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Compatible Partners Review 2024 – Is This A Scam Or Legit Dating Site?

Compatible Partners Review 2024 – Is This A Scam Or Legit Dating Site?
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Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 22-23
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 95%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has an easy to use design and interface.
  • It has precise and specific compatibility tests for its members.
  • Large membership: it has millions of members across the world.
  • Most users are stable and educated. They are on-site to find partners to settle with.
  • Easy and fast registration process. One can just sign up via Facebook.
  • Few communication features. It only has messaging and winks.
  • No webcams
  • Some features require premium subscriptions.

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Welcome to this Compatible Partners Review-2020. Compatible Partners was once a gay dating site for men. In 2019, Compatible Partners changed its website to become an eHarmony dating platform that caters to all genders. In this review, find out more about this site, its features, and other transformations.


Compatible Partners changed its dating site to become eHarmony in 2019. It is now an eHarmony dating site.

Compatible Partners site began as a gay dating platform, which was only for male singles who were interested in other men. Currently, eHarmony, as it knows now, is a dating site for all singles who are looking for term long term dating and serious partners.

This dating site is owned by eHarmony.com and can be used on the website and mobile applications found on Google Play store and even on Appstore for android and iPhone users, respectively. It boasts of being the number one dating site in the world.

You need to register and have an account before joining this online dating platform.

How Does Compatible Partners Work?

How Does Compatible Partners Work?

Compatible Partners, also currently known as eHarmony dating platform, is used by serious individuals looking for like-minded partners for a serious relationship and long-time dating.

You need to register an account on this platform to be able to use it to find potential matches.

This dating site uses a compatibility test system to match its members. Your profile details are used to secure you with a potential match that meets your criteria’s in likes and preferences.

It uses automated questions to match its members with one another.

After matching, users can send winks to create attention and also have conversations via the messaging feature.

This site can be used on desktop browsers and also on Android and iPhone mobile apps.

Audience Analysis

Before then, Compatible Partners used to be a gay-only dating platform. Since it upgraded to eHarmony, it has different kinds of members which can be classified into the below categories:

  • Geographical: this website is available in all regions in the world. The majority of these members come from the United States of America.
  • Ethnicity: This dating site has members from all ethnic groups, being used all over the world. You can find Black Americans, Indians, Africans, and other races of the world using this website.
  • Age: The majority of users using this site range from 25 to 35 years old. These are the members who are ready to settle and are looking for compatible partners. Users under the age of 18 years are not allowed to use the site.
  • Gender: before then, Compatible Partners was being used by gay members only. After it was upgraded to eHarmony, it’s now being used by all people, including men and women.
  • Sexual Orientation: Compatible Partners used to be a Gay sexuality site. Currently, it contains all types of sexualities, including straight members, lesbians, and other types of the LGBTQ community.
  • Goal: This dating platform is now being used by serious members looking for compatible partners for long-term relationships, which could lead to marriage.

Key Features

Key Features

Several features serve different functions on this platform. These features enable this site to be functional and easy to use.

These essential features include:

  • Video date: This is a date done through the video, via webcam. It lets members call each other via the webcam to chat and know more about each other.
  • Favorites: These are the matches you like. You can add as many profiles as possible to your favorites list.
  • Questions: these act as icebreakers. You can send as many questions as possible to your potential profiles to create a conversation to let them chat with you. These questions are automated.
  • Smile: these are also icebreakers. Members can send smiles to profiles they like to create interest.
  • What if: This feature is available on premium accounts. It gives members 30 other profiles of members who are not within their likes and preferences to check if they can match.
  • Messages: this is a conversation feature. It lets members chat with matched profiles on this website.

Is It User Friendly?

Is It User Friendly?

This dating platform is user friendly. It has continued to update its features to suit its member’s needs.

The website and its features have been designed to be comfortable and fast when it comes to usage. It has also created an easy and fast signup page where users can register and create their profiles with ease.

The website has also introduced functional mobile applications for its Android and iPhone users.

The website has minimal ads, which makes it easy to navigate through it without disruptions.

Compatible Matches Use & Design: Key Points

Compatible Partners, currently known as eHarmony, has a great website, which is easy to use. The blue interface makes it appealing, with additional pictures of models to make it more beautiful.

The features are great and placed on a strategic position where they can easily be seen by people using this platform.

The design is also simple, but modern with features placed individually. This means you don’t need to click on tabs to find them.

It has also created mobile apps, which can be used on Google and even on IOS Platforms. These mobile apps are free to download and install on all platforms.

Compatible Matches Mobile App

Compatible matches, now eHarmony has existing mobile applications to its users.

These mobile apps can be downloaded from Google Play store and also on Appstore for android and iPhone users, respectively. It is free to download and install these apps on all platforms.

The mobile apps contain all features of this website. Users can also make subscriptions through these mobile apps.

These mobile applications enable users to be online anytime and anywhere in the comfort of their smartphones or tablets.

Compatible Partners Customer Support?

Compatible Partners Customer Support?

Compatible Partners, the now Eharmony, has existing customer support. This team deals with issues faced by members while using this site.

Before contacting the customer care, members are encouraged to go through the FAQs available on the site to familiarize themselves with usage and also read answers to some of the most asked questions.

To contact the customer support, users need to click on the “about us” section and fill the ‘contact us’ form. They can also send an email to [email protected]

They can also use the postal address to contact customer support. EHarmony, Inc. P.O. Box 241810, Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA

How To Register And Create Profile

To have an account on eHarmony, the current Compatible Partners, you need to register and then create a profile.

There are two types of registrations on this profile. These include:

  • Manual registration process by using the email address.
  • The use of a Facebook account does the easy and fast registration process.

Registration using the Facebook account is easy and fast as most information is captured from the Facebook account.

On this review, well discuss registration using the email address:

Here’s How To Register

Email registration is a manual signup process that requires users to key in most of their details on this platform.

To register, users are required to provide the below details:

  • Gender and the gender you are seeking: this section requires users to state their gender, and the kind of gender they are looking for. It may include man looking for a woman, a man looking for another man, etc.
  • Email Address: users are required to provide a valid email address on this section. This will later be used to verify the account.
  • Password: a robust password is required to lock your account on this platform.

After providing the above details, you will then be logged in to complete the registration process by creating a profile.

How’s Profile Details? Does It Have Verification?

How’s Profile Details? Does It Have Verification?

Users are required to provide more details about themselves to complete the registration process.

Profiles on this platform are a bit detailed and require the below information:

  • Basic information: you are required to provide your basic information, which includes your level of education, occupation, the school you attended, religion, politics, among others.
  • Lifestyle: this section requires members to provide this information:
    1. Smoking habits

      Drinking habits

      And if you have kids.

  • Hobbies and interests: members are required to provide their hobbies and interests in this section.
  • Photos: members are allowed to upload up to 10 pictures in this section.
  • Compatibility: This section requires users to check their compatible matches
  • Q&A: this section requires users to answer the four compatible questions which enable them to get matches on this site.

The verification process is always done via the email address. The website sends a link that members need to confirm to verify their accounts.

Compatible Partners Search Options

Compatible Partners Search Options

There are several search filters that one can use to find potential matches on this website.

These search options include the below:

  • Basic information: you can search users according to their age, gender, location, among other basic features.
  • Body Features: you can search users by their heights, hair color, eye color, body structure, and other physical features.
  • Lifestyle: you can search users according to their social habits, which include: smoking, drinking, etc.
  • Advanced search: this allows users to search for profiles using their interests, hobbies, usernames, and lifestyle, among other advanced search options.

The Chatting & Matching Process

To enjoy matching and chatting on this site, you need to register and create an account.

Once you have created an account, the website passes you through a compatibility test, whereby you need to answer the compatibility set questions. These questions determine the kind of profiles you will be linked up with.

After getting your preferred profiles, you can send winks and likes to create interest. Mutual likes between you and your wanted profiles create a match.

After getting a match, you can send them smiles to flirt and also to have their attention.

To create conversations, members can use the messaging feature.

Membership Options

Membership Options

There are two types of memberships on eHarmony, formerly Compatible Partners.

These types of memberships include:

  • Basic membership: these are free accounts that members get just after registration. They offer limited features of this platform.
  • Premium Membership: these are upgraded accounts through subscription. They offer all features of this website, including the advanced ones.

These memberships and their features have been explained in details as below:

Basic Membership

Being free accounts, Basic Membership only offers basic features to its account holders.

These essential services include:

  • Free account registration and profile management
  • Viewing profiles of other members.
  • Free account holders can browse matches outside their search preferences.
  • Compatibility test: free account holders can pass through a compatibility test.
  • Icebreakers: members on free accounts can send winks to their potential matches on this site.
  • Free account holders get notifications of members who visit their profiles.
  • Users are required to upgrade their accounts to premium to enjoy other advanced features.

Premium Membership

Premium Membership

These are paid accounts on the website. They offer all free features, including the below-advanced features:

  • Unlimited view of photos by other members of this website.
  • Premium account holders receive and can use customized messages to communicate with other users of this platform.
  • They can view accounts of members who visited their profiles. They can as well check out on these profiles to see if they match.
  • Favorite list: paid account holders can view profiles that have favorited them.
  • Premium account holders can seek matches outside their search.
  • Incognito mode: premium account holders can go incognito and browse other profiles anonymously.

Subscription Prices

Members are required to make payments in the form of subscriptions to use and enjoy the above premium features.

There are several subscription packages that users can use to pay for their premium accounts.

These packages include:

  • Premium Light: Offers free viewing of photos, unlimited messaging, distance search, profile viewers, and detailed profile.
  • Six-month plan at $65.90, which translates to $10.95/per month

  • Premium Plus: It’s the most popular plan which offers free viewing of photos, unlimited messaging, distance search, profile viewing, among others.
  • Twelve-month plan at $275.40, which translates to $22.95/month.

  • Premium Extra: offers all the above-advanced features for two years.
  • Twenty-four months plan at $430.80, which translates to 17.95.

How To Cancel Your Compatible Partners Subscription

All the above subscriptions keep on recurring once they expire.

The cancellation of these subscriptions depends on the mode of which they were bought.

To cancel via the website, users need to turn off the auto-renewal feature on their account settings.

To cancel via mobile apps, users need to turn off the auto-renewal feature on either Google Play Store or Appstore, depending on the platform.

These cancellations must be made 48hours before the due date to be successful. The website does not refund already submitted payments.

Safety & Security Measures

Safety & Security Measures

Being an online platform, eHarmony, the former Compatible Matches, has put enough measures to secure accounts of its members and also their data.

All accounts that join this website are verified and approved before being allowed to operate.

Members can also report suspicious accounts that look harmful to this website.

This dating platform has also incorporated a well-detailed privacy policy, which tends to explain to members the data that gets captured and how it is captured, stored, used, and also how it is shared among third parties. Members need to go through this privacy policy and understand it.

Compatible Partners Competitors And Alternatives

Compatible Partners, now eHarmony, is facing competition from other rising websites offering better services or have better features. We have discussed three on this review which includes:

  • Ashley Madison
  • This is an online dating site mostly used by members who need to date different types of partners, away from their spouses or marriage partners. It’s used by people who require extramarital sex. It is used mostly by travelers and can be accessed via website and also on mobile apps.

  • AdultFriendFinder
  • This is an online site for adult singles looking for casual dates and hookups. It’s a site most frequented by singles who want to quench their sexual thirst. It can be used on the website and also in apps.

  • Flingster
  • This is an online site for adults who want to engage in online forums and chats. It keeps individuals anonymous through the use of A.R. masks and contains fake profiles in its site. It can only be used via the website.


This marks our end to this detailed review. We have discussed everything concerning this site. It’s now upon the users to gauge whether to use it or seek other alternatives. Some of these alternatives have been highlighted above. Readers should beware that Compatible Matches ceased to exist, and it got replaced by eHarmony since 2019. It is the same company, but with a different name targeting all types of sexualities. It no longer serves as a gay site.

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