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Dating.com Review 2024 – Still Legit Dating Site? Full Review

Dating.com  Review 2024 –  Still Legit Dating Site? Full Review
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Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 25-28
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9.3
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Online support: If you get into trouble navigating around the site or your account, you can get assistance from the live support team
  • Extensive user base: There are tons of real and serious people registered by the platform. This increases your chances of coming into contact with a suitable partner.
  • Availability of a free account: The free account enables users to get much better acquainted with the website free of charge.
  • Smart tools: The channel's extensive smart tools and features make it easier for you to get around the platform.
  • The site design is vibrant and offers an exciting user experience for seeking different dating services.
  • There are no long personality questions during the sign-up process.
  • It takes time to get matched: Since the channel has tons of profiles, it takes time to search and get the right match for you.
  • Limited use: Certain features are only made available to premium based users. In short, you have to pay to access additional features.
  • Security concerns: Some members have complained about the lack of security and incidences involving scams.
  • Some profiles registered under the website are fake and a waste of time for serious people.
  • The filtering system of the website is a bit primitive and has not been updated for some time.

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Dating.com claims to be one of the best love sites out there, with intentions of covering the global dating community in a few years. The platform has a presence on different continents and has become popular among the young generation in recent years. It has unique features and various options that help users seek for different romance services.

In this review, we are going to look at different aspects of the platform to help you decide whether it’s the right fit for you. From the sign-up, searching, and matching users to the payment plans available, we are going to take you into different aspects of Dating.com.

Dating.com Review –Legit or Scam?

How Does Dating.com Work?

Dating.com works by matching people to suitable partners who fit their preferred interests and needs. We mean those people who fit your search criteria. By using different search filters, users can seek suitable partners based on various aspects.

From sex, religion to location, the website connects users to people who are most suited to their preferences and needs. This channel is mostly suited for young people and is open to people of different sexual orientations.

Audience Analysis

Since its launch, Dating.com has enhanced its position globally by being a widespread love connector. This platform aims to connect single people with suitable matches all over the world. We have found the website to be present in over 32 countries, most of which are in Europe, Latin America, and Asia continents. It seeks to advance world domination in the next couple of years.

The site accommodates people who are homosexual and heterosexual. Regardless of your religion, the platform is free for all people to register. You just need to be of legal age and provide valid documents to become a member. Half of Dating.com users are male adults in their 20’s, but there are also mature people logged in.

Male members account for about 60% of the total membership. The romance connector is multi-ethnic, and you will find all kinds of profiles on the main page. Whether Latina, Black, or Latino, Dating.com is open to providing love services to people of all colors.

Audience Analysis

Key Features

Most romance tools usually offer standard features and functions for members to use when seeking for different services. Dating.com offers unique and special features that are used to spice up their online dating search. They include:

  • Standard chatting: Through this feature, users are afforded the simple opportunity to talk with other members via emails and instant chats.
  • The site activity feature: This feature is used to reveal different activities happening around your dating world. It includes things like the number of people who have viewed your profile and unread messages you have.
  • Let’s mingle feature: This feature makes it possible for users to send messages to other members simultaneously without any delay.
  • Favorites feature: This feature allows users to save members that are suitable and are interested in them. You don’t have to search for them all over again.
  • Presents: Users can send virtual presents in the form of gadgets, baskets, flowers, and other unique items. These gifts have price tags that are determined based on the present you choose to wow your match with.

Dating.com User-friendliness

We have noticed how it is easy for users to get used to the sites’ features. It takes less than five minutes for most people to get the know-how about different services offered by the love channel. The designers used understandable and straightforward language to make it easy for everyone to navigate through the site. The platform can be said to be simple and quite fast, as all features are provided on the official page.

Dating.com User-friendliness

Dating.com Design & Usability

The love channel has used a clean and simple yet sophisticated design to avail of all its features and different tools. All tabs are located in a strategic position to enable users to seek for various services. The description of its features is made in simple English language to enable an easy understanding of every aspect.

The platform is also easy to use. Everything from the sign-up to getting matched is provided for on the official page. The customer support system helps users to second any concerns involving the use of the website.

The overall design and usability are simple, and we have found no hassle while getting around the website features.

Dating.com Mobile Application

Dating.com offers a mobile app that has all features and options provided by the website version. This app is compatible with Android phones, and they are yet to release other mobile versions of the app. Upon this app review, we have found the app to exhibit the same features as the website. The app is an excellent alternative to the site because of the features offered to the brand and color.

However, to get the app features, users need to become premium users. This means they are obliged to make payment for accessing dating services through the app.

Customer Support

This service can be accessed through the sites’ Help Centre. You can locate this service by looking for three lines that resemble bars placed on top of each other. By clicking on this link, members are prompted to view an open box that contains FAQs and links to social platforms linked to Dating.com.

The FAQs offer immense insights into how users can get acquainted with the site. There is also a live chatting booth where users can offer their grievances.

A practical approach for seconding members problems exist, but the designers of this tool could do much better by having live chat support. It is better to have a direct connection between users and support for an effective and prompt response. It is much better to go for the live chat compared to the Help Centre.

Customer Support

Sign-up Process and User Profile

The website has made it simple and straightforward for the user to register and seek different dating services. Creating and getting your profile approved is as easy as spelling your name. The website has made it possible for users to register online. An online form with specific options and questions is available during the signing process. All information required to register is usually basic, and there are no tedious processes involved.

How To Sign-Up

It is quite simple to sign-up on this platform, and it’s a painless process. You will first need to specify your gender and birthday. You will then be prompted to determine the age and the gender of people you are seeking. Users are afforded an easy time, as all cumbersome processes are eliminated.

You can link up your Google profile in the sign-up process, and this will save a lot of time usually taken when submitting basic information. Afterward, the system will ask you to upload clear, vivid photos that will be used to reveal yourself to the dating world. Users have the benefit of having the ability to showcase several images on their profile.

Ideally, the more pictures users have on their profiles, the better the chances they will be afforded for finding the right matches. Make sure you make a good description of your personality and interests. This will make you get noticed and boost your chances of attracting potential partners.

Profile Quality & Verification

Dating.com offers a detailed profile that enables users to get all information about their personality. Basic information to know someone is needed to make this part of the profile. Things found on someone’s profile include their name, birthday, gender, country, age, and much more.

The profiles have a much better taste of availing advanced profile features like preferences and character traits. This does reading and searching for dating profiles more interesting.

The website uses strict regulations when handling dating profiles. All profiles are checked for legality to ensure they are functioning. The staff manually checks each profile to ensure it adheres to set guidelines and regulations. Verification of profiles takes a couple of minutes, and afterward, you are afforded a valid Dating.com profile.

Profile Quality & Verification

This website’s search function allows you to search and narrow down your results based on gender, religion, location, and age. This feature is particularly useful if you are trying to find someone who matches your needs. This function is located in the upper part of the website. Additionally, search filters can be accessed by clicking the Add Options link.

This feature allows you to expand your search into different categories. When all filters have been set, the user can click and get matched with suitable matches. The basic search function is always helpful, but a bit of improvement is needed to make it possible for people to search for specific members.

Matching & Chatting on Dating.com

The website uses high tech matching algorithms that match people based on interests and preferences put in a user profile. So if a particular user is seeking a tall blonde woman who likes to hike and read, he will be connected to these kinds of ladies. This means that the website is concerned with making connections that are most suitable for your search needs and interests.

To communicate with a suitable person that you have been matched with is straightforward, as all chat features are within your reach. The platform uses the email and chat platform as the main communication channels. With email, Users can send messages to people they like to get acquainted with.

On the other hand, a live chat feature allows members to send flirtatious messages to other members as well. So don’t get worried when you receive countless messages just after signing-up.

Suggesting and searching for members has been quite done well by this site. The matching system should work much better when matching users based on personality traits.

Matching & Chatting on Dating.com

Dating.com Subscription Options

Users are provided with two options to get the websites dating services. The free mode and paid for. Users do not have to pay the membership package each month but rather pay for credits. This is if they decide to communicate with a suitable partner. All payments are made via your credit card at Dating.com.

Free Version

This plan is free for everyone interested to join the website. It restricts users to certain features and options. Here are some of the things user can do with a free mode of the plan:

  • Search function
  • Send winks
  • Post photos

The premium package allows users to get all website features. With this plan, users can afford to get access to:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • View profile photos
  • See who profile views
  • Send and receive emails
  • Other extra premium add-ons
  • 50% off on all site purchases
  • Unlimited streams
  • Let’s Mingle feature


Users can choose to go for a premium account, which goes for around $34.965 a month, $16.66 for six months, and $11.66 for a whole year package. The choice is all yours, but in comparison to similar sites, the prices are affordable. There are immense features users can get acquainted with once they become premium members.


Cancelling Subscription

To cancel your current subscription, users have the comfort of accessing the customer care desk. Simply second, your plea to have the plan canceled. The response usually takes about three working days to get done and approved. Canceling or upgrading your payment has been made hassle-free by Dating.com.

Dating.com Safety & Security

The website promises to keep all users’ information secret and secure at all times. This website does not share your information with any third party whatsoever. The website has undertaken various measures to ensure that all members’ data is backed up and kept safe. We haven’t come across any security breaches involving the website, which is a good sign.

One of the best things about this site is that they check and confirm all members’ profiles when registering. This means that you don’t have to deal with nagging and fake profiles found on most websites. The website particularly urges its users to report any issues relating to suspicious activity.

This helps to enhance the website security while protecting you and other innocent members signed under the platform.

All reported profiles are subjected to rigorous scrutiny processes, which could lead to suspensions and eventual termination. This helps to eliminate and minimizes cases related to scam and fraud, which is a good move from the website.

Dating.com Safety & Security

Dating.com Alternatives and Competitors

Dating.com has faced endless competition from these rival dating companies. They all work and provide the same services, but they differ in pricing and other small aspects of their functionality. Take a look at them:

  • Match.com
  • Tinder

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that Dating.com is one of the most sought-after dating websites by the young generation. It’s an easy to navigate website that is free for people who want to enjoy the basic functions. We have provided you with enough information to enable you to make a sound decision if Dating.com is the right love channel for you or not.

If you come across something we might have omitted by mistake, please include it in our review.

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