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Fruzo Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Fruzo Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-60
Profiles 15 000 000
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use: this online dating chatroom is very easy to use because of its limited features.
  • Webcams: unlike other platforms where people upload tones of fake photos, this dating website allows its members to see each via webcams.
  • Verification methods: Verification is done through emails to ensure security and genuinely of accounts.
  • Variety of members: this online dating website allows members to connect with profiles of different ethnicities, gender, and countries.
  • Fast connection: through the use of their webcams, you can see other matches live, thus making easy and fast connections.
  • Mobile application: Fruzo has a fully operational mobile app for its Android and iPhone accounts.
  • Limited features: Fruzo has very few features compared to other online dating platforms.
  • Expensive to use: features like the search options, require paid accounts. Account-holders are required to upgrade their basic accounts to premium to use these features.
  • Low membership: Fruzo has very few individuals compared to other popular dating platforms.
  • Subscription packages: unlike other sites giving quarterly or yearly subscriptions, Fruzo gives only weekly and monthly subscriptions.

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Welcome to the Fruzo review. In this review, well talk about the features of this dating site, its use, and other information. Follow this review to get more information.

Fruzo is an online dating site that uses video chats to connect its members. It’s the world’s first dating site to offer this service to its members. It works via Chatrandom, which is a video chat service that enables members to video chat with strangers all over the world.

This dating site enables members to find and connect with new members, video chat, and also to make friends via the website. It allows its members to meet via webcam before deciding to meet physically. On this online dating site, people can: video chat, upload unlimited photos, search, connect, and make friends through this site.

Launched in 2014, this dating site has grown to be one of the most popular dating sites in the world. It is owned by Fruzo.com and has members all over the world. Fruzo.com can be used on desktop browsers and mobile applications both on Android and iPhone smartphones.

How Does Fruzo Work?

Fruzo works through video chatting: By the use of a webcam, it allows its members to find their matches through video chats. This makes it easier to establish a connection.

Members can also like and follow other users of this dating site to get updated on what they are doing and also to receive regular updates.

It allows accounts to upload and scroll through unlimited pictures uploaded by other users on this site. It also allows members to have a friends list, search other members and also to connect anywhere, anytime through mobile apps.

To use this online site, you are required to register. The registration process is very easy and straightforward. It mostly uses a Facebook or Apple account to speed up the registration process.

Audience Analysis

Members of this online dating website are grouped into the following categories:

  • Geographical: Fruzo accepts individuals from all regions in the world. On this platform, you can find members from European countries, China, Indian, and other developing countries in the world.
  • Gender: Fruzo accepts all genders. You can meet male, female, or couples while using this online chatroom.
  • Sexual Orientation: Fruzo accepts all types of sexual orientations. These include gays, lesbians, straight and other LGBTQ community members.
  • Age: profiles on this site range from 18 years to over 60 years of age. The minimum age limit is 18 years of age. On this site, you will find teenagers, youth, mature and old group of people ready to video chat.
  • Ethnicity: this dating site has no limit when it comes to ethnicities. You will find Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Black Americans, and all other types of races.

Key Features

Being a video chatroom, the particular features available on this site are meant to enhance the chatroom experience. These essential features on the site include:

  • Random Chat: This feature allows profiles to connect with random webcam chats around the world. It provides a connection with strangers to create friendship, chat, or date.
  • Chatrooms: there are different chatrooms on which users can join to chat with other members of this dating site. There are two types of chat rooms: the messaging and the webcam chatrooms. In messaging chatrooms, you can chat via text messages while on webcam chatrooms; you can go live via the webcam.
  • Gay Chats: This feature allows members to connect with random gay members of this website. It is a feature designed specifically for gay members.
  • Cam4 Video Chat: This feature allows users to chat with four people at the same time on this online website. It will enable people to choose at least four random people to chat with on this site.

Fruzo User-Friendlyness

The idea of Fruzo.com is to connect its users via the webcam. This means the full use of this dating website is based on video calling via the webcam. This type of chatting requires less effort since it only needs the use of webcams.

From the ratings, this online website is easy to use on Apple mobile app and also via the website. However, there are fewer ratings on the Android app, which means users are still finding it difficult to use.

The features available on the desktop browser are the same on the mobile apps. They are few, easy to use to both new and old members of this dating site.

Website Design And Usability

The website design is very simple and straightforward to use. It has few features which are located on top of the homepage, where they can easily be seen. The only tabs available include:

  • Chat experiences: this allows members to choose the kind of chat interested with. These include Random, Chatrooms, Gay, and cam4Video Chat.
  • My Account: Allow users to edit their account and change details.
  • Upgrade: this tab allow free account users to upgrade their accounts to premium.
  • Search: Allow members to search for their possible webcam matches.

Mobile Application

Fruzo.com has a well-functioning mobile application for its members. The mobile app is free to download and install, and it is available to both Android and Apple users.

The mobile app has all features available on its website and has a good user experience compared to using the website via desktop browsers.

Members can download this mobile app on Google play store and also on Appstore for android and apple users, respectively.

Customer Support

Fruzo has an active customer support system, put in place to solve user issues and problems encountered while using this online dating site.

There are several ways one can reach the customer care on this website:

  • Through Social Media. This includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram.
  • Direct contact via the website or app: In this section, users choose the type of issues so as to be directed to the concerned team. These issues types are:
    • Membership cancellation
    • Registration
    • Banned from chats
    • Bugs or issues
    • Account deletion
    • Others.

You can also find FAQ’s, which enable members to solve some of the most occurring issues by themselves. FAQ section also ensures members get answers to most of their questions regarding the use of this dating website.


Sign-Up Process And Profile Creation

There are three different ways of registering an account on this online dating site. These three ways include:

  • Login through Facebook – members can create accounts via Facebook sync.
  • Login in through Apple –members can sync via their Apple accounts to create accounts.
  • Login in with an email address –members can manually create their accounts via their email addresses.

Login through Facebook is a bit easier since Fruzo syncs information from the apps to your account. You only need to complete a few details.

How To Sign-up

In this review, we will discuss login through an email account.

To use this online dating platform, users need to create a user account. The below information is required to create an account through the email address:

  • Email Address: a valid email address is required in this section.
  • Password: you are required to have a secure, unique password to secure account.

After this information, you need to accept terms of use before proceeding to finish the signup process.

Profile Quality And Verification

Being simple as it is, you do not need to create a detailed account on this website. Once you register with an email and password, you are good to go.

Users can know each other better by communicating through webcams.

All the details are included during registration. There are no profile updates on this online dating website.

Just after registration, the website sends users a link through email address to confirm and activate their accounts. Accounts are verified through the email address used for registration.

After confirming the account, the link directs you to a chatrandom.com site.


There are several ways one can search on this website. The search options are available to members on premium accounts. Free account users need to upgrade their account to access this service.

These search filters include:

  • Gender: you can use these options to get preferred matches: everyone, females only, males only, and couples only.
  • Location: you can filter members according to their countries of residence. Options to this involve the list of all countries in the world.

Matching And Chatting

Fruzo.com is an online chatroom system that allows its members to connect with strangers all over the world. It does not involve matching.

These chatrooms enable users to meet, make new friends, and date through the below functions:

  • It allows instant chats with strangers.
  • Allows users to connect strangers outside their country
  • Allow users to choose whom to connect with—male, female, or couple.
  • It allows for fast connections with other members.

Chatting on this site is done in two ways:

  • Video chats: this is done via the webcams, and it’s the main communication feature of this website. These chat experiences include Random chats, general chatrooms, Gay chats, and Cam4Video Chats.
  • Texting: Users can use text messages instead of the webcams to pass across their messages.

Subscription Options

There are two types of memberships on this dating site—the normal and premium type of membership. Regular membership is free, and users do not pay for their services—however, the services on free accounts are limited. Premium membership is paid by subscriptions, and users get to enjoy all the advanced features of this dating site.

Free Version

Members on free accounts enjoy limited features which include the below:

  • Free account registration: Registration and creating of a profile on this website are free of charge.
  • Joining Chatrooms: Joining chatrooms on this website is free. Users can choose to join normal chatrooms, gay chatrooms, and Cam4 chatrooms for free while on this site.
  • Free mobile app download: Downloading and installing a mobile application on this dating site is free of charge.

Accounts on premium membership get to enjoy the below services:

  • Gender Filter: users on premium accounts can sort profiles on this site by the use of the gender filter. They can be able to choose whether to see males, females of just couples.
  • Ad filter: premium account holders enjoy free ad use on this website. They do not get disturbed by pop-up ads while using the dating platform.
  • Location Filter: Users with premium accounts can sort their matches and profiles by use of the location search filter.
  • Private Chats: Premium account holders enjoy private chats with other users of this online dating website.
  • In-chat Verified Badge: premium account holders get an In-chat verified badge once they upgrade their accounts.
  • Get more: users on premium accounts get the privilege of enjoying new features first, after being launched by the website.


To upgrade an account to premium, users need to subscribe to one of the two main packages available on this dating site. These packages include:

  • One Month Package, which costs $19.99, is payable monthly.
  • One Week Package, which costs $6.99, is payable weekly.

All the above packages always get auto-renewed once they expire.

Cancelling Subscription

The subscription packages keep on auto-renewing once they get expired. Users are required to deactivate the auto-renewal feature found in their account settings to stop or cancel this subscription.

Canceling a subscription does not invalidate the existing subscription.


Safety And Security

This online dating website has a privacy policy in place to secure its members and their data while using this online site. The privacy policy has given details on how the website collects data, stores it, and how it uses the data.

The privacy policy has different precautions that alert its users on how to be safe while on this platform. These precautions include:

  • Age limit: users must be 18 years of age and above to use this site.
  • You can report or flag someone misusing this site.
  • Users are requested never to give their personal information, social media accounts, and their credit information to other users on this site.
  • Users should also beware of fake videos being used by other members.
  • Screenshots and messages: users should be aware of what they are sharing as chat mates can record it.

Fruzo Competitors and its Alternatives

This dating website is competing with other alternatives that users can check on to see if they are worthy. These alternatives include:

This is an online chatting site where users can freely talk with strangers. It offers both audio and video chatrooms to its users. The good thing about Talk With Stranger, it allows members to share quotes, facts, and jokes. Chats and search features on this site are free of charge.

This is an online video chatting platform available only on the mobile app. This app allows users to make friends and chat through webcams. On this app, you can chat and flirt with members from your country and other regions.

Loves Flirts is an online platform that allows its members to date and flirt. It is best suited for single men and women who are looking for dates and long term relationships. This dating site can be used via desktop browsers and through the mobile app.



Going by this review, Fruzo is a good website for video chatting and also meeting strangers online. Its security features and account verification methods make it to be one of the most secure dating sites to use. The website design and features are easy to use to anyone and do not require any expertise.

However, it is a costly dating site to use. Its rates are higher compared to other sites and are not as diverse. Basic search features are not free, and data charges might also be higher due to video calling.

Users should beware to whom they are talking to via these webcams since everyone is a stranger, and some might be stalkers. It is a recommended site for individuals who require faster connections via webcam. All in all, you should give it a try!

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