide to flirt with users and friend and unfriend them. There’s also the possibility of sending out emails—that’s not a more reliable medium, the chat works, too.

If anything goes wrong, you can also block an annoying or pushy user.

The research feature is not complicated to use, yet you may find it a little busy: there are many different filters, and even if you are a free user, you can see all of them displayed under the magnifying glass. The ones you cannot use are lighter and more transparent.

No big deal, you will understand how it works anyways.

These are the main features of Cheeky Lovers. As you can see, all quiet on the Western front. No cams, no adult entertainment, nor adult games. Just a plain, honest hook-up/dating website.

Key Features

Cheeky Lovers User-Friendliness

Cheeky Lovers user friendly enough to display all you need to know into an upper toolbar and no more than two columns below. Maybe not the most modern design ever, but still working and understandable.

The “horoscope” section on the main bar will make you feel like you are a sort of magazine, but besides this, everything looks like an attempt to give you a cozy place with a nice community.

Design And Usability

So, let’s focus on design and usability: logo, language chosen, and logout button are lying plainly in sight in the upper part of the page.

The main toolbar, with the home, browse, upgrade, profile, chat, mail, flirt, and horoscope below. Maybe it’ not clear why they have both an email and a chat. It’s a very common feature in dating websites, so there’s no clue.

We can’t say whether they are keeping both to stick to the fashion, or rather providing a useful double service. People may like the mail best, as it leaves them time enough to think, do other things, then answer when they have more time.

The chat works with quick action, instead. Maybe this is the reason. Let’s move on with Cheeky Lovers’ design.

On the main page, two columns: on the left, the profile browser with all the search filters displayed. Then, on the right, filling the biggest part of the screen, all the profiles in small squares.

All here is white, with some green and light blue stripes here and there.

Cheeky Lovers Mobile Application

There’s no mobile app for Cheeky Lovers. Still, it’s possible to use the web browser app from your mobile phone, as the website is quick and light. Please bear in mind that chat websites usually consume more energy and the Internet than other ones.

So be careful: even if they are not running in the background, as soon as you open them, they may display all your mobile browse’s might.

About Customer Support

You can find the “Help” button at the bottom of the page. Scroll down until all the profiles are gone, and you feel lonely and sad in an all-white interface.

Here, winking at you between “who we are” and “cookies,” there’s the Customer Support tab. Write to them filling the form, and wait 48 hours at most to receive an answer.

About Customer Support

Sign-Up Process And Profile Creation On Cheeky Lovers

Nothing’s easier than signing-up, especially when not too many private details of your life are asked. You won’t need to provide them with IDs or credit card details before signing-up.

All the process is free of charge. You will eventually be required to pay when you decide there’s no point in being on a dating website without being able to chat.

How to Sign-Up

Look for “cheeky lovers” in your research browser and rush clicking on the page! You will see the “who are you” bar in the very middle of the page.

First of all, you will need to tell them whether you are a male or a female, and who you are looking for. Then, go through all the steps, saying where you live, what is your sexual taste.

Don’t worry. You can change your sexual preference on the go. In case you will have second thoughts, Cheeky Lovers is not judging you for developing a new taste and a new feeling for another sex.

You can also select “couples,” so use your fantasy and go on filling in the form with your email address and a safe password. No, “password” is not a safe password. Try to use both letters and numbers.

Profile Creation and Verification

The profile is done in the sign-up process. Now you have your safe and personal space where you can put several answers to different questions. Bear in mind that if a user wants to know, for example, your marital status, they will see this information as a question on your profile if they want to know if they just write to you and ask for it.

It’s not a strange cultural thing; it’s just a feature like other ones. It’s working, so why not being polite and using it correctly? We always recommend to edit your profile with full and true information and to upload a decent profile picture.

If you are smiling, it’s better, but if you don’t feel comfortable smiling because you fear wrinkles more than happiness, then don’t!

There is an email verification, so as soon as they say it, check on your incoming email. Check in the spam folder, too. Copy the code they are sending, then paste it into your browser, and your Cheeky Lovers life will begin!

Profile Creation and Verification

The first thing you will see on the main page, on the left, is the browser. All your deepest fantasies, all your kinks, and interest, they are meant to be here, within the multiple filters you can apply.

There are really a lot. You can play with them at first. Our recommendation is to tip the “with photo” box first, as there are many users without a profile. Once you have looked for the profiles, take your time to look at them and scroll up and down a little. You can like who you like, chat with anyone, and flirt, most of all.

Chatting And Matching On Cheeky Lovers Platform

There’s no telling about how much time you will need to find a good match, but we could say this: as soon as we signed up, four people looked genuinely interested in our grey, male, and utterly blank profile.

Fakers? Likely. Focus on this: it’s effortless to chat with people, but it’s a double-edged sword: you can receive tons of chat notifications all the time, only because you uploaded an atomic-bomb personal picture.

You can either say “no” to them or block them.

So, you can type using a chat or the mailbox. There’s no big difference between them, only maybe the time you are supposed to take to respond. The email, like a regular mail, ideally allows you to take your time. The expectancies from you are lower, somehow, but when you answer, you answer digging deep.

Either way, it’s up to you to find a comfort zone between chat and email.

Cheeky Lovers Search

Cheeky Lovers Subscription Options

As we have said in the very first place, you can’t chat with a free membership. If you would like to enjoy your Cheeky Lovers experience fully, then you should subscribe.

There are three kinds of memberships: free, gold, and VIP. It looks like you are provided with a VIP membership only when you pay an extra on your Gold membership. Let’s say that, compared to the average, the membership is quite expensive.

Let’s see the differences between free and paid membership.


A free membership will allow you to sip wine. You will see all the search parameters displayed without being able to use but 4/5 of them. You will see the chat and email features, and see the incoming mail, without being able to answer back or to start a new conversation.

Basically: you can’t do anything with a free membership. This can be either a pro or a negative thing: only paying users are chatting to you. Let’s suppose you are a scammer, would you be paying for a membership? Risking to be banned out forever form the website and losing your money?

In this sense, this works as a deterrent.

With a Gold membership, you can use all the search parameters, and the chat functions, as they are meant to be. You can also see unlimited profiles after having performed a search.

You can also use the “video” option in the chat.

Then, with a VIP membership, you will be visible to all the users and at the top of their research.

Cheeky Lovers Pricing

If you buy six months, one month is 14,99$. If you buy one month, it’s 29,99$. This is about Gold membership. If you would like to add a VIP membership, it’s 14,90$ every month.


Canceling Your Cheeky Lovers Subscription

It’s easy to cancel your subscription, just write to the Customer Support and explain to them the reason why you are quitting.

They will answer back telling you if you are entitled to a refund or not.

Safety & Security On The Website

Here in Cheeky Lovers, the security measures are not very tight, but you are free to report users. If the webmasters find out they are scammers, they will be banned. Then, the payments are encrypted using an SSL protocol, so they should be safe enough. Make sure you un-tick all the boxes of extra-services so that you won’t find hidden fees in your credit card bill.

Cheeky Lovers Competitors and Alternatives

Here you are some of the most famous dating apps around: Meetic, Badoo, IDates, ICupid, Tinder, Once, Lovoo, MyDates, Qeep. They are all free, with sometimes a plus membership available.



If you are looking for a regular, simple dating website, then Cheeky Lovers is just for you. Average functions, good looking users, but most of all, many of them.

It may be a little expensive, though. We hope this review could help you understand if this is what you are looking for, and if you are ready to empty your pockets for a 360 degrees-experience on Cheeky Lovers. At last, we wish you a thrilled dating experience!

MS, RD & Writer
Betty is a curious, patient, and observant professional young lady. She can watch and listen wholeheartedly before making a move. That allows her to develop the skill of noticing behavior changes that hinder relationships. She can understand different situations and does everything she can to guide and inspire other people.
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